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Abbreviation : hMSCs
Long Form : human bone marrow stromal cells
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Diffuse White Matter Response in Trauma-Injured Brain to Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Treatment Detected by Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging. AWF, DKI, FA, RK, TBI, WM
2019 Human marrow stromal cells secrete microRNA-375-containing exosomes to regulate glioma progression. miR-375, miRNAs, SLC31A1
2017 Chronic global analysis of vascular permeability and cerebral blood flow after bone marrow stromal cell treatment of traumatic brain injury in the rat: A long-term MRI study. BBB, CBF, Gd-DTPA, MRI, TBI
2017 Diffusion-Derived Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures of Longitudinal Microstructural Remodeling Induced by Marrow Stromal Cell Therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury. FA, MRI, TBI
2017 Synergistic acceleration in the osteogenic and angiogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by calcium silicate-graphene composites. CS
2015 Identification of Pathways Mediating Growth Differentiation Factor5-Induced Tenogenic Differentiation in Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells. GDF5
2015 Inhibitors of BCR signalling interrupt the survival signal mediated by the micro-environment in mantle cell lymphoma. BCR, MCL
2014 3-D self-assembling leucine zipper hydrogel with tunable properties for tissue engineering. LZ
2014 An open source image processing method to quantitatively assess tissue growth after non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging in human bone marrow stromal cell seeded 3D polymeric scaffolds. ECM, MRI, PEOT/PBT
10  2014 Enhanced cellular responses to titanium coating with hierarchical hybrid structure. HSTC, OC, OPN, TC
11  2014 Extracellular matrix of dental pulp stem cells: applications in pulp tissue engineering using somatic MSCs. DPSCs, ECM, MSCs, PDLSCs
12  2013 Application of sodium triple-quantum coherence NMR spectroscopy for the study of growth dynamics in cartilage tissue engineering. ---
13  2013 Effects of treating traumatic brain injury with collagen scaffolds and human bone marrow stromal cells on sprouting of corticospinal tract axons into the denervated side of the spinal cord. CST, mNSS, TBI
14  2013 Histone deacetylation mediates the rejuvenation of osteoblastogenesis by the combination of 25(OH)D3 and parathyroid hormone in MSCs from elders. ALP
15  2013 Human marrow stromal cells reduce microglial activation to protect motor neurons in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. iNOS, SOD1
16  2013 Vitamin D metabolism and action in human marrow stromal cells: effects of chronic kidney disease. CKD
17  2013 Vitamin D metabolism in human bone marrow stromal (mesenchymal stem) cells. PTH
18  2012 Biomimetic extracellular matrix-incorporated scaffold induces osteogenic gene expression in human marrow stromal cells. ECM
19  2012 Chondroitin sulfate and dynamic loading alter chondrogenesis of human MSCs in PEG hydrogels. ChS, PEG
20  2012 Clinical characteristics influence in vitro action of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) in human marrow stromal cells. PTH
21  2012 MRI measurement of angiogenesis and the therapeutic effect of acute marrow stromal cell administration on traumatic brain injury. CBF, MRI, TBI
22  2011 Chemical-physical properties and in vitro cell culturing of a novel biphasic bio-mimetic scaffold for osteo-chondral tissue regeneration. Mg-HA
23  2011 Coculture of osteoblasts and endothelial cells: optimization of culture medium and cell ratio. HUVECs, OM
24  2011 Cytotoxicity evaluation of 63s bioactive glass and bone-derived hydroxyapatite particles using human bone-marrow stem cells. SEM
25  2011 Developing vasculature and stroma in engineered human myocardium. ECM
26  2011 Effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D(3) on proliferation and osteoblast differentiation of human marrow stromal cells require CYP27B1/1alpha-hydroxylase. PCNA
27  2011 Effects of age on parathyroid hormone signaling in human marrow stromal cells. PTH, PTHR1
28  2011 MRI evaluation of axonal reorganization after bone marrow stromal cell treatment of traumatic brain injury. AKC, FA, FT, TBI
29  2011 Stimulation of B7-H3 (CD276) directs the differentiation of human marrow stromal cells to osteoblasts. ALP, OC, RANKL
30  2011 The influence of elasticity and surface roughness on myogenic and osteogenic-differentiation of cells on silk-elastin biomaterials. ---
31  2011 The treatment of TBI with human marrow stromal cells impregnated into collagen scaffold: functional outcome and gene expression profile. TBI, VEGF
32  2011 Transplantation of marrow stromal cells restores cerebral blood flow and reduces cerebral atrophy in rats with traumatic brain injury: in vivo MRI study. CBF, SPIO, TBI
33  2011 Treatment of TBI with collagen scaffolds and human marrow stromal cells increases the expression of tissue plasminogen activator. mNSS, MWM, qRT-PCR, TBI, tPA
34  2010 [Therapeutic effect of autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation in the treatment of severe liver damage]. ---
35  2009 Delayed transplantation of human marrow stromal cell-seeded scaffolds increases transcallosal neural fiber length, angiogenesis, and hippocampal neuronal survival and improves functional outcome after traumatic brain injury in rats. DiI, TBI
36  2009 Effects of age and gender on WNT gene expression in human bone marrow stromal cells. ---
37  2009 Fractalkine and CX3CR1 are involved in the migration of intravenously grafted human bone marrow stromal cells toward ischemic brain lesion in rats. GFP, MCAO, MSCs
38  2009 Single-cell hydrogel encapsulation for enhanced survival of human marrow stromal cells. ERK, MAPK
39  2009 Tissue formation and vascularization in anatomically shaped human joint condyle ectopically in vivo. ---
40  2009 Treatment of traumatic brain injury in mice with bone marrow stromal cell-impregnated collagen scaffolds. TBI
41  2008 Transplantation of human bone marrow-derived stromal cells into the contused spinal cord of nude rats. BBB
42  2007 Chondrogenic differentiation of human bone marrow stem cells in transwell cultures: generation of scaffold-free cartilage. ECM
43  2007 Collagen scaffolds populated with human marrow stromal cells reduce lesion volume and improve functional outcome after traumatic brain injury. TBI
44  2007 Fabrication and characterization of PLGA/HAp composite scaffolds for delivery of BMP-2 plasmid DNA. HAP
45  2006 Adult human bone marrow stromal spheres express neuronal traits in vitro and in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. DA, GABA, NP
46  2006 Porous silk fibroin 3-D scaffolds for delivery of bone morphogenetic protein-2 in vitro and in vivo. BMP-2
47  2005 Demineralized bone promotes chondrocyte or osteoblast differentiation of human marrow stromal cells cultured in collagen sponges. DBP, HDFs
48  2005 Differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells into neural-like cells induced by sodium ferulate in vitro. GFAP, NSE, SF
49  2005 Highly efficient transfection of human marrow stromal cells by nucleofection. ---
50  2005 Human marrow stromal cells enhance connexin43 gap junction intercellular communication in cultured astrocytes. Cx43, GJIC, PI3K
51  2005 In vivo bone formation by human marrow stromal cells in biodegradable scaffolds that release dexamethasone and ascorbate-2-phosphate. AsP, DEX, PLGA
52  2005 Influence of macroporous protein scaffolds on bone tissue engineering from bone marrow stem cells. ALPase, BSP, Col I, Col II, ECM, OP
53  2004 Cooperation between TGF-beta and Wnt pathways during chondrocyte and adipocyte differentiation of human marrow stromal cells. BMP, RT-PCR, TGF
54  2004 Expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 and receptor in ischemic rats treated with human marrow stromal cells. BrdU, IGF-1, IGF-1R, MCAO, mNSS, PBS, RT-PCR
55  2004 Serum deprivation of human marrow stromal cells (hMSCs) selects for a subpopulation of early progenitor cells with enhanced expression of OCT-4 and other embryonic genes. OCT4, RT-PCR
56  2004 Stable transfection of MSCs by electroporation. EGFP
57  2003 Human adult marrow cells support prolonged expansion of human embryonic stem cells in culture. hES, MEFs, SSEA
58  2003 Intravenous administration of human bone marrow stromal cells induces angiogenesis in the ischemic boundary zone after stroke in rats. IBZ, LSCM, MBDECs, MCAO, VEGF, VEGFR2
59  2003 Treatment of traumatic brain injury in adult rats with intravenous administration of human bone marrow stromal cells. ---
60  2003 [Immortalization of human osteoblast by transferring hTERT gene]. hTERT
61  2002 Ischemic rat brain extracts induce human marrow stromal cell growth factor production. BDNF, ELISA, HGF, MCAO, NGF, VEGF
62  2002 MCP-1, MIP-1, IL-8 and ischemic cerebral tissue enhance human bone marrow stromal cell migration in interface culture. IL-8, MCAO, MCP-1, MIP-1alpha, MSCs
63  2002 Telomerase expression extends the proliferative life-span and maintains the osteogenic potential of human bone marrow stromal cells. PD
64  2001 In vitro differentiation of human marrow stromal cells into early progenitors of neural cells by conditions that increase intracellular cyclic AMP. dbcAMP, IBMX, MAP1B, NSE
65  1999 Multipotential marrow stromal cells transduced to produce L-DOPA: engraftment in a rat model of Parkinson disease. rMSCs, TH