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Abbreviation : iEEG
Long Form : intracranial EEG
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A skew-based method for identifying intracranial EEG channels with epileptic activity without detecting spikes, ripples, or fast ripples. ---
2020 Accuracy and spatial properties of distributed magnetic source imaging techniques in the investigation of focal epilepsy patients. Ave, cMEM, dMSI, dSPM, IEDs, MNE, SD, sLORETA
2020 Brain-scale cortico-cortical functional connectivity in the delta-theta band is a robust signature of conscious states: an intracranial and scalp EEG study. CW, MCS, PA, PLV, REM, SWS, wSMI
2020 Dataset of human medial temporal lobe neurons, scalp and intracranial EEG during a verbal working memory task. ---
2020 Ictal and interictal source imaging on intracranial EEG predicts epilepsy surgery outcome in children with focal cortical dysplasia. ESI, ESI-SOZ, FCD, IZ, MRE, SOZ
2020 Model-based design for seizure control by stimulation. ---
2020 Noninvasive electromagnetic source imaging of spatiotemporally distributed epileptogenic brain sources. ---
2020 Pilot Study of An Intracranial Electroencephalography Biomarker of Depressive Symptoms in Epilepsy. MDD
2020 Spatiotemporal Integrity and Spontaneous Nonlinear Dynamic Properties of the Salience Network Revealed by Human Intracranial Electrophysiology: A Multicohort Replication. DMN, FPN, SN
10  2020 Time to Face Language: Embodied Mechanisms Underpin the Inception of Face-Related Meanings in the Human Brain. EEG, FBPs
11  2020 [Intracranial EEG monitoring methods]. FO, SDG, SDG
12  2019 A Long Short-Term Memory neural network for the detection of epileptiform spikes and high frequency oscillations. HFOs, RonS
13  2019 Assessing the localization accuracy and clinical utility of electric and magnetic source imaging in children with epilepsy. conv-EEG, Dres, dSPM, hdEEG, IEDs, IZ
14  2019 Automated unsupervised behavioral state classification using intracranial electrophysiology. AW
15  2019 Changing temporal context in human temporal lobe promotes memory of distinct episodes. ---
16  2019 Cross-Frequency Coupling Features of Postictal Generalized EEG Suppression State. ICFC, PGES
17  2019 Deep-learning for seizure forecasting in canines with epilepsy. CNN, PH
18  2019 Epileptic seizure detection using cross-bispectrum of electroencephalogram signal. FDR
19  2019 Exploiting Graphoelements and Convolutional Neural Networks with Long Short Term Memory for Classification of the Human Electroencephalogram. CNN, EEG, LSTM
20  2019 fMRI functional connectivity as an indicator of interictal epileptic discharges. FCZ, IEDs, SOZ
21  2019 Role of the insula in top-down processing: an intracranial EEG study using a visual oddball detection paradigm. AI, ERPs, GBRs, PI
22  2019 Semi-automatic quantification of seizure-related effects on heart activity. HR, niAUC
23  2019 Simultaneous scalp EEG improves seizure lateralization during unilateral intracranial EEG evaluation in temporal lobe epilepsy. scEEG, SSIEEG
24  2019 The seizure onset zone drives state-dependent epileptiform activity in susceptible brain regions. IEDs, SOZ
25  2019 Unsupervised machine-learning classification of electrophysiologically active electrodes during human cognitive task performance. ---
26  2018 A 41.2 nJ/class, 32-Channel On-Chip Classifier for Epileptic Seizure Detection. FEE, SoC
27  2018 A method for the topographical identification and quantification of high frequency oscillations in intracranial electroencephalography recordings. RonS
28  2018 Automated Detection of High Frequency Oscillations in Human Scalp Electroencephalogram. HFOs
29  2018 Deep Neural Architectures for Mapping Scalp to Intracranial EEG. EEG, IEDs
30  2018 Electromagnetic source imaging using simultaneous scalp EEG and intracranial EEG: An emerging tool for interacting with pathological brain networks. MVAR
31  2018 EPINETLAB: A Software for Seizure-Onset Zone Identification From Intracranial EEG Signal in Epilepsy. HFOs, MEG, SOZ
32  2018 In vitro and in vivo stability of black-platinum coatings on flexible, polymer microECoG arrays. ECoG
33  2018 Influence of Time-Series Normalization, Number of Nodes, Connectivity and Graph Measure Selection on Seizure-Onset Zone Localization from Intracranial EEG. ADTF, APDC, SOZ
34  2018 Kurtosis-Based Detection of Intracranial High-Frequency Oscillations for the Identification of the Seizure Onset Zone. HFOs, SEEG, SOZ
35  2018 Modulation of Item and Source Memory by Auditory Beat Stimulation: A Pilot Study With Intracranial EEG. ---
36  2018 Noninvasive seizure prediction using autonomic measurements in patients with refractory epilepsy. EV
37  2018 Physiological and pathological high frequency oscillations in focal epilepsy. pathHFO, physHFO, SOZ, SVM
38  2018 Probabilistic functional tractography of the human cortex revisited. CCEP
39  2018 Refractory Epilepsy: The Role of Positron Emission Tomography. MRI, PET, VEEG
40  2018 Signal Complexity of Human Intracranial EEG Tracks Successful Associative-Memory Formation across Individuals. ---
41  2018 Spatial variation in high-frequency oscillation rates and amplitudes in intracranial EEG. HFO, SOZ
42  2018 Temporal Pattern of Ripple Events in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Towards a Pattern-based Localization of the Seizure Onset Zone. SOZ, TLE
43  2018 The effect of increased intracranial EEG sampling rates in clinical practice. ---
44  2018 The spike onset zone: The region where epileptic spikes start and from where they propagate. IEDs
45  2018 Utilization of independent component analysis for accurate pathological ripple detection in intracranial EEG recordings recorded extra- and intra-operatively. AUROC, ICA, SOZ
46  2017 A novel HFO-based method for unsupervised localization of the seizure onset zone in drug-resistant epilepsy. HFOs, SOZ
47  2017 A realistic multimodal modeling approach for the evaluation of distributed source analysis: application to sLORETA. ESL
48  2017 Behavioral state classification in epileptic brain using intracranial electrophysiology. AW, SWS
49  2017 High density scalp EEG in frontal lobe epilepsy. hdEEG, SISCOM
50  2017 Interrater reliability of visually evaluated high frequency oscillations. HFOs, ICC, IEDs
51  2017 Invasive epilepsy surgery evaluation. SEEG
52  2017 Physiological Ripples Associated with Sleep Spindles Differ in Waveform Morphology from Epileptic Ripples. EEG, SOZ
53  2017 Progress and Remaining Challenges in the Application of High Frequency Oscillations as Biomarkers of Epileptic Brain. ---
54  2017 Seizure-Onset Mapping Based on Time-Variant Multivariate Functional Connectivity Analysis of High-Dimensional Intracranial EEG: A Kalman Filter Approach. AR
55  2017 Spectral characteristics of intracranial electroencephalographic activity in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. LGS
56  2017 The implantation effect: delay in seizure occurrence with implantation of intracranial electrodes. AEDs
57  2017 Utility of gray-matter segmentation of ictal-Interictal perfusion SPECT and interictal 18F-FDG-PET in medically refractory epilepsy. ISAS, SOZ, VOI
58  2016 A novel seizure detection algorithm informed by hidden Markov model event states. UEO
59  2016 Automatic Identification of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges in Secondary Generalized Epilepsy. EDs, EEG, LGS, SSWs
60  2016 Cortical localization of phase and amplitude dynamics predicting access to somatosensory awareness. ERs, fMRI, MEG, MEG and EEG, SL
61  2016 Detection of Intracranial Signatures of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges from Concurrent Scalp EEG. IEDs, SEEG, TLE
62  2016 Ictal time-irreversible intracranial EEG signals as markers of the epileptogenic zone. ---
63  2016 Identification of Focal Epileptogenic Networks in Generalized Epilepsy Using Brain Functional Connectivity Analysis of Bilateral Intracranial EEG Signals. CC, EEG
64  2016 Imaging brain source extent from EEG/MEG by means of an iteratively reweighted edge sparsity minimization (IRES) strategy. AUC, IRES, LE
65  2016 Interictal High Frequency Oscillations Detected with Simultaneous Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography as Biomarker of Pediatric Epilepsy. EZ, HFOs, IEDs, SOZ
66  2016 Intracranial EEG potentials estimated from MEG sources: A new approach to correlate MEG and iEEG data in epilepsy. MEG, MEM
67  2016 Localization Accuracy of Distributed Inverse Solutions for Electric and Magnetic Source Imaging of Interictal Epileptic Discharges in Patients with Focal Epilepsy. cMEM, EEG, ESI, IEDs, MEG, MSI
68  2016 Low-Complexity Seizure Prediction From iEEG/sEEG Using Spectral Power and Ratios of Spectral Power. EEG, FPR, RBF-SVM, sEEG, SVM
69  2016 Predicting seizures from local field potentials recorded via intracortical microelectrode arrays. CNNs, EEG, LFPs
70  2016 Predominance of Movement Speed Over Direction in Neuronal Population Signals of Motor Cortex: Intracranial EEG Data and A Simple Explanatory Model. ---
71  2016 Preoperative prediction of temporal lobe epilepsy surgery outcome. MTSr, rEEG, vEEG
72  2016 Source localization of the seizure onset zone from ictal EEG/MEG data. MEG, SOZ, wMEM
73  2016 Spatial Coherence Profiles of Ictal High-Frequency Oscillations Correspond to Those of Interictal Low-Frequency Oscillations in the ECoG of Epileptic Patients. ETLE, ROIs
74  2015 Automatic detection of epileptic seizures in long-term EEG records. EEG
75  2015 Exceeding chance level by chance: The caveat of theoretical chance levels in brain signal classification and statistical assessment of decoding accuracy. MEG
76  2015 Functional neuroimaging findings in patients with lateral and mesio-lateral temporal lobe epilepsy; FDG-PET and ictal SPECT studies. FDG-PET, LTLE, SPECT
77  2015 Identification of brain regions of interest for epilepsy surgery planning using support vector machines. ROIs, SOZ
78  2015 Latencies from intracranial seizure onset to ictal tachycardia: A comparison to surface EEG patterns and other clinical signs. ECG, EEG, ITC
79  2015 Localization of epileptogenic zones in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) using graph theoretical analysis of ictal intracranial EEG: a preliminary investigation. BC, LGS, PLV
80  2015 Mapping the coherence of ictal high frequency oscillations in human extratemporal lobe epilepsy. ETLE, HFOs
81  2015 On the proper selection of preictal period for seizure prediction. EEG, OPPs, sEEG
82  2015 Seizure detection using regression tree based feature selection and polynomial SVM classification. AUC, SVM
83  2015 Seizure prediction using polynomial SVM classification. AUC, RBF-SVM, SVM
84  2015 Subdural electrodes in focal epilepsy surgery at a typical academic epilepsy center. SF
85  2014 Application of high-frequency Granger causality to analysis of epileptic seizures and surgical decision making. GC, HFOs
86  2014 Automated localization of the seizure focus using interictal intracranial EEG. ---
87  2014 Computing network-based features from intracranial EEG time series data: Application to seizure focus localization. DRE, EVC, EZ
88  2014 Empirical models of scalp-EEG responses using non-concurrent intracranial responses. ERPs, sEEG
89  2014 Face, eye, and body selective responses in fusiform gyrus and adjacent cortex: an intracranial EEG study. fMRI
90  2014 Forecasting seizures in dogs with naturally occurring epilepsy. ---
91  2014 Functional selectivity in the human occipitotemporal cortex during natural vision: evidence from combined intracranial EEG and eye-tracking. FFA, VWFA
92  2014 Increase trend of correlation and phase synchrony of microwire iEEG before macroseizure onset. ---
93  2014 Modeling the Complex Dynamics and Changing Correlations of Epileptic Events. ---
94  2014 Neuromagnetic coherence of epileptic activity: an MEG study. ECDs, MEG, SAM
95  2014 Seeing scenes: topographic visual hallucinations evoked by direct electrical stimulation of the parahippocampal place area. fMRI, PPA
96  2014 Seizure detection using wavelet decomposition of the prediction error signal from a single channel of intra-cranial EEG. FPR, PEF, SVM
97  2013 Altered Rolandic gamma-band activation associated with motor impairment and ictal network desynchronization in childhood epilepsy. MEG
98  2013 Early Detection of Human Epileptic Seizures Based on Intracortical Local Field Potentials. EEG, LFPs, MEA, SVM
99  2013 Feasibility study of a caregiver seizure alert system in canine epilepsy. SAS
100  2013 Ictal-onset localization through connectivity analysis of intracranial EEG signals in patients with refractory epilepsy. EEG, MRI