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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : emergency contraception
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1997 Knowledge and use of hormonal emergency contraception in Finland. ---
1998 Concerns and cautions about prescribing and deregulating emergency contraception: a qualitative study of GPs using telephone interviews. ---
1998 Emergency contraception among refugees and the displaced. IRC
1998 Emergency contraception use and the evaluation of barrier contraceptives. New challenges for study design, implementation, and analysis. ---
1998 Emergency contraception: the user profile. ---
1998 Improving women's access to emergency contraception: innovative information and service delivery strategies. ---
1998 Inner-city adolescents' awareness of emergency contraception. ---
1998 Preliminary analysis of a multicenter clinical trial using Multiload Cu 375SL for emergency contraception. MLCu 375SL IUD
1998 Research on mifepristone and levonorgestrel in comparison with the Yuzpe regimen. ---
10  1998 Safety of emergency contraception. ---
11  1998 The status of dedicated products. ---
12  1999 A new model for collaboration--making emergency contraceptives available in developing countries. ---
13  1999 Barriers to the use of IUDs as emergency contraception. IUD
14  1999 Emergency contraception: an anomalous position in the family planning repertoire? GPs
15  1999 Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding emergency contraception among nurses and nursing students in two hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya. ---
16  1999 Use and knowledge of hormonal emergency contraception. ---
17  1999 Women's experiences of obtaining emergency contraception: a phenomenological study. ---
18  2000 Differences between users and non-users of emergency contraception after a recognized unprotected intercourse. ---
19  2000 Emergency contraception in clinical practice: global perspectives. ---
20  2000 Knowledge and use of emergency postcoital contraception by female students at a high school in Nova Scotia. ---
21  2000 Perception and practice of emergency contraception by post-secondary school students in southwest Nigeria. IUCD
22  2000 Provider knowledge about emergency contraception in Ghana. ---
23  2000 [Emergency contraception: a simple, safe, effective and economical method for preventing undesired pregnancy]. ---
24  2001 A qualitative study of the views of women aged 18-29 on over-the-counter availability of hormonal emergency contraception. ---
25  2001 Emergency contraception in South Africa: knowledge, attitudes, and use among public sector primary healthcare clients. ---
26  2001 Emergency contraception: pediatricians' knowledge, attitudes, and opinions. ---
27  2001 Emergency contraception: Who are the users? ---
28  2001 Repeat use of emergency contraception: How frequent is it? FPCs, GP
29  2001 The effects of peri-ovulatory administration of levonorgestrel on the menstrual cycle. LH, LNG
30  2001 The legal status of emergency contraception. ---
31  2001 [Deliverance of emergency contraception, in 1988, in family planning and education clinics (FPEC) of Val de Marne]. FPEC
32  2002 A randomized controlled educational intervention on emergency contraception among drugstore personnel in southern Thailand. ---
33  2002 Adolescent emergency contraception: attitudes and practices of certified nurse-midwives. ---
34  2002 Adolescents and emergency contraception. ---
35  2002 Differences between emergency contraception users in the United States and the United Kingdom. ---
36  2002 Emergency contraception among teenagers in Switzerland: a cross-sectional survey on the sexuality of 16- to 20-year-olds. ---
37  2002 Emergency contraception in Mexico City: knowledge, attitudes, and practices among providers and potential clients after a 3-year introduction effort. ---
38  2002 Emergency contraception provision: a survey of emergency department practitioners. ED
39  2002 Emergency contraception. ---
40  2002 Emergency contraception: knowledge and use among Danish women requesting termination of pregnancy. ---
41  2002 Estimating the efficacy of emergency contraception--how reliable are the data? LMP
42  2002 Information campaign and advocacy efforts to promote access to emergency contraception in Mexico. ---
43  2002 Perception of university students in Ghana about emergency contraception. ECPs
44  2002 Policy climate, scholarship, and provision of emergency contraception at affiliates of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Latin America and the Caribbean. LAC
45  2002 Postfertilization effect of hormonal emergency contraception. ---
46  2002 Provision of Chlamydia trachomatis screening in family planning clinics and emergency contraception in genitourinary medicine clinics: a collaborative cross-speciality survey. FP
47  2002 The process of preventing pregnancy: women's experiences and emergency contraception use. ---
48  2002 [Emergency contraception. Characteristics of the demand]. ---
49  2002 [How to improve use of emergency contraception by adolescents?]. ---
50  2002 [Who are the users of emergency contraception?]. ---
51  2003 A multiparametric study of the action of mifepristone used in emergency contraception using the Rhesus monkey as a primate model. ER, LIF, PP14, PR, VEGF
52  2003 Acceptability of emergency contraception in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. 2 - Facilitating factors versus obstacles. ---
53  2003 Acceptability of emergency contraception in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: 1 - Perceptions of emergency oral contraceptives. ---
54  2003 Access to emergency contraception. ---
55  2003 Adolescent access to emergency contraception in A and E departments: reviewing the literature from a feminist perspective. ---
56  2003 Adolescents accessing emergency contraception in the A&E department - a feminist analysis of the nursing experience. ---
57  2003 Awareness, prior use, and intent to use emergency contraception among Montana women at the time of pregnancy testing. ---
58  2003 Bringing emergency contraception over the counter: experiences of nonprescription users in France, Norway, Sweden and Portugal. ---
59  2003 Emergency contraception--clinical and ethical aspects. LNG
60  2003 Emergency contraception. ---
61  2003 Emergency contraception: from accessibility to counseling. ---
62  2003 Emergency contraception: lessons learned from the UK. ---
63  2003 Emergency contraception: models to increase accessibility. ---
64  2003 Evaluation of an emergency contraception advance provision service. ---
65  2003 Expanded clinical trial of emergency contraception with 10 mg mifepristone. CI
66  2003 Exposure to emergency contraception in an undergraduate medical curriculum. UWO
67  2003 FFPRHC Guidance (October 2003): First prescription of combined oral contraception. BMD, BNF, BP, BTB, CEU, CI, COC, CSM, DVT, EE, FACT, FPA, FSH, GP, IMB, LT, MI, OC, OR, PE, RR, SIGN, SPCs, STI, VTE, WHO, WHOMEC, WHOSPR
68  2003 Investigating the knowledge, attitude and its relationship with the mean of using emergency contraception. ---
69  2003 Luteal phase treatment with mifepristone and misoprostol for fertility regulation. ---
70  2003 Pharmacists' knowledge and the difficulty of obtaining emergency contraception. ---
71  2003 Pharmacy provision of emergency contraception: the Ontario emergency contraception pilot project. ---
72  2003 Postcoital treatment with levonorgestrel does not disrupt postfertilization events in the rat. LNG
73  2003 Randomised controlled trial assessing the acceptability of GyneFix versus Gyne-T380S for emergency contraception. IUDs
74  2003 Sexual partners and use of emergency contraception. OR
75  2003 Surfing on the morning after: analysis of an emergency contraception website. ---
76  2003 The impact of using emergency contraception on reproductive health outcomes: a retrospective review in an urban adolescent clinic. IDV, STIs
77  2004 Advanced provision of emergency contraception does not reduce abortion rates. ---
78  2004 Contraceptive risk and compensatory behaviour in young people in education post-16 years: a cross-sectional study. ---
79  2004 Effect of advanced provision of emergency contraception on women's contraceptive behaviour: a randomized controlled trial. ---
80  2004 Effect of emergency contraception with levonorgestrel or mifepristone on ovarian function. LH, LNG, MIF
81  2004 Emergency contraception use is correlated with increased condom use among adolescents: results from Mexico. ---
82  2004 Emergency contraception: knowledge and attitudes of family medicine providers. ---
83  2004 Emergency contraception: prescribing practices of general internists compared with other primary care physicians. CI, OR
84  2004 Emergency contraception: who are the users? PSHC, STI
85  2004 Emergency contraception: why can't you give it away? Qualitative findings from an evaluation of advance provision of emergency contraception. LECP
86  2004 FFPRHC Guidance (January 2004). The copper intrauterine device as long-term contraception. AED, AIDS, ALOs, BNF, BP, CEU, CI, FACT, HIV, IUD, IUS, MHRA, NSAIDs, OR, PID, RCOG, RR, SIGN, STI, TOP, WHO, WHOMEC, WHOSPR
87  2004 Hospital-based program for increasing the availability of emergency contraception: simulating nonprescription access. ---
88  2004 Mifepristone versus the Yuzpe regimen (PC4) for emergency contraception. ---
89  2004 Recruitment strategies. Pharmacists' participation in an evaluation project to dispense emergency contraception. ---
90  2004 The effects of advance provision of emergency contraception on adolescent women's sexual and contraceptive behaviors. ---
91  2004 The role of misconceptions on Latino women's acceptance of emergency contraceptive pills. CI, OR
92  2004 The visit before the morning after: barriers to preprescribing emergency contraception. ---
93  2004 Trends in the use of emergency contraception: an epidemiological study in Barcelona, Spain (1994-2002). ---
94  2004 [Emergency contraception: user's profile in primary care emergency services]. ---
95  2005 "Not that sort of practice": the views and behaviour of primary care practitioners in a study of advance provision of emergency contraception. ---
96  2005 A new method for estimating the effectiveness of emergency contraception that accounts for variation in timing of ovulation and previous cycle length. ---
97  2005 A qualitative study of women's use of emergency contraception. ---
98  2005 Accessibility of emergency contraception in California's Catholic hospitals. ERs
99  2005 Advance supply of emergency contraception: a randomized trial in adolescent mothers. AEC
100  2005 Advanced provision of emergency contraception to postnatal women in China makes no difference in abortion rates: a randomized controlled trial. IUD
101  2005 Are women ready for more liberal delivery of emergency contraceptive pills? ECPs
102  2005 Availability of emergency contraception in Massachusetts emergency departments. EDs
103  2005 Awareness of emergency contraception. ---
104  2005 Changes in young women's awareness, attitudes, and perceived barriers to using emergency contraception. ---
105  2005 Contraception or abortion? Inaccurate descriptions of emergency contraception in newspaper articles, 1992-2002. ---
106  2005 Direct access to emergency contraception through pharmacies and effect on unintended pregnancy and STIs: a randomized controlled trial. CI, OR, STIs
107  2005 Do Indonesian medical practitioners approve the availability of emergency contraception over-the-counter? A survey of general practitioners and obstetricians in Jakarta. OTC
108  2005 Emergency contraception and prevention of induced abortion in India. ---
109  2005 Emergency contraception in emergency departments in Oregon, 2003. ---
110  2005 Emergency contraception knowledge among women in a Boston community. ---
111  2005 Emergency contraception: an intervention on primary care providers. ---
112  2005 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevention: an exploratory study of women's use of, attitudes toward, and knowledge about alcohol. FASD
113  2005 Late follicular phase administration of levonorgestrel as an emergency contraceptive changes the secretory pattern of glycodelin in serum and endometrium during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. LH, LNG
114  2005 Providers' knowledge of, attitude to and practice of emergency contraception. FP
115  2005 Reasons for requesting emergency contraception: a survey of 506 Italian women. IUD
116  2005 Reproductive health, the Arab world and the internet: usage patterns of an Arabic-language emergency contraception web site. ---
117  2005 The effect of increased access to emergency contraception among young adolescents. ---
118  2005 The in vitro effect of emergency contraception doses of levonorgestrel on the acrosome reaction of human spermatozoa. AR, FF, FITC-PSA, HTF/BSA, LNG
119  2005 The morning after on the internet: usage of and questions to the emergency contraception website. ---
120  2005 The potential of mifepristone (RU-486) as an emergency contraceptive drug. ---
121  2005 The remaining barriers to the use of emergency contraception: perception of pregnancy risk by women undergoing induced abortions. ---
122  2005 What happened when Scottish women were given advance supplies of emergency contraception? A survey and qualitative study of women's views and experiences. ---
123  2005 Women's contraceptive decision-making: juggling the needs of the sexual body and the fertile body. ---
124  2005 [Emergency oral contraceptives do not interrupt pregnancy. Women are withhold the treatment which is erroneously placed on a par with abortion]. ---
125  2006 Access to emergency contraception. ---
126  2006 Availability of emergency contraception at rural and urban pharmacies in Pennsylvania. ---
127  2006 Awareness and perceptions of emergency contraception among retail pharmacists in Kuwait. ---
128  2006 Birth control within reach: a national survey on women's attitudes toward and interest in pharmacy access to hormonal contraception. OC
129  2006 Characteristics of women seeking emergency contraception in general practice. ---
130  2006 Contraception in adolescence. COCs, DMPA, STDs
131  2006 Contraceptive usage, knowledge and correlates of usage among female emergency department patients. BCPs, CI, ED, OR
132  2006 Emergency contraception and fertility awareness among university students in Kampala, Uganda. ECPs, OTC
133  2006 Emergency contraception for women who have been raped: must catholics test for ovulation, or is testing for pregnancy morally sufficient? ---
134  2006 Emergency contraception in Honduras: knowledge, attitudes, and practice among urban family planning clients. ---
135  2006 Emergency contraception: a primer for pediatric providers. NPs
136  2006 Emergency contraception: knowledge and perceptions in a university population. ---
137  2006 Future of emergency contraception lies in pharmacists' hands. ---
138  2006 Hospital religious affiliation and emergency contraceptive prescribing practices. ---
139  2006 Knowledge, attitudes, and use of emergency contraception among rural western North Carolina women. ---
140  2006 Menstrual bleeding patterns following levonorgestrel emergency contraception. ---
141  2006 New Mexico pharmacists' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs toward prescribing oral emergency contraception. ---
142  2006 Opinions of West Texas pharmacists about emergency contraception. ---
143  2006 Patterns of emergency contraception use by age and ethnicity from a randomized trial comparing advance provision and information only. ---
144  2006 Recent use of condoms and emergency contraception by women who selected condoms as their contraceptive method. ---
145  2006 Responding to sexual assault victims' medical and emotional needs: a national study of the services provided by SANE programs. SANE, STI
146  2006 Risk of pregnancy among women seeking emergency contraceptives from pharmacists in British Columbia. ---
147  2006 Risk of pregnancy and external validity in clinical trials of emergency contraception. UPSI
148  2006 The profile of emergency contraception users in a chlamydia prevalence study in primary care in Belgium. CT
149  2006 [A novel school-based strategy for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), and teen pregnancies]. STDs
150  2006 [Emergency contraception and adolescents]. ---
151  2006 [Emergency contraception]. LNG
152  2007 Acceptance and use of emergency contraception with standardized counseling intervention: results of a randomized controlled trial. ---
153  2007 An update on emergency contraception use in adolescents. ---
154  2007 Assessment of urgent and ongoing contraceptive needs in an OB/GYN urgent care setting. ---
155  2007 Awareness of emergency contraception among female college students in Chandigarh, India. ECP
156  2007 Beyond access: acceptability, use and nonuse of emergency contraception among young women. OR
157  2007 Ectopic pregnancy following emergency contraception with ethinyloestradiol-levonorgestrel: a case report. ---
158  2007 Emergency contraception among Finnish adolescents: awareness, use and the effect of non-prescription status. ---
159  2007 Emergency contraception knowledge after a community education campaign. ---
160  2007 Emergency contraception: knowledge and attitudes of Turkish nursing and midwifery students. ECPs
161  2007 Expanding access to emergency contraception. ---
162  2007 How does a Belgian health care provider deal with a request for emergency contraception? GPs
163  2007 In vivo assessment of the human sperm acrosome reaction and the expression of glycodelin-A in human endometrium after levonorgestrel-emergency contraceptive pill administration. AR, LNG
164  2007 Is the faculty of family planning and reproductive health care guidance on emergency contraception being followed in general practice? An audit in the West Midlands, UK. FFPRHC, IUD, STIs
165  2007 Knowledge and use of emergency contraception among women in the Western Cape province of South Africa: a cross-sectional study. ---
166  2007 Knowledge of and perceived access to emergency contraception at two urgent care clinics in California. ---
167  2007 Knowledge, attitudes and practices in a group of pharmacists in Puerto Rico regarding emergency contraception. ---
168  2007 Levonorgestrel emergency contraception: a joint analysis of effectiveness and mechanism of action. ---
169  2007 Levonorgestrel pharmacokinetics in plasma and milk of lactating women who take 1.5 mg for emergency contraception. LNG
170  2007 Mechanism of emergency contraception with gestrinone: a preliminary investigation. LH, PRs
171  2007 Missed opportunities to address reproductive health care needs among HIV-infected women in antiretroviral therapy programmes. ART, TOP
172  2007 Modelling costs and outcomes of expanded availability of emergency contraceptive use in British Columbia. ---
173  2007 Need for emergency contraception in urgent care settings. ---
174  2007 Patients' emergency contraception comprehension, usage, and view of the emergency department role for emergency contraception. ED
175  2007 Pharmacy access to emergency contraception in rural and frontier communities. ---
176  2007 Pharmacy access to emergency contraception: Perspectives of pharmacists at a chain pharmacy in San Francisco. ---
177  2007 Provision of emergency contraceptive pills at college and university student health centers in Florida. ---
178  2007 Rapid activation of haemostasis after hormonal emergency contraception. apo, CRP, SHBG
179  2007 Texas community pharmacists' willingness to participate in pharmacist-initiated emergency contraception. PIEC
180  2007 The use of emergency contraception in young Polish women. ---
181  2007 Trends in knowledge of emergency contraception among women in California, 1999-2004. ---
182  2007 Variation in availability of emergency contraception in pharmacies. ---
183  2007 [Introducing Emergency Contraception in the Mexican Family Planning Official Norm]. ---
184  2008 An intervention to improve advance emergency contraceptive prescribing practices among academic primary care physicians. ---
185  2008 Attitudes and beliefs about emergency contraception among patients at academic family medicine clinics. ---
186  2008 Awareness and usage of emergency contraception among teenagers seeking abortion: a Shanghai survey. ---
187  2008 Barriers to emergency contraception (EC): does promoting EC increase risk for contacting sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS? STIs
188  2008 Characteristics of women who seek emergency contraception and family planning services. FP
189  2008 College students' perceptions of emergency contraception provision. FDA, OTC
190  2008 Computer-assisted provision of emergency contraception a randomized controlled trial. ---
191  2008 Emergency contraception availability in New Mexico: impact of direct pharmacy access. ---
192  2008 Emergency contraception in South Africa: a literature review. ---
193  2008 Emergency contraception update: a Canadian perspective. FDA, LNG
194  2008 Emergency contraception: a review. ---
195  2008 Emergency contraception: profiles of women using Plan B in a small Midwestern U.S. community. ---
196  2008 Emergency contraceptive knowledge and practice among unmarried women in Enugu, southeast Nigeria. ---
197  2008 From pilot to mainstream: a decade of working in partnerships to expand access to emergency contraception in Mexico. ---
198  2008 Levonorgestrel administration in emergency contraception: bleeding pattern and pituitary-ovarian function. LH
199  2008 Male university students' views, attitudes and behaviors towards family planning and emergency contraception in Turkey. FP
200  2008 Physicians' intention to educate about emergency contraception. ---
201  2008 The varied circumstances prompting requests for emergency contraception at school-based clinics. ---
202  2008 Who is using emergency contraception? Awareness and use of emergency contraception among California women and teens. ---
203  2008 [Emergency contraception knowledge among students in Medical University of Plovdiv]. ---
204  2008 [Knowledge and attitudes about using emergency contraceptives among young college students]. ---
205  2009 Accuracy of information given by Los Angeles County pharmacies about emergency contraceptives to sham patient in need. ---
206  2009 Adolescent access to emergency contraception: a comment on the UK context. UK
207  2009 Assessment of two emergency contraceptive regimens in Iran: levonorgestrel versus the Yuzpe. ---
208  2009 Characteristics of women who sought emergency contraception at a university-based women's health clinic. WHC
209  2009 Compliance with mandated emergency contraception in New Mexico emergency departments. EDs
210  2009 Contraceptive attitudes among inner-city African American female adolescents: Barriers to effective hormonal contraceptive use. HC
211  2009 Developments and challenges in emergency contraception. ---
212  2009 Does readily available emergency contraception increase women's awareness and use? ECP
213  2009 Emergency contraception - knowledge and attitudes in a group of Australian university students. ---
214  2009 Emergency contraception services for adolescents: a National Survey of Children's Hospital Emergency Department Directors. ED
215  2009 Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitude and prescription practice among doctors in different specialties in Hong Kong. ---
216  2009 Exploring emergency contraception knowledge among Florida pharmacy school students: a preliminary assessment. ---
217  2009 Faced with a double-edged risk: Ugandan university students' perception of the emergency contraceptive pill in Uganda. ECPs
218  2009 Factors affecting awareness of emergency contraception among college students in Kathmandu, Nepal. RH
219  2009 Increased access to emergency contraception: why it may fail. CI, RR
220  2009 Is emergency contraception murder? ---
221  2009 Knowledge of emergency contraception among women of childbearing age at a teaching hospital of Karachi. IUCD
222  2009 Knowledge of emergency contraception amongst tertiary students in far North Queensland. ---
223  2009 Knowledge, attitudes, and use of emergency contraception among Hispanic women of North Carolina. ---
224  2009 Knowledge, Awareness, Perceptions, and Use of Emergency Contraceptives among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. IPV
225  2009 Knowledge, practices, and attitudes regarding emergency contraception among students at a university in Ghana. ---
226  2009 Male access to over-the-counter emergency contraception a survey of acceptability and barriers in Providence, Rhode Island. ---
227  2009 Pharmacist interest in and attitudes toward direct pharmacy access to hormonal contraception in the United States. HC, Pap
228  2009 Pregnancy outcome after levonorgestrel-only emergency contraception failure: a prospective cohort study. LNG
229  2009 Rights to emergency contraception. ---
230  2009 Teenagers and emergency contraception in the UK: a focus group study of salient beliefs using concepts from the Theory of Planned Behaviour. TPB
231  2009 The effect of access to emergency contraceptive pills on women's use of highly effective contraceptives: results from a French national cohort study. ---
232  2009 Usage of emergency contraception between medical related and non-medical related students. UCC
233  2009 Young women's perceptions of pregnancy risk and use of emergency contraception: findings from a qualitative study. ---
234  2009 [Descriptive study of the use of emergency contraception in Catalonia (Spain). Comparison between a rural and an urban area]. ---
235  2009 [Mechanisms of action of emergency contraception]. LNG
236  2009 [Providing emergency contraceptive pills in pharmacies]. ---
237  2010 A pilot study of the Copper T380A IUD and oral levonorgestrel for emergency contraception. IUD, LNG
238  2010 A pilot study to assess candidacy for emergency contraception and interest in sexual health education in a pediatric emergency department population. ED
239  2010 A randomized clinical trial of two emergency contraceptive pill regimens in a Ugandan population. ECP, LNG
240  2010 A randomized controlled trial of the effect of advanced supply of emergency contraception in postpartum teens: a feasibility study. RCA
241  2010 Adolescent and young adult women's use of emergency contraception. ---
242  2010 Awareness of emergency contraception among university students in Mersin, Turkey. ---
243  2010 Community pharmacists providing emergency contraception give little advice about future contraceptive use: a mystery shopper study. ---
244  2010 Contraceptive needs of women seeking care from a publicly funded sexually transmitted infection clinic. STI
245  2010 Cultural adaptation among Hispanic women as related to awareness and acquisition of emergency contraception. ---
246  2010 Effects of oral and vaginal administration of levonorgestrel emergency contraception on markers of endometrial receptivity. LIF, PR
247  2010 Emergency contraception in Argentina: grey areas of common sense and public policy. ---
248  2010 Emergency contraception. ---
249  2010 Emergency contraception: past, present and future. ---
250  2010 Emergency contraception: potential role of ulipristal acetate. LNG, UPA
251  2010 Emergency contraception: update and review. ---
252  2010 Emergency contraception: what do pediatricians know about this subject? ---
253  2010 Harm or Mere Inconvenience? Denying Women Emergency Contraception. ---
254  2010 Immediate pre-ovulatory administration of 30 mg ulipristal acetate significantly delays follicular rupture. CI, LH, UPA
255  2010 Impact of emergency contraception status on unintended pregnancy: observational data from a women's health practice. ---
256  2010 Knowledge and attitudes of health care providers working in primary health care units concerning emergency contraception. ---
257  2010 Mechanism of action of emergency contraception. LNG
258  2010 Obstetrician-gynecologist physicians' beliefs about emergency contraception: a national survey. ---
259  2010 Patient characteristics and provider practice patterns for emergency contraception in a pediatric emergency department. ED
260  2010 Pharmacy provision of emergency contraception to men: a survey of pharmacist attitudes in Rhode Island. ---
261  2010 Postexposure prophylaxis for victims of sexual assault: treatments and attitudes of emergency department physicians. EDs, SA
262  2010 Preventing unintended pregnancy: pharmacists' roles in practice and policy via partnerships. OTC
263  2010 The effects of health education on knowledge and attitudes to emergency contraception by female students of a tertiary educational institution in Enugu, South East Nigeria. ---
264  2010 There's always Plan B: adolescent knowledge, attitudes and intention to use emergency contraception. ---
265  2010 [Emergency contraception in Mexican students]. ---
266  2010 [Hormonal (levonorgestrel) emergency contraception--effectiveness and mechanism of action]. ---
267  2011 A quasi-experimental evaluation of parents as sexual health educators resulting in delayed sexual initiation and increased access to condoms. ATE
268  2011 A survey of women obtaining emergency contraception: are they interested in using the copper IUD? IUD, STIs
269  2011 Advance provision of emergency contraception among adolescent and young adult women: a systematic review of literature. ---
270  2011 Advance provision of emergency contraception in an urban pediatric emergency department. ED
271  2011 Attitudes towards family planning among women seeking induced abortion in Izmir, Turkey. FP
272  2011 Can we identify women at risk of pregnancy despite using emergency contraception? Data from randomized trials of ulipristal acetate and levonorgestrel. CI, OR, UPA
273  2011 College student knowledge and attitudes toward emergency contraception. ECPs
274  2011 Conscience, clinical ethics, and emergency contraception. ---
275  2011 Conscientious objection, emergency contraception, and public policy. CO
276  2011 Effect on pregnancy rates of the delay in the administration of levonorgestrel for emergency contraception: a combined analysis of four WHO trials. ---
277  2011 Efficacy and safety of a levonorgestrel enteric-coated tablet as an over-the-counter drug for emergency contraception: a Phase IV clinical trial. E-LNG-ECP, OTC
278  2011 Emergency contraception and the knowledge of community pharmacists in isfahan, iran. ---
279  2011 Emergency contraception counseling: an opportunity for pharmacists. ---
280  2011 Emergency contraception in the context of marriage in Upper Egypt. ---
281  2011 Emergency contraception over-the-counter: practices and attitudes of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in far North Queensland. CSHS, FPQ
282  2011 Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitudes and practice of the pharmacy staff in Aydin, Turkey. ---
283  2011 Is repeat use of emergency contraception common among pharmacy clients? Evidence from Kenya. ---
284  2011 Knowledge about emergency contraception among family-planning providers in urban Ghana. FP
285  2011 Knowledge and practices of emergency contraception among Ghanaian women. ---
286  2011 Knowledge of emergency contraception among women aged 15-49 years in Mersin, Turkey. ---
287  2011 Knowledge, attitude, and practice of emergency contraception among medical doctors in Port Harcourt. ---
288  2011 Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) regarding emergency contraception among drug dispensers working in retail outlets of Addis Ababa. KAP
289  2011 Missing opportunities for preventing unwanted pregnancy: a qualitative study of emergency contraception. ---
290  2011 Ongoing contraception after use of emergency contraception from a specialist contraceptive service. ---
291  2011 Pediatric emergency health care providers' knowledge, attitudes, and experiences regarding emergency contraception. EDs, HCPs, NPs
292  2011 Provider determinants of emergency contraceptive counseling and provision in Kenya and Ethiopia. ---
293  2011 Provision of emergency contraception at student health centers in California community colleges. ---
294  2011 Sexual, relationship, contraceptive and personal factors influencing emergency contraception use: a qualitative study. ---
295  2011 Students as patients and teachers: evaluation of an experiential emergency contraception project. ---
296  2011 The emergency contraceptive drug, levonorgestrel: a review of post-coital oral and peri-coital vaginal administration for prevention of pregnancy. LNG
297  2011 The state-of-the-art of emergency contraception with the cutting edge drug. PR, SPRMs
298  2011 Use of emergency contraception by US teens: effect of access on promptness of use and satisfaction. ---
299  2011 What influences young women to choose between the emergency contraceptive pill and an intrauterine device? A qualitative study. ECP, IUD
300  2011 [Update on current care guidelines: emergency contraception]. LNG, UPSI
301  2012 A qualitative exploration of emergency contraception users' willingness to select the copper IUD. IUD
302  2012 Assessing knowledge, attitude, and practice of emergency contraception: a cross- sectional study among Ethiopian undergraduate female students. AAU
303  2012 Attitudes and knowledge regarding emergency contraception among emergency department adolescents and providers. NPs, PED
304  2012 Changes in contraceptive choice after emergency contraception. ---
305  2012 Determinants of emergency contraceptive use after unprotected intercourse: who seeks emergency contraception and who seeks abortion? OR
306  2012 Effect of exposure to ulipristal acetate on sperm function. AR, hFF, TyrP, UPA
307  2012 Emergency contraception after sexual assault: changes in provision from 2004 to 2009. ---
308  2012 Emergency contraception and risk for sexually transmitted infections among U.S. women. AOR, FDA, OTC, STI
309  2012 Emergency contraception knowledge among nurse practitioner students. NP
310  2012 Emergency contraception. ---
311  2012 Emergency contraception: can we benefit from lessons learned? ---
312  2012 Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitudes and practices among married Malay women staff at a public university in Malaysia. UPM
313  2012 Examining barriers to emergency contraception use. ---
314  2012 In vitro assessment of some sperm function following exposure to levonorgestrel in human fallopian tubes. AR, LNG
315  2012 Interventions for emergency contraception. CI, HRP, LNG, RR, UPA
316  2012 Knowledge, practices, and attitudes of emergency contraception among female university students in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. ---
317  2012 Nowadays which emergency contraception? Comparison between past and present: latest news in terms of clinical efficacy, side effects and contraindications. LNG, UPA
318  2012 Pharmacy communication to adolescents and their physicians regarding access to emergency contraception. ---
319  2012 Pregnancy, contraception and emergency contraception: the language of urban adolescent young women. ---
320  2012 Representations and uses of emergency contraception in West Africa. A social anthropological reading of a northern medicinal product. ---
321  2012 Six years after deregulation of emergency contraception in Switzerland: has free access induced changes in the profile of clients attending an emergency pharmacy in Zurich? ---
322  2012 The effect on use of making emergency contraception available free of charge. ---
323  2012 The influence of emergency contraception on post-traumatic stress symptoms following sexual assault. HC, PTSD, SA
324  2012 The legal status of emergency contraception in Latin America. ---
325  2012 The role of pharmacists and emergency contraception: Are pharmacists' perceptions of emergency contraception predictive of their dispensing practices? CI, OR
326  2012 Ulipristal acetate and its role in emergency contraception: a comment. LNG, SPRM, SRMs, UPA
327  2012 Ulipristal acetate as an emergency contraceptive agent. UPA
328  2012 Ulipristal acetate: review of the efficacy and safety of a newly approved agent for emergency contraception. LNG, UPA
329  2012 Update on emergency contraception. ---
330  2013 Access to levonorgestrel emergency contraception: science versus federal politics. ---
331  2013 Advantages and disadvantages of over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception. LT, OTC, PL
332  2013 Asking for what she needs? Pregnancy testing or EC? ---
333  2013 Availability of emergency contraception in rural and urban pharmacies in Kansas. ---
334  2013 Contraceptive social marketing in Albania - the NESMARK story. ---
335  2013 Copper T380 intrauterine device for emergency contraception: highly effective at any time in the menstrual cycle. IUD, LMP, UPI
336  2013 Effectiveness of emergency contraception in women after sexual assault. ED, SA
337  2013 Emergency contraception -- mechanisms of action. LNG, UPA
338  2013 Emergency contraception considerations and use among college women. ---
339  2013 Emergency contraception in a country with restricted access to contraceptives and termination of pregnancy, a prospective follow-up study. ---
340  2013 Emergency contraception. IUD, UPA
341  2013 Emergency contraception. LNG, UPA, UPSI
342  2013 Emergency contraception: clinical outcomes. UPA
343  2013 Emergency contraception: no. 280 (replaces No. 131, August 2003). ---
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