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Abbreviation : dHPC
Long Form : dorsal hippocampus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Expression of a heroin contextually conditioned immune effect in male rats requires CaMKIIalpha-expressing neurons in dorsal, but not ventral, subiculum and hippocampal CA1. DREADDs, dSub, dCA1, LPS, NO, vHPC
2020 Hippocampal efferents to retrosplenial cortex and lateral septum are required for memory acquisition. LS, RSC
2019 Cholinergic rescue of neurocognitive insult following third-trimester equivalent alcohol exposure in rats. CPFE, IEGs, mPFC, PD, PHY, SAL, SI, vHPC
2019 Glucocorticoid enhancement of recognition memory via basolateral amygdala-driven facilitation of prelimbic cortex interactions. AIC, BLA, GR, PrL
2019 Hippocampal BDNF regulates a shift from flexible, goal-directed to habit memory system function following cocaine abstinence. BDNF, DLS, HPC
2019 Hippocampal Subgranular Zone FosB Expression Is Critical for Neurogenesis and Learning. DG, NtsR2, SGZ
2019 Lesion of the dorsal hippocampus alters the time-course evolution of corticosterone rise in the ventral hippocampus after stress. vHPC
2019 Medial prefrontal and ventral hippocampal contributions to incidental context learning and memory in adolescent rats. CFC, CPFE, IEGs, mPFC, vHPC
2019 NMDA receptor activity bidirectionally controls active decay of long-term spatial memory in the dorsal hippocampus. NMDARs
10  2019 Serotonin1A receptors in the dorsal hippocampus regulate working memory and long-term habituation in the hemiparkinsonian rats. DA, EAAC1-ir, mPFC, NA, PD, vHPC
11  2019 Sustained corticosterone rise in the prefrontal cortex is a key factor for chronic stress-induced working memory deficits in mice. pCREB, PFC, WM
12  2019 The differential role of the dorsal hippocampus in initiating and terminating timed responses: A lesion study using the switch-timing task. ---
13  2018 Age and experience dependent changes in Egr-1 expression during the ontogeny of the context preexposure facilitation effect (CPFE). CPFE, Egr-1, LA, ME, mPFC, SE
14  2018 Chronic methamphetamine self-administration dysregulates 5-HT2A and mGlu2 receptor expression in the rat prefrontal and perirhinal cortex: Comparison to chronic phencyclidine and MK-801. METH, mGlu2, mPFC, PRh
15  2018 Comprehensive phospholipid and sphingomyelin profiling of different brain regions in mouse model of anxiety disorder using online two-dimensional (HILIC/RP)-LC/MS method. AX, HILIC, PFC, PL, RP, SM
16  2018 Differential expression of the immediate early genes c-Fos, Arc, Egr-1, and Npas4 during long-term memory formation in the context preexposure facilitation effect (CPFE). BLA, CPFE, HC, IEGs, mPFC
17  2018 Impairment of the context preexposure facilitation effect in juvenile rats by neonatal alcohol exposure is associated with decreased Egr-1 mRNA expression in the prefrontal cortex. CPFE, IL, LA, PD, PL, SI
18  2018 Maternal Deprivation Increases Anxiety- and Depressive-Like Behaviors in an Age-Dependent Fashion and Reduces Neuropeptide Y Expression in the Amygdala and Hippocampus of Male and Female Young Adult Rats. BLA, CORT, CTL, DEP3, FST, NPY-ir, NSF, SNCT
19  2018 Sub-circuit alterations in dorsal hippocampus structure and function after global neurodevelopmental insult. ---
20  2017 Alcohol withdrawal induces long-lasting spatial working memory impairments: relationship with changes in corticosterone response in the prefrontal cortex. CREB, GCs, PFC, WM
21  2017 Antagonism of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in medial prefrontal cortex disrupts the context preexposure facilitation effect. CPFE, mPFC
22  2017 Metabolomics reveals distinct neurochemical profiles associated with stress resilience. NAc, UPLC-HRMS, vmPFC
23  2016 Patterns of Theta Activity in Limbic Anxiety Circuit Preceding Exploratory Behavior in Approach-Avoidance Conflict. BLA, EPM, HPC-AMY-mPFC, PrL, PrL, vHPC
24  2015 Activation of matrix metalloproteinase in dorsal hippocampus drives improvement in spatial working memory after intra-VTA nicotine infusion in rats. MMP-9, SWM, VTA
25  2015 Effects of dorsal hippocampal damage on conditioning and conditioned-response timing: A pooled analysis. GLMMs
26  2014 Cholinergic modulation of event-related oscillations (ERO). AMYG, ERO, EROs, FCTX, MS, NBM
27  2014 Distinct behavioral consequences of short-term and prolonged GABAergic depletion in prefrontal cortex and dorsal hippocampus. mPFC, SAVAs
28  2014 Social defeat induces changes in histone acetylation and expression of histone modifying enzymes in the ventral hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and dorsal raphe nucleus. BLA, DR, H3K18ac, H4K12, H4K8ac, LC, mPFC, PCR, PVT, vHPC
29  2013 Differential role of the dorsal hippocampus, ventro-intermediate hippocampus, and medial prefrontal cortex in updating the value of a spatial goal. mPFC, vHPC
30  2013 Dorsal hippocampal involvement in conditioned-response timing and maintenance of temporal information in the absence of the CS. ---
31  2013 Interactions between the lateral habenula and the hippocampus: implication for spatial memory processes. LHb
32  2013 Role of dorsal hippocampal orexin-1 receptors in associating morphine reward with contextual stimuli. CPP, CREB, pCREB
33  2013 Theta oscillations in the medial prefrontal cortex are modulated by spatial working memory and synchronize with the hippocampus through its ventral subregion. mPFC, SWM, vHPC
34  2012 Dorsal hippocampal involvement in appetitive trace conditioning and interval timing. CR, CS
35  2012 Dorsal hippocampal lesions disrupt Pavlovian delay conditioning and conditioned-response timing. CS
36  2012 Post-training unilateral amygdala lesions selectively impair contextual fear memories. BLA
37  2012 Selective cognitive impairments are related to selective hippocampus and prefrontal cortex deficits after prenatal chlorpyrifos exposure. CPF, mPFC, PD
38  2011 Membrane mineralocorticoid but not glucocorticoid receptors of the dorsal hippocampus mediate the rapid effects of corticosterone on memory retrieval. Cort-3CMO-BSA, GRs, MRs
39  2010 Context-driven cocaine-seeking in abstinent rats increases activity-regulated gene expression in the basolateral amygdala and dorsal hippocampus differentially following short and long periods of abstinence. BLA, DG
40  2010 Increased stress-induced intra-hippocampus corticosterone rise associated with memory impairments in middle-aged mice. CSD
41  2010 Rapid stress-induced corticosterone rise in the hippocampus reverses serial memory retrieval pattern. BSA, CSD
42  2008 A role for dorsal and ventral hippocampus in inter-temporal choice cost-benefit decision making. cHPC, HR, LR, vHPC
43  2008 Human topological task adapted for rats: Spatial information processes of the parietal cortex. PC
44  2008 Prefrontal cortex and hippocampus subserve different components of working memory in rats. DAT, mPFC
45  2006 Stability of recent and remote contextual fear memory. ACC, ANI
46  2004 Effects of ibotenic acid lesions of the dorsal hippocampus on contextual fear conditioning in mice: comparison with mammillary body lesions. MB
47  2003 [Propagation of brain injuries from artificial focus into the opposite hemisphere at the early stage of rat electrogenic epilepsy identified by histology and magnetic resonance image]. LV
48  2001 Characteristic behavioral seizures and abnormal signal asymmetry of magnetic resonance imaging in an electrogenic rat model of chronic epilepsy. EC, LV, MTNC, WEDS
49  2001 Dorsal hippocampal kindling produces a selective and enduring disruption of hippocampally mediated behavior. DMTP
50  2001 Possible role of dentate gyrus in greneration of rat temporal lobe epilepsy induced by electrical stimulation. DG, HPC, WEDS
51  2000 In vivo actions of the selective 5-HT1A receptor agonist BAY x 3702 on serotonergic cell firing and release. DR, MnR, mPFC
52  1995 Topographical projections from the medial septum-diagonal band complex to the hippocampus: a retrograde tracing study with multiple fluorescent dyes in rats. HDB, MS-DB, VDB, vHPC
53  1991 Electrophysiological response to ethanol in P and NP rats. ERPs
54  1991 Long latency event-related potentials in rats: effects of dopaminergic and serotonergic depletions. AMYG, ERPs, PCPA, VTA
55  1989 Influence of electrical stimulation of the limbic structure on adrenocortical steroidogenesis in hypophysectomized rats. AMYG
56  1988 Influence of electrical stimulation of the limbic structure on ovarian steroidogenesis in hypophysectomized and adrenalectomized rats. 20 alpha-OH-P, AMYG, H-A rats
57  1987 Influence of electrical stimulation of the limbic structure on glucagon level in rabbit's plasma. AMYG, DFX, ST
58  1986 Influence of microinjection of insulin into hippocampus on hepatic acetate metabolism in rabbits. DFX
59  1985 Locomotor behavior following kindling in three different brain sites. AMYG, NAcc
60  1984 Effect of methamphetamine on the locomotor activity in the 6-OHDA dorsal hippocampus lesioned rat. ---
61  1983 Influence of electrical stimulation of the limbic structure on insulin level in rabbit's plasma. AMYG
62  1982 Medial septal area lesions disrupt theta rhythm and cholinergic staining in medial entorhinal cortex and produce impaired radial arm maze behavior in rats. AChE, LEC, MEC, MSA, vHPC
63  1981 Stimulation of the hippocampus and ovulation in the rat: specific or nonspecific effects. ECS, vHPC
64  1980 The effect of amygdaloid and hippocampal lesions on compensatory ovulation and pro-oestrous gonadotropin levels in the rat. ACO, CTX, ST, ULO
65  1976 Effects of Limbic stimulation and the microinontophoresis of aminergic drugs on the single unit activity of hypothalamic neurosecretory cells (author's transl). ACh, author's transl, DA, mAMYG, MPO, NE
66  1975 Effects of estrogen on neuronal excitability in the hippocampal-septal-hypothalamic system. ARC, MPO
67  1975 Studies on extrahypophyseal sites of estrogen action in the induction of ovulation in rats. BST, EB, LS, MPA, PMCA