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Abbreviation : CR
Long Form : computed radiography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1979 Digital radiography using a computed tomographic instrument. ---
1986 Stomach and duodenum: radiographic magnification using computed radiography (CR). ---
1986 [Recent progress in the x-ray diagnosis of colorectal cancer]. CT
1988 Computed radiography utilizing laser-stimulated luminescence: detectability of simulated low-contrast radiographic objects. 18-AFC
1988 Conventional vs computed radiography: evaluation of myelography. FS
1988 One-shot dual-energy subtraction chest imaging with computed radiography: clinical evaluation of film images. ---
1988 Plain chest radiograph with computed radiography: improved sensitivity for the detection of coronary artery calcification. CAC
1989 Basic imaging properties of a computed radiographic system with photostimulable phosphors. MTF
1989 Evaluation of contrast dose reduction for excretory urography using computed radiography. ---
10  1989 Evaluation of thyroid calcification using computed radiography with image plate. ---
11  1989 Use of computed radiography in respiratory distress syndrome in the neonatal nursery. RDS
12  1989 [A comparison of digital luminescence radiography and conventional radiodiagnosis in sialography]. ---
13  1989 [Investigation of low-contrast signal detection in computed radiography (CR)]. 18AFC, IP
14  1989 [Quantitative evaluation of bone mineral contents of hand bone using CR technique]. MD
15  1990 Clinical evaluation of irreversible image compression: analysis of chest imaging with computed radiography. DCT
16  1990 Computed radiography for breast cancer. ---
17  1990 Image enhancement using computed radiography. ---
18  1990 Initial experience with automatic image transmission to an intensive care unit using Picture Archiving and Communications System technology. ICU, PACS
19  1990 [Comparison of traditional methods and digital technics in the study of the biliary and pancreatic systems using endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)]. ERCP
20  1990 [Preliminary experience of the study of the hand using digital radiology with photo-excitable phosphors and direct magnification. Comparison with the traditional high resolution technique]. ---
21  1991 Automatic acquisition interfaces for computed radiography, CT, MR, US, and laser scanner. CT, MR, PACS, US
22  1991 Combination of multiple pencil-beam imaging to computed storage phosphor radiography: a new method. FROC, MPB
23  1991 Comparison of imaging properties of a computed radiography system and screen-film systems. MTFs
24  1991 Computer-assisted phalangeal analysis in skeletal age assessment. ---
25  1991 Direct comparison of conventional and computed radiography with a dual-image recording technique. ---
26  1991 FCR system in Hokkaido University Hospital. FCR, GI, HU, IP, PACS
27  1991 Oral cholecystography: comparison of conventional screen-film with photostimulable imaging plate radiographs. ---
28  1991 Picture archiving and communication system in Hokkaido University Hospital: advantage and disadvantage of HU-PACS chest roentgenogram images in the outpatient clinic. CRT, CT, HU-PACS, MRI
29  1991 Single-exposure conventional and computed radiography image acquisition. ---
30  1991 The effect of digital unsharp-mask filtering on the signal-to-noise ratio in computed radiography. ---
31  1991 The effect of scatter reduction on the signal-to-noise ratio in computed radiography. MPB, SNR
32  1991 The scatter-to-primary ratio as a function of varying X-ray absorption measured by computed radiography. MPB
33  1991 [Diagnostic yield in rhino-sinusal inflammatory pathology: comparison of projective radiology, CT and MR]. ---
34  1992 Chest imaging within the radiology department by means of photostimulable phosphor computed radiography: a review. FR
35  1992 Comparison of computerized digital and film-screen radiography: response to variation in imaging kVp. FS
36  1992 Detection of subtle microcalcifications: comparison of computed radiography and screen-film mammography. ROC
37  1992 Digital imaging in pediatric hospitals. PACS
38  1992 Image preprocessing for a picture archiving and communication system. CT, MR, PACS
39  1992 Measurement of extrafocal radiation by computed radiography. PSL
40  1992 Orientation correction for chest images. ---
41  1992 [Coronet status of digital radiography in chest medicine]. PACS
42  1993 Development of a high quality film duplication system using a laser digitizer: comparison with computed radiography. ---
43  1993 Film density calibration for computed radiography systems: is the standard three-point procedure accurate? ---
44  1993 Portable chest imaging: comparison of storage phosphor digital, asymmetric screen-film, and conventional screen-film systems. ---
45  1993 Radiology of lung cancer. AMBER, CT, MRI
46  1993 Scatter in computed radiography. IPs
47  1993 Single-exposure dual-energy chest images with computed radiography. Evaluation with simulated pulmonary nodules. ---
48  1993 [Clinical utility of computed radiography (CR) for the diagnosis of lung cancer]. ES, HE-CR, HE-CR-TOMO, LE-CR, LE-ES
49  1993 [Differentiation of benign from malignant pulmonary nodules with the digital analysis of computed radiography]. ---
50  1994 A clinical comparison between conventional and digital mammography utilizing computed radiography. ROC
51  1994 A comparison of conventional screen-film radiography and hard copy of computed radiography in full and two-thirds sizes in detection of interstitial lung disease. PACS
52  1994 Application of AMBER in single- and dual-energy digital imaging: improvement in noise level and display dynamic range. AMBER
53  1994 Comparison of the low-contrast detectability of a screen-film system and third generation computed radiography. CD, SF
54  1994 Computed radiography: user-programmable features and capabilities. ---
55  1994 Evaluation of the image quality of ink-jet printed paper copies of digital chest radiographs as compared with film: a receiver operating characteristic study. ROC
56  1994 Hospital-wide PACS with a digital image intensifier TV system. DR, I.I.-TV
57  1994 Irreversible data compression in chest imaging using computed radiography: an evaluation. ROC
58  1994 Lung segmentation in digital radiographs. ---
59  1994 Physical evaluation of computed radiography as a mammographic X-ray imaging system. MTF, NPS, SNR
60  1994 Picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). PACS
61  1994 Rabbit pneumothorax. Feasibility of an animal model to simulate neonatal pneumothorax. CT, FS
62  1994 [Detectability of intra-osseous lesions of jaws with computed panoramic radiography]. GA, RN
63  1995 Clinical application of computed radiography in orthopedic surgery. FCR, THA
64  1995 Clinical application of single dual-energy subtraction technique with digital storage-phosphor radiography. ---
65  1995 Clinical aspects of direct digital mammography. ---
66  1995 Computed radiography in pediatrics. ---
67  1995 Computer-assisted bone age assessment based on features automatically extracted from a hand radiograph. CROI, PROI
68  1995 Contrast-detail analysis of image degradation due to lossy compression. CD
69  1995 Diagnostic usefulness of chest computed radiography--film versus cathode-ray tube images. CRT
70  1995 DQE(f) of four generations of computed radiography acquisition devices. ---
71  1995 Evaluation of the medical diagnostic imaging support system based on 2 years of clinical experience. MAMC, MDIS
72  1995 Improved image quality utilizing dual plate computed radiography. DQE
73  1995 Pediatric air-gap chest digital imaging: an experimental study. ---
74  1995 Soft-copy computed radiography in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units: cost-savings analysis. ICUs
75  1995 System design and implementation of HIS, RIS, and PC-based PACS at the Osaka University Hospital. HIS, RIS
76  1995 Technical note: dual compression mammography using computed radiography. ---
77  1995 Volume detection threshold: quantitative comparison of computed radiography and screen-film radiography in detection of pneumothoraces in an animal model that simulates the neonate. SFR, VDT
78  1995 [The physical aspects of traditional radiology and of computed radiology compared]. ---
79  1996 A cost-analysis of computed radiography and picture archiving and communication systems in portable radiography. PACS
80  1996 Artifacts in chest radiographs with a third-generation computed radiography system. ---
81  1996 Clinical evaluation of irreversible data compression for computed radiography in excretory urography. ---
82  1996 Clinical experiences with computed radiography. IP, PACS, SF
83  1996 Computed radiography and film digitizer inputs to an intensive care unit teleradiology system: an image quality comparison. ICU
84  1996 Effect of exposure variation on the clinical utility of chest radiographs. ---
85  1996 Imaging characteristics of x-ray capillary optics in digital mammography. ---
86  1996 Initial qualitative evaluation of computed radiography in an intensive care unit. ICU
87  1996 Intra-arterial digital subtraction angiography with extra-large fields using a computed radiography system in evaluating peripheral vascular disease. DSA, PVD
88  1996 Observer performance in the localization of tubes and catheters on digital chest images: the role of expertise and image enhancement. ---
89  1996 Optimal beam quality for chest computed radiography. SF
90  1996 Phantom gastric mucosa for evaluating computed radiography in double-constrast upper gastrointestinal examinations. ROC, SR
91  1996 Phantom study of chest radiography with storage phosphor, selenium, and film-screen systems. ROC
92  1996 Prospective study of a PACS: information flow and clinical action in a medical intensive care unit. PACS
93  1996 Radiologic and pathologic characteristics of mixed dust pneumoconiosis. CT
94  1996 Scatter-to-primary ratio and absorption efficiency in screen-film and computed radiography systems. ---
95  1996 Subjective quality assessment of computed radiography hand images. ROC
96  1996 Subtle pulmonary disease: detection with computed radiography versus conventional chest radiography. ---
97  1996 Technology assessment methods for radiology systems. PACS
98  1996 The effects of lossy compression on the detection of subtle pulmonary nodules. DCT, SNR
99  1996 The potential medico-legal implications of computed radiography. ---
100  1996 Understanding the relative sensitivity of radiographic screens to scattered radiation. SDF
101  1996 [Evaluation of data compression in gastrointestinal examinations using computed radiography]. ROC
102  1997 Automatic background recognition and removal (ABRR) in computed radiography images. ABRR, PACS
103  1997 Chest teleradiology in a teaching hospital emergency practice. ---
104  1997 Computed radiography for characterisation of the weight-bearing knee. HKA, PACS, QPR
105  1997 Current status of computed radiography in emergency departments. ED
106  1997 Determination of correct AEC function with computed radiography cassettes. AEC
107  1997 Improvement of signal-to-noise and contrast-to-noise ratios in dual-screen computed radiography. CNR, SNR
108  1997 Initial experience with soft-copy display of computed radiography images on three picture archive and communication systems. PACS
109  1997 Musculoskeletal computed radiography in children: scatter reduction and improvement in bony trabecular sharpness using air gap placement of the imaging plate. ---
110  1997 Pediatric musculoskeletal computed radiography. ---
111  1997 Simultaneous multilayer arthrotomography of the temporomandibular joint using photostimulable phosphor computed radiography. TMJ
112  1997 Support line and tube visibility in chest examinations using computed radiography. ---
113  1997 The effect of PACS on the visualization of the lateral cervical spine and the management of patients presenting with trauma. PACS
114  1997 Unsharp masking technique using multiresolution analysis for computed radiography image enhancement. USM
115  1997 Visibility of microcalcifications in computed and screen-film mammography. SFM
116  1997 [An evaluation of computed radiography in contrast-enhanced imaging of the gastric area]. FS, GT, RE, RT
117  1998 Analysis of low-dose digital lateral cephalometric radiographs. ---
118  1998 Assessment of image post-processing and of measuring assistance tools in computed radiography. Evaluation of the weight-bearing knee. MATs, PACS, QPR
119  1998 Automated routing of DICOM CT, MR, and CR images: solving the pitfalls of vendor-specific DICOM implementations. ---
120  1998 Clinical diagnosis of soft tissue tumors. ---
121  1998 Clinical evaluation of irreversible data compression for computed radiography of the chest. ROC
122  1998 Clinical evaluation of irreversible data compression for computed radiography of the hand. ---
123  1998 Continuing quality improvement procedures for a clinical PACS. ATM, CQI, CT, ED, HL7, ICU, MR, PACS, RAID, SQL, USCF
124  1998 Costs of plain-film radiography in a partially digitized radiology department. An activity-based cost analysis. ABC
125  1998 Experience implementing a DICOM 3.0 multivendor teleradiology network. CT, DICOM, FD, UID, US
126  1998 Incremental cost of department-wide implementation of a picture archiving and communication system and computed radiography. NPVs, PACS
127  1998 Multilevel adaptive process control of acquisition and post-processing of computed radiographic images in picture archiving and communication system environment. PACS
128  1998 PACS and CR implementation in a level I trauma center emergency department. ED, PACS
129  1998 Planning and cost analysis of digital radiography services for a network of hospitals (the Veterans Integrated Service Network). PACS
130  1998 [Bone mineral density (BMD) distribution in edentulous mandible--a measuring system for bone mineral content with computed radiography (CR)]. BMD
131  1999 A comparison of image reject rates when using film, hard copy computed radiography and soft copy images on picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) workstations. PACS
132  1999 A comparison of wavelet and Joint Photographic Experts Group lossy compression methods applied to medical images. DICOM, DR, JPEG, MR, PSNR
133  1999 A new approach to RIS/DR interconnection. CCF, DR, RIS
134  1999 Anatomy of picture archiving and Communications systems: nuts and bolts--image acquisition: getting digital images from imaging modalities. DDR, DICOM, HIS, PACS, RIS
135  1999 Branching out with filmless radiology. CT, MR, PACS, RIS, US
136  1999 Care and feeding of a staff for filmless radiology. CT, MR, PACS, US
137  1999 Challenges associated with the incorporation of digital radiography into a picture archival and communication system. DICOM, DR, HIS/RIS, PACS, VAMC
138  1999 Comparison of film, hard copy computed radiography (CR) and soft copy picture archiving and communication (PACS) systems using a contrast detail test object. PACS
139  1999 Computed radiography dual energy subtraction: performance evaluation when detecting low-contrast lung nodules in an anthropomorphic phantom. ES, ROC
140  1999 Digital mammography performed with computed radiography technology. CAD
141  1999 Finding-specific display presets for computed radiography soft-copy reading. PACS
142  1999 Impact of electronic imaging on clinician behavior in the urgent care setting. ---
143  1999 Non-invasive assessment of bone quality. ---
144  1999 Performance characteristics of a Kodak computed radiography system. DQE, FT, LSF, MTF, NPS
145  1999 Photostimulable storage phosphor image acquisition: evaluation of three commercially available state-of-the-art systems. PSP
146  1999 Pixelwise fusion for optimizing SNR in multiple-plate computed radiography imaging. KL, SNR
147  2000 A new needle-crystalline computed radiography detector. CCD, DR, PMT
148  2000 Acceptable levels of digital image compression in chest radiology. PACS
149  2000 Automatic detection of foreign objects in computed radiography. ---
150  2000 Computed radiography printing problems: a quantitative, observer-independent solution. ---
151  2000 Demystifying the hospital information system/radiology information system integration process. CHMC, HIS, PACS, RIS
152  2000 Image quality evaluation of a desktop computed radiography system. DQE, MTF, NPS
153  2000 Impact of digital radiography on clinical workflow. DICOM, DR, QC, RIS
154  2000 Low-cost soft-copy display accuracy in the detection of pulmonary nodules by single-exposure dual-energy subtraction: comparison with hard-copy viewing. ---
155  2000 Noninvasive estimation of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure from computed radiography. ABR, PCWP
156  2000 Performance and function of a desktop viewer at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. CT, EMR, GI, MRI, PACS, U/S
157  2000 Phototimer setup for CR imaging. IP
158  2000 Radiation dose and image information in computed radiography. A phantom study of angle measurements in the weight-bearing knee. ---
159  2000 Radiation doses from common radiographic procedures: a ten year perspective. ESD
160  2000 [A study of entrance surface dose with CR and film/screen systems, and analysis of the X-ray conditions for chest radiography]. F/S
161  2001 Artefacts found in computed radiography. ---
162  2001 Comparison of an amorphous silicon/cesium iodide flat-panel digital chest radiography system with screen/film and computed radiography systems--a contrast-detail phantom study. FP, SF
163  2001 Detection of subtle pulmonary disease on CR chest images: monochromatic CRT monitor vs color CRT monitor. ROC
164  2001 Image quality and dose comparison among screen-film, computed, and CT scanned projection radiography: applications to CT urography. CT, CT SPR, ESE, SF
165  2001 Imaging characteristics of an amorphous silicon flat-panel detector for digital chest radiography. DQE, FPD, MTF
166  2001 Integration of a picture archiving and communication system with videocapture and computed radiography in a dental hospital. HIS, PACS
167  2001 Orthopaedic measurements with computed radiography. Methodological development, accuracy, and radiation dose with special reference to the weight-bearing lower extremity and the dislocating patella. PACS, QPR
168  2001 Performance evaluation of computed radiography systems. ---
169  2001 Regional improvement of signal-to-noise and contrast-to-noise ratios in dual-screen CR chest imaging--a phantom study. CNR, HR, ROIs, SNR, ST
170  2001 Structuring of parameters for assessing vertebral bone strength by star volume analysis using a morphological filter. BMD, SKP
171  2001 [A study of optimum radiographic conditions on chest examinations with computed radiology (CR) in conjunction with the offset balance of patient dose and image quality]. ESD, RMS
172  2002 A method for measuring the dose distribution of the radiotherapy domain using the computed radiography system. IP
173  2002 An experimental comparison of detector performance for computed radiography systems. DQEs, MTFs, NPS
174  2002 Assessment of bone feature parameters from lumbar trabecular skeletal patterns using mathematical morphology image processing. mu-CT, Nd, Sk.N, Sk.Sp, Sk.Th, SKP, Tm, TSL
175  2002 Clinical evaluation of compression ratios using JPEG2000 on computed radiography chest images. DCT, PACS, ROC
176  2002 Computerized detection of pulmonary nodules by single-exposure dual-energy computed radiography of the chest (part 1). BS-CR, CAD, FP, PNs, TP
177  2002 Detection of simulated pulmonary nodules by single-exposure dual-energy computed radiography of the chest: effect of a computer-aided diagnosis system (Part 2). BS-CR, C-CR, CAD, PNs
178  2002 Flat panel digital radiography compared with storage phosphor computed radiography: assessment of dose versus image quality in phantom studies. DR, IQF
179  2002 Implementing the DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function for mixed hard- and soft-copy operations. CRT, DR, GSDF, LUT
180  2002 Improved computed radiography image quality from a BaFl:Eu photostimulable phosphor plate. Br,I, DQE, MTF, PSP, WSN
181  2002 Interobserver agreement and performance score comparison in quality control using a breast phantom: screen-film mammography vs computed radiography. ---
182  2002 Is reject analysis necessary after converting to computed radiography? PACS, QC
183  2002 Microcalcification detectability for four mammographic detectors: flat-panel, CCD, CR, and screen/film). CCD, FP, microCs, ROC, SF
184  2002 Multitapered x-ray capillary optics for mammography. MTF, SNR
185  2002 Pediatric high KV/filtered airway radiographs: comparison of CR and film-screen systems. ---
186  2002 Productivity and cost assessment of computed radiography, digital radiography, and screen-film for outpatient chest examinations. DR, PACS, RIS
187  2002 The physics of computed radiography. DR
188  2002 The strategy to be "paperless" via a cost-effective filmless plan. LAN, PACS, RFI, WAN
189  2002 Variation in CR imaging plate readers. ---
190  2002 Verification of prostate treatment setup using computed radiography for portal imaging. ---
191  2002 Workflow assessment of digital versus computed radiography and screen-film in the outpatient environment. DR, PACS, RIS
192  2002 [CR (Computed Radiography)]. NDD, S/F
193  2002 [Noise properties in the fading of the imaging plate on a computed radiography system]. IP
194  2002 [Report based on fiscal 2000 diagnostic x-ray equipment questionnaire survey(conditions of radiography)]. DR, DSA, S EF
195  2003 A comparison of film-screen, CR and DR: a community hospital time-motion study. DR
196  2003 Are collimated low-dose digital radiographs valid for performing Delaire's architectural analysis? ---
197  2003 Determination of the two-dimensional detective quantum efficiency of a computed radiography system. DQE, MTF
198  2003 Digital radiography of the chest: detector techniques and performance parameters. DR
199  2003 Early detection of radiation-induced structural changes in rat trabecular bone. QL value, SKP, Vsp
200  2003 Enterprise-wide CR implementation: the Shands Healthcare System experience. PACS, SHS
201  2003 Evaluating radiographic parameters for mobile chest computed radiography: phantoms, image quality and effective dose. SNR
202  2003 Measurement of focal spot size with slit camera using computed radiography and flat-panel based digital detectors. DF, FP, NEMA
203  2003 Optimisation of scoliosis examinations in children. ESD, F/G
204  2003 Performance evaluation of a "dual-side read" dedicated mammography computed radiography system. DQE, MTF, NPS
205  2003 Performance of Web-based image distribution: server-oriented measurements. PCs, RAM, TTD
206  2003 Visibility of trabecular structures in oral radiographs. CT
207  2003 [Analysis of the frequency components of CR portal images and application to multi-objective frequency processing]. ---
208  2003 [New computed radiography technologies in digital radiography]. DR
209  2004 A mobile phone integrated health care delivery system of medical images. CT, DR, MR, PACS
210  2004 A-Si:H/CsI(Tl) flat-panel versus computed radiography for chest imaging applications: image quality metrics measurement. DQEs, FP, MTFs, NPSs
211  2004 Cassette-based digital mammography. DQE, MTF
212  2004 Comparison of radiographic texture analysis from computed radiography and bone densitometry systems. BMD, PD, RMS, RTA
213  2004 Computed radiography as a gamma ray detector--dose response and applications. ---
214  2004 Integrating digital systems: commitment and collaboration. DR, ED, PACS, RIS
215  2004 Investigation of physical image quality indices of a bone densitometry system. BMD, MTF, NPS, PD, RTA
216  2004 Linearity and uniformity response as an indicator of performance for Agfa ADC-MD10 computed radiography plates. ---
217  2004 Long line positioning in neonates: does computed radiography improve visibility? ---
218  2004 Management of pediatric radiation dose using Agfa computed radiography. ---
219  2004 New CR system with pixel size of 50 microm for digital mammography: physical imaging properties and detection of subtle microcalcifications. MTFs, ROC, WS
220  2004 Quantitative analysis of resolving power for computed radiographic portal images. ---
221  2004 Radiation dose in digital chest radiography: comparison among three technologies. a-Si, DR, ESD, PA
222  2004 Radiosensitivity of children: potential for overexposure in CR and DR and magnitude of doses in ordinary radiographic examinations. ---
223  2004 SCAR R&D Symposium 2003: comparing the efficacy of 5-MP CRT versus 3-MP LCD in the evaluation of interstitial lung disease. AP, CRT, ILD, LCD, MP, PA
224  2004 Strategies for dose reduction in ordinary radiographic examinations using CR and DR. DR
225  2004 [Full-field digital mammography with amorphous silicon-based flat- panel detector: physical imaging characteristics and signal detection]. IQF, MTF
226  2004 [Measurement of focal spot in X-ray tube using imaging plate]. IP, S/F
227  2004 [Measurement of gradation curve by the digital test pattern method in a computed radiography system]. ---
228  2004 [ROC analysis of detection of interval changes in interstitial lung diseases on digital chest radiographs using the temporal subtraction technique]. CT, ROC
229  2005 AEC set-up optimisation with computed radiography imaging. AEC
230  2005 Cassette based digital X-ray systems: evaluating the Konica Minolta Xpress CR. ---
231  2005 CR/DR systems: what each technology offers today; what is expected for the future. DR
232  2005 Dose optimisation in computed radiography. ---
233  2005 Effect of x-ray tube potential on image quality and patient dose for lumbar spine computed radiography examinations. ESD, IS
234  2005 Effectiveness of flexible noise control image processing for digital portal images using computed radiography. AP, CRPID, FNC, MFP
235  2005 Evaluation of a computed radiography system for megavoltage photon beam dosimetry. ---
236  2005 Investigation of optimum energies for chest imaging using film-screen and computed radiography. FS
237  2005 Measurement of CT radiation profile width using CR imaging plates. AAPM, CT, FWHM, IP
238  2005 Method of duplicating film using the CR system: evaluation of detectability in a simulated nodule. Dup film, IP, ROC
239  2005 Multi-institutional analysis of computed and direct radiography: part I. Technologist productivity. DR
240  2005 Multi-institutional analysis of computed and direct radiography: part II. Economic analysis. DR
241  2005 Optimal steel thickness combined with computed radiography for portal imaging of nasopharyngeal cancer patients. MTF, ROC
242  2005 Optimising automatic exposure control in computed radiography and the impact on patient dose. AECs
243  2005 Performance comparison of an active matrix flat panel imager, computed radiography system, and a screen-film system at four standard radiation qualities. DR
244  2005 Practical guidelines for radiographers to improve computed radiography image quality. ---
245  2005 Preparing a cultural strategy for PACS. IS, PACS
246  2005 Radiation dose in pelvic imaging. FS
247  2005 The influence of patient thickness and imaging system on patient dose and physical image quality in digital chest imaging. DR, PA
248  2005 The physics of computed radiography: measurements of pulse height spectra of photostimulable phosphor screens using prompt luminescence. IP, PHS, PL, PSL, PSP
249  2005 Threshold pixel size for shape determination of microcalcifications in digital mammography: a pilot study. ---
250  2005 Verification imaging using a computed radiography system for high-energy electron beam therapy. QA
251  2005 Voice recognition for radiology reporting: is it good enough? CSI, DT, RIS, VR
252  2005 [Clinical efficacy of image processing of grid detection and suppression (GDS) in computed radiography]. GDS
253  2005 [Selection of parameters for multi-objective frequency processing in CR mammography: visual evaluation of mammographic phantom images]. MRB, MRE
254  2006 A study of grid artifacts formation and elimination in computed radiographic images. ---
255  2006 An image quality comparison of standard and dual-side read CR systems for pediatric radiology. DQE, MTF, NPS
256  2006 Calibrating automatic exposure control devices for digital radiography. AEC, DDI, IDR
257  2006 Comparison of clinical and physical measures of image quality in chest and pelvis computed radiography at different tube voltages. VGA, VGAS
258  2006 Enhanced visualization methods for computed radiography images. ---
259  2006 Evaluation of the diagnostic value of a computed radiography system by comparison of digital hard copy images with screen-film mammography: results of a prospective clinical trial. SFM
260  2006 Influence of cassette type on the DQE of CR systems. DQE, MTF, NPS
261  2006 Initial experience with Lodox Statscan imaging system for detecting injuries of the pelvis and appendicular skeleton. AP, CT, HIPAA, LS
262  2006 Optimization of dose and image quality for computed radiography and digital radiography. DAP, DR
263  2006 Performance evaluation of a computed radiography imaging device using a typical "front side" and novel "dual side" readout storage phosphors. DQE, MTF, NNPS
264  2006 Quantitative assessment of computed radiography quality control parameters. ---
265  2006 Recognition and prevention of computed radiography image artifacts. IPs
266  2006 Robust online orientation correction for radiographs in PACS environments. DR, PACS
267  2006 ROC analysis for diagnostic accuracy of fracture by using different monitors. ---
268  2006 ROC study of four LCD displays under typical medical center lighting conditions. MP
269  2006 Towards optimization in digital chest radiography using Monte Carlo modelling. ---
270  2006 Using STAT properly. PACS
271  2006 [Development of automatic analyses for star-shot images using computed radiography (CR)]. IMRT, QC, RTPs, SD
272  2006 [Multi-slice spiral CT using spinal structure assessment in elderly patients with osteoporosis]. DXA, MPR
273  2007 Advances in computed radiography systems and their physical imaging characteristics. DQE
274  2007 An assessment of exposure indices in computed radiography for the posterior-anterior chest and the lateral lumbar spine. EIs, ESD, LAT, MRR, PA
275  2007 Characterization of noise sources for two generations of computed radiography systems using powder and crystalline photostimulable phosphors. DQE, MTF, NNPS
276  2007 Computed radiography dose data mining and surveillance as an ongoing quality assurance improvement process. QA, S-number
277  2007 Detection of lung cancer using single-exposure dual-energy subtraction chest radiography. ES, TDR
278  2007 Development of dosimetry using detectors of diagnostic digital radiography systems. IP
279  2007 Imaging the neonate in the incubator: an investigation of the technical, radiological and nursing issues. ---
280  2007 Information loss in visual assessments of medical images. CD, FPD
281  2007 Pulmonary clearance of aerosolized 99mTc-DTPA in sarcoidosis I patients. HRCT
282  2007 Transition from screen-film to digital radiography: evolution of patient radiation doses at projection radiography. ---
283  2007 [Cost-effectiveness evaluation of a digital radiography system]. DR
284  2007 [Establishment of a new model of neurogenic bladder dysfunction caused by lumbar intervertebral diskhernia and its urodynamic evaluation]. CBS
285  2008 A pilot study evaluating the "STATSCAN" digital X-ray machine in paediatric polytrauma. ---
286  2008 Acquisition hardware for digital imaging. CCD, DDR
287  2008 Advantages of magnification in digital phase-contrast mammography using a practical X-ray tube. ---
288  2008 An experimental study on using a diagnostic computed radiography system as a quality assurance tool in radiotherapy. MLC, QA, SRS
289  2008 An investigation of the shielding characteristics of computed radiography cassettes. ---
290  2008 Analysis of CR dose reduction in pediatric patients, based on computer-simulated noise addition. mAs
291  2008 Application of European protocol in the evaluation of contrast-to-noise ratio and mean glandular dose for two digital mammography systems. CD, CNR, DR, MGD, PMMA
292  2008 Artifacts in digital mammography. DR, FSM, QA, QC
293  2008 Comparison of computed radiography and multi-detector computed tomography in the detection of post mortem metacarpal index. CT, MCI, MFS
294  2008 Computed Radiography and Dosimetry: Some Practical Tips for Dose Optimization Procedures. ---
295  2008 Correlation of image quality with exposure index and processing protocol in a computed radiography system. EI
296  2008 Dependence of radiographic sensitivity of CR imaging plate on X-ray tube voltage. ---
297  2008 Diagnostic performance of detecting breast cancer on computed radiographic (CR) mammograms: comparison of hard copy film, 3-megapixel liquid-crystal-display (LCD) monitor and 5-megapixel LCD monitor. 3-MP, 5-MP, AUC, LCD
298  2008 Evaluation of lengthened callus by callotasis with analysis of mathematical morphology. ---
299  2008 Improvement of lung abnormality detection in computed radiography using multi-objective frequency processing: Evaluation by receiver operating characteristics (ROC) analysis. GGO, MFP, ROC
300  2008 Improving quality assurance for assembled COMS eye plaques using a pinhole gamma camera. COMS, dpd, dpp
301  2008 Indicators to estimate radiographic film savings due to a PACS in a Mexican health institute. CT, RF
302  2008 Investigation of optimum X-ray beam tube voltage and filtration for chest radiography with a computed radiography system. CNR, TRR
303  2008 Osteophytosis, subchondral bone sclerosis, joint effusion and soft tissue thickening in canine experimental stifle osteoarthritis: comparison between 1.5 T magnetic resonance imaging and computed radiography. MRI, OA
304  2008 Paediatric entrance doses from exposure index in computed radiography. DICOM, EL, ESAK
305  2008 Patient dose in digital projection radiography. DR, ESD
306  2008 Physical image quality comparison of four types of digital detector for chest radiology. ---
307  2008 Quality assurance of computed and digital radiography systems. AEC, DR, PACS, SNRs
308  2008 Solid-state, flat-panel, digital radiography detectors and their physical imaging characteristics. DR
309  2008 The characteristics of Fuji IP Cassette Type PII and application for radiation oncology quality assurance tests and portal imaging. QA
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