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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : esophageal carcinoma
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1985 Brush cytology for the early detection of esophageal carcinoma among patients with upper aerodigestive malignancies. ---
1987 Incidence rate of adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia, and endoscopic classification of early cardial carcinoma in Henan Province, the People's Republic of China. AGC, EAGC
1988 Association of esophageal cytological abnormalities with vitamin and lipotrope deficiencies in populations at risk for esophageal cancer. ---
1988 Precursor lesions of esophageal cancer in high-risk populations in Henan Province, China. ---
1990 [Endoscopic detection of dysplasia and subclinical cancer of the esophagus. Results of a prospective study using toluidine blue vital staining in 100 patients with alcoholism and smoking]. FE, TB
1993 [Motor function of the esophagus in patients with esophageal or gastric cancer]. CC
1994 Current status and future directions in the treatment of localized esophageal cancer. CTM
1995 Fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the evaluation of newly diagnosed esophageal carcinoma. FB
1998 [Esophageal carcinoma in part of population of Yangquan City]. AR
10  1999 [Multiple tumor suppressor 1/p16 gene alterations in human esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma: clinical significance and regional difference]. ---
11  2000 [Cytochrome P450IA1 and the genetic susceptibility to esophageal carcinoma]. CYPIA1
12  2001 Human papillomavirus type 16 is an important infectious factor in the high incidence of esophageal cancer in Anyang area of China. HPV, HPV-16, ISH, PCR
13  2001 Relationship between ABO blood groups and carcinoma of esophagus and cardia in Chaoshan inhabitants of China. CC
14  2002 Oxaliplatin in combination with protracted-infusion fluorouracil and radiation: report of a clinical trial for patients with esophageal cancer. DLT, OXP, PI, XRT
15  2002 Relationship between Egr-1 gene expression and apoptosis in esophageal carcinoma and precancerous lesions. AI, Egr-1 gene, IHC
16  2002 Transcription factor EGR-1 inhibits growth of hepatocellular carcinoma and esophageal carcinoma cell lines. Egr-1, HCC
17  2003 [Manual microdissection of defined cells and RNA extraction for gene expression analysis of esophageal carcinoma progress]. LCM
18  2003 [Relation between helicobacter pylori L-form infection and tumor angiogenesis in human esophageal carcinoma]. Hp-L, MVD
19  2004 Clinicopathologic analysis of esophageal and cardiac cancers and survey of molecular expression on tissue arrays in Chaoshan littoral of China. CC
20  2004 [Survival prognostic factors in a cohort of patients with esophageal carcinoma]. ---
21  2005 Chemoradiation is a tolerable therapy for older adults with esophageal cancer. CRT
22  2005 Clinical significance of VEGF-A, -C and -D expression in esophageal malignancies. AC, SCC, VEGF
23  2005 Detection of HSV and EBV in esophageal carcinomas from a high-incidence area in Shantou China. EBV, HSV, IHC, ISH
24  2005 HPV-associated carcinoma of esophagus in the young: a case report and review of literature. HPV, PCR-RFLP
25  2005 Human papillomavirus infection in Egyptian esophageal carcinoma: correlation with p53, p21, mdm2, C-erbB2 and impact on survival. HPV, OS
26  2005 [Correlation between expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and angiogenesis in esophageal carcinoma]. Dy, MVD, NT
27  2006 Effect of Kang'ai Injection on serum level of soluble interleukin-2 receptor and vascular endothelial growth factor in patients with esophageal carcinoma during radiotherapy. CR, KAI, PD, PR, QOF, RT, SD, slL-2R, VEGF
28  2006 [Serum proteomic profiles of the subjects with esophageal precancerous and cancerous lesions from Linzhou, an area with high incidence of esophageal cancer in Henan Province, Northern China]. BCH, DYS, SELDI-TOF-MS
29  2007 Expression level of hepatoma-derived growth factor correlates with tumor recurrence of esophageal carcinoma. HDGF
30  2008 Changes of serum p53 antibodies and clinical significance of radiotherapy for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. ELISA, p53-Abs
31  2008 Clinical relevance of sputum cytology and chest X-ray in patients with suspected lung tumors. CT, URTC
32  2008 Patients' perception of diagnostic tests in the preoperative assessment of esophageal cancer. CT, EUS, PET, US
33  2009 Expression and clinical significance of S100A2 and p63 in esophageal carcinoma. ESCC
34  2009 Identification of a new broad-spectrum CD8+ T cell epitope from over-expressed antigen COX-2 in esophageal carcinoma. COX-2, CTLs, TAA
35  2009 Isolation and identification of cancer stem-like cells in esophageal carcinoma cell lines. ABC, NOD/SCID, SP
36  2010 Circulating microRNAs: novel biomarkers for esophageal cancer. miRNAs
37  2010 Comparison of prevalence, viral load, physical status and expression of human papillomavirus-16, -18 and -58 in esophageal and cervical cancer: a case-control study. CSCC, ESCC, HPV
38  2010 In vitro antigen-specific cytotoxic T cell response against esophageal carcinoma cells induced by HPV18E7-transfected dendritic cells. DC, HPV
39  2010 Marital status and quality of life in patients with esophageal cancer or Barrett's esophagus: the mayo clinic esophageal adenocarcinoma and Barrett's esophagus registry study. BE, QOL
40  2010 Polymorphisms of HLA-A and HLA-B genes in genetic susceptibility to esophageal carcinoma in Chaoshan Han Chinese. CI, HLA, OR
41  2011 Hypermethylation-modulated downregulation of RASSF1A expression is associated with the progression of esophageal cancer. ESCC, real-time MSP, TSGs
42  2011 Impact of PET-CT on primary staging and response control on multimodal treatment of esophageal cancer. EUS, PET-CT, SUV
43  2011 Infection and integration of human papillomavirus in esophageal carcinoma. HPV
44  2011 Integration of human papillomavirus 18 DNA in esophageal carcinoma 109 cells. HPV, PCR, RT
45  2011 New serum biomarkers for detection of esophageal carcinoma using Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. ---
46  2011 Potential clinical insights into microRNAs and their target genes in esophageal carcinoma. ---
47  2011 Prevalence and association of human papillomavirus 16, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes simplex virus-1 and cytomegalovirus infection with human esophageal carcinoma: a case-control study. CI, CMV, EBV, HPV-16, HSV-1, OR
48  2011 Thoracic surgery in octogenarians: CVTSA/Inova Fairfax hospital experience, 1990 to 2009. EP, NSCCL, VATS, VT
49  2011 [Application of serum proteomic patterns for the detection of esophageal carcinoma in Kazakh in Xinjiang]. ---
50  2012 Apoptosis induced by adenosine involves endoplasmic reticulum stress in EC109 cells. EMSA, ERS, TUNEL
51  2012 Combination therapy with lentinan improves outcomes in patients with esophageal carcinoma. ELISA
52  2012 Correlation of E-cadherin and CD44v6 expression with clinical pathology in esophageal carcinoma. ---
53  2012 Gene silencing of beta-catenin by RNAi inhibits proliferation of human esophageal cancer cells by inducing G0/G1 cell cycle arrest. ERK, LI, PCNA, TEM
54  2012 MSP58 knockdown inhibits the proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in vitro and in vivo. ESCC, shRNA
55  2012 Relationship between HLA-G gene polymorphism and the susceptibility of esophageal cancer in Kazakh and Han nationality in Xinjiang. HLA-G
56  2012 SU-E-T-605: RapidArc Combined with DIBH Technique for Thoracic Esophageal Carcinoma: The Potential Value of Target Immobilization and Reduced Lung Density in Dose Escalation. ABC, CT, DIBH, FB, IMRT, PTVs, RA
57  2012 [Relationship of gross tumor volume with lymph node metastasis and prognosis of esophageal carcinoma]. GTV
58  2013 A relationship between replication protein A and occurrence and prognosis of esophageal carcinoma. RPA
59  2013 Agrocybe aegerita polysaccharide combined with chemotherapy improves tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma levels in rat esophageal carcinoma. IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha
60  2013 Barrett associated MHC and FOXF1 variants also increase esophageal carcinoma risk. EAC, MHC, RT-PCR
61  2013 CXCR7 expression in esophageal cancer. ---
62  2013 Duration of one-lung ventilation stage, POSSUM value and the quality of post-operative analgesia significantly affect survival and length of stay on intensive care unit of patients undergoing two-stage esophagectomy. OLV, PO, TOT, TSE, UK
63  2013 GWAS-uncovered SNPs in PLCE1 and RFT2 genes are not implicated in Dutch esophageal adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma etiology. EAC, ESCC, SNPs
64  2013 MiR-429 up-regulation induces apoptosis and suppresses invasion by targeting Bcl-2 and SP-1 in esophageal carcinoma. miRNAs, Sp1, UTRs
65  2013 Prognostic significance of vascular endothelial growth factor expression in esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis. EA, ESCC, OS, RR, VEGF
66  2013 Reduced lung dose during radiotherapy for thoracic esophageal carcinoma: VMAT combined with active breathing control for moderate DIBH. ABC, CT, FB, IMRT, mDIBH, PTVs, RT, VMAT
67  2013 Study of metabonomic profiles of human esophageal carcinoma by use of high-resolution magic-angle spinning 1H NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis. HR-MAS
68  2013 Survival after recurrent esophageal carcinoma has not improved over the past 18 years. FU
69  2014 ABO blood group and esophageal carcinoma risk: from a case-control study in Chinese population to meta-analysis. CI, ORs
70  2014 Accuracy of endoscopic ultrasound in the diagnosis of T2N0 esophageal cancer. EUS
71  2014 Characteristics of brain metastases from esophageal carcinoma. BM, SmCC, SqCC
72  2014 Diagnostic application of PIK3CA mutation analysis in Chinese esophageal cancer patients. ARMS, ME-Liquidchip
73  2014 Enhancement of silencing DNA polymerase beta on the radiotherapeutic sensitivity of human esophageal carcinoma cell lines. BER, CCK-8, siRNA
74  2014 Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells promote carcinoma growth and lymph node metastasis when co-injected with esophageal carcinoma cells in nude mice. BM-MSCs, hUCMSCs
75  2014 Importance of surveillance and success of salvage strategies after definitive chemoradiation in patients with esophageal cancer. BMT, DM, LR
76  2014 Prognostic significance of beta-catenin expression in patients with esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis. OS
77  2014 RNAi screening identifies HAT1 as a potential drug target in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. HAT1, HATs
78  2014 Short- and long-term outcomes of definitive chemoradiotherapy in patients with esophageal carcinoma aged ≥75 years. CRT, RT
79  2014 Suppressing the formation of lipid raft-associated Rac1/PI3K/Akt signaling complexes by curcumin inhibits SDF-1alpha-induced invasion of human esophageal carcinoma cells. CXCR4, MMP-2, PI3K, Rac1, SDF-1alpha
80  2014 Synuclein-gamma predicts poor clinical outcome in esophageal cancer patients. CI, SNCG
81  2015 A Population-Based Examination of the Surgical Outcomes for Patients with Esophageal Sarcoma. ES, GIST, OS, SEER
82  2015 Computed tomography-based distribution of involved lymph nodes in patients with upper esophageal cancer. CT, CTVn
83  2015 Efficacy of dendritic cell-cytokine-induced killer immunotherapy plus intensity-modulated radiation therapy in treating elderly patients with esophageal carcinoma. CIK, DC, IMRT
84  2015 Epidermal Growth Factor (EGFR) copy number aberrations in esophageal and gastro-esophageal junctional carcinoma. EGFR, FFPE, FISH
85  2015 Impact of comorbidities and use of common medications on cancer and non-cancer specific survival in esophageal carcinoma. CRT, OS
86  2015 Intended use for a neoadjuvant chemoradiation response prediction test for locally advanced esophageal adenocarcinoma: a survey analysis of thoracic surgeons in the US. exCTRT, IHC, neoCTRT, pathCR
87  2015 miR-106a* inhibits the proliferation of esophageal carcinoma cells by targeting CDK2-associated Cullin 1 (CACUL1). CACUL1
88  2015 miRNA-1207-5p is associated with cancer progression by targeting stomatin-like protein 2 in esophageal carcinoma. STOML2
89  2015 Novel perspectives of long non-coding RNAs in esophageal carcinoma. lncRNAs
90  2015 Surgical outcomes of pulmonary metastases from esophageal carcinoma diagnosed by both pathological and clinical criteria. OS, SCC
91  2015 Teeth loss, teeth brushing and esophageal carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CIs, ORs
92  2015 The effect of recombinant lentiviral vector encoding miR-145 on human esophageal cancer cells. ---
93  2015 The Glasgow Prognostic Score. An useful tool to predict survival in patients with advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. GPS
94  2015 The K167I variant of DNA polymerase beta that is found in Esophageal Carcinoma patients impairs polymerase activity and BER. BER, pol beta
95  2016 A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review on the Association between Human Papillomavirus (Types 16 and 18) Infection and Esophageal Cancer Worldwide. HPV, RR
96  2016 Association of gastrointestinal gland cancer susceptibility loci with esophageal carcinoma among the Chinese Han population: a case-control study. HWE, SNPs
97  2016 BAG3-mediated miRNA let-7g and let-7i inhibit proliferation and enhance apoptosis of human esophageal carcinoma cells by targeting the drug transporter ABCC10. BAG3
98  2016 Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Protein 2 Is Strikingly Downregulated in Human Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Functions as a Tumor Suppressor. CRABP2, ESCC, RA, RAR
99  2016 Enhanced Expression of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 IIIc Promotes Human Esophageal Carcinoma Cell Proliferation. ESCC, FGFRs, NCM
100  2016 Episomal Lentiviral Vector-Mediated miR-145 Overexpression Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis of Human Esophageal Carcinomas Cells. EGFP, miR-145
101  2016 Esophageal cancer stem cells and implications for future therapeutics. CSCs
102  2016 Genetic risk of subsequent esophageal cancer in lymphoma and breast cancer long-term survival patients: a pilot study. EADC, ESCC
103  2016 Identification of the Key Genes and Pathways in Esophageal Carcinoma. DEGs, GO, KEGG, PPI, qRT-PCR
104  2016 Impact of IGF-1, IGF-1R, and IGFBP-3 promoter methylation on the risk and prognosis of esophageal carcinoma. IHC, LNM, MSP
105  2016 Involved-field radiotherapy for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: theory and practice. ENI, IFRT, RT
106  2016 Lymphatic spreading and lymphadenectomy for esophageal carcinoma. ---
107  2016 Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Improving Survival Outcomes for Esophageal Carcinoma: An Updated Meta-analysis. CIs, nCRT, NCRTS, RR, SA, SRs
108  2016 Overexpressed HDAC4 is associated with poor survival and promotes tumor progression in esophageal carcinoma. CDK, EMT, ESCC, HDACs
109  2016 Prognostic significance of circulating tumor cells in esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis. CIs, CTCs, HR, OR, PCR, SCC, TNM
110  2016 Role of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 as a prognostic factor for survival in esophageal carcinoma: evidence from 2872 subjects. CIs, DFS, HER2, HR, OS
111  2017 Clinical implications of vasohibin-1 in esophageal carcinoma cells: Inhibition of cell growth and migration. VASH1
112  2017 Clinical outcomes of intensity modulated proton therapy and concurrent chemotherapy in esophageal carcinoma: a single institutional experience. IMPT
113  2017 Decreased expression of CD63 tetraspanin protein predicts elevated malignant potential in human esophageal cancer. MMP
114  2017 Dietary fat intake and risk of esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis of observational studies. CI, EAC, ESCC, MUFA, PUFA, RR, SFA
115  2017 DKK1 maintained cancer stem-like properties of esophageal carcinoma cells via ALDH1A1/SOX2 axis. ALDH1A1, DKK1
116  2017 Downregulation of MACC1 inhibits the viability, invasion and migration and induces apoptosis in esophageal carcinoma cells through the phosphatase and tensin homolog/phosphoinositide 3-kinase/protein kinase B signaling pathway. PI3K, PTEN, si
117  2017 Efficacy and safety of chemoradiation therapy compared with chemotherapy for esophageal carcinoma: An updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. CRT, CT, HR, OS, pCR, PFS, RCTs, RR
118  2017 Endoscopic ultrasonography for preoperative staging of esophageal carcinoma. EUS
119  2017 Expression and function of tetraspanin 1 in esophageal carcinoma. siRNA, TSPAN1
120  2017 Genetic variability in LMP2 and LMP7 is associated with the risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in the Kazakh population but is not associated with HPV infection. ESCC, HPV, PCR-RFLP, SNPs
121  2017 Integration of human papillomavirus 16 in esophageal carcinoma samples. HPV, PCR
122  2017 Meta-analysis of microRNAs as potential biomarkers for detecting esophageal carcinoma in Asian populations. miRNAs
123  2017 miR-195 Regulates Proliferation and Apoptosis through Inhibiting the mTOR/p70s6k Signaling Pathway by Targeting HMGA2 in Esophageal Carcinoma Cells. ---
124  2017 Overexpression of CHD1L is associated with poor survival and aggressive tumor biology in esophageal carcinoma. CHD1L
125  2017 Pathologic lymph node ratio is a predictor of esophageal carcinoma patient survival: a literature-based pooled analysis. CIs, HR, LNR, OS
126  2017 Radiomic analysis in contrast-enhanced CT: predict treatment response to chemoradiotherapy in esophageal carcinoma. ANN, CRT, CT, ROC, SVM
127  2017 The prognostic value of tumor length to resectable esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective study. ESCC, ROC
128  2017 Tyrosine kinase inhibitor induced growth factor receptor upregulation enhances the efficacy of near-infrared targeted photodynamic therapy in esophageal adenocarcinoma cell lines. EAC, NIR-tPDT, TKI
129  2017 [Impact factor of postoperative prognosis of esophageal cancer patients with stage pT2N0~1M0]. OS, PFS
130  2018 Clinical significance of tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 in middle and lower thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. ESCC, IHC, OS, TNFR2
131  2018 Comparative study of computed tomography (CT) and pathological diagnosis toward mediastinal lymph node metastasis in esophageal carcinoma. AUC, CT, MLNM, ROC
132  2018 Cullin7 promotes epithelial‑mesenchymal transition of esophageal carcinoma via the ERK‑SNAI2 signaling pathway. CUL7, EMT, IHC
133  2018 Distinct esophageal adenocarcinoma molecular subtype has subtype-specific gene expression and mutation patterns. EAC, ESCC
134  2018 Expression and clinical significance of retinoid X receptor alpha in esophageal carcinoma. DFS, IHC, OS, RT-PCR, RXRalpha
135  2018 Feasibility of a single mediastinal drain through the abdominal wall after esophagectomy. ANOVA, MIE, VAS
136  2018 Impact of high body mass index on surgical outcomes and long-term survival among patients undergoing esophagectomy: A meta-analysis. CI, HR, OR, OS
137  2018 Meta-analysis of survival benefit with postoperative chemoradiotherapy in patients of lymph node positive esophageal carcinoma. CRT, RR, SA, SCC
138  2018 Predictors of Survival After Treatment of Oligometastases After Esophagectomy. CT-RT, PRS, TTR
139  2018 Preoperative plasma fibrinogen is associated with poor prognosis in esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis. CIs, HRs, PPF
140  2018 Prevalence of the integration status for human papillomavirus 16 in esophageal carcinoma samples. HPV, PCR
141  2018 Prognostic significance of miR-21 and PDCD4 in patients with stage II esophageal carcinoma after surgical resection. OS, PDCD4, PFS
142  2018 Prognostic Value of MicroRNAs in Esophageal Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis. CIs, EAC, ESCC, HRs, miRNAs, OS
143  2018 Programmed death ligand 1 expression in esophageal cancer following definitive chemoradiotherapy: Prognostic significance and association with inflammatory biomarkers. CRT, LMR, NLR, OS, PD-L1, PLR
144  2018 Retinoic Acid Receptor alpha Knockdown Suppresses the Tumorigenicity of Esophageal Carcinoma via Wnt/beta-catenin Pathway. RARalpha
145  2018 Thymoquinone Augments Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis on Esophageal Carcinoma Through Mitigating the Activation of JAK2/STAT3 Pathway. TQ
146  2019 ADC correlation with Sirtuin1 to assess early chemoradiotherapy response of locally advanced esophageal carcinoma patients. ADC, CRT, DWI, ESCC, IHC, MRI, ROC, ROIs, SIRT1
147  2019 Analysis of the function of MAGE-A in esophageal carcinoma by bioinformatics. ESCC, GO, KEGG, MAGE-A, qPCR
148  2019 Autoantibodies against tumor-associated antigens combined with microRNAs in detecting esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. AUC, ELISA, ESCC, miRNAs, ROC, RT-qPCR
149  2019 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0030018 acts as a sponge of miR-599 to aggravate esophageal carcinoma progression by regulating ENAH expression. circRNAs, EMT, ENAH
150  2019 Dosimetric comparison of TomoDirect, helical tomotherapy, VMAT, and ff-IMRT for upper thoracic esophageal carcinoma. CIs, DVH, ESCC, ff-IMRT, HI, HT, MLD, TD, VMAT
151  2019 Down-regulation of long noncoding RNA PVT1 inhibits esophageal carcinoma cell migration and invasion and promotes cell apoptosis via microRNA-145-mediated inhibition of FSCN1. lncRNA, miR-145, PVT1
152  2019 Endoscopic therapy and surveillance versus esophagectomy for early esophageal adenocarcinoma: A review of early outcomes and cost analysis. ---
153  2019 Immunohistochemical analysis of the expression of cancer-associated fibroblast markers in esophageal cancer with and without neoadjuvant therapy. CAFs, ngTMA
154  2019 Investigation into the expression levels of MAGEA6 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and esophageal adenocarcinoma tissues. EAC, ESCC, MAGE, MAGEA6, RT-qPCR
155  2019 Lentiviral-Mediated Overexpression of MicroRNA-141 Promotes Cell Proliferation and Inhibits Apoptosis in Human Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. ESCC, miRNA, miRNAs, UTR
156  2019 Lymphovascular invasion as a poor prognostic indicator in thoracic esophageal carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, HR, LVI, OS, RFS
157  2019 miRNA‑30a‑3p inhibits metastasis and enhances radiosensitivity in esophageal carcinoma by targeting insulin‑like growth factor 1 receptor. EMT, miRNAs
158  2019 Pathological response and serum VEGF changes during chemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma. CR, CRT, OS, PFS, VEGF
159  2019 Potential Role of circPVT1 as a proliferative factor and treatment target in esophageal carcinoma. ---
160  2019 Rac GTPase-Activating Protein 1 (RACGAP1) as an Oncogenic Enhancer in Esophageal Carcinoma. RACGAP1, TNM
161  2019 Reduced miR-203 predicts metastasis and poor survival in esophageal carcinoma. GEO
162  2019 Serum pepsinogen assay is not recommended for the diagnosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. ESCC, PG I, PGR, SROC
163  2019 Silencing lncRNAs PVT1Upregulates miR-145 and Confers Inhibitory Effects on Viability, Invasion, and Migration in EC. FSCN1, lncRNA, miR-145, PVT1, RIP
164  2019 The research advances of exosomes in esophageal cancer. ---
165  2019 Volumetric changes in pharyngeal structures following head and neck cancer chemoradiation therapy. BOT, CI, CRT, HNSCC, PCs, RPS