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Abbreviation : ZEB1
Long Form : zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus: A report of 6 cases associated with zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 expression. cT, ECS, EMT, ESCC, pT
2019 circ-CSPP1 promotes proliferation, invasion and migration of ovarian cancer cells by acting as a miR-1236-3p sponge. EMT, MMP-2, OC, qRT, VEGF-A
2019 Correlations of the ZEB1 expression with the incidence and prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer. NSCLC, shRNAs
2019 Downregulation of DAPK1 promotes the stemness of cancer stem cells and EMT process by activating ZEB1 in colorectal cancer. CRC, CSCs, DAPK1, EMT
2019 Exosomal transfer of long non-coding RNA SBF2-AS1 enhances chemoresistance to temozolomide in glioblastoma. DSB, GBM, lncRNA SBF2-AS1, RIP, TMZ, XRCC4
2019 Garcinol Sensitizes NSCLC Cells to Standard Therapies by Regulating EMT-Modulating miRNAs. EMT, NSCLC, TGF-beta1
2019 Ginsenoside Rg3 Inhibits Migration and Invasion of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells and Suppresses Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition. EMT, MMP-2, NPC
2019 KCNQ1OT1/miR-217/ZEB1 feedback loop facilitates cell migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in colorectal cancer. ceRNA, CRC, EMT, KCNQ1OT1, miR-217, RIP
2019 LBX2-AS1 is activated by ZEB1 and promotes the development of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by interacting with HNRNPC toenhance the stability of ZEB1 and ZEB2 mRNAs. EMT, ESCC, hnRNP C, LBX2-AS1, lncRNAs, ZEB2
10  2019 LncRNA NEAT1 promotes extracellular matrix accumulation and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by targeting miR-27b-3p and ZEB1 in diabetic nephropathy. DN, ECM, EMT, lnRNAs
11  2019 lncRNA ZEB1-AS1 promotes pulmonary fibrosis through ZEB1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition by competitively binding miR-141-3p. ceRNA, EMT, lncRNAs, ZEB1-AS1
12  2019 MicroRNA-431 affects trophoblast migration and invasion by targeting ZEB1 in preeclampsia. EMT, miRNAs, PE
13  2019 MicroRNA-508 is downregulated in clear cell renal cell carcinoma and targets ZEB1 to suppress cell proliferation and invasion. ccRCC
14  2019 MicroRNA‑708 inhibits the proliferation and invasion of osteosarcoma cells by directly targeting ZEB1. miRNAs, OS
15  2019 miR-34a-5p aggravates hypoxia-induced apoptosis by targeting ZEB1 in cardiomyocytes. MI, qRT-PCR
16  2019 MiR-409-3p Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Invasion of Osteosarcoma by Targeting Zinc-Finger E-Box-Binding Homeobox-1. OS
17  2019 miR-429 suppresses cell growth and induces apoptosis of human thyroid cancer cell by targeting ZEB1. 3'-UTR
18  2019 Predictive and prognostic value of ZEB1 protein expression in breast cancer patients with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. DFS, EMT, HorR-positive, HR, IHC, NAT, pCR
19  2019 Sika deer (Cervus nippon) velvet antler extract attenuates prostate cancer in xenograft model. AE, DHT, EMT, PC, PSA, TIMP, TWIST1, VEGF
20  2019 Silencing of the transcriptional factor ZEB1 alters the steroidogenic pathway, and increases the concentration of testosterone and DHT in DU145 cells. AR, DHT, PCa
21  2019 Similar Characteristics of Endometrial and Endometriotic Epithelial Cells. DIE, EMT, MUC1
22  2019 TBL1XR1 as a potential therapeutic target that promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung squamous cell carcinoma. EMT, SCC, SNAI1, TGF
23  2019 TFAP2C-Activated MALAT1 Modulates the Chemoresistance of Docetaxel-Resistant Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells. ceRNA, DTX, E2F3, LUAD, MALAT1, miR-200b, TFAP2C
24  2019 The transcription factor ZEB1 promotes chemoresistance in prostate cancer cell lines. Bax, Bcl-2, BCRP, EMT, MRP1
25  2019 Upregulation of miR‑33b promotes endometriosis via inhibition of Wnt/beta‑catenin signaling and ZEB1 expression. EMS, miR
26  2019 ZEB1 promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma by regulating the expression of vimentin. EMT, HCC, VIM
27  2019 ZEB1 suppression sensitizes KRAS mutant cancers to MEK inhibition by an IL17RD-dependent mechanism. IL-17RD, KRAS, MAPK
28  2018 Anti-invasive effect of Cyclamen pseudibericum extract on A549 non-small cell lung carcinoma cells via inhibition of ZEB1 mediated by miR-200c. CP, EMT, miRNAs
29  2018 Atherosclerotic plaque instability in carotid arteries: miR-200c as a promising biomarker. CEA, COX2, FOXO1, IL-6, NO, ROS, SIRT1
30  2018 Cytopathological and immunocytochemical findings of pancreatic anaplastic carcinoma with ZEB1 expression by means of touch imprint cytology. EMT, PAC
31  2018 Downregulation of miR‑205 is associated with glioblastoma cell migration, invasion, and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, by targeting ZEB1 via the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. EMT, GBM
32  2018 EMT induced by loss of LKB1 promotes migration and invasion of liver cancer cells through ZEB1-induced YAP signaling. EMT, HCC, LKB1, YAP
33  2018 Fibroblast growth factor 2 induces proliferation and fibrosis via SNAI1-mediated activation of CDK2 and ZEB1 in corneal endothelium. CDK2, CECs, SNAI1
34  2018 Genome-wide binding of transcription factor ZEB1 in triple-negative breast cancer cells. EMT
35  2018 HIF-1alpha promotes ZEB1 expression and EMT in a human bladder cancer lung metastasis animal model. EMT, HIF
36  2018 HLTF suppresses the migration and invasion of colorectal cancer cells via TGF‑beta/SMAD signaling in vitro. CRC, HLTF, TGF
37  2018 HOXD-AS1 Exerts Oncogenic Functions and Promotes Chemoresistance in Cisplatin-Resistant Cervical Cancer Cells. CC, lncRNAs
38  2018 Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA CAT104 Inhibits the Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Human Osteosarcoma Cells by Regulating MicroRNA-381. JNK, miR-381
39  2018 Lipoxin A4 Suppresses Estrogen-Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition via ALXR-Dependent Manner in Endometriosis. EECs, EM, EMT, LXA4, MMP-2, mRNA, qRT-PCR
40  2018 LncRNA ADPGK-AS1 promotes pancreatic cancer progression through activating ZEB1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition. ADPGK-AS1, CCK-8, EMT, PC, qRT-PCR
41  2018 LncRNA HOTAIR contributes to the malignancy of hepatocellular carcinoma by enhancing epithelial-mesenchymal transition via sponging miR-23b-3p from ZEB1. EMT, HCC
42  2018 lncRNA TUG1-Mediated Mir-142-3p Downregulation Contributes to Metastasis and the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Targeting ZEB1. EMT, HCC, miR-142-3p, TUG1
43  2018 Long Noncoding RNA CAT104 Promotes Cell Viability, Migration, and Invasion in Gastric Carcinoma Cells Through Activation of MicroRNA-381-Inhibiting Zinc Finger E-box-Binding Homeobox 1 (ZEB1) Expression. GC, JNK, lncRNA, miR-381
44  2018 Long Noncoding RNA SNHG16 Promotes Cell Proliferation by Sponging MicroRNA-205 and Upregulating ZEB1 Expression in Osteosarcoma. lncRNAs, miRNA, qRT-PCR, SNHG16
45  2018 Loss of the adaptor protein ShcA in endothelial cells protects against monocyte macrophage adhesion, LDL-oxydation, and atherosclerotic lesion formation. eNOS, ICAM-1, LRP1
46  2018 LRP4 promotes proliferation, migration, and invasion in papillary thyroid cancer. EZH2, PTC, qRT-PCR, siRNA
47  2018 Methylation-mediated loss of SFRP2 enhances invasiveness of non-small cell lung cancer cells. MMP9, NSCLC, SFRPs
48  2018 MicroRNA-342 prohibits proliferation and invasion of melanoma cells by directly targeting Zinc-finger E-box binding homeobox 1. miR-342, miRNAs
49  2018 MicroRNAs Associated with Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Can Be Targeted to Inhibit Peritoneal Dissemination of Human Scirrhous Gastric Cancers. EMT, miRNA
50  2018 microRNA‑211 suppresses the growth and metastasis of cervical cancer by directly targeting ZEB1. miRNAs
51  2018 microRNA‑574 inhibits cell proliferation and invasion in glioblastoma multiforme by directly targeting zinc finger E‑box‑binding homeobox 1. GBM, miRNAs
52  2018 MiR-101 inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of lung cancer by targeting zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1. miR-101, miRNAs, NSCLC
53  2018 MiR-186-5p upregulation inhibits proliferation, metastasis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of colorectal cancer cell by targeting ZEB1. 3'UTR, EMT, miR-186-5p
54  2018 MiR-200b attenuates IL-6 production through IKKbeta and ZEB1 in human gingival fibroblasts. HGF, IKKbeta, miRNAs
55  2018 miR-205 targets angiogenesis and EMT concurrently in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. ELISA, EMT, SNAI1, VEGF-A
56  2018 miR-205-5p inhibits cell migration and invasion in prostatic carcinoma by targeting ZEB1. RT-qPCR
57  2018 MiR-5702 suppresses proliferation and invasion in non-small-cell lung cancer cells via posttranscriptional suppression of ZEB1. NSCLC
58  2018 Neogenin-1 Promotes Cell Proliferation, Motility, and Adhesion by Up-Regulation of Zinc Finger E-Box Binding Homeobox 1 Via Activating the Rac1/PI3K/AKT Pathway in Gastric Cancer Cells. EMT, GC, NEO1, TGF
59  2018 Overexpressing PRMT1 Inhibits Proliferation and Invasion in Pancreatic Cancer by Inverse Correlation of ZEB1. PC, PRMT1, qRT-PCR, shRNA
60  2018 Ovol2 induces mesenchymal-epithelial transition via targeting ZEB1 in osteosarcoma. IHC, MET, OS, Ovol2
61  2018 Prognostic significance of E-cadherin and ZEB1 expression in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm. DEGs, EMT, HR, IPMN, OR
62  2018 Repression of the expression of PPP3CC by ZEB1 confers activation of NF-kappaB and contributes to invasion and growth in glioma cells. ---
63  2018 RHBDD1 promotes colorectal cancer metastasis through the Wnt signaling pathway and its downstream target ZEB1. CRC, EMT, RHBDD1
64  2018 Src promotes EGF-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and migration in gastric cancer cells by upregulating ZEB1 and ZEB2 through AKT. AKT, EGF, EMT, ERK, STAT3, ZEB2
65  2018 Statin-Induced Cancer Cell Death Can Be Mechanistically Uncoupled from Prenylation of RAS Family Proteins. EMT, FPP, GGPP
66  2018 The transcription factor ZEB1 promotes an aggressive phenotype in prostate cancer cell lines. PCa
67  2018 Tumor suppressor miR-128-3p inhibits metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by targeting ZEB1 in esophageal squamous-cell cancer. EMT, ESCC, miRNAs
68  2018 Ultraviolet A irradiation induces senescence in human dermal fibroblasts by down-regulating DNMT1 via ZEB1. DNMT1, HDFs, ROS, UVA
69  2018 Vasculogenic mimicry in bladder cancer and its association with the aberrant expression of ZEB1. PAS, VM
70  2018 ZEB1 confers chemotherapeutic resistance to breast cancer by activating ATM. ATM, Bcl-xL, EPI, HR
71  2018 ZEB1 Promotes Chemoresistance to Cisplatin in Ovarian Cancer Cells by Suppressing SLC3A2. ---
72  2018 ZEB1-mediated vasculogenic mimicry formation associates with epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell phenotypes in prostate cancer. CSC, EMT
73  2018 ZEB1-repressed microRNAs inhibit autocrine signaling that promotes vascular mimicry of breast cancer cells. EMT, FN1, ITGB1, LRP1, miRNAs, VM
74  2018 Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 (ZEB1) is required for neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. ALS, hESCs, PD
75  2018 Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 mediates aerobic glycolysis via suppression of sirtuin 3 in pancreatic cancer. MBD1, SIRT3
76  2018 [Three-dimensional reconstruction of solid tumors : Morphological evidence for tumor heterogeneity]. EMT
77  2017 AKIP1 promoted epithelial-mesenchymal transition of non-small-cell lung cancer via transactivating ZEB1. AKIP1, EMT, NSCLC
78  2017 CBF1 is clinically prognostic and serves as a target to block cellular invasion and chemoresistance of EMT-like glioblastoma cells. CSCs, EMT, IDH1
79  2017 Circulating miR-200c is up-regulated in paediatric patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia and correlates with miR-33a/b levels: implication of a ZEB1-dependent mechanism. CRP, CVD, FH, GLI, HS, OLS, ROS
80  2017 Curcuma wenyujin Y. H. Chen et C. Ling n-Butyl alcohol extract inhibits AGS cell Helicobacter pylori CagA+VacA+ promoted invasiveness by down-regulating caudal type homeobox transcription factor and claudin-2 expression. CagA, EMT, GC, HP, MTT, VacA
81  2017 Deregulated AJAP1/beta-catenin/ZEB1 signaling promotes hepatocellular carcinoma carcinogenesis and metastasis. AJAP1, HCC
82  2017 Downregulation of miR-429 contributes to the development of drug resistance in epithelial ovarian cancer by targeting ZEB1. OS, PFS, qRT-PCR
83  2017 Doxorubicin upregulates CXCR4 via miR-200c/ZEB1-dependent mechanism in human cardiac mesenchymal progenitor cells. CmPC, DOXO, LV
84  2017 Effects of ZEB1 on regulating osteosarcoma cells via NF-kappaB/iNOS. iNOS, NF-kB
85  2017 Elucidating the molecular basis of PPCD: Effects of decreased ZEB1 expression on corneal endothelial cell function. CCasp3, ECIS, PPCD3, UVC
86  2017 Epigenetic silencing of IRF1 dysregulates type III interferon responses to respiratory virus infection in epithelial to mesenchymal transition. EMT, EZH2, IFN, IRF-1, RSV, RV, TGF-beta
87  2017 Ets1 and ESE1 reciprocally regulate expression of ZEB1/ZEB2, dependent on ERK1/2 activity, in breast cancer cells. deltaEF1, EMT, ESE1
88  2017 Evaluation of zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1 and transforming growth factor-beta2 expression in bladder cancer tissue in comparison with healthy adjacent tissue. BC, PCR, TGF-beta2
89  2017 H19 promotes cholestatic liver fibrosis by preventing ZEB1-mediated inhibition of epithelial cell adhesion molecule. BA, BDL, EpCAM
90  2017 HINT2 downregulation promotes colorectal carcinoma migration and metastasis. CRC, EMT, HIF, HINT2
91  2017 Impact of positive ZEB1 expression in patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma as an oncologic outcome-predicting indicator. EOC, RFS
92  2017 Increased expression of ZEB1-AS1 correlates with higher histopathological grade and promotes tumorigenesis in bladder cancer. lncRNAs
93  2017 Intratumoral bidirectional transitions between epithelial and mesenchymal cells in triple-negative breast cancer. EMT
94  2017 LncRNA NEAT1 contributes to paclitaxel resistance of ovarian cancer cells by regulating ZEB1 expression via miR-194. lncRNA, NEAT1, PTX, qRT-PCR
95  2017 LncRNA SNHG6 is Associated with Poor Prognosis of Gastric Cancer and Promotes Cell Proliferation and EMT through Epigenetically Silencing p27 and Sponging miR-101-3p. ChIP, EMT, EZH2, lncRNAs, qRT-PCR, RIP, SNHG6, TNM
96  2017 Long non-coding ribonucleic acid zinc finger antisense 1 promotes the progression of colonic cancer by modulating ZEB1 expression. EMT, ZFAS1
97  2017 Long non-coding RNA SNHG1 regulates zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1 expression by interacting with TAp63 and promotes cell metastasis and invasion in Lung squamous cell carcinoma. AD, lncRNAs, SCC
98  2017 MicroRNA-150 functions as an antioncogenic regulator in osteosarcoma. miRs, OS
99  2017 MicroRNA-199b targets the regulation of ZEB1 expression to inhibit cell proliferation, migration and invasion in non‑small cell lung cancer. miRs, NSCLC
100  2017 microRNA-204 modulates chemosensitivity and apoptosis of prostate cancer cells by targeting zinc-finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 (ZEB1). miRNAs, PC