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Abbreviation : muCT
Long Form : micro-computed tomography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Effect of different preparation finishing procedures on the marginal and internal fit of CAD-CAM-produced restorations: A microcomputed tomography evaluation. CAD-CAM
2022 Trabecular bone remodelling in the femur of C57BL/6J mice treated with diclofenac in combination with treadmill exercise. DF, DMA
2021 A combined morphometric approach to feature mouse kidney vasculature. CKD
2021 A dose-escalating toxicology study of the candidate biologic ELP-VEGF. GFR, SD, VEGF
2021 A new species of Eusphalerum Kraatz, 1857 from the Eocene Baltic amber (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Omaliinae). ---
2021 Ablation of Proliferating Osteoblast Lineage Cells After Fracture Leads to Atrophic Nonunion in a Mouse Model. ASBMR, GCV, TK, WT
2021 Anatomy, variation, and asymmetry of the bronchial tree in the African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus). ---
2021 Anti-Demineralization Effects of Dental Adhesive-Composites on Enamel-Root Dentin Junction. EST, OBR, pHC, SBU, SS-OCT
2021 Anti-osteoporosis effect of Semen Cuscutae in ovariectomized mice through inhibition of bone resorption by osteoclasts. BMD, HE, OPG, RANKL, TRACP-5b, TRAP
10  2021 Astragaloside IV Improves Tibial Defect in Rats and Promotes Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation of hBMSCs through MiR-124-3p.1/STAT3 Axis. AST-IV, hBMSCs
11  2021 Automated tooth segmentation as an innovative tool to assess 3D-tooth movement and root resorption in rodents. ATS, OTM, RR
12  2021 Avoiding artefacts in MicroCT imaging of collagen scaffolds: Effect of phosphotungstic acid (PTA)-staining and crosslink density. PTA
13  2021 Barium yttrium fluoride based upconversion nanoparticles as dual mode image contrast agents. PEI, UCNPs
14  2021 Berberine regulates bone metabolism in apical periodontitis by remodelling the extracellular matrix. AP
15  2021 Bone formation with functionalized 3D printed poly-epsilon-caprolactone scaffold with plasma-rich-fibrin implanted in critical-sized calvaria defect of rat. PCL, PRF
16  2021 Buccal Bone Remodeling Around Immediate Implants in STZ-Induced Diabetic Dogs: A Histologic and Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis. BBT, BIC, MBL, STZ
17  2021 Case Report: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Calcification in a Patient With Chondrocalcinosis: Micro-Computed Tomography Presentation. ACL, CPPD, OA, PCL, TKR
18  2021 Castability of a Ti-7.5Mo alloy for fabricating frameworks for removable partial dentures. CAD-CAM
19  2021 Characterization of the Developing Lacunocanalicular Network During Fracture Repair. DV, LCN
20  2021 Characterizing pore-scale structure-flow correlations in sedimentary rocks using magnetic resonance imaging. CS
21  2021 Cinacalcet Improves Bone Parameters Through Regulation of Osteoclast Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Autophagy, and Apoptotic Pathways in Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder. Akt, AMPK, ASBMR, CKD-MBD, ER, mTOR, OC, RANK, RANKL
22  2021 Cochlear Size Assessment Predicts Scala Tympani Volume and Electrode Insertion Force- Implications in Robotic Assisted Cochlear Implant Surgery. CI, ST
23  2021 Combining phosphate binder therapy with vitamin K2 inhibits vascular calcification in an experimental animal model of kidney failure. PBS, VC
24  2021 Comparison of chondrogenesis-related biological behaviors between human urine-derived stem cells and human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells from the same individual. ACM, hBMSCs, hUSCs, MRI
25  2021 Comparison of microstructural imaging of the root canal isthmus using propagation-based X-ray phase-contrast and absorption micro-computed tomography. ---
26  2021 Comparison of three different bulk-filling techniques for restoring class II cavities: muCT, SEM-EDS combined analyses for margins and internal fit assessments. BF, BG, BT, EDS, MO/DO, SEM
27  2021 Correlation between 2D and 3D measurements of cement space in CAD-CAM crowns. CAD-CAM, LD, RN
28  2021 Correlation between two-dimensional micro-CT and histomorphometry for assessment of the implant osseointegration in rabbit tibia model. BIC
29  2021 Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside downregulates ligation-activated endoplasmic reticulum stress and alleviates induced periodontal destruction in rats. C3G, CHOP, ER, ICT, JNK, NF-kappaB, p-JNK
30  2021 Denosumab alleviates intervertebral disc degeneration adjacent to lumbar fusion by inhibiting endplate osteochondral remodeling and vertebral osteoporosis in ovariectomized rats. AGG, ASDD, BMD, DHI, Dmab, PLF, RT-PCR, TRAP
31  2021 Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring neovascularization during bone regeneration-a randomized in vivo study in rabbits. DCE-MRI
32  2021 Ectopic mineralisation of the mandibular symphysis in ENT1 knockout mice: A model of dystrophic calcification. DISH, ENT1
33  2021 Effect of melatonin/BMP-2 co-delivery scaffolds on the osteoclast activity. HAP, MEL, SEM, TRAP
34  2021 Effects of adenovirus-mediated knockdown of IRAK4 on synovitis in the osteoarthritis rabbit model. IL, IRAK4, OA, p-IKK, p-NFkappaB, TAK1, TNF-alpha, TRAF6
35  2021 Effects of Osteoporosis on Bone Morphometry and Material Properties of Individual Human Trabeculae in the Femoral Head. DEXA
36  2021 Effects of zoledronic acid on osteonecrosis and acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment efficacy in preclinical models. ALL, PDX, ZA
37  2021 Efficacy of strontium supplementation on implant osseointegration under osteoporotic conditions: A systematic review. ---
38  2021 Enamel Defects Associated With Dentin Sialophosphoprotein Mutation in Mice. DGI, DSPP, SEM
39  2021 Evaluation of lumbar spinal fusion utilizing recombinant human platelet derived growth factor-B chain homodimer (rhPDGF-BB) combined with a bovine collagen/beta-tricalcium phosphate (beta-TCP) matrix in an ovine model. ANOVA, beta-TCP, PEEK, rhPDGF-BB
40  2021 Evaluation of marginal and internal fit of lithium disilicate CAD-CAM crowns with different finish lines by using a micro-CT technique. CAD-CAM
41  2021 Examining the adaptation of modified endocrowns prepared with CAD-CAM in maxillary and mandibular molars: A microcomputed tomography study. CAD-CAM
42  2021 Exosomes from dental pulp cells attenuate bone loss in mouse experimental periodontitis. DPC, HLA
43  2021 Experimental Investigations of Micro-Meso Damage Evolution for a Co/WC-Type Tool Material with Application of Digital Image Correlation and Machine Learning. ML
44  2021 Experimental validation of a micro-CT finite element model of a human cadaveric mandible rehabilitated with short-implant-supported partial dentures. FEA
45  2021 Fabrication of a bio-instructive scaffold conferred with a favorable microenvironment allowing for superior implant osseointegration and accelerated in situ vascularized bone regeneration via type H vessel formation. ECs, HdECM, OPs
46  2021 Fluid-Fluid Interfacial Effects in Multiphase Flow during Carbonated Waterflooding in Sandstone: Application of X-ray Microcomputed Tomography and Molecular Dynamics. IFT
47  2021 Gasdermin D deficiency attenuates arthritis induced by traumatic injury but not autoantibody-assembled immune complexes. GSDMD, MLI, pro-IL-1beta, PTOA, STIA
48  2021 Gout and 'Podagra' in medieval Cambridge, England. ---
49  2021 Graphene oxide-modified silk fibroin/nanohydroxyapatite scaffold loaded with urine-derived stem cells for immunomodulation and bone regeneration. EDC, FTIR, GFs, GO, nHA, NHS, SEM, SF, USCs, XPS
50  2021 Guided bone tissue regeneration using a hollow calcium phosphate based implant in a critical size rabbit radius defect. AB, CPC
51  2021 Guidelines for Micro-Computed Tomography Analysis of Rodent Dentoalveolar Tissues. PDL
52  2021 Gut microbiome depletion and repetitive mild traumatic brain injury differentially modify bone development in male and female adolescent rats. CSA, rmTBI
53  2021 Heated Tobacco Products Impair Cell Viability, Osteoblastic Differentiation, and Bone Fracture-Healing. ALP, cCSE, CSEs, HTP
54  2021 Impact of biomineralization on resin/biomineralized dentin bond longevity in a minimally invasive approach: An "in vitro" 18-month follow-up. CAD, CAD/ACP, SD
55  2021 Inhibition of extracellular matrix integrity attenuates the early phase of aortic medial calcification in a rodent model. AMCs, AR, BAPN, ECM, IHC, LOX, TEM, VC
56  2021 Interface analysis after fatigue loading of adhesively luted bundled fiber posts to human root canal dentin. FP, TML
57  2021 Intra-articular low-dose parathyroid hormone (1-34) improves mobility and articular cartilage quality in a preclinical age-related knee osteoarthritis model. OA, PTH
58  2021 Isosteviol improves cardiac function and promotes angiogenesis after myocardial infarction in rats. CI, EF, FS, HIF-1alpha, HUVECs, ISV, LVSP, VEGFA
59  2021 Kindlin-2 deletion in osteoprogenitors causes severe chondrodysplasia and low-turnover osteopenia in mice. BMSCs, Osx
60  2021 Limited impacts of thermoneutral housing on bone morphology and mechanical properties in growing female mice exposed to external loading and raloxifene treatment. ---
61  2021 Low-Dose Tamoxifen Induces Significant Bone Formation in Mice. BV/TV, TAM
62  2021 Measurement of the Intracochlear Hypothermia Distribution Utilizing Tympanic Cavity Hypothermic Rinsing Technique in a Cochlea Hypothermia Model. ---
63  2021 Micro-CT of the human ossicular chain: Statistical shape modeling and implications for otologic surgery. SSMs
64  2021 Microcomputed tomographic evaluation of shaping ability of two thermo mechanically treated single-file systems in severely curved roots. OC, WOG
65  2021 Microcomputed tomography void analysis after cement cleanup methods. ---
66  2021 Neural crest-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells enhance cranial allograft integration. BLI, iNCC-MPCs, NOD/SCID
67  2021 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and bone healing in animal models-a systematic review and meta-analysis. NSAID, SYRCLE
68  2021 Novel preclinical method for evaluating the efficacy of a percutaneous treatment in human ex vivo calcified plaque. CP, NC BA
69  2021 Novel strategies for the characterization of cancellous bone morphology: Virtual isolation and analysis. ---
70  2021 Osteoconductive properties of upside-down bilayer collagen membranes in rat calvarial defects. ---
71  2021 Patient-specific computational simulation of coronary artery bifurcation stenting. MLD, OCT
72  2021 Peak trabecular bone microstructure predicts rate of estrogen-deficiency-induced bone loss in rats. ITD
73  2021 Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursor (PILP) remineralization of artificial and natural dentin carious lesions evaluated by nanoindentation and microcomputed tomography. PASP, PILP, RMGIC, SBF
74  2021 Prenatal cadmium exposure does not induce greater incidence or earlier onset of autoimmunity in the offspring. Cd, NOD, nTreg
75  2021 PTH/PTHrP in controlled release hydrogel enhances orthodontic tooth movement by regulating periodontal bone remodaling. ALP, hPDLCs, IHC, MOP, OCN, OPG, OTM, PTH, PTHR1, PTHrP, qRT-PCR, RANKL, TRAP, WB
76  2021 Quantitative three-dimensional collagen orientation analysis of human meniscus posterior horn in health and osteoarthritis using micro-computed tomography. HMDS, OA
77  2021 Recombinant sclerostin inhibits bone formation in vitro and in a mouse model of sclerosteosis. mScl, vBMD, WT
78  2021 Rosiglitazone induces adipogenesis of both marrow and periosteum derived mesenchymal stem cells during endochondral fracture healing. T2DM, TZDs
79  2021 Severity of Megakaryocyte-Driven Osteosclerosis in Mpig6b-Deficient Mice Is Sex-Linked. ASBMR
80  2021 Soil organic carbon is significantly associated with the pore geometry, microbial diversity and enzyme activity of the macro-aggregates under different land uses. SOC, SOM
81  2021 Structure-function relationships of the human vertebral endplate. BMD
82  2021 Suppression of alveolar bone resorption by salubrinal in a mouse model of periodontal disease. eIF2alpha, ER, HE, TRAP
83  2021 Synergistic effects of magnesium ions and simvastatin on attenuation of high-fat diet-induced bone loss. BMD, HFD, Mmp13, NFD, SIM
84  2021 Techniques used to assess intussusceptive angiogenesis: A systematic review. IA
85  2021 The Balance Hypothesis for the Avian Lumbosacral Organ and an Exploration of Its Morphological Variation. LSO
86  2021 The biomechanical profile of an osseo-integrated rectangular block implant: A pilot in vivo experimental study. BIC, RBI, RFA, SEM
87  2021 The effect of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on mandibular condylar growth in young adult rats. LIPUS, MC, TMJs
88  2021 The Foreign Body Response to an Implantable Therapeutic Reservoir in a Diabetic Rodent Model. FBR
89  2021 The invisibile becomes visible: X-ray micro-CT reconstruction of emAneurus/em emdamzeni/em sp. nov. (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Aradidae) from Eocene Baltic amber. ---
90  2021 The microbiome mediates epiphyseal bone loss and metabolomic changes after acute joint trauma in mice. GF, PTOA
91  2021 The quality of etched enamel in different regions and tooth types and its significance in bonding and the development of white spot lesions. SEM
92  2021 The TrkB agonist, 7,8-dihydroxyflavone, impairs fracture healing in mice. 7,8-DHF
93  2021 The Use of Clinically Measurable Cochlear Parameters in Cochlear Implant Surgery as Indicators for Size, Shape, and Orientation of the Scala Tympani. CI, ST
94  2021 Thermoregulation and heat exchange in ospreys (Pandion haliaetus). ---
95  2021 Three dimensional reconstruction of coronary artery stents from optical coherence tomography: experimental validation and clinical feasibility. CFD, OCT
96  2021 Tissue-engineering the larynx: Effect of decellularization on human laryngeal framework and the cricoarytenoid joint. ---
97  2021 Trabecular bone properties in the ilium of the Middle Paleolithic/Middle Stone Age Border Cave 3 Homo sapiens infant and the onset of independent gait. ACs, BC3, MSA, VOIs
98  2021 Two heads are not always better than one: Craniofacial and axial bifurcation in cheloniid embryos and hatchlings (Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta). ---
99  2021 Usability of Fantom Encore scaffold in non-complex bifurcations-Analysis in bench models. BRS, MB, OCT
100  2021 Use of Micro-Computed Tomography to Visualize and Quantify COVID-19 Vaccine Efficiency in Free-Breathing Hamsters. ---