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Abbreviation : BAL
Long Form : bioartificial liver
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1992 Immunoprotection of xenocytes in a hollow fiber bioartificial liver. FITC
1993 Mass transfer in a hollow fiber device used as a bioartificial liver. ---
1994 [Development of a hybrid bio-artificial liver]. FHF, HNF1
1995 Early clinical experience with a hybrid bioartificial liver. ICP, OLT
1995 Entrapment of hepatocyte spheroids in a hollow fiber bioreactor as a potential bioartificial liver. ---
1995 Gel-entrapment bioartificial liver therapy in galactosamine hepatitis. D-gal, FHF
1995 Plasma separation for artificial liver support. ---
1996 Clinical experience with a porcine hepatocyte-based liver support system. FHF, OLT
1996 Development of a bioartificial liver with sandwiched-cultured hepatocytes between two collagen gel layers. ---
10  1996 Function of culturing monolayer hepatocytes by collagen gel coating and coculture with nonparenchymal cells. NPCs
11  1996 Functional stability of porcine hepatocyte spheroids in various culture systems under 100% porcine and human plasma conditions. CN
12  1996 Hollow fiber bioartificial liver utilizing collagen-entrapped porcine hepatocyte spheroids. ---
13  1996 Large-scale preparation and function of porcine hepatocyte spheroids. ---
14  1996 Short-term hypothermic preservation of porcine hepatocyte spheroids using UW solution. UW
15  1996 Use of bioartificial and artificial liver support devices. ALF, ELAD
16  1997 Clinical experience with a bioartificial liver in the treatment of severe liver failure. A phase I clinical trial. FHF, PNF
17  1997 Development of a bioartificial liver employing xenogeneic hepatocytes. ---
18  1997 In vitro evaluation of a novel bioreactor based on an integral oxygenator and a spirally wound nonwoven polyester matrix for hepatocyte culture as small aggregates. MRI
19  1997 Treatment of severe liver failure with a bioartificial liver. CPP, ICP, OLT, PNF
20  1998 Commercially available media for flushing extracorporeal bioartificial liver systems prior to connection to the patient's circulation: an in vitro comparative study in two and three dimensional porcine hepatocyte cultures. ---
21  1998 Does the extend of the culture time of primary hepatocytes in a bioreactor affect the treatment efficacy of a bioartificial liver? LIS
22  1998 Effects of glucose on chemically induced acute hepatic failure in rats. AHF, D-gal
23  1998 In vitro morphological and functional characterization of isolated porcine hepatocytes for extracorporeal liver support: bile acid uptake and conjugation. FHF
24  1998 The bioartificial liver: state-of-the-art. FHF
25  1998 [The artificial liver--an interim report]. ---
26  1999 A new bioartificial liver using porcine hepatocyte spheroids in high-cell-density suspension perfusion culture: in vitro performance in synthesized culture medium and in 100% human plasma. ---
27  1999 Bioartificial liver support system using porcine hepatocytes entrapped in a three-dimensional hollow fiber module with collagen gel: An evaluation in the swine acute liver failure model. PAI-1
28  1999 Bioartificial liver treatment in rats with fulminant hepatic failure: effect on DNA-binding activity of liver-enriched and growth-associated transcription factors. FHF
29  1999 Characterization of human xenoreactive antibodies in liver failure patients exposed to pig hepatocytes after bioartificial liver treatment: an ex vivo model of pig to human xenotransplantation. PAEC, XAb
30  1999 Clinical use of a bioartificial liver in the treatment of acetaminophen-induced fulminant hepatic failure. FHF
31  1999 Effects of anticoagulants on porcine hepatocytes in vitro: implications in the porcine hepatocyte-based bioartificial liver. DMEM, FCS, LDH, NM, SC, SH
32  1999 Efficacy of Nafamostat Mesilate for improving the performance of a bioartificial liver using porcine hepatocytes. NM, PT
33  1999 Evaluation of a novel bioartificial liver in rats with complete liver ischemia: treatment efficacy and species-specific alpha-GST detection to monitor hepatocyte viability. alpha-GST, EIA, LIS
34  1999 In vitro evaluation of metabolic functions of a bioartificial liver. ---
35  1999 Numerical model of fluid flow and oxygen transport in a radial-flow microchannel containing hepatocytes. OUR
36  1999 The human antibody response to porcine xenoantigens is encoded by IGHV3-11 and IGHV3-74 IgVH germline progenitors. ---
37  2000 Comparative study of bioartificial liver support and plasma exchange for treatment of pigs with fulminant hepatic failure. FHF, HD, PE
38  2000 Effects of recombinant human hepatocyte growth factor on the proliferation and function of porcine hepatocytes. DMEM, rhHGF
39  2000 Extracorporeal tissue engineered liver-assist devices. ---
40  2000 Influence of human fulminant hepatic failure sera on endogenous retroviral expression in pig hepatocytes. FHF, HEK293, PCR, PERV, PHA, PMA
41  2000 Influence of preculture on the prefreeze and postthaw characteristics of hepatocytes. NMR
42  2000 Paper is a compatible bed for rat hepatocytes. ---
43  2000 Primary porcine hepatocytes with portal vein serum cultured on microcarriers or in spheroidal aggregates. FCS, PPVS
44  2000 Transmission electron microscopic study of hepatocytes in bioartificial liver. TEM
45  2000 Transplantation of highly differentiated immortalized human hepatocytes to treat acute liver failure. ---
46  2000 Transplanted cryopreserved encapsulated porcine hepatocytes are as effective as fresh hepatocytes in preventing death from acute liver failure in rats. ---
47  2000 Treatment of surgically induced acute liver failure with transplantation of highly differentiated immortalized human hepatocytes. ---
48  2000 ["Artificial liver"]. ---
49  2001 Bioartificial liver treatment prolongs survival and lowers intracranial pressure in pigs with fulminant hepatic failure. FHF, ICP
50  2001 Caspase inhibition reduces apoptotic death of cryopreserved porcine hepatocytes. MMP, zVAD-fmk
51  2001 Derivation of pharmacokinetics equations for quantitative evaluation of bioartificial liver functions. CL
52  2001 Development and characterization of a hybrid bioartificial liver using primary hepatocytes entrapped in a basement membrane matrix. EHS, PVLA
53  2001 Effect of flow on the detoxification function of rat hepatocytes in a bioartificial liver reactor. EROD
54  2001 In vivo estimation of bioartificial liver with recombinant HepG2 cells using pigs with ischemic liver failure. GS-HepG2
55  2001 Insertion of a suicide gene into an immortalized human hepatocyte cell line. HSV-TK, SV40Tag
56  2001 Regulation of asialoglycoprotein receptor expression in the proliferative state of hepatocytes. ASGPR, PH, PVLA
57  2001 The effect of serum from liver cancer patients on the growth and function of primary and immortalised hepatocytes. GST
58  2001 Which hepatocyte will it be? Hepatocyte choice for bioartificial liver support systems. ---
59  2002 Bioartificial liver process monitoring and control systems with integrated systems capability. ---
60  2002 Biologic liver support: optimal cell source and mass. ALF, OLT
61  2002 Early experiences with a porcine hepatocyte-based bioartificial liver in acute hepatic failure patients. AHF, FHF, OLT, PNF, RFB
62  2002 Follow-up by one- and two-dimensional NMR of plasma from pigs with ischemia-induced acute liver failure treated with a bioartificial liver. AHF, NAG, TMAO
63  2002 Improvement in the differentiated hepatic phenotype of immortalized human hepatocytes by adenovirus mediated p21 gene transfer. CMV, CYPs, SV40Tag
64  2002 Improving the next generation of bioartificial liver devices. ---
65  2002 Phase I clinical trial with the AMC-bioartificial liver. ALF, AMC, OLT
66  2002 Recent developments on human cell lines for the bioartificial liver. ---
67  2002 Treatment of acute liver failure in pigs reduces hepatocyte function in a bioartificial liver support system. ALF, ECOD
68  2003 A novel bioartificial liver containing small tissue fragments: efficiency in the treatment of acute hepatic failure induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats. ---
69  2003 Apoptotic cell death and function of cryopreserved porcine hepatocytes in a bioartificial liver. ---
70  2003 Application of multivariate analysis to optimize function of cultured hepatocytes. FDA, MFA, PLS
71  2003 Artificial organs as a bridge to transplantation. ---
72  2003 Bioartificial liver support for fulminant hepatic failure. ELAD, FHF
73  2003 Bioartificial liver with whole blood perfusion. MAC
74  2003 Cell choice for bioartificial livers. ---
75  2003 Development of highly functional long-term culture method of liver slice embedded in agarose gel for bioartificial liver. ---
76  2003 Efficacy of an extracorporeal flat-plate bioartificial liver in treating fulminant hepatic failure. FHF, GalN
77  2003 Generation of a novel apoptosis-resistant hepatoma cell line. HepG2-mock
78  2003 Hybrid bioartificial liver: establishing a reversibly immortalized human hepatocyte line and developing a bioartificial liver for practical use. ES
79  2003 Membrane barrier of a porcine hepatocyte bioartificial liver. ---
80  2003 Membrane pore size impacts performance of a xenogeneic bioartificial liver. ---
81  2003 Metabolic effects of a novel bioartificial liver on serum from severe hepatitis patients: an in vitro study. ALB, GLB, TBIL, TP
82  2003 Metabolic flux analysis of cultured hepatocytes exposed to plasma. MFA
83  2003 Modeling O2 transport within engineered hepatic devices. FP, HF
84  2003 Modulation of pro-apoptotic (Bax) and anti-apoptotic (Bcl-2) gene expression in isolated porcine hepatocytes perfused within a radial-flow bioreactor after low-temperature storing. MEGX, RFB, RT-PCR, UW
85  2003 Perifusion model for detoxification of drugs in a bioartificial liver. ---
86  2003 Retinoic acid maintains differentiated cell morphology and functions in long-term cultured porcine hepatocytes: obtaining functional cells for prolonged treatments with bioartificial liver. ALF, ATRA
87  2003 System design of a bioartificial liver with a high performance hemodialyzer as an immunoisolator using a mathematical kinetic model. ---
88  2003 [Progress in scaffolding materials of bioartificial liver]. ---
89  2004 Clinical application of bioartificial liver support systems. ALF
90  2004 Cytotoxic immune response to a xenogeneic bioartificial liver. ---
91  2004 Effects of enhanced O(2) transport on hepatocytes packed within a bioartificial liver device. ---
92  2004 First report of cryopreserved human hepatocytes based bioartificial liver successfully used as a bridge to liver transplantation. FHF
93  2004 Functional activity of human hepatoma cells transfected with adenovirus-mediated hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)-4 gene. alpha 1-AT, FHF, HNF
94  2004 Improving mechanical stability and density distribution of hepatocyte microcapsules by fibrin clot and gold nano-particles. ---
95  2004 Influence of serum from rats with fulminant hepatic failure on hepatocytes in a bioartificial liver system. FHF
96  2004 Prospective, randomized, multicenter, controlled trial of a bioartificial liver in treating acute liver failure. ---
97  2004 The optimal hepatocyte density for a hollow-fiber bioartificial liver. ALF
98  2004 Treatment of patients with hepatic failure: the difficult place of liver support systems. ---
99  2005 An organic-inorganic hybrid scaffold for the culture of HepG2 cells in a bioreactor. PDMS, RFB, TEOS
100  2005 Assessment and improvement of liver specific function of the AMC-bioartificial liver. ALF
101  2005 Bioartificial liver systems: current status and future perspective. ---
102  2005 Characterization of a hollow fiber bioartificial liver device. ---
103  2005 Configuration of a new bioartificial liver support system and in vitro evaluation of its functions. ALB, TBI
104  2005 Construction and evaluation of drug-metabolizing cell line for bioartificial liver support system. GS
105  2005 Cryopreserved human hepatocytes from cell bank: in vitro function and clinical application. CHH
106  2005 Engineering micropatterned surfaces for the coculture of hepatocytes and Kupffer cells. PDMS
107  2005 Evidence for Galalpha(1-3)Gal expression on primary porcine hepatocytes: implications for bioartificial liver systems. ALF, alphaGal-T
108  2005 Functional evaluation of bioartificial liver using RT-PCR. RT-PCR
109  2005 Liver support therapy: an overview of the AMC-bioartificial liver research. ALF
110  2005 Mild hypothermic preservation for transport purposes of the AMC bioartificial liver charged with porcine hepatocytes. ---
111  2005 No evidence of in vitro and in vivo porcine endogenous retrovirus infection after plasmapheresis through the AMC-bioartificial liver. AMC, HEK, PERV
112  2005 Oncostatin M stimulates proliferation and functions of mouse fetal liver cells in three-dimensional cultures. FLCs, OSM, WE
113  2005 Sustaining a bioartificial liver under hypothermic conditions. ---
114  2005 ['Artificial support in case of hepatic failure'; a report from the Dutch Health Council]. ---
115  2006 Alginate/galactosylated chitosan/heparin scaffold as a new synthetic extracellular matrix for hepatocytes. AL, ECM, GC, GJIC
116  2006 Bioartificial liver: its pros and cons. ALF
117  2006 Comparison between bioartificial and artificial liver for the treatment of acute liver failure in pigs. AAA, CHDF, FHF, NT, PE
118  2006 Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to hepatocytes using deleted variant of HGF and poly-amino-urethane-coated nonwoven polytetrafluoroethylene fabric. dHGF, DMSO, hES, PAU, PTFE
119  2006 Enhanced liver functions of hepatocytes cocultured with NIH 3T3 in the alginate/galactosylated chitosan scaffold. AL, ECM, GC, GJIC
120  2006 Evaluation of a bioartificial liver based on a nonwoven fabric bioreactor with porcine hepatocytes in pigs. FHF
121  2006 Functional evaluation of a new bioartificial liver system in vitro and in vitro. ALB, ALF, TB
122  2006 Hepatocyte and kupffer cells co-cultured on micropatterned surfaces to optimize hepatocyte function. ---
123  2006 Reversal of mouse hepatic failure using an implanted liver-assist device containing ES cell-derived hepatocytes. ES
124  2006 Subnormothermic preservation maintains viability and function in a porcine hepatocyte culture model simulating bioreactor transport. ALF, UW, WE
125  2006 The significant improvement of survival times and pathological parameters by bioartificial liver with recombinant HepG2 in porcine liver failure model. GS
126  2006 Treatment of fulminant hepatic failure in rats using a bioartificial liver device containing porcine hepatocytes producing interleukin-1 receptor antagonist. AdIL-1Ra, FHF, GalN, IL-1
127  2006 [Design of a hollow-fiber bioreactor and perfusion study in vitro]. ---
128  2007 A bioartificial liver device secreting interleukin-1 receptor antagonist for the treatment of hepatic failure in rats. AdIL-1Ra, FHF, GalN, IL-1
129  2007 Characteristic gene expression induced by polyurethane foam/spheroid culture of hepatoma cell line, Hep G2 as a promising cell source for bioartificial liver. PUF
130  2007 Extracorporeal bioartificial liver using the radial-flow bioreactor in treatment of fatal experimental hepatic encephalopathy. ---
131  2007 Functional and morphological comparison of three primary liver cell types cultured in the AMC bioartificial liver. AMC, FHHs, MHHs, MPHs
132  2007 Hybrid braided 3-D scaffold for bioartificial liver assist devices. PET
133  2007 In vitro comparison of two bioartificial liver support systems: MELS CellModule and AMC-BAL. AMC-BAL, MELS
134  2007 Integrated energy and flux balance based multiobjective framework for large-scale metabolic networks. EBA, FBA, NC
135  2007 Oxygen uptake rates and liver-specific functions of hepatocyte and 3T3 fibroblast co-cultures. OUR
136  2007 Significant contribution of liver nonparenchymal cells to metabolism of ammonia and lactate and cocultivation augments the functions of a bioartificial liver. ALF, HN-BAL, NPCs
137  2007 Time-related analysis of metabolic liver functions, cellular morphology, and gene expression of hepatocytes cultured in the bioartificial liver of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (AMC-BAL). mRNA
138  2008 Ammonia metabolism capacity of HepG2 cells with high expression of human glutamine synthetase. AFP-TRE, hGS
139  2008 Evaluation of a new immortalized human fetal liver cell line (cBAL111) for application in bioartificial liver. GS, PPH
140  2008 Hepatic reconstruction from fetal porcine liver cells using a radial flow bioreactor. Cx, HGF, RFB
141  2008 High-throughput nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomic footprinting for tissue engineering. HTP, NMR
142  2008 Peritoneal implantation of cryopreserved encapsulated porcine hepatocytes in rats without immunosuppression: viability and function. ---
143  2008 Radial flow hepatocyte bioreactor using stacked microfabricated grooved substrates. ---
144  2009 Engineering analysis and development of the spheroid reservoir bioartificial liver. SRBAL
145  2009 In vitro evaluation of a multi-layer radial-flow bioreactor based on galactosylated chitosan nanofiber scaffolds. OCR, RBCs
146  2009 Introduction of a novel prototype bioartificial liver support system utilizing small human hepatocytes in rotary culture. SH
147  2009 Life support of artificial liver: development of a bioartificial liver to treat liver failure. ---
148  2009 Optimization of mass transfer for toxin removal and immunoprotection of hepatocytes in a bioartificial liver. ---
149  2009 Porcine endogenous retrovirus released by a bioartificial liver infects primary human cells. hHEP, PERV, RT-PCR
150  2009 Preservation of porcine hepatocytes in three-dimensional bioreactor at room temperature using epigallocatechin-3-gallate. EGCG
151  2009 Stimulating effects of fibroblast growth factors on hepatic function of fetal liver cells synergistically with oncostatin M in three-dimensional culture. FLCs, OSM
152  2009 Transport advances in disposable bioreactors for liver tissue engineering. ALF, TE
153  2010 Challenging small human hepatocytes with opiates: further characterization of a novel prototype bioartificial liver. SH, UDP
154  2010 Long-term absence of porcine endogenous retrovirus infection in chronically immunosuppressed patients after treatment with the porcine cell-based Academic Medical Center bioartificial liver. AMC-BAL, HCWs, PBMCs, PERVs
155  2010 Roles of spheroid formation of hepatocytes in liver tissue engineering. ---
156  2010 Stable overexpression of pregnane X receptor in HepG2 cells increases its potential for bioartificial liver application. CYP3A, PXR
157  2010 Three-dimensional perfusion cultures of mouse and pig fetal liver cells in a packed-bed reactor: effect of medium flow rate on cell numbers and hepatic functions. FLCs
158  2011 Bioartificial liver devices: Perspectives on the state of the art. ---
159  2011 Bioartificial liver system based on choanoid fluidized bed bioreactor improve the survival time of fulminant hepatic failure pigs. FHF
160  2011 Differential function of protective agents at each stage of the hypothermic preservation of hepatocytes. Mat
161  2011 Diffusion-mediated in situ alginate encapsulation of cell spheroids using microscale concave well and nanoporous membrane. PDMS
162  2011 Effects of membrane molecular weight cutoff on performance of a novel bioartificial liver. ---
163  2011 Gas-permeable membranes and co-culture with fibroblasts enable high-density hepatocyte culture as multilayered liver tissues. PDMS
164  2011 Improved preclinical safety assessment using micro-BAL devices: the potential impact on human discovery and drug attrition. ---
165  2011 Perfusion of 3D encapsulated hepatocytes--a synergistic effect enhancing long-term functionality in bioreactors. ---
166  2011 Preparation and characterization of chitosan porous microcarriers for hepatocyte culture. CPMs
167  2012 Advances in cell sources of hepatocytes for bioartificial liver. OLT
168  2012 Artificial liver support system reduces intracranial pressure more effectively than bioartificial system: an experimental study. ALF, CPP, ELS, FPSA, ICP
169  2012 Controlled formation of heterotypic hepatic micro-organoids in anisotropic hydrogel microfibers for long-term preservation of liver-specific functions. ---
170  2012 Effect of fulminant hepatic failure porcine plasma supplemented with essential components on encapsulated rat hepatocyte spheroids. ---
171  2012 Evaluation of a novel hybrid bioartificial liver based on a multi-layer flat-plate bioreactor. HBAL, NBAL, PERV, PT, RT
172  2012 Factors influencing the transfer of porcine endogenous retroviruses across the membrane in bioartificial livers. PERVs, RT
173  2012 Hepatocyte function within a stacked double sandwich culture plate cylindrical bioreactor for bioartificial liver system. ---
174  2012 Immunosafety evaluation of a multilayer flat-plate bioartificial liver. ---
175  2012 Key challenges to the development of extracorporeal bioartificial liver support systems. ---
176  2012 Microbiological safety of a novel bio-artificial liver support system based on porcine hepatocytes: a experimental study. PBMCs, PERVs, RT
177  2012 New advances in MR-compatible bioartificial liver. ---
178  2012 Potentiality of immobilized pig hepatocyte spheroids in bioartificial liver system. FHF
179  2012 Systematic review: extracorporeal bio-artificial liver-support system for liver failure. OLT
180  2012 The effect of rat acute-liver-failure plasma on HepaRG cells. ALF, DMSO
181  2012 The influence of membrane molecular weight cutoff on a novel bioartificial liver. ---
182  2012 Three dimensional cultures of rat liver cells using a natural self-assembling nanoscaffold in a clinically relevant bioreactor for bioartificial liver construction. GOT, GPT, LDH, SAPN
183  2012 [New evidence of porcine endogenous retrovirus transmission with new bio-artificial liver system: a experimental study]. PBMCs, PCR, PERV, RT
184  2013 Effect of oxygen concentration on viability and metabolism in a fluidized-bed bioartificial liver using P and C NMR spectroscopy. NTP
185  2013 Evaluation of polypropylene hollow-fiber prototype bioreactor for bioartificial liver. ---
186  2013 Increased hepatic functionality of the human hepatoma cell line HepaRG cultured in the AMC bioreactor. ---
187  2013 Long-term culture and coculture of primary rat and human hepatocytes. ---
188  2013 Newly established human liver cell line: a potential cell source for the bioartificial liver in the future. hALR
189  2013 Novel in vitro and mathematical models for the prediction of chemical toxicity. ADRs
190  2014 Potential and Challenges of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Liver Diseases Treatment. ESCs, hiPSCs, HLCs, iPSCs
191  2015 A non-adhesive hybrid scaffold from gelatin and gum Arabic as packed bed matrix for hepatocyte perfusion culture. ---
192  2015 Blood-Compatible Polymer for Hepatocyte Culture with High Hepatocyte-Specific Functions toward Bioartificial Liver Development. PMEA, PTHFA, YAP
193  2015 Development and validation of a bioartificial liver device with fluidized bed bioreactors hosting alginate-encapsulated hepatocyte spheroids. ---
194  2015 Development of a bioreactor based on magnetically stabilized fluidized bed for bioartificial liver. MSFBs
195  2015 Selectivity of biopolymer membranes using HepG2 cells. CA, NC, PC, PP, PTFE, PVDF
196  2016 Improved survival of porcine acute liver failure by a bioartificial liver device implanted with induced human functional hepatocytes. ALF, hiHep-BAL, hiHeps
197  2016 Performance of cold-preserved rat liver Microorgans as the biological component of a simplified prototype model of bioartificial liver. LDH, LMOs
198  2017 Advances in methods for characterization of hepatic urea cycle enzymatic activity in HepaRG cells using UPLC-MS/MS. ASL, CPS I, OTC, UC
199  2017 Alpha-1 antichymotrypsin is involved in astrocyte injury in concert with arginine-vasopressin during the development of acute hepatic encephalopathy. ACT, ALF, AVP, EC, HE
200  2017 Clinical translation of bioartificial liver support systems with human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatic cells. hPSCs
201  2017 Concise Review: Liver Regenerative Medicine: From Hepatocyte Transplantation to Bioartificial Livers and Bioengineered Grafts. HLCs
202  2017 Functional Evaluation of a Bioartificial Liver Support System Using Immobilized Hepatocyte Spheroids in a Porcine Model of Acute Liver Failure. ALF
203  2017 Generation of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1 reporter cell lines for the assessment of ammonia metabolism. CPS1, HLCs
204  2017 Optimizing the fluidized bed bioreactor as an external bioartificial liver. ---
205  2018 Advanced In Vitro HepaRG Culture Systems for Xenobiotic Metabolism and Toxicity Characterization. ---
206  2018 Challenges on the road to a multicellular bioartificial liver. ---
207  2018 Experimental bio-artificial liver: Importance of the architectural design on ammonia detoxification performance. BC, LDH, LMOs, NRS
208  2018 Functional hepatocyte clusters on bioactive blend silk matrices towards generating bioartificial liver constructs. ---
209  2018 Functionally coated polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranes: A substrate for enhanced HepG2/C3A functions. Gel, GTA, HFM
210  2018 Hydrophilic ZIF-8 decorated GO nanosheets improve biocompatibility and separation performance of polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranes: A potential membrane material for bioartificial liver application. HFMs, ZGs, ZIF-8
211  2019 Efficient Generation of an Fah/Rag2 Dual-Gene Knockout Porcine Cell Line Using CRISPR/Cas9 and Adenovirus. FAH, Rag2
212  2019 Fabrication and invitro evaluation of a packed-bed bioreactor based on an optimum two-stage culture strategy. FBS, FC, hiHeps, PB
213  2019 Hemocompatibility improvement of decellularized spleen matrix for constructing transplantable bioartificial liver. DSM
214  2019 The role of cellular interactions in the induction of hepatocyte polarity and functional maturation in stem cell-derived hepatic cells. ECM, hPSCs
215  2019 The role of insulin in transdifferentiated hepatocyte proliferation and function in serum-free medium. ALB, hiHeps, SFM