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Abbreviation : ZVI
Long Form : zero-valent iron
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 17 beta-estradiol biodegradation by anaerobic granular sludge: Effect of iron sources. AnGS, EDCs, EEQ
2020 A way out of the alkaline bauxite residue: Synthesizing micro-electrolysis composite material towards the synergistic fenton degradation of high-concentration organic wastewater. COD, MECM, MO
2020 Anoxic degradation of chlorpyrifos by zerovalent monometallic and bimetallic particles in solution. CP, ZVMs
2020 Application of zero valent iron (ZVI) immobilized in Ca-Alginate beads for C.I. Reactive Red 195 catalytic degradation in an air lift reactor operated with ozone. nZVI, RR 195
2020 Application of zero-valent iron coupled with biochar for removal of perfluoroalkyl carboxylic and sulfonic acids from water under ambient environmental conditions. PFASs, PFCAs, PFSAs
2020 Arsenic removal and activity of a sulfate reducing bacteria-enriched anaerobic sludge using zero valent iron as electron donor. SRB
2020 Arsenic removal with zero-valent iron filters in Burkina Faso: Field and laboratory insights. ---
2020 Biological treatment of non-biodegradable azo-dye enhanced by zero-valent iron (ZVI) pre-treatment. TOC
2020 Black liquor as biomass feedstock to prepare zero-valent iron embedded biochar with red mud for Cr(VI) removal: Mechanisms insights and engineering practicality. BL, RM
10  2020 Chemical Reduction of Nitrate by Zero-Valent Iron: Shrinking-Core versus Surface Kinetics Models. PRB, SCM, SKM
11  2020 Comparison between UVA- and zero-valent iron-activated persulfate processes for degrading propylparaben. PrP, PS
12  2020 Concentration-Dependent Enhancing Effect of Dissolved Silicate on the Oxidative Degradation of Sulfamethazine by Zero-Valent Iron under Aerobic Conditions. mZVI, ROS, SMT
13  2020 Countereffect of glutathione on divalent mercury removal by nanoscale zero-valent iron in the presence of natural organic matter. NOM, nZVI, SRNOM
14  2020 Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) can be suppressed under ammonia-stressed condition - Reevaluate the role of conductive materials. AD, DIET, MAG, PAC, THP
15  2020 Effect of hydraulic retention time, ZVI concentration, and Fe2+ concentration on autotrophic denitrification efficiency with iron cycle bacterium strain CC76. ---
16  2020 Effect of zero-valent iron combined with carbon-based materials on the mitigation of ammonia inhibition during anaerobic digestion. AC, AD
17  2020 Efficient degradation of naproxen by persulfate activated with zero-valent iron: performance, kinetic and degradation pathways. NAP, PS
18  2020 Electron competition and electron selectivity in abiotic, biotic, and coupled systems for dechlorinating chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons in groundwater: A review. CAHs, DO, FAB
19  2020 Enhanced adsorption of antimonate by ball-milled microscale zero valent iron/pyrite composite: adsorption properties and mechanism insight. ---
20  2020 Enhanced anaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge and food waste by sulfidated microscale zerovalent iron: Insights in direct interspecies electron transfer mechanism. AcoD, AD, DIET, FW, S-mZVI, WAS
21  2020 Enhanced electricity generation in rice paddy-field microbial fuel cells supplemented with iron powders. ---
22  2020 Enhanced kinetic performance of peroxymonosulfate/ZVI system with the addition of copper ions: Reactivity, mechanism, and degradation pathways. AOPs, EPR, QSAR, RhB, T.E.S.T
23  2020 Enhanced trichloroethylene dechlorination by carbon-modified zero-valent iron: Revisiting the role of carbon additives. AC, CF, TCE
24  2020 Enhanced two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste-activated sludge by combining magnetite and zero-valent iron. COD, DIR, ETS, VFAs
25  2020 Enhancement of microbial redox cycling of iron in zero-valent iron oxidation coupling with deca-brominated diphenyl ether removal. decaBDE, IOB, IORB, IRB
26  2020 Exploring the roles of zero-valent iron in two-stage food waste anaerobic digestion. HA, MG
27  2020 Fabrication, characterizations and performance of a high-efficiency micro-electrolysis filler for isobutyl xanthate (IBX) degradation. Fe2SiO4, IBX
28  2020 Ferrous ion mitigates the negative effects of humic acid on removal of 4-nitrophenol by zerovalent iron. 4-NP, HA
29  2020 Formation of zero-valent iron in iron-reducing cultures of Methanosarcina barkeri. M. barkeri
30  2020 Horizontal permeable reactive barriers with zero-valent iron for preventing upward diffusion of chlorinated solvent vapors in the unsaturated zone. HPRBs, SSA
31  2020 Immobilisation of metal(loid)s in two contaminated soils using micro and nano zerovalent iron particles: Evaluating the long-term stability. loid, nZVI
32  2020 Improved Algal Sludge Methane Production and Dewaterability by Zerovalent Iron-Assisted Fermentation. ---
33  2020 Influence of Leifsonia sp. on U(VI) removal efficiency and the Fe-U precipitates by zero-valent iron. FTIR, SEM-EDX, XPS, XRD
34  2020 Influences of different iron forms activated peroxydisulfate on volatile fatty acids production during waste activated sludge anaerobic fermentation. nZVI, PDS, VFAs, WAS
35  2020 Inhibition and stimulation of two perchloroethene degrading bacterial cultures by nano- and micro-scaled zero-valent iron particles. PCE, PLFA
36  2020 Iron nanoparticle bio-interactions evaluated in Xenopus laevis embryos, a model for studying the safety of ingested nanoparticles. FETAX, NPs
37  2020 Iron oxide alleviates acids stress by facilitating syntrophic metabolism between Syntrophomonas and methanogens. AD, IO, SI
38  2020 Mechanism of zero valent iron and anaerobic mesophilic digestion combined with hydrogen peroxide pretreatment to enhance sludge dewaterability: Relationship between soluble EPS and rheological behavior. AMD, AS, BWC, DS, EPS, RSM, SB, SRF
39  2020 Mechanochemical degradation of perfluorohexane sulfonate: Synergistic effect of ferrate(VI) and zero-valent iron. PFASs, PFHxS, POPs
40  2020 New insights of enhanced anaerobic degradation of refractory pollutants in coking wastewater: Role of zero-valent iron in metagenomic functions. CWW, NHCs, ORP
41  2020 One-step preparation of ZVI-sludge derived biochar without external source of iron and its application on persulfate activation. PS, SDBC, TOC
42  2020 Physico-chemical and agronomic results of soil remediation by In Situ Chemical Reduction applied to a chlordecone-contaminated nitisol at plot scale in a French Caribbean banana plantation. CLD, MRL
43  2020 Pinewood outperformed bamboo as feedstock to prepare biochar-supported zero-valent iron for Cr6+ reduction. ---
44  2020 Processes leading to reduced and oxidised carbon compounds during corrosion of zero-valent iron in alkaline anoxic conditions. HCs
45  2020 Quantifying the efficiency and selectivity of organohalide dechlorination by zerovalent iron. NRD
46  2020 Reactions of chlorinated ethenes with surface-sulfidated iron materials: reactivity enhancement and inhibition effects. cis-DCE, TCE
47  2020 Reducing geogenic arsenic leaching from excavated sedimentary soil using zero-valent iron amendment followed by dry magnetic separation: A case study. DOC, SWLT
48  2020 Reduction of chlorendic acid by zero-valent iron: Kinetics, products, and pathways. CA
49  2020 Removal of Congo red from aqueous solution by adsorption using gum ghatti and acrylamide graft copolymer coated with zero valent iron. AAm, CR, Gg
50  2020 Removal of heavy metals from landfill leachate using zero valent iron and granular activated carbon. GAC, HA
51  2020 Research on enhancement of zero-valent iron on dissimilatory nitrate/nitrite reduction to ammonium of Desulfovibrio sp. CMX. ORP
52  2020 Screening for the action mechanisms of Fe and Ni in the reduction of Cr(VI) by Fe/Ni nanoparticles. nZVI
53  2020 Shifts of microbial community and metabolic function during food wastes and waste activated sludge co-fermentation in semi-continuous-flow reactors: Effects of fermentation substrate and zero-valent iron. FW, VFAs, WAS
54  2020 Silver-coated zero-valent iron nanoparticles enhance cancer therapy in mice through lysosome-dependent dual programed cell death pathways: triggering simultaneous apoptosis and autophagy only in cancerous cells. NPs, ROS
55  2020 Solidification/stabilization of flue gas desulfurization brine and coal fly ash for heavy metals and chloride immobilization: Effects of S/S conditions and zero-valent-iron pretreatment. CCRs, FGD, PC, S/S, ZLD
56  2020 Surface Modulation and Chromium Complexation: All-in-One Solution for the Cr(VI) Sequestration with Bifunctional Molecules. ---
57  2020 Synergism of citric acid and zero-valent iron on Cr(VI) removal from real contaminated soil by electrokinetic remediation. CA
58  2020 The sequestration of Cr(VI) by zero valent iron under a non-uniform magnetic field: An interfacial dynamic reaction. ---
59  2020 Two distinct Dehalobacter strains sequentially dechlorinate 1,1,1-trichloroethane and 1,1-dichloroethane at a field site treated with granular zero valent iron and guar gum. 1,1,1-TCA, 1,1-DCA, CA, Dhb, qPCR
60  2020 Zero-valent iron addition in anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactors for preconcentrated wastewater treatment: Performance and impact. AD, AnDMBRs, DM, PDW, TMP
61  2020 Zero-valent iron enhanced anaerobic digestion of pre-concentrated domestic wastewater for bioenergy recovery: Characteristics and mechanisms. AD, BMP, F/M, PDWW
62  2020 Zerovalent Iron Effectively Enhances Medium-Chain Fatty Acids Production from Waste Activated Sludge through Improving Sludge Biodegradability and Electron Transfer Efficiency. COD, MCFAs, ORP, SCFAs, WAS
63  2019 A multi-path chain kinetic reaction model to predict the evolution of 1,1,1-trichloroethane and its daughter products contaminant-plume in permeable reactive bio-barriers. 1,1,1-TCA, FM-PRBs, IM-PRBs
64  2019 A pilot-scale, bi-layer bioretention system with biochar and zero-valent iron for enhanced nitrate removal from stormwater. ---
65  2019 A simple and novel method to enhance As (V) removal by zero valent iron and activated iron media through air injection at intervals. ---
66  2019 A state-of-the-art review on the application of nanomaterials for enhancing biogas production. AD, NPs
67  2019 Acceleration of microiron-based dechlorination in water by contact with fibrous activated carbon. AC, TCE
68  2019 Activation of zero-valent iron through ball-milling synthesis of hybrid Fe0/Fe3O4/FeCl2 microcomposite for enhanced nitrobenzene reduction. NB, ToF-SIMS
69  2019 Assessment of biochar and zero-valent iron for in-situ remediation of chromated copper arsenate contaminated soil. CCA
70  2019 Bacterial indicator reduction in dairy manure using hybrid zero-valent iron (h-ZVI) system. E. coli, h-ZVI, TEM
71  2019 Characterization methods of zerovalent iron for water treatment and remediation. ---
72  2019 Characterization of the Cd(II) and nitrate removal by bacterium Acinetobacter sp. SZ28 under different electron donor conditions. nZVI
73  2019 Comparative analysis of ZVI materials for reductive separation of 99Tc(VII) from aqueous waste streams. Tc
74  2019 Coupled Effect of Sulfidation and Ferrous Dosing on Selenate Removal by Zerovalent Iron Under Aerobic Conditions. ---
75  2019 Data on removal kinetics of pharmaceutical compounds, artificial sweeteners, and perfluoroalkyl substances from water using a passive treatment system containing zero-valent iron and biochar. BC, SS
76  2019 Effect of O2, Ni0 coatings, and iron oxide phases on pentachlorophenol dechlorination by zero-valent iron. PCP
77  2019 Effects of Sulfidation and Nitrate on the Reduction of N-Nitrosodimethylamine by Zerovalent Iron. NDMA
78  2019 Electrospun spongy zero-valent iron as excellent electro-Fenton catalyst for enhanced sulfathiazole removal by a combination of adsorption and electro-catalytic oxidation. NPs, STZ
79  2019 Enhanced anaerobic performance and SMD process in treatment of sulfate and organic S-rich TMBA manufacturing wastewater by micro-electric field-zero valent iron-UASB. SMD, SRB
80  2019 Enhanced immobilization of chromium(VI) in soil using sulfidated zero-valent iron. S-ZVIbm
81  2019 Enhanced reductive dechlorination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane using zero-valent iron-biochar-carrageenan microspheres: preparation and microcosm study. 1,1,1-TCA, CG, ERD, SEM
82  2019 Enhancing the anaerobic bioconversion of complex organics in food wastes for volatile fatty acids production by zero-valent iron and persulfate stimulation. FW, PS, VFAs
83  2019 How does zero valent iron activating peroxydisulfate improve the dewatering of anaerobically digested sludge? ADS, EPS, PDS
84  2019 Iron Release Profile of Silica-Modified Zero-Valent Iron NPs and Their Implication in Cancer Therapy. NPs
85  2019 Isaria fumosorosea-based zero-valent iron nanoparticles affect the growth and survival of sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius). ---
86  2019 Kinetics and mechanism of selenite reduction by zero valent iron under anaerobic condition activated and enhanced by dissolved Fe(II). ---
87  2019 Ligand effects on arsenite removal by zero-valent iron/O2: Dissolution, corrosion, oxidation and coprecipitation. AA, EDTA, ROS
88  2019 Microbial reduction of nitrate in the presence of zero-valent iron. ZVI-M
89  2019 Nano-MOF+ Technique for Efficient Uranyl Remediation. MOF
90  2019 Persulfate and zero valent iron combined conditioning as a sustainable technique for enhancing dewaterability of aerobically digested sludge. EPS, PS
91  2019 Preparation of micro-electrolysis material from flotation waste of copper slag and its application for degradation of organic contaminants in water. EDS, FWCS, MEM, MO, SEM, XRD
92  2019 Rapid Aerobic Inactivation and Facile Removal of Escherichia coli with Amorphous Zero-Valent Iron Microspheres: Indispensable Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species and Iron Corrosion Products. A-mZVI, C-nZVI, ROSs
93  2019 Reduction of nitrate by zero valent iron (ZVI)-based materials: A review. ---
94  2019 Reductive performance of ZVI/Cu polyscale particle to decolorize reactive black 5. RB, SEM, XRD
95  2019 Removal efficiency and mechanism of phycocyanin in water by zero-valent iron. ---
96  2019 Removal of heavy metals by aged zero-valent iron from flue-gas-desulfurization brine under high salt and temperature conditions. FGD
97  2019 Removal of pharmaceutical compounds, artificial sweeteners, and perfluoroalkyl substances from water using a passive treatment system containing zero-valent iron and biochar. BC, PFASs, PFOA, PFOS
98  2019 Selenate removal by Fe0 coupled with ferrous iron, hydrogen peroxide, sulfidation, and weak magnetic field: A comparative study. ZVI/WMF
99  2019 Sequential coupling of bio-augmented permeable reactive barriers for remediation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane contaminated groundwater. 1,1,1-TCA, HDLS
100  2019 Simultaneous removal of methylene blue and total dissolved copper in zero-valent iron/H2O2 Fenton system: Kinetics, mechanism and degradation pathway. ESR, MB, NOM