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Abbreviation : dACC
Long Form : dorsal anterior cingulate cortex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Counting Stroop Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on the Effects of ORADUR-Methylphenidate in Drug-Naive Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD, CCPT, fMRI, rDLPFC, rIFG, RVP, TD
2022 A Meta-Analysis of fMRI Studies of Youth Cannabis Use: Alterations in Executive Control, Social Cognition/Emotion Processing, and Reward Processing in Cannabis Using Youth. BOLD, CU, CUD, dmPFC, rmPFC, SDM, TD
2022 Action-value processing underlies the role of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex in performance monitoring during self-regulation of affect. ---
2022 Alterations in brain iron deposition with progression of late-life depression measured by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based quantitative susceptibility mapping. HAMD, MMSE, mPFC, MRI, QSM
2022 Alterations of default mode and cingulo-opercular salience network and frontostriatal circuit: A candidate endophenotype of obsessive-compulsive disorder. AI, CSTC, DLPFC, FPN, HC, mPFC, OCD, rs-fMRI, SN
2022 Altered resting-state functional connectivity of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex with intrinsic brain networks in male problematic smartphone users. DMN, fMRI, VAN
2022 Anatomical and functional connectivity support the existence of a salience network node within the caudal ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. AI, NHP, rs-fMRI, VANet and DANet, VLPFC
2022 Association between startle reactivity to uncertain threats and structural brain volume. NPU, U-threat
2022 Attention allocation to negatively-valenced stimuli in PTSD is associated with reward-related neural pathways. DLPFC, HC, NAcc, OFC, PTSD, rsFC, TEHCs, VLPFC
10  2022 Cingulate-Prefrontal Connectivity During Dynamic Cognitive Control Mediates Association Between P-Factor and Adaptive Functioning in a Transdiagnostic Pediatric Sample. DLPFC
11  2022 Detailed measurements and simulations of electric field distribution of two TMS coils cleared for obsessive compulsive disorder in the brain and in specific regions associated with OCD. Deep TMS, DLPFC, IFG, OCD, OFC, pre-SMA
12  2022 Did It Change Your Mind? Neural Substrates of Purchase Intention Change and Product Information. ---
13  2022 Distinct neurocomputational mechanisms support informational and socially normative conformity. dmPFC, TPJ
14  2022 Distinctive types of aversiveness are represented as the same in a portion of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex: An fMRI study with the cue paradigm. fMRI
15  2022 Effects of a single-dose methylphenidate challenge on resting-state functional connectivity in stimulant-treatment naive children and adults with ADHD. ADHD, BC, CS, EC, PFC
16  2022 Electroconvulsive therapy changes temporal dynamics of intrinsic brain activity in depressed patients. dALFF, ECT, IBA, rs-fMRI
17  2022 Enduring effect of abuse: Childhood maltreatment links to altered theory of mind network among adults. CM, CTQ, FC, IPL, SFG, STG, ToM
18  2022 Experimental evidence for a child-to-adolescent switch in human amygdala-prefrontal cortex communication: A cross-sectional pilot study. vmPFC
19  2022 Forward planning driven by context-dependant conflict processing in anterior cingulate cortex. ---
20  2022 High-definition transcranial direct current stimulation of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex modulates decision-making and executive control. HD-tDCS
21  2022 High-Definition Transcranial Infraslow Pink-Noise Stimulation Can Influence Functional and Effective Cortical Connectivity in Individuals With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study. HD-tIPNS, pgACC
22  2022 Impact of cannabidiol-rich hemp extract oil on reconsolidation disruption of naturalistic interoceptive aversive memory in humans: Protocol for a randomized clinical trial. CB1, CBD, PTSD
23  2022 Intolerance of uncertainty and functional connectivity of the anterior insula during anticipation of unpredictable reward. DLPFC, fMRI, gPPI, IU
24  2022 Lower dACC glutamate in cannabis users during early phase abstinence. GABA, MRS
25  2022 Metacognition and mentalizing are associated with distinct neural representations of decision uncertainty. dmPFC, estimate uncertainty, fMRI, IPL, lFPC, PS, TPJ
26  2022 Neural basis of associative learning in Trichotillomania and skin-picking disorder. DLPFC, HC, SPD, TTM, TTM/SPD
27  2022 Precise functional connections between the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and areas recruited for physical inference. MRI
28  2022 Prefrontal control of social influence in risk decision making. SMS, SPG
29  2022 Punishment cost affects third-parties' behavioral and neural responses to unfairness. AI, DLPFC, fMRI, MUs
30  2022 Pupil dilation during negative prediction errors is related to brain choline concentration and depressive symptoms in adolescents. GABA, PE, PE-PDR, RCADS
31  2022 Self-control impacts symptoms defining Internet gaming disorder through dorsal anterior cingulate-ventral striatal pathway. IGD, IGD-S, rVS
32  2022 Self-referential processes and resting-state connectivity in breast cancer patients before and 1 year after chemotherapy. BC, dmPFC, HC, PCC, QSR, rsFC
33  2022 Sex-dependent risk factors for PTSD: a prospective structural MRI study. ICV, PSS, rACC
34  2022 Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Information Processing in the Human Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex. ---
35  2022 Spatial-topographic nestedness of interoceptive regions within the networks of decision making and emotion regulation: Combining ALE meta-analysis and MACM analysis. ALE, MACM
36  2022 The Neural Bases of Action-Outcome Learning in Humans. A-O, fMRI, mPFC
37  2022 The relationship between self-esteem and self-concept clarity is modulated by spontaneous activities of the dACC. ALFF
38  2022 The role of right insula and its functional connectivity in the regulation of negative implicit stereotypes against rural migrant workers. mPFC, SC-IAT, VLPFC
39  2022 Trait dialectical thinking is associated with the strength of functional coupling between the dACC and the default mode network. DMN
40  2022 Widespread cortical thinning, excessive glutamate and impaired linguistic functioning in schizophrenia: A cluster analytic approach. ---
41  2021 3T MRI of rapid brain activity changes driven by subcallosal cingulate deep brain stimulation. ALFF, PCC
42  2021 Amplitude of Low-Frequency Oscillations in Major Depressive Disorder With Childhood Trauma. ALFF, MDD
43  2021 An insula-driven network computes decision uncertainty and promotes abstinence in chronic cocaine users. AIC, CUD, VS
44  2021 Anterior cingulate cortex metabolites and white matter microstructure: a multimodal study of emergent alcohol use disorder. AUD, CON, DWI, MRS, WM
45  2021 Association between emotional intelligence and effective brain connectome: A large-scale spectral DCM study. CEN, DAN, DMN, EC, EI, LAPFC, MSCEIT, RAPFC, rs-fMRI, SN, SPC
46  2021 Associations of observed preschool performance monitoring with brain functional connectivity in adolescence. CB, CO, CTSC, MOT, REW, SN
47  2021 Aversive drug cues reduce cigarette craving and increase prefrontal cortex activation during processing of cigarette cues in quitting motivated smokers. fMRI
48  2021 Characterizing the subtype of anhedonia in major depressive disorder: A symptom-specific multimodal MRI study. CT, HCs, lOFC, MDD
49  2021 Cingulo-opercular control network and disused motor circuits joined in standby mode. CON, FC, rs-fMRI
50  2021 Cortisol before extinction generalization alters its neural correlates during retrieval. ---
51  2021 Counteracting Effects of Glutathione on the Glutamate-Driven Excitation/Inhibition Imbalance in First-Episode Schizophrenia: A 7T MRS and Dynamic Causal Modeling Study. AI, FES, fMRI, Glu, HC, MRS, NMDA
52  2021 Deactivation of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex indicated low postoperative sports levels in presurgical patients with chronic ankle instability. AOFAS, CAI, fMRI, NRS
53  2021 Decreased sensitivity to risk levels in ventral stratum in major depressive disorder during risky decision-making. BART, DLPFC, HCs, MDD, VS
54  2021 Developing functional network connectivity of the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex mediates externalizing psychopathology in adolescents with child neglect. CO, EF
55  2021 Disrupted frontostriatal connectivity in primary insomnia: a DTI study. ACC, DTI, HC, PI, PSQI
56  2021 Dissociable roles of cortical excitation-inhibition balance during patch-leaving versus value-guided decisions. vmPFC
57  2021 Dissociating default mode network resting state markers of suicide from familial risk factors for depression. DMN, MDD, STBs
58  2021 Dissociating the role of dACC and dlPFC for emotion appraisal and mood regulation using cathodal tDCS. DLPFC
59  2021 Distinct and temporally associated neural mechanisms underlying concurrent, postsuccess, and posterror cognitive controls: Evidence from a stop-signal task. LPFC
60  2021 Distinct neural networks subserve placebo analgesia and nocebo hyperalgesia. MACM, rsFC
61  2021 Distinct patterns of prefrontal cortical disengagement during inhibitory control in addiction: A meta-analysis based on population characteristics. MFG
62  2021 Dorsal anterior cingulate cortex intrinsic functional connectivity linked to electrocortical measures of error monitoring. ERN, fMRI
63  2021 Dysconnectivity of the amygdala and dorsal anterior cingulate cortex in drug-naive post-traumatic stress disorder. EC, PPI, PTSD
64  2021 Effective Connectivity of the Hippocampus Can Differentiate Patients with Schizophrenia from Healthy Controls: A Spectral DCM Approach. HC, LHC, LIPAR, rAI, RHC, SZ
65  2021 Effects of Gabapentin on Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex GABA and Glutamate Levels and Their Associations With Abstinence in Alcohol Use Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial. AUD
66  2021 Fatty acid amide hydrolase binding is inversely correlated with amygdalar functional connectivity: a combined positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging study in healthy individuals. FAAH, PET, sgvmPFC
67  2021 Functional connectivity of the anterior insula during withdrawal from cigarette smoking. rsFC
68  2021 Gender discrimination facilitates fMRI responses and connectivity to thermal pain. ---
69  2021 Glutamate and functional connectivity - support for the excitatory-inhibitory imbalance hypothesis in autism spectrum disorders. ASD, fMRI, Glu, HC
70  2021 Glutathione Levels and Glutathione-Glutamate Correlation in Patients With Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia. CLZ, FLR, GCLC, HCs, TRS
71  2021 Improvements in error-monitoring and symptoms following low-frequency rTMS of dorsal anterior cingulate cortex in obsessive compulsive disorder; a randomized, sham-controlled study. LF, OCD, rTMS, Y-BOCS
72  2021 Inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter systems in depressed and healthy: A positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. Cr, GABA, Glu, PET
73  2021 Interaction between decision-making and interoceptive representations of bodily arousal in frontal cortex. HR, OFC, RTs
74  2021 Ketogenic diet reduces alcohol withdrawal symptoms in humans and alcohol intake in rodents. AUD, KD, SA
75  2021 Latent learning, cognitive maps, and curiosity. OFC
76  2021 Longitudinal changes in neurometabolite concentrations in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex after concentrated exposure therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder. ERP, OCD
77  2021 Maltreatment and brain development: The effects of abuse and neglect on longitudinal trajectories of neural activation during risk processing and cognitive control. BOLD
78  2021 Modulation of control: Can HD-tDCS targeting the dACC reduce impulsivity? HD-tDCS
79  2021 Multicentric tracking of multiple agents by anterior cingulate cortex during pursuit and evasion. ---
80  2021 Neural correlates of individual variation in two-back working memory and the relationship with fluid intelligence. AR, biFPC, pre-SMA, rAI, RSPM, RT
81  2021 Neural signature of error processing in major depression. fMRI, HC, MD, pre-SMA
82  2021 Neural underpinnings of food choice and consumption in obesity. BMI, fMRI, vmPFC, vStr
83  2021 Neurometabolite correlates with personality and stress in healthy emerging adults: A focus on sex differences. Cho, Cr, DMN, NAA, PCC, WM
84  2021 Oscillations as a window into neuronal mechanisms underlying dorsal anterior cingulate cortex function. LFP
85  2021 Placebo effects and neuromodulation for depression: a meta-analysis and evaluation of shared mechanisms. ALE, DBS, DLPFC, rACC, sgACC, TMS
86  2021 Quantifying the excitatory-inhibitory balance: A comparison of SemiLASER and MEGA-SemiLASER for simultaneously measuring GABA and glutamate at 7T. E/I, MEGA
87  2021 Resting-State fMRI Functional Connectivity Strength Predicts Local Activity Change in the Dorsal Cingulate Cortex: A Multi-Target Focused rTMS Study. FC, rIPL, rMFG, rs-fMRI, rTMS
88  2021 Results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, multimodal-MRI pilot study of gabapentin for co-occurring bipolar and cannabis use disorders. BD, CUD, GABA, RBG
89  2021 Rostral anterior cingulate network effective connectivity in depressed adolescents and associations with treatment response in a randomized controlled trial. AIC, DLPFC, rACC
90  2021 Salience network glutamate and brain connectivity in medication-naïve first episode patients - A multimodal magnetic resonance spectroscopy and resting state functional connectivity MRI study. FC, FEP, HC, SN
91  2021 Task-Specific Neural Representations of Generalizable Metacognitive Control Signals in the Human Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex. fMRI
92  2021 Test-retest reliability of approach-avoidance conflict decision-making during functional magnetic resonance imaging in healthy adults. fMRI, ICCs, ROIs
93  2021 The Abnormal Functional Connectivity in the Locus Coeruleus-Norepinephrine System Associated With Anxiety Symptom in Chronic Insomnia Disorder. CID, FC, GSC, LC-NE, MOG
94  2021 The protective impact of education on brain structure and function in Alzheimer's disease. AD, aMCI, CR, FC, GMV, HC, ITC, MMSE, ReHo
95  2021 The Versatile Wayfinder: Prefrontal Contributions to Spatial Navigation. DLPFC, OFC, PFC, VLPFC
96  2021 Ventromedial Prefrontal-Anterior Cingulate Hyperconnectivity and Resilience to Apathy in Traumatic Brain Injury. CTRL, FC, TBI, vmPFC
97  2020 1H MRS Measurement of Cortical GABA and Glutamate in Primary Insomnia and Major Depressive Disorder: Relationship to Sleep Quality and Depression Severity. Cr, GABA, Glu, MDD, PI, POC
98  2020 A multimodal approach to studying the relationship between peripheral glutathione, brain glutamate, and cognition in health and in schizophrenia. SZ
99  2020 Aberrant resting-state interhemispheric functional connectivity in patients with postpartum depression. dmPFC, EPDS, fMRI, HP, OFC, PPD, VMHC
100  2020 Abnormal white matter microstructure along the thalamus fiber pathways in women with primary dysmenorrhea. PDM, SMA