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Abbreviation : WT
Long Form : wavelet transform
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A New Method for Multipath Filtering in GPS Static High-Precision Positioning. DD, WP-TD
2019 A robust classification algorithm for separation of construction waste using NIR hyperspectral system. CT, ELM, IMF, PWT, RF
2019 A Wavelet Transform-Based Neural Network Denoising Algorithm for Mobile Phonocardiography. IWT, PCG, TDNN
2019 Application and Optimization of Wavelet Transform Filter for North-Seeking Gyroscope Sensor Exposed to Vibration. GNSS
2019 Automatic Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Wavelet Transform and Entropy-Based Features From Single-Lead ECG Signal. ECG, OSA
2019 Comparative analysis of different characteristics of automatic sleep stages. EEG, FD, SampEn, SVM
2019 Development of a PAT tool for monitoring the Wurster coater performance. PAT, PCA, PLS
2019 Ictal High-Frequency Oscillation for Lateralizing Patients With Suspected Bitemporal Epilepsy Using Wavelet Transform and Granger Causality Analysis. ECoG, EEG, GC, HFOs, SOZ, TLE
2019 Neurophysiological Characterization of a Non-Human Primate Model of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Utilizing Fine-Wire EMG Electrodes. EMG, RP, SCI, TSCI
10  2019 Performance Evaluation of Probabilistic Methods Based on Bootstrap and Quantile Regression to Quantify PV Power Point Forecast Uncertainty. PIs, PSO, PV, QR, RBFNN, SCM
11  2019 The Detection of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease Using Asymmetric Basis Function TV-ARMA Time-Frequency Spectral Estimation Method. FI, FOG, STFT, TV-ARMA
12  2019 Wavelet filtering of fetal phonocardiography: A comparative analysis. FHR, FHS, FPCG, SNR
13  2018 A novel method for landslide displacement prediction by integrating advanced computational intelligence algorithms. ABC, KELM, SVM
14  2018 An Approach for Brain-Controlled Prostheses Based on a Facial Expression Paradigm. BCI, BPNN, EEG, EMG, FE-BCI, NA-MEMD, SampEn
15  2018 Coordination chemistry of lanthanides in a AOT-CMPO solvent extraction system: UV-Vis and XAFS studies. AOT, XAFS
16  2018 Cushing response-based warning system for intensive care of brain-injured patients. CR, DT
17  2018 Determination of Total Polysaccharides and Total Flavonoids in Chrysanthemum morifolium Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging and Multivariate Analysis. LS-SVM, PLS, RPD, SNV
18  2018 Electrocardiogram Delineation in a Wistar Rat Experimental Model. ECG
19  2018 Epileptic EEG Identification via LBP Operators on Wavelet Coefficients. EEG, LBP, SVM
20  2018 Identification of coffee bean varieties using hyperspectral imaging: influence of preprocessing methods and pixel-wise spectra analysis. EMD, MA, MF, SVM
21  2018 Localization of Active Brain Sources From EEG Signals Using Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Comparative Study. EEG, EEMD, EMD, MEMD
22  2018 Motor Subtypes of Parkinson's Disease Can Be Identified by Frequency Component of Postural Stability. COP, FFT, PD, PIGD, TD
23  2018 Parameter Estimation of Micro-Motion Targets for High-Resolution-Range Radar Using Online Measured Reference. HRRP, IRT, m-R, MFCMRP
24  2018 Polynomial Phase Estimation Based on Adaptive Short-Time Fourier Transform. ASTFT, IF, IFG, PCA, PPSs, ST
25  2018 The Venoarteriolar Reflex Significantly Reduces Contralateral Perfusion as Part of the Lower Limb Circulatory Homeostasis in vivo. NOd, NOi, PPG, VAR
26  2018 Wavelet pressure reactivity index: a validation study. ABP, CA, CPP, ICP, LLA, PRx, wPRx, WTP
27  2018 [Onset detection of surface diaphragmatic electromyography based on sample entropy and individualized threshold]. ECG, RMS, SampEn, sEMGdi, TKE
28  2017 A 410-nW Efficient QRS Processor for Mobile ECG Monitoring in 0.18-mum CMOS. MMPI, RPM
29  2017 A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory. LSTM, SAEs
30  2017 A New Efficient Hybrid Intelligent Model for Biodegradation Process of DMP with Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks. AAO, DMP, FL, FWNN, GA, NN
31  2017 A wavelet-based technique to predict treatment outcome for Major Depressive Disorder. EEG, EMD, LR, MDD, ML, ROC, STFT
32  2017 Analysis of fiber optic gyroscope vibration error based on improved local mean decomposition and kernel principal component analysis. FOG, IMU, OLMD-KPCA
33  2017 Automatic Artifact Removal in EEG of Normal and Demented Individuals Using ICA-WT during Working Memory Tasks. AICA, EEG, ICs, MCI, PSNR, VaD, WM
34  2017 Calibration transfer of near-infrared spectroscopy by canonical correlation analysis coupled with wavelet transform. CTCCA, PDS, RMSEP
35  2017 Classification enhancement for post-stroke dementia using fuzzy neighborhood preserving analysis with QR-decomposition. EEG, FNPAQR, ICA, k-NN, MCI, PerEn, SpecEn, SVM, TsEn, VaD, WM
36  2017 Day-Ahead PM2.5 Concentration Forecasting Using WT-VMD Based Decomposition Method and Back Propagation Neural Network Improved by Differential Evolution. BP, DE, VMD, VMs
37  2017 Detecting fetal heart sounds by means of Fractal Dimension analysis in the Wavelet domain. FD, FHS
38  2017 Electrocardiograph signal denoising based on sparse decomposition. MSE, SNR
39  2017 Extracting time-frequency feature of single-channel vastus medialis EMG signals for knee exercise pattern recognition. IEMG, MAV, MDF, MNF, RMS, SVD, SVM, ZC
40  2017 Fast, Accurate Localization of Epileptic Seizure Onset Zones Based on Detection of High-Frequency Oscillations Using Improved Wavelet Transform and Matching Pursuit Methods. HFOs, MP, SOZs
41  2017 Fetal Heart Sounds Detection Using Wavelet Transform and Fractal Dimension. FD, fHSs, fPCG
42  2017 Gaussian Elimination-Based Novel Canonical Correlation Analysis Method for EEG Motion Artifact Removal. CCA, DSNR, EEG, EEMD, RMSE
43  2017 Identification of Coffee Varieties Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Chemometrics. LIBS, PCA, PLS-DA, RBFNN, SVM
44  2017 Quantitative Evaluation of Temporal Regularizers in Compressed Sensing Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI of the Breast. CCCs, CS, DCE-MRI, FT, NN, SER, TV
45  2017 R Peak Detection Method Using Wavelet Transform and Modified Shannon Energy Envelope. CVDs, PEE, SEE
46  2017 Robust Wavelet Stabilized 'Footprints of Uncertainty' for Fuzzy System Classifiers to Automatically Detect Sharp Waves in the EEG after Hypoxia Ischemia. EEG, FLS, HI
47  2016 Assessment of cardiac time intervals by wavelet transform of the impedance cardiogram. ICG, ISTI, LVET, SV
48  2016 Comparative Study of Wavelet-Based Unsupervised Ocular Artifact Removal Techniques for Single-Channel EEG Data. DWT, EEG, OA, ST, SWT
49  2016 Determination and Visualization of pH Values in Anaerobic Digestion of Water Hyacinth and Rice Straw Mixtures Using Hyperspectral Imaging with Wavelet Transform Denoising and Variable Selection. BPNN, PLS, RF, RMSEP, SPA, VIP
50  2016 Heart rate analysis by sparse representation for acute pain detection. CPT, OMP
51  2016 Novel approach to analysing large data sets of personal sun exposure measurements. pUVR
52  2016 Wearable Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition Method with Multi-Features Extracted from Hilbert-Huang Transform. EMD, FT, HHT, IA, IE, IF, MS
53  2016 [Application of Wavelet Transform and Successive Projections Algorithm in the Non-Destructive Measurement of Total Acid Content of Pitaya]. PLSR, SPA, TA
54  2016 [Measurement of Soil Total N Based on Portable Short Wave NIR Spectroscopy Technology]. CARS, ELM, PLS, RD, SG, SPA, TN
55  2015 A comparative study of surface EMG classification by fuzzy relevance vector machine and fuzzy support vector machine. FRVM, FSVM, RVM, sEMG, SVM
56  2015 Advanced elemental characterization during Pt-In catalyst formation by wavelet transformed X-ray absorption spectroscopy. EXAFS, FT, XANES
57  2015 Automatic detection and removal of muscle artifacts from scalp EEG recordings in patients with epilepsy. CCA, EEG, RF
58  2015 Continuous wavelet transform-based feature selection applied to near-infrared spectral diagnosis of cancer. CWT, DP, NIR, PLS-DA
59  2015 Doppler radar fall activity detection using the wavelet transform. ---
60  2015 Field programmable gate arrays implementation of Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform. BSs, DT-CWT, DWT, TF
61  2015 Low-pass parabolic FFT filter for airborne and satellite lidar signal processing. EMD, MF, PFFTF, SMF, WCL
62  2015 Noninvasive ambulatory measurement system of cardiac activity. BCG, EMD, EMFi
63  2015 Odorant recognition using biological responses recorded in olfactory bulb of rats. AOS, FE, FT, LDA, LFP, MLP, NLM, OB, PCA, PR, SVM
64  2015 Wavelet methodology to improve single unit isolation in primary motor cortex cells. PCA
65  2015 [Denoising of Fetal Heart Sound Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition Method]. EMD, FT, MM
66  2015 [Determination of Soluble Solid Content in Strawberry Using Hyperspectral Imaging Combined with Feature Extraction Methods]. CARS, GAPLS, MA, PCA, SPA, SSC
67  2014 A new Multiple ANFIS model for classification of hemiplegic gait. HGA, MANFIS
68  2014 Classification of normal and epileptic seizure EEG signals using wavelet transform, phase-space reconstruction, and Euclidean distance. ED, NEWFM, PSR, ROC
69  2014 Graphics processing unit-assisted density profile calculations in the KSTAR reflectometer. GPU, IO
70  2014 Methods of EEG signal features extraction using linear analysis in frequency and time-frequency domains. ARM, EM, FFT, TFD
71  2014 Patients classification on weaning trials using neural networks and wavelet transform. GA, NN
72  2014 Predicting 5-Year Survival Status of Patients with Breast Cancer based on Supervised Wavelet Method. PCA, SVM
73  2014 Sparse representation of MER signals for localizing the Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson's disease surgery. AW-LS, BOB, BP, DBS, MER, MOF, PD, STN
74  2014 Speech enhancement using empirical mode decomposition and the Teager-Kaiser energy operator. EMD, IMFs, PESQ, SNR, TKEO
75  2014 Ultrasonic flaw detection using threshold modified S-transform. SNR, STFT
76  2014 [Identification of varieties of black bean using ground based hyperspectral imaging]. ELM, KNN, MSC, PCA, PLS-DA, SIMCA, SVM
77  2014 [Rapid determination of COD in aquaculture water based on LS-SVM with ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy]. BPNN, COD, LS-SVM, LVs, PLS, SG
78  2013 Automatic quantitative analysis of in-stent restenosis using FD-OCT in vivo intra-arterial imaging. FCM, GUI, ISR, OCT
79  2013 Estimation of instantaneous frequency from empirical mode decomposition on respiratory sounds analysis. CAS, EMD, IF, RS, STFT
80  2013 Time-frequency analysis of transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions in children exposed to carboplatin chemotherapy. TEOAEs
81  2012 Ant colony optimization-based feature selection method for surface electromyography signals classification. ACO, PCA, sEMG, TDAR
82  2012 Central tendency measure and wavelet transform combined in the non-invasive analysis of atrial fibrillation recordings. AF, CTM, ECG, ECV, PAF
83  2012 Characterizing the moisture content of tea with diffuse reflectance spectroscopy using wavelet transform and multivariate analysis. KPCA, MC, PCA
84  2012 Diagnosis of epilepsy from electroencephalography signals using multilayer perceptron and Elman Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet Transform. ANN, EEG, MLP, PCA, ROC
85  2012 Discrimination of Radix Isatidis and Rhizoma et Radix Baphicacanthis Cusia samples by near infrared spectroscopy with the aid of chemometrics. AD, BP-ANN, GA-PLS, KNN, LS-SVM, NIR, PCA, RBF-ANN, RI, SPA
86  2012 EEG classification approach based on the extreme learning machine and wavelet transform. EEG, ELM, SLFN
87  2012 Employment and comparison of different Artificial Neural Networks for epilepsy diagnosis from EEG signals. ANNs, EEG, PCA
88  2012 Method for optimal sensor deployment on 3D terrains utilizing a steady state genetic algorithm with a guided walk mutation operator based on the wavelet transform. DT, GAs, LOS, QoC, WSNs
89  2012 Respiration effect on wavelet-based ECG T-wave end delineation strategies. ML, SL
90  2012 SU-E-I-90: Fast and Robust Algorithm Towards Vessel Lumen and Stent Strut Detection in Optical Coherence Tomography. FCM, NIH, OCT
91  2012 Two-dimensional wavelet transform for reliability-guided phase unwrapping in optical fringe pattern analysis. ---
92  2012 [Recognition of corn seeds based on pattern recognition and near infrared spectroscopy technology]. LLE, NIR, PCA, PLS, SVM
93  2012 [Recognition of corn seeds based on pattern recognition and near infrared spectroscopy technology]. LLE, NIR, PCA, PLS, SVM
94  2011 A wavelet-based ECG delineation algorithm for 32-bit integer online processing. ECG, RMS
95  2011 Adaptive phase extraction: incorporating the Gabor transform in the matching pursuit algorithm. GT, MP, STFT, WVD
96  2011 Automatic continuous ECG monitoring system for over-drug detection in Brugada Syndrome. AF, BS, ECG, HMM, PVC
97  2011 Automatic spike sorting for extracellular electrophysiological recording using unsupervised single linkage clustering based on grey relational analysis. KS test
98  2011 ECG feature extraction and disease diagnosis. ---
99  2011 Signal matching wavelet for ultrasonic flaw detection in high background noise. SMW, UFD
100  2011 Time-frequency spectral analysis of TMS-evoked EEG oscillations by means of Hilbert-Huang transform. EEG, HHT, TMS