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Abbreviation : cpTi
Long Form : commercially pure titanium
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 3D-additive deposition of an antibacterial and osteogenic silicon nitride coating on orthopaedic titanium substrate. ---
2020 Bond strength of commercial veneering porcelain to experimental cast Ti-Cr alloy. EPMA, Ti-Cr
2020 Bone Regeneration in Critical-Sized Bone Defects Treated with Additively Manufactured Porous Metallic Biomaterials: The Effects of Inelastic Mechanical Properties. AM
2020 Comparative Analysis of Biofilm Formation on Materials Used for the Fabrication of Implant-Supported Prostheses. PMMA, Y-TZP
2020 Cytocompatibility, stability and osteogenic activity of powder metallurgy Ta-xZr alloys as dental implant materials. ALP, Col I, OC, SEM, Ta, Zr
2020 Dataset on microstructural, structural and tribology characterization of TiC thin film on CpTi substrate grown by RF magnetron sputtering. AFM, FESEM, GIXRD
2020 Effect of ultrasonic shot peening duration on microstructure, corrosion behavior and cell response of cp-Ti. SMAT, TEM, USSP
2020 Effects of material and coefficient of friction on taper joint dental implants. FEA, Ti, YSZ
2020 Effects of vitamin C on osteoblast proliferation and osteosarcoma inhibition using plasma coated hydroxyapatite on titanium implants. HAP, Ti
10  2020 Relative contributions of implant hydrophilicity and nanotopography to implant anchorage in bone at Early Time Points. AE, BAE, DCD, SBF, SL, UV
11  2020 Removal of dental alloys and titanium attenuates trace metals and biological effects on liver and kidney. Co-Cr, Ni-Cr
12  2020 Shape Loss of Autoclaved, Machine-Bent Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Spine Surgery Rods. ---
13  2020 Surface roughness of titanium disks influences the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of osteogenic properties derived from human. ALP, EDS, HGF-1, Rsk, SEM
14  2020 Synthesis of multifunctional chlorhexidine-doped thin films for titanium-based implant materials. CHX
15  2020 Three-dimensional finite element analysis of extra short implants focusing on implant designs and materials. BL, TiZr, TL
16  2020 Ti-15Mo Alloy Decreases the Stress Concentration in Mandibular Angle Fracture Internal Fixation Hardware. ---
17  2020 UV-photofunctionalization of a biomimetic coating for dental implants application. HGF, PEO, Ti, UV
18  2019 A Clue to the Existence of Bonding between Bone and Implant Surface: An In Vivo Study. ---
19  2019 Antibacterial investigation of titanium-copper alloys using luminescent Staphylococcus epidermidis in a direct contact test. EDS, SEM, Ti-Cu
20  2019 Biofilm formation on polyetheretherketone and titanium surfaces. PEEK, Ti6Al4V
21  2019 Bone marrow stromal cells interaction with titanium; Effects of composition and surface modification. BMSCs, CD40L, GLI2, IL-6
22  2019 Effect of Implant Abutment Acid Etching on the Retention of Crowns Luted with Different Cements: An In Vitro Comparative Evaluation. AA, AE, ANOVA, CMCs, TBS
23  2019 Effect of tetrabutylammonium dihydrogen trifluoride treatment on durability of resin-titanium bond strengths. no-ETCH, TDTF
24  2019 Effects of Different Surface Treatments on Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Machined Pure Titanium. ALP, GB, GB/AC, RCP, SBS, ZPP
25  2019 Fracture and Fatigue of Titanium Narrow Dental Implants: New Trends in Order to Improve the Mechanical Response. FSEM, NDIs
26  2019 In Vitro Evaluation of Cell Compatibility of Dental Cements Used with Titanium Implant Components. HGF, MTT, NIB, ZOE, ZP
27  2019 Influence of boron nitride reinforcement to improve high temperature oxidation resistance of titanium. BN, TGA
28  2019 Platelet adhesion on commercially pure titanium plates in vitro I: effects of plasma components and involvement of the von Willebrand factor and fibronectin. Fgn, FN, P-PRP, PBS, PRP, vWF
29  2019 Platelet Adhesion on Commercially Pure Titanium Plates in Vitro II. Immunofluorescence Visualization of PDGF-B, TGFbeta1, and PPARgamma Released from Activated Adherent Platelets. PRP
30  2019 Proteome analysis of the salivary pellicle formed on titanium alloys containing niobium and zirconium. Nb, Ti, Zr
31  2019 Simultaneous Improvement in the Strength and Formability of Commercially Pure Titanium via Twinning-induced Crystallographic Texture Control. ---
32  2019 Tailoring the synthesis of tantalum-based thin films for biomedical application: Characterization and biological response. ---
33  2019 The Micro-Shear bond strength of different cements to commercially pure titanium. ---
34  2019 [Stress and electrochemical corrosion of titanium produced by laser rapid forming]. EIS, LRF
35  2018 Antibacterial and Bioactive Surface Modifications of Titanium Implants by PCL/TiO₂ Nanocomposite Coatings. FTIR, S. aureus, SBF, SEM, XRD
36  2018 Antibacterial photocatalytic activity of different crystalline TiO2 phases in oral multispecies biofilm. ---
37  2018 Backscattered electron imaging and electron backscattered diffraction in the study of bacterial attachment to titanium alloy structure. Al, BSE, EBSD, SE
38  2018 Characterization of chemically treated Ti-Zr system alloys for dental implant application. ---
39  2018 Different models for simulation of mechanical behaviour of porous materials. ---
40  2018 Dose-response effect of chlorhexidine on a multispecies oral biofilm formed on pure titanium and on a titanium-zirconium alloy. TiZr
41  2018 Effectiveness of Titanium Tetrafluoride on the Bond Strength of Composite Cement to Titanium. HF
42  2018 Effects of polycaprolactone on alendronate drug release from Mg-doped hydroxyapatite coating on titanium. HA, PCL
43  2018 Electrochemical and biocompatibility examinations of high-pressure torsion processed titanium and Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy. CG, EIS, TNZ, UFG
44  2018 Electrochemical behavior of titanium exposed to a biofilm supplemented with different sucrose concentrations. HSD
45  2018 Influence of grade and surface topography of commercially pure titanium on fatigue properties. ---
46  2018 Influence of steel implant surface microtopography on soft and hard tissue integration. EPSS
47  2018 Influences of Implant and Framework Materials on Stress Distribution: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Study. TiZr
48  2018 Initial investigation of the corrosion stability of craniofacial implants. SACP, SAKP, SBF
49  2018 Initial osteoblast adhesion and subsequent differentiation on zirconia surfaces are regulated by integrins and heparin-sensitive molecule. ---
50  2018 Magnesium alloy AZ91 exhibits antimicrobial properties in vitro but not in vivo. CFU
51  2018 Osseointegration of ultrafine-grained titanium with a hydrophilic nano-patterned surface: an in vivo examination in miniature pigs. ECAP, ufgTi
52  2018 Vancomycin incorporated chitosan/gelatin coatings coupled with TiO2-SrHAP surface modified cp-titanium for osteomyelitis treatment. AFM, IR, MRSA, Ra, Sr-HAP, XRD
53  2018 [Effects of recasting in vacuum with argon on the chemical composition of ceramic alloys]. Co-Cr, Pd-based
54  2018 [The effect of recasting on microstructure of dental ceramic alloys]. Au-Pt, Co-Cr, Pd-Cu-Ga, SEM
55  2017 A comparative study of the mechanical behaviour of thermally oxidised commercially pure titanium and zirconium. CP-Zr
56  2017 Abrasive Endoprosthetic Wear Particles Inhibit IFN-gamma Secretion in Human Monocytes Via Upregulating TNF-alpha-Induced miR-29b. IFN-gamma, PMMA, TNF-alpha
57  2017 Attachment and growth of human osteoblasts on different biomaterial surfaces. hFOB, LDH, PEEK
58  2017 Cathodic voltage-controlled electrical stimulation of titanium for prevention of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii biofilm infections. A. baumannii, CFU, CVCES, MRSA, OCP
59  2017 Cell death affected by dental alloys: Modes and mechanisms. Co-Cr, FCM, Pd-based, Real-time qPCR
60  2017 Development of binary and ternary titanium alloys for dental implants. Nb, Ti, Zr
61  2017 Effects of negatively and positively charged Ti metal surfaces on ceramic coating adhesion and cell response. ---
62  2017 Extensiometric analysis of strain in craniofacial bones during implant-supported palatal expansion. ---
63  2017 Gene-Activated Titanium Surfaces Promote In Vitro Osteogenesis. AFM, BMSCs, pDNA, PEI, SEM, XPS, XRD
64  2017 In-situ preparation of scholzite conversion coatings on titanium and Ti-6Al-4V for biomedical applications. ---
65  2017 Is there scientific evidence favoring the substitution of commercially pure titanium with titanium alloys for the manufacture of dental implants? ---
66  2017 M2 macrophages contribute to osteogenesis and angiogenesis on nanotubular TiO2 surfaces. CM
67  2017 Promotion of cells to close gaps and encourage cell coverage, by radio frequency glow discharge treatment. HGF, RFGDT
68  2017 Spine rod straightening as a possible cause for revision. SBF
69  2017 The Effects of Acid Etching on the Nanomorphological Surface Characteristics and Activation Energy of Titanium Medical Materials. HCl
70  2017 The role of grain refinement and film formation potential on the electrochemical behavior of commercial pure titanium in Hank's physiological solution. ---
71  2017 The role of welding techniques in the biomechanical behavior of implant-supported prostheses. ---
72  2017 Three-species biofilm model onto plasma-treated titanium implant surface. CLSM, GDP, MAO, SEM, Ti
73  2016 Adhesion Properties of Human Oral Epithelial-Derived Cells to Zirconia. ---
74  2016 Calcium phosphate-titanium composites for articulating surfaces of load-bearing implants. CaP
75  2016 Commercially pure titanium (cp-Ti) versus titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) materials as bone anchored implants - Is one truly better than the other? ---
76  2016 Corrosion Analysis of an Experimental Noble Alloy on Commercially Pure Titanium Dental Implants. ---
77  2016 Effect of metal type and surface treatment on shear bond strength of resin cement (in vitro study). MZP, SBS
78  2016 Effect of nonthermal plasma treatment on surface chemistry of commercially-pure titanium and shear bond strength to autopolymerizing acrylic resin. ---
79  2016 In vitro and in vivo studies of ultrafine-grain Ti as dental implant material processed by ECAP. ECAP, SLA, UFG-Ti
80  2016 Laser processing of in situ TiN/Ti composite coating on titanium. ---
81  2016 Long-Term Antibacterial Performance and Bioactivity of Plasma-Engineered Ag-NPs/TiO₂ AgNPs, NT
82  2016 Mechanical degradation of TiO2 nanotubes with and without nanoparticulate silver coating. DI, FESEM, hFOB
83  2016 One-year follow-up of titanium/zirconium alloy X commercially pure titanium narrow-diameter implants placed in the molar region of the mandible: a randomized controlled trial. MBL, TiZr
84  2016 Optimizing surface characteristics for cell adhesion and proliferation on titanium plasma spray coatings on polyetheretherketone. DAPI, ESEM, hMSCs, PEEK
85  2016 Peel strength and interfacial characterization of maxillofacial silicone elastomers bonded to titanium. PMMA, RFTIRM, RPOLM
86  2016 Porosity of maxillofacial silicone elastomers and microleakage pattern of the commercially pure Ti-silicone elastomer interface after hydrothermal cycling. EL1
87  2016 Production of a biofunctional titanium surface using plasma electrolytic oxidation and glow-discharge plasma for biomedical applications. GDP, PEO
88  2016 Surface Characterization, Corrosion Resistance and in Vitro Biocompatibility of a New Ti-Hf-Mo-Sn Alloy. HUVECs
89  2016 Surface treatment influences electrochemical stability of cpTi exposed to mouthwashes. CPE, Rp
90  2016 The effect of fretting associated periodic cathodic potential shifts on the electrochemistry and in vitro biocompatibility of commercially pure titanium. OCP, Rp
91  2016 The Impact of Force Transmission on Narrow-Body Dental Implants Made of Commercially Pure Titanium and Titanium Zirconia Alloy with a Conical Implant-Abutment Connection: An Experimental Pilot Study. ---
92  2016 Titanium Ions Release from an Innovative Titanium-Magnesium Composite: an in Vitro Study. ICP-MS, P/M, Ti, Ti-1Mg, Ti-Mg
93  2015 Bone response to a novel Ti-Ta-Nb-Zr alloy. Al
94  2015 Cathodic voltage-controlled electrical stimulation of titanium implants as treatment for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus periprosthetic infections. CFU, CVCES, MRSA, OCP
95  2015 Chemical and structural analyses of titanium plates retrieved from patients. EDX
96  2015 Comparative study of the shear bond strength of various veneering materials on grade II commercially pure titanium. ---
97  2015 In vitro apatite formation on nano-crystalline titania layer aligned parallel to Ti6Al4V alloy substrates with sub-millimeter gap. CHT
98  2015 In vitro performance assessment of new beta Ti-Mo-Nb alloy compositions. ---
99  2015 Low elastic modulus Ti-Ta alloys for load-bearing permanent implants: enhancing the biodegradation resistance by electrochemical surface engineering. CaP, TiTa
100  2015 Mechanical properties, surface morphology and stability of a modified commercially pure high strength titanium alloy for dental implants. ---