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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Inducible knockout of CHUK/IKKalpha in adult chondrocytes reduces progression of cartilage degradation in a surgical model of osteoarthritis. DMM, OA
2019 Involvement of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in the long-term memory effects of glucocorticoid stimulation during adolescence/young adulthood. BDNF, CORT, NMDA
2018 Involvement of leptin signaling in the development of cannabinoid CB2 receptor-dependent mirror image pain. ---
2018 Kit W-sh Mutation Prevents Cancellous Bone Loss during Calcium Deprivation. ---
2018 Korean Red Ginseng Pretreatment Protects Against Long-Term Sensorimotor Deficits After Ischemic Stroke Likely Through Nrf2. pdMCAO
2018 Role of Estradiol Receptor Beta (ERbeta) on Arterial Pressure, Respiratory Chemoreflex and Mitochondrial Function in Young and Aged Female Mice. ERbeta
2017 Adipose angiotensin II type 1 receptor-associated protein ameliorates metabolic disorders via promoting adipose tissue adipogenesis and browning. ATRAP
2017 Brain Diffusivity and Structural Changes in the R6/2 Mouse Model of Huntington Disease. ADCw, DW-MR, GP, HD
2017 CD8+ T cells provide immune protection against murine disseminated endotheliotropic Orientia tsutsugamushi infection. i.v, IFN-gamma
10  2017 LCN2 overexpression in bone enhances the hematopoietic compartment via modulation of the bone marrow microenvironment. BM, LCN2, LCN2-Tg, LT-HSC
11  2017 MicroRNA156 improves drought stress tolerance in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) by silencing SPL13. ABA, miR156, miR156OE
12  2017 NADPH Oxidase-4 Driven Cardiac Macrophage Polarization Protects Against Myocardial Infarction-Induced Remodeling. MI, NOX4
13  2017 Shift toward greater pathologic post-myocardial infarction remodeling with loss of the adaptive hypertrophic signaling of alpha1 adrenergic receptors in mice. alpha1-ARs, MI, RT-PCR
14  2016 Cardiac-specific overexpression of thioredoxin 1 attenuates mitochondrial and myocardial dysfunction in septic mice. Drp1, OPA1, Trx1
15  2016 Kinin receptors in skin wound healing. ---
16  2016 Suppression of antigen-specific antibody responses in mice exposed to perfluorooctanoic acid: Role of PPARalpha and T- and B-cell targeting. PFOA, PPARalpha, TDAR
17  2016 UCP3 Regulates Single-Channel Activity of the Cardiac mCa1. ATP
18  2015 AHNAK KO mice are protected from diet-induced obesity but are glucose intolerant. DIO, HFD, KO
19  2015 Dopaminergic activity and behaviour in SOCS2 transgenic mice: Revealing a potential drug target for schizophrenia. SOCS2, SOCS2
20  2015 Neuroprotective role of prostaglandin PGE2 EP2 receptor in hemin-mediated toxicity. cAMP, Epac, PGE2
21  2015 Respiratory Control in the mdx Mouse Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. DMD
22  2015 The androgen receptor has no direct antiresorptive actions in mouse osteoclasts. ARKO, BM, BMSCs, ocl-ARKO
23  2014 Excessive microglial activation aggravates olfactory dysfunction by impeding the survival of newborn neurons in the olfactory bulb of Niemann-Pick disease type C1 mice. CsA, NPC1, NPC1-OB
24  2014 Lack of dystrophin results in abnormal cerebral diffusion and perfusion in vivo. ASL, BBB, DWI, MRI
25  2014 Long-term differential effects of chronic young-adult corticosterone exposure on anxiety and depression-like behaviour in BDNF heterozygous rats depend on the experimental paradigm used. BDNF, CORT, HET
26  2014 Melusin protects from cardiac rupture and improves functional remodelling after myocardial infarction. MI
27  2014 SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin reduces renal growth and albuminuria in proportion to hyperglycemia and prevents glomerular hyperfiltration in diabetic Akita mice. BG, GFR
28  2014 The nuclear progesterone receptor reduces post-sigh apneas during sleep and increases the ventilatory response to hypercapnia in adult female mice. nPR
29  2013 Contractile abnormalities and altered drug response in engineered heart tissue from Mybpc3-targeted knock-in mice. EHT, HET, KI
30  2013 Fractalkine depresses cardiomyocyte contractility. ISO, LV
31  2013 Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: cardiac findings in patients and Abcc6-deficient mouse model. CMR, LV, PXE
32  2012 Control of cardiovascular variability during undisturbed wake-sleep behavior in hypocretin-deficient mice. Hcrt, HP, KO, NREMS, REMS, SBP, TG
33  2012 Decreased bone mineral density and reduced bone quality in H(+) /K(+) ATPase beta-subunit deficient mice. BMC, BMD, DXA, KO, PPIs
34  2012 E-selectin deficiency attenuates brain ischemia in mice. MCAO, MPO, SHRs, SHRSPs
35  2012 Inflammation and Gli2 suppress gastrin gene expression in a murine model of antral hyperplasia. Hh, Shh
36  2012 Lack of beta2-AR improves exercise capacity and skeletal muscle oxidative phenotype in mice. ---
37  2011 A novel role for PSD-95 in mediating ethanol intoxication, drinking and place preference. CPP, EtOH, KO, NMDAR
38  2011 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression is increased in the hippocampus of 5-HT(2C) receptor knockout mice. ---
39  2011 Early glomerular alterations in genetically determined low nephron number. ---
40  2011 Exercise improves bladder function in diabetic mice. ---
41  2011 Interleukin-6 mediates pulmonary vascular permeability in a two-hit model of ventilator-associated lung injury. IL-6, LIS, MPO, VALI, VEGF
42  2011 Mice lacking NKT cells but with a complete complement of CD8+ T-cells are not protected against the metabolic abnormalities of diet-induced obesity. NKT
43  2011 Reduced degradation of the chemokine MCP-3 by matrix metalloproteinase-2 exacerbates myocardial inflammation in experimental viral cardiomyopathy. CVB3
44  2011 The effect of alpha-actinin-3 deficiency on muscle aging. KO
45  2010 Functional assessment of skeletal muscle in intact mice lacking myostatin by concurrent NMR imaging and spectroscopy. ASL, BOLD, MSTN, NMR
46  2009 Age-related peridural hyperemia in craniosynostotic rabbits. ASL, CBF, EOCS, ICP
47  2009 Devastation of bone tissue in the appendicular skeleton parallels the progression of neuromuscular disease. nmd
48  2009 Exercise training reduces cardiac angiotensin II levels and prevents cardiac dysfunction in a genetic model of sympathetic hyperactivity-induced heart failure in mice. Ang, ET, HF, RAS
49  2008 Dissociation between superoxide accumulation and nitroglycerin-induced tolerance. Ang II, NTG
50  2008 Nigrostriatal alterations in bone morphogenetic protein receptor II dominant negative mice. BMP-7, BMPRIIDN, MA, TH, TUNEL
51  2008 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma gene knockout impairs postischemic neovascularization and endothelial progenitor cell functions. EPC, NO, PI3Kgamma
52  2006 Aldosterone mediates angiotensin II-induced interstitial cardiac fibrosis via a Nox2-containing NADPH oxidase. Ang, s.c
53  2006 Cardiac transgenic matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression directly induces impaired contractility. MMP-2
54  2006 Comparative lymphatic, ocular, and metabolic phenotypes of Foxc2 haploinsufficient and aP2-FOXC2 transgenic mice. LD
55  2006 Pressure overload induces greater hypertrophy and mortality in female mice with p38alpha MAPK inhibition. DN, LV
56  2006 Superoxide-dependent hypertension in male and female endothelin B receptor-deficient rats. ET, HS, TBARS
57  2006 Vaccine-induced protection against Leishmania amazonensis is obtained in the absence of IL-12/23p40. ---
58  2005 Lack of inducible NO synthase reduces oxidative stress and enhances cardiac response to isoproterenol in mice with deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertension. DOCA, EF, eNOS, iNOS, LV, SBP
59  2005 Role of nitric oxide in cerebral blood flow changes during kainate seizures in mice: genetic and pharmacological approaches. KA, LCBF, NO, WT-7NI
60  2004 Evidence for disrupted NMDA receptor function in tissue plasminogen activator knockout mice. DRL, tPA
61  2004 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha deficiency does not alter insulin sensitivity in mice maintained on regular or high-fat diet: hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp studies. HFD, KO, PPAR
62  2003 Cardiac hypertrophy and microvascular deficit in kinin B2 receptor knockout mice. B2R, B2R-KO
63  2003 Hexokinase II partial knockout impairs exercise-stimulated glucose uptake in oxidative muscles of mice. HK, MGU
64  2003 Modulatory role of tachykinin NK1 receptor in cholinergic contraction of mouse trachea. EFS
65  2003 Role of interleukin-6 for LV remodeling and survival after experimental myocardial infarction. AT1R, IL, LIF, LV, MI, TTC
66  2003 Th2 cytokines, IgE and mast cells play a crucial role in the induction of para-phenylenediamine-induced contact hypersensitivity in mice. CHS, PPD
67  2002 Cardiovascular influences of alpha1b-adrenergic receptor defect in mice. alpha1-ARs
68  2002 Homeostatic sleep regulation is preserved in mPer1 and mPer2 mutant mice. SD, SWA
69  2001 Overexpression of tumor necrosis factor- alpha activates both anti- and pro-apoptotic pathways in the myocardium. TG, TNF
70  1999 Effects of ethanol on neutrophil recruitment and lung host defense in nitric oxide synthase I and nitric oxide synthase II knockout mice. 7-NI, EtOH, K. pneumoniae, L-NIL, LPS, NO, PMN
71  1999 Role of alpha2C-adrenoceptor subtype in spatial working memory as revealed by mice with targeted disruption of the alpha2C-adrenoceptor gene. ---
72  1999 Role of interleukin-6 in a non-septic shock model induced by zymosan. IL-6KO, MPO