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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/CT in patients with recurrent prostate cancer-a modified protocol compared with the common protocol. PC
2020 86/90Y-Labeled Monoclonal Antibody Targeting Tissue Factor for Pancreatic Cancer Theranostics. TF
2020 A comparative evaluation of serum biochemistry profile and antigenic relatedness among velogenic and mesogenic Avian avulavirus 1 infection in chickens and pigeons. AAvV 1, ALP, AST, dpi, ND
2020 A High-Sensitivity 10-Color Flow Cytometric Minimal Residual Disease Assay in B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia/Lymphoma Can Easily Achieve the Sensitivity of 2-in-106 and Is Superior to Standard Minimal Residual Disease Assay: A Study of 622 Patients. FC-MRD, PC, SFU
2020 A model for chronic bovine besnoitiosis: Parasite stage and inoculation route are key factors. ---
2020 A preclinical PET dual-tracer imaging protocol for ER and HER2 phenotyping in breast cancer xenografts. 4FMFES, ER, HER2, ROI
2020 AAV-mediated ERdj5 overexpression protects against P23H rhodopsin toxicity. AAV, adRP, ER, ERG, ONL
2020 Accuracy of 18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with the suspicion of cardiac implantable electronic device infections. CIEDs, IE
2020 Acute neonatal Listeria monocytogenes infection causes long-term, organ-specific changes in immune cell subset composition. DC, ILC, LM, MLNs, Th1
10  2020 An Assessment of Secondary Clinical Disease, Milk Production and Quality, and the Impact on Reproduction in Holstein Heifers and Cows from a Single Large Commercial Herd Persistently Infected with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Type 2. BRD, BVDV type 2, SCC
11  2020 Analysis of inflammatory cytokine expression in the urinary tract of BALB/c mice infected with Proteus (P.) mirabilis and enteroaggregative Escherichia (E.) coli (EAEC) strains. CFU, IL, TNF
12  2020 Antigen-Based Nano-Immunotherapy Controls Parasite Persistence, Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress, and Cardiac Fibrosis, the Hallmarks of Chronic Chagas Cardiomyopathy, in A Mouse Model of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection. Sk, Tc
13  2020 Ascaris lumbricoides and Ascaris suum vary in their larval burden in a mouse model. ---
14  2020 Assessment of type I interferons, clinical signs and virus shedding in broiler chickens with pre and post challenge Newcastle disease vaccination. GI, IFNs, MSDs, NC, ND, PC, VG/GA, vNDV
15  2020 Bacillus subtilis: a potential growth promoter in weaned pigs in comparison to carbadox. E. coli, PRO
16  2020 Baylisascaris Potosis Larvae in Mice of Different Strains and Infectivity of Tissue Larvae. ---
17  2020 Benefit of Later-Time-Point PET Imaging of HER3 Expression Using Optimized Radiocobalt-Labeled Affibody Molecules. ---
18  2020 Bioinformatics Analysis of Gut Microbiota and CNS Transcriptome in Virus-Induced Acute Myelitis and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination; Potential Association of Distinct Bacteria With CNS IgA Upregulation. AFM, CNS, Ig, MHC, MS, TCR, TMEV
19  2020 Bovine viral diarrhoea virus loses quasispecies diversity rapidly in culture. BVD
20  2020 CD4 Deficiency Causes Poliomyelitis and Axonal Blebbing in Murine Coronavirus-Induced Neuroinflammation. CNS, EAE, m-CoV, MHV, MS
21  2020 Changes in cardiac and hepatic energetic metabolism in gerbils infected by Listeria monocytogenes. ACAP, PK
22  2020 Changes in corneal innervation and pain responses in fungal keratitis. beta-EP, FK
23  2020 Chronic exposure to arsenite enhances influenza virus infection in cultured cells. MDCK
24  2020 Comparison of immune responses to Loa loa stage-specific antigen extracts in Loa loa-exposed BALB/c mice upon clearance of infection. ---
25  2020 Coxsackievirus B3 infection induces changes in the expression of numerous piRNAs. CVB3, piRNAs
26  2020 Detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus in stable flies following consumption of blood from persistently infected cattle. BVDV
27  2020 Dissimilar DNA Damage to Blood Lymphocytes after 177Lu-labeled DOTATOC or PSMA Therapy. 177Lu, DSBs, RIF
28  2020 Early Entry Events in Echovirus 30 Infection. CAR, CVA9, DAF, E30B, EV1
29  2020 Effects of an H7 Highly Pathogenic and Related Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus on Chicken Egg Production, Viability, and Virus Contamination of Egg Contents and Surfaces. AIV, HP, LP
30  2020 Enhancing Tumor Targeting Efficiency of Radiolabeled Uridine (via) Incorporation into Nanocubosomal Dispersions. PDI, ZP
31  2020 Experimental infection by Neospora caninum in gerbil reduces activity of enzymes involved in energy metabolism. PK, ROS
32  2020 Experimental listeriosis: A study of purinergic and cholinergic inflammatory pathway. ADA
33  2020 Fetal Lymphoid Organ Immune Responses to Transient and Persistent Infection with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus. BVDV, IFN, RT-qPCR, TI
34  2020 Galectins, Eosinophiles, and Macrophages May Contribute to Schistosoma japonicum Egg-Induced Immunopathology in a Mouse Model. Arg1, EPX, Gal, IL, iNOS, qRT-PCR, S. japonicum
35  2020 Genome-wide analysis of differentially expressed profiles of mRNAs, lncRNAs and circRNAs in chickens during Eimeria necatrix infection. circRNAs, lncRNAs, ncRNAs
36  2020 Glucose regulation is a repeatable trait affected by successive handling in zebra finches. AUC, IP-GTT
37  2020 Herd-level factors associated with detection of calves persistently infected with bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in Irish cattle herds with negative herd status (NHS) during 2017. BVDV, NHS
38  2020 High Frequency of Gamma Interferon-Producing PLZFloRORgammatlo Invariant Natural Killer 1 Cells Infiltrating Herpes Simplex Virus 1-Infected Corneas Is Associated with Asymptomatic Ocular Herpesvirus Infection. HSV-1, IL-6, iNKT, KO, WT
39  2020 Immune response to bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) vaccines detecting antibodies to BVDV subtypes 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2c. BVDV, MLV
40  2020 Impact of Escherichia coli infection in broiler breeder chicks: The effect of oxidative stress on weight gain. GST
41  2020 Impact of in-feed sodium butyrate or sodium heptanoate protected with medium-chain fatty acids on gut health in weaned piglets challenged with Escherichia coli F4. CTR, ETEC
42  2020 Impairment in neurocognitive function following experimental neonatal guinea pig cytomegalovirus infection. CMV, GPCMV, i.p, MWM, qPCR
43  2020 Inhibition of RNA Helicase Activity Prevents Coxsackievirus B3-Induced Myocarditis in Human iPS Cardiomyocytes. CVB3, E2C, E2CI, PBS
44  2020 Inhibitory effect of amenamevir on acute herpetic pain and postherpetic neuralgia in mice infected with herpes simplex virus-1. AHP, AMNV, DRG, HSV, PHP, SC
45  2020 Intracisternal IGF-1 gene therapy abrogates kainic acid-induced excitotoxic damage of the rat spinal cord. i.c, IGF-1, KA
46  2020 Intraperitoneal injection of sodium pentobarbital has the potential to elicit pain in adult rats (Rattus norvegicus). i.p, PB, RGS, SD
47  2020 Kinetics of DNA damage repair response accompanying initial hepadnavirus-host genomic integration in woodchuck hepatitis virus infection of hepatocyte. HBV, HO-1, NHEJ, PARP1, ROS, WHV, XRCC1
48  2020 Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from bovine mastitis is cytopathogenic for bovine mammary epithelial cells. BMEC, CM, HMV, LDH, TNF
49  2020 Late development of pustular, erosive lesions in the muzzle of calves inoculated with Pseudocowpox virus. PCPV
50  2020 Loss of Osteopontin Expression Reduces HSV-1-Induced Corneal Opacity. CSF1R, FGF-2, HSV-1, NV, OPN
51  2020 Micro-RNA expression profile of chicken small intestines during Eimeria necatrix infection. DE, miRNAs
52  2020 Multi-phasic 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT in detection of early recurrence in prostate cancer patients with PSA < 1 ng/ml: a prospective study of 135 cases. ADT, BR, PCa, PSA
53  2020 Neuroinvasive Listeria monocytogenes infection triggers accumulation of brain CD8+ tissue-resident memory T cells in a miR-155-dependent fashion. CNS, LM, LNA, miR, TRM
54  2020 Neuronal ablation of IFNalpha/beta signaling exacerbates CNS viral dissemination and impairs IFNgamma responsiveness in microglia/macrophages. CaMKIIalpha, CNS, IFNAR, IFNAR1
55  2020 Optimization of time frame binning for FDOPA uptake quantification in glioma. FDOPA, TAC, VB
56  2020 Organic selenium supplement partially alleviated diquat-induced oxidative insults and hepatic metabolic stress in nursery pigs. SC, SS, SY
57  2020 Pharmacokinetics, radiation dosimetry, acute toxicity and automated synthesis of [18F]AmBF3-TATE. GLP, SSTR2
58  2020 Plant- and Fish-Derived n-3 PUFAs Suppress Citrobacter Rodentium-Induced Colonic Inflammation. AO, FO, FSO, SO
59  2020 Post-induction Measurable Residual Disease Using Multicolor Flow Cytometry Is Strongly Predictive of Inferior Clinical Outcome in the Real-Life Management of Childhood T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Study of 256 Patients. EFS, HR, MFC, MRD, OS, PC, RFS, T-ALL
60  2020 Preclinical Evaluation of a High-Affinity Sarcophagine-Containing PSMA Ligand for 64Cu/67Cu-Based Theranostics in Prostate Cancer. PSMA
61  2020 Preclinical ImmunoPET Imaging of Glioblastoma-Infiltrating Myeloid Cells Using Zirconium-89 Labeled Anti-CD11b Antibody. TAMCs
62  2020 Probiotic Bacteria can Modulate Murine Macrophage's Superoxide Production in Trichinella Spiralis Infection. ---
63  2020 Proteus mirabilis causing cellulitis in broiler chickens. ---
64  2020 Radiofluorinated GPC3-Binding Peptides for PET Imaging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. GPC-3, HCC, PET, T/L
65  2020 Repurposing of clinically approved drugs for treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 in a 2019-novel coronavirus-related coronavirus model. 2019-nCoV, ACE2, CEP, COVID-19, qRT-PCR, siRNA
66  2020 Risk factors associated with the within-farm transmission of bovine viral diarrhea virus and the incidence of persistently infected cattle on dairy farms from Ibaraki prefecture of Japan. BVDV
67  2020 RNA-Seq Analyses Reveal That Endothelial Activation and Fibrosis Are Induced Early and Progressively by Besnoitia besnoiti Host Cell Invasion and Proliferation. BAEC, DEGs
68  2020 Screening of persistently infected cattle with bovine viral diarrhea virus on dairy farms by using milk tanker and bulk tank milk samples for viral RNA and viral-specific antibody detection. BVDV, RT-PCR
69  2020 Sequential Pathology of a Genotype XIII Newcastle Disease Virus from Bangladesh in Chickens on Experimental Infection. dpi, hpi, NDV
70  2020 Syntheses and Preliminary Evaluation of Dual Target PET Probe [18F]-NOTA-Gly3-E (2PEG4-RGD-WH701) for PET Imaging of Breast Cancer. Glu, TNFR1
71  2020 Temporal expression of Toxoplasma stage-specific genes in brain tissue: coincidence with parasitological and histopathological findings in mice models. ---
72  2020 The anterior eye chamber: entry of the natural excretion pathway of gadolinium contrast agents? AC, GBCAs
73  2020 The antiviral effects of baloxavir marboxil against influenza A virus infection in ferrets. BXA, BXM, OSP
74  2020 The Differential Phosphorylation-Dependent Signaling and Glucose Immunometabolic Responses Induced during Infection by Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Heidelberg in Chicken Macrophage-like cells. ECAR, OCR, S. Enteritidis, S. Heidelberg
75  2020 The effect of the hibernation on the larval development of Troglostrongylus brevior in the land snail Cornu aspersum. ---
76  2020 Tissue Residue Levels of The Tranquilizer Combination of Butorphanol, Azaperone, and Medetomidine, and the Antagonists, Naltrexone, Atipamezole, and Tolazoline, in Black Bears (Ursus Americanus) Postimmobilization. BAM
77  2020 TRIM25 upregulation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection promotes intracellular survival of M.tb in RAW264.7cells. Mtb, PBMCs, siRNA, TRIM25
78  2020 Two Roles for the Tenebrio molitor Relish in the Regulation of Antimicrobial Peptides and Autophagy-Related Genes in Response to Listeria monocytogenes. AMPs, ATG, IMD, TmRelish
79  2020 Upregulation of the type I interferon pathway in feedlot cattle persistently infected with bovine viral diarrhea virus. BVDV, IFN
80  2020 Vector Competence and Vertical Transmission of Zika Virus in Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae). ZIKV
81  2020 Volumetric mapping of the functional neuroanatomy of the respiratory network in the perfused brainstem preparation of rats. LFPs, rLFPs
82  2020 Water-filtered Infrared A and visible light (wIRA/VIS) treatment reduces Chlamydia caviae-induced ocular inflammation and infectious load in a Guinea pig model of inclusion conjunctivitis. ---
83  2020 [99mTc]Tc-DB1 Mimics with Different-Length PEG Spacers: Preclinical Comparison in GRPR-Positive Models. GRPRs, NEP, PA, SCID
84  2019 68Ga-DOTATATE PET: temporal variation of maximum standardized uptake value in normal tissues and neuroendocrine tumours. CT, NETs, SSTRs, SUVTU/BP
85  2019 A biosafety level-2 dose-dependent lethal mouse model of spotted fever rickettsiosis: Rickettsia parkeri Atlantic Rainforest strain. ---
86  2019 A Metal-Free DOTA-Conjugated 18F-Labeled Radiotracer: [18F]DOTA-AMBF3-LLP2A for Imaging VLA-4 Over-Expression in Murine Melanoma with Improved Tumor Uptake and Greatly Enhanced Renal Clearance. PET, VLA-4
87  2019 A murine model of diarrhea, growth impairment and metabolic disturbances with Shigella flexneri infection and the role of zinc deficiency. ZD
88  2019 A pretargeted multimodal approach for image-guided resection in a xenograft model of colorectal cancer. CEA, HSG, s.c
89  2019 A Uniquely Modified DKL-based Peptide Probe for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging. PET
90  2019 A Viral Polymerase Inhibitor Reduces Zika Virus Replication in the Reproductive Organs of Male Mice. 7DMA
91  2019 Application of long read sequencing to determine expressed antigen diversity in Trypanosoma brucei infections. VSG
92  2019 Baloxavir marboxil, a novel cap-dependent endonuclease inhibitor potently suppresses influenza virus replication and represents therapeutic effects in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised mouse models. BXM, CEN, OSP
93  2019 Bicyclic Peptides as a New Modality for Imaging and Targeting of Proteins Overexpressed by Tumors. ---
94  2019 Biodistribution and post-therapy dosimetric analysis of [177Lu]Lu-DOTAZOL in patients with osteoblastic metastases: first results. ---
95  2019 CCR2+ migratory macrophages with M1 status are the early-responders in the cornea of HSV-1 infected mice. ---
96  2019 Characterization of Monkeypox virus dissemination in the black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) through in vivo bioluminescent imaging. luc, MPXV, WA
97  2019 Cholinesterase's activities of infected mice by Brucella ovis. ACh, AChE, BChE
98  2019 Citrulline protects mice from experimental cerebral malaria by ameliorating hypoargininemia, urea cycle changes and vascular leak. CM, eCM, NO
99  2019 Clinical scale synthesis of intrinsically radiolabeled and cyclic RGD peptide functionalized 198Au nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy. 198AuNP-RGD
100  2019 Combined Early and Late [68Ga]PSMA-HBED-CC PET Scans Improve Lesion Detectability in Biochemical Recurrence of Prostate Cancer with Low PSA Levels. BCR, CT, PCa, PET, PSA