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Abbreviation : XAS
Long Form : X-ray absorption
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Direct observation of the electronic states of photoexcited hematite with ultrafast 2p3d X-ray absorption spectroscopy and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering. PAL-XFEL
2020 Mechanism of L2,3-edge x-ray magnetic circular dichroism intensity from quantum chemical calculations and experiment-A case study on V(IV)/V(III) complexes. CASCI, DFT, SOC, XMCD
2020 Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties in 3d-5d based Sr2FeIrO6 thin films. ---
2020 X-ray absorption linear dichroism at the Ti K-edge of rutile (001) TiO2 single crystal. ---
2019 A Mononuclear, Nonheme FeII-Piloty's Acid (PhSO2NHOH) Adduct: An Intermediate in the Production of {FeNO}7/8 Complexes from Piloty's Acid. ---
2019 Activation of Dioxygen by a Mononuclear Nonheme Iron Complex: Sequential Peroxo, Oxo, and Hydroxo Intermediates. RR
2019 Coupled X-ray Absorption/UV-vis Monitoring of Fast Oxidation Reactions Involving a Nonheme Iron-Oxo Complex. ---
2019 FORTE - a multipurpose high-vacuum diffractometer for tender X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy at the SIRIUS beamline of Synchrotron SOLEIL. DAFS, XRD
2019 In-Situ/Operando X-ray Characterization of Metal Hydrides. RIXS, XES, XPS, XRD
10  2019 Nanofocused synchrotron X-ray absorption studies of the intracellular redox state of an organometallic complex in cancer cells. ---
11  2019 Nature of cobalt species during the in situ sulfurization of Co(Ni)Mo/Al2O3 hydrodesulfurization catalysts. RIXS
12  2019 Novel catalytically active Pd/Ru bimetallic nanoparticles synthesized by Bacillus benzeovorans. 2,5-DMF, 5-HMF, bio-Ru, HAADF, NPs, XPS, XRD
13  2019 Octahedral iron(iv)-tosylimido complexes exhibiting single electron-oxidation reactivity. ---
14  2019 Resistance Switching Behavior in Rectangle-Nano-Pattern SrTiO3 Induced by Simple Annealing. SEM
15  2019 Strategies for the analysis of the elemental metal fraction of Ir and Ru oxides via XRD, XANES, and EXAFS. XRD
16  2019 Tuning the Geometric and Electronic Structure of Synthetic High-Valent Heme Iron(IV)-Oxo Models in the Presence of a Lewis Acid and Various Axial Ligands. EPR, RR
17  2019 X-ray Absorption and Magnetic Circular Dichroism in CVD Grown Carbon Nanotubes. CVD, XMCD
18  2018 Ab Initio Study of Covalency in the Ground versus Core-Excited States and X-ray Absorption Spectra of Actinide Complexes. RAS
19  2018 Cobalt-to-vanadium charge transfer in polyoxometalate water oxidation catalysts revealed by 2p3d resonant inelastic X-ray scattering. RIXS
20  2018 Modulating the Electrochemical Performances of Layered Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries through Tuning Coulombic Repulsion between Negatively Charged TMO2 Slabs. ---
21  2018 Resolution of Electronic and Structural Factors Underlying Oxygen-Evolving Performance in Amorphous Cobalt Oxide Catalysts. CoBi, OER, PDF, RIXS, RR, RXES
22  2018 Spectroscopic studies of the cytochrome P450 reaction mechanisms. ENDOR, EPR, NMR, P450s, RR
23  2017 Iron L2,3-Edge X-ray Absorption and X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Studies of Molecular Iron Complexes with Relevance to the FeMoco and FeVco Active Sites of Nitrogenase. XMCD
24  2017 Nickel speciation in cement-stabilized/solidified metal treatment filtercakes. FTIR, S/S, XRD
25  2017 Revealing the Size-Dependent d-d Excitations of Cobalt Nanoparticles Using Soft X-ray Spectroscopy. FT, RIXS
26  2017 Spectral and magnetic properties of Na2RuO3. DFT
27  2016 Experimental and theoretical correlations between vanadium K-edge X-ray absorption and Kbeta emission spectra. DFT, EXAFS, XES
28  2016 Explore the Effects of Microstructural Defects on Voltage Fade of Li- and Mn-Rich Cathodes. LMR, PDF, STEM, XRD
29  2016 Formation, Characterization, and O-O Bond Activation of a Peroxomanganese(III) Complex Supported by a Cross-Clamped Cyclam Ligand. DFT, EPR, TD
30  2016 High pressure effects on U L3 x-ray absorption in partial fluorescence yield mode and single crystal x-ray diffraction in the heavy fermion compound UCd11. PFY, SXD
31  2016 Hollandite Structure K(x≈0.25)IrO2 Catalyst with Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction. OER, XPS
32  2016 In search of metal hydrides: an X-ray absorption and emission study of [NiFe] hydrogenase model complexes. DFT, VtC
33  2016 Involvement of nitrogen functional groups in high-affinity copper binding in tomato and wheat root apoplasts: spectroscopic and thermodynamic evidence. CW, PM
34  2016 Room Temperature Magnetic Switchability Assisted by Hysteretic Valence Tautomerism in a Layered Two-Dimensional Manganese-Radical Coordination Framework. DSC, EPR
35  2016 Uncovering the Role of Oxygen Atom Transfer in Ru-Based Catalytic Water Oxidation. DFT, EPR, RR
36  2016 X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopic Studies of [L2Fe2S2](n) Model Complexes: Implications for the Experimental Evaluation of Redox States in Iron-Sulfur Clusters. DFT, XES
37  2015 Arsenic speciation in the dispersible colloidal fraction of soils from a mine-impacted creek. AsFlFFF, DCF, ICP-MS, TEM
38  2015 Evidence of Cu(I)/Cu(II) Redox Process by X-ray Absorption and EPR Spectroscopy: Direct Synthesis of Dihydrofurans from beta-Ketocarbonyl Derivatives and Olefins. EPR
39  2015 Probing hydrogen bonding orbitals: resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering of aqueous NH3. RIXS
40  2015 Review of the U.S. Department of Energy's "deep dive" effort to understand voltage fade in Li- and Mn-rich cathodes. HRTEM, Li-ion, LMR-NMC, NMR
41  2015 Revisiting the nature of Cu sites in the activated Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst for SCR reaction. ---
42  2015 The role of X-ray spectroscopy in understanding the geometric and electronic structure of nitrogenase. XES
43  2015 Thermodynamic modeling of poorly complexing metals in concentrated electrolyte solutions: an X-ray absorption and UV-Vis spectroscopic study of Ni(II) in the NiCl2-MgCl2-H2O system. MSE
44  2015 X-ray Absorption and Emission Study of Dioxygen Activation by a Small-Molecule Manganese Complex. VtC
45  2014 Defect-induced ferromagnetism of mechanical-milled BaTi0.98Mn0.02O3 nanoparticles. ESR, SQUID, XRD
46  2014 Mixed-metal MIL-100(Sc,M) (M=Al, Cr, Fe) for Lewis acid catalysis and tandem C-C bond formation and alcohol oxidation. PXRD, Sc,M
47  2014 X-ray absorption spectroscopy with time-tagged photon counting: application to study the structure of a Co(i) intermediate of H2 evolving photo-catalyst. ---
48  2013 A new endstation at the Swiss Light Source for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements of liquid solutions. ---
49  2013 Influence of the Ce-Zr promoter on Pd behaviour under dynamic CO/NO cycling conditions: a structural and chemical approach. DRIFTS, HXRD, MS, TWCs
50  2013 Reaction landscape of a pentadentate N5-ligated Mn(II) complex with O2˙- and H2O2 includes conversion of a peroxomanganese(III) adduct to a bis(mu-oxo)dimanganese(III,IV) species. EPR, MCD, XRD
51  2013 Relating the composition of Pt(x)Ru(100-x)/C nanoparticles to their structural aspects and electrocatalytic activities in the methanol oxidation reaction. DFT, EDX, MEG, MOR, NPs, Pt ECSA, SEM, TEM
52  2013 Sensitivity of X-ray core spectroscopy to changes in metal ligation: a systematic study of low-coordinate, high-spin ferrous complexes. DFT, DMF, XES
53  2013 Stepwise protonation and electron-transfer reduction of a primary copper-dioxygen adduct. DFT, NMR, RR
54  2013 Theoretical characterization of X-ray absorption, emission, and photoelectron spectra of nitrogen doped along graphene edges. ---
55  2012 Electronic properties of FeSe(1-x)Te(x) probed by x-ray emission and absorption spectroscopy. RIXS, XES
56  2012 Electronic structures of the [V(tbpy)3]z (z = 3+, 2+, 0, 1-) electron transfer series. DFT, EPR
57  2012 Experimental fingerprints for redox-active terpyridine in [Cr(tpy)2](PF6)n (n = 3-0), and the remarkable electronic structure of [Cr(tpy)2]1-. DFT, EPR, TD
58  2012 One-dimensional corrugation of the h-BN monolayer on Fe(110). CLPES, h-BN, LEEM, STM
59  2012 Redox-controlled interconversion between trigonal prismatic and octahedral geometries in a monodithiolene tetracarbonyl complex of tungsten. CI, DFT, HOMO, LUMO, SOMO, TP
60  2012 Resonant soft x-ray scattering from stepped surfaces of SrTiO3. ---
61  2012 Understanding the photomagnetic behavior in copper octacyanomolybdates. DFT, LFM, XMCD
62  2012 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of an investigational anticancer gallium(III) drug: interaction with serum proteins, elemental distribution pattern, and coordination of the compound in tissue. apoTf, FCS, HSA
63  2011 Bethe-Salpeter equation calculations of core excitation spectra. BSE, EELS, NRIXS, PAW
64  2011 Nontrivial redox behavior of nanosized cobalt: new insights from ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron and absorption spectroscopies. APPES
65  2010 Electronic structure of the band-filling-controlled CaVO3 and LaVO3 compounds. PES
66  2010 Protein-protein complex formation affects the Ni-Fe and Fe-S centers in the H2-sensing regulatory hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha H16. EPR, FTIR, RH
67  2009 Metallopeptide based mimics with substituted histidines approximate a key hydrogen bonding network in the metalloenzyme nickel superoxide dismutase. cat, CD, EPR, NiSOD
68  2009 Spectroscopic definition of the biferrous and biferric sites in de novo designed four-helix bundle DFsc peptides: implications for O2 reactivity of binuclear non-heme iron enzymes. CD, MCD
69  2009 Structural relaxation around Cr3+ in YAlO3-YCrO3 perovskites from electron absorption spectra. Cr, Cr,Al, EAS, XRD
70  2008 Association of Copper to Riboflavin Binding Protein; Characterization by EPR and XAS. EPR, RBP
71  2008 H2S gas interaction with Pt(II)-containing polymetallaynes of selected chain length: an XPS and EXAFS study. ---
72  2008 The amyloid-beta peptide of Alzheimer's disease binds Cu(I) in a linear bis-his coordination environment: insight into a possible neuroprotective mechanism for the amyloid-beta peptide. AD, EPR, EXAFS, ROS
73  2007 Consequences of chain networks on thermodynamic, dielectric and structural properties for liquid water. ---
74  2007 X-ray absorption near edge structure and extended X-ray absorption fine structure analysis of standards and biological samples containing mixed oxidation states of chromium(III) and chromium(VI). EXAFS, LC-XANES
75  2006 Bias from H2 cleavage to production and coordination changes at the Ni-Fe active site in the NAD+-reducing hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha. SH
76  2006 Gold and gold-iron oxide magnetic glyconanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties. GNPs, ICP, TEM
77  2005 Electronic structure of Ag2Cu2O4. Evidence of oxidized silver and copper and internal charge delocalization. XPS
78  2005 Spectroscopic studies of metal binding and metal selectivity in Bacillus subtilis BSco, a Homologue of the Yeast Mitochondrial Protein Sco1p. ENDOR, EPR, ESEEM
79  2005 The solution structure of [Cu(aq)]2+ and its implications for rack-induced bonding in blue copper protein active sites. DFT
80  2005 X-ray spectroscopy of the Mn4Ca cluster in the water-oxidation complex of Photosystem II. EXAFS, PSII, RIXS
81  2004 Higher metal-ligand coordination in the catalytic site of cobalt-substituted Thermoanaerobacter brockii alcohol dehydrogenase lowers the barrier for enzyme catalysis. ADH, Co-TbADH, TbADH
82  2004 X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa nickel(II) azurin. DFT, NiAz, XMCD
83  2003 Assessment of a sequential extraction procedure for perturbed lead-contaminated samples with and without phosphorus amendments. ---
84  2003 Spectroscopic and electronic structure studies of 2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl 1,2-dioxygenase: O2 reactivity of the non-heme ferrous site in extradiol dioxygenases. DHB, EXAFS, MCD
85  2003 Spectroscopic studies of the effect of ligand donor strength on the Fe-NO bond intradiol dioxygenases. Abs, EXAFS, FeNO, MCD
86  2003 Spectroscopic studies of the interaction of ferrous bleomycin with DNA. MCD
87  2002 Spectroscopic studies of Pyrococcus furiosus superoxide reductase: implications for active-site structures and the catalytic mechanism. SOR, VTMCD
88  1999 No metal cofactor in orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase. AA
89  1999 Relationship between the Dipole Strength of Ligand Pre-Edge Transitions and Metal-Ligand Covalency. LMCT
90  1999 Spectroscopic Investigation of Reduced Protocatechuate 3,4-Dioxygenase: Charge-Induced Alterations in the Active Site Iron Coordination Environment. CD, EXAFS, MCD
91  1997 X-ray absorption and resonance raman spectroscopy of human myeloperoxidase at neutral and acid pH. HRP, MPO, RRS
92  1990 An EXAFS, and preliminary X-ray crystallographic, investigation of an iron-containing product from the lichen Cladonia deformis. ---