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Abbreviation : GCs
Long Form : germinal centers
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1985 Microenvironments in the normal thymus and the thymus in myasthenia gravis. MG
1986 Function of the follicular dendritic cell in the germinal center of lymphoid follicles. ---
1986 HTLV-III/LAV viral antigens in lymph nodes of homosexual men with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy and AIDS. AV, FD
1986 Immunohistological patterns of non-neoplastic changes in the thymus in Myasthenia gravis. MG, PVS
1987 Immunohistochemical study of intrathyroidal lymph follicles. FDC, Tg
1987 Monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus: their relation to the patterns of lymph node changes in persistent generalized lymphadenopathy and AIDS. FDC, LNs, mAbs
1988 Deterioration of B cell proliferation correlates with dendritic reticulum cell destruction in germinal centers of an AIDS patient. Case study. DRCs, HIV, PGL
1988 Microenvironment of thymic myoid cells in myasthenia gravis. IDCs, LFH, MG, MyCs, ten cases
1989 A morphological and immunohistochemical study of lymphoid germinal centers in synovial and lymph node tissues from rheumatoid arthritis patients with special reference to complement components and their receptors. C3bR, C3dR, FDCs, IC, RA, RF, TBMs
10  1989 Germinal centers in the bone marrow. ---
11  1989 Immunohistochemical study of low affinity Fc receptor for IgE in reactive and neoplastic follicles. FDCs
12  1989 Ultrastructural analysis of HNK-1+ cells in human peripheral blood and lymph nodes. LGLs
13  1990 Morphometric analysis of germinal centers in nonthymomatous patients with myasthenia gravis. ---
14  1991 Comparison of IgD+ and IgD- thoracic duct B lymphocytes as germinal center precursor cells in the rat. ---
15  1991 Germinal center T cells are distinct helper-inducer T cells. IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-4, TNF-alpha
16  1991 Localization of blood coagulation factors and fibrinolysis factors within lymphoid germinal centers in human lymph nodes. FDCs
17  1991 Penetration, clearance and retention of antigen en route from the gingival sulcus to the draining lymph node of rats. HRP
18  1991 Responses of single germinal-center B cells in T-cell-dependent microculture. ---
19  1992 Follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cell adhesion to normal germinal centers and neoplastic follicles involves very late antigen-4 and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1. FDC, MoAbs, NHL, VCAM-1, VLA-4
20  1992 Functional properties of human germinal center B cells. LMW-BCGF, PNA, PWM, SAC
21  1992 Immunoglobulin idiotype expression in reactive lymphoid tissues and B-cell lymphomas. B-MLs
22  1992 Localization of blood coagulation factors in the germinal centers of human Peyer's patches. FDCs, PPs
23  1993 Decline in the CD4+ lymphocyte population in the blood of SIV-infected macaques is not reflected in lymph nodes. LNs, SIV
24  1993 Distribution of cAMP in secondary follicles and its expression in B cell apoptosis and CD40-mediated survival. PMA
25  1993 Expression of interleukin-6 in Castleman's disease. CD, FDR, IL-6
26  1994 Follicular dendritic cells retain HIV-1 particles on their plasma membrane, but are not productively infected in asymptomatic patients with follicular hyperplasia. FDCs, LNs, MACS, nPCR
27  1994 Immunological and virological changes associated with decline in CD4/CD8 ratios in lymphoid organs of SIV-infected macaques. FDCs, LNs
28  1994 Locus-specific somatic hypermutation in germinal centre T cells. TCR
29  1995 Antigen-induced B-cell death and elimination during germinal-centre immune responses. ---
30  1995 Ig VH hypermutation is absent in the germinal centers of aged mice. ---
31  1995 In situ studies of the primary immune response to (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)acetyl. IV. Affinity-dependent, antigen-driven B cell apoptosis in germinal centers as a mechanism for maintaining self-tolerance. CD40L
32  1996 A change in the localization of the region trapping immune complexes in rat popliteal lymph nodes during development of germinal centers, with regard to the distribution of follicular dendritic cells. FDCs, IC, PAP
33  1996 [Lymphoid follicle formation in sinus mucosa of chronic sinusitis]. FA, FDCs, HEVs, LAs, LCs, LE, LFs, MALT, PFA, SLA
34  1997 Amplified follicular immune complex deposition in mice lacking the Fc receptor gamma-chain does not alter maturation of the B cell response. FDCs
35  1997 Augmented expression of a human gene for 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (MutM) in B lymphocytes of the dark zone in lymph node germinal centers. ---
36  1997 Characterization of B cells expressing recombination activating genes in germinal centers of immunized mouse lymph nodes. LNs
37  1997 Germinal center-derived signals act with Bcl-2 to decrease apoptosis and increase clonogenicity of drug-treated human B lymphoma cells. BL, CMB, IL-4
38  1997 Independent signals regulate development of primary and secondary follicle structure in spleen and mesenteric lymph node. FDC, LNs, RAG
39  1998 Affinity maturation in Lyn kinase-deficient mice with defective germinal center formation. ---
40  1998 Angioimmunoblastic lymphoma (AILD-type T-cell lymphoma) with hyperplastic germinal centers. AILD, AITL
41  1998 Antigen drives very low affinity B cells to become plasmacytes and enter germinal centers. ---
42  1998 B lymphocytes induce the formation of follicular dendritic cell clusters in a lymphotoxin alpha-dependent fashion. FDC, Ig, LT
43  1998 Crucial role of tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 expression on nonhematopoietic cells for B cell localization within the splenic white pulp. FDCs, PALS
44  1998 Expression and function of recombination activating genes in mature B cells. ---
45  1998 In situ studies of the primary immune response to (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)acetyl. V. Affinity maturation develops in two stages of clonal selection. AFCs, BM
46  1998 Kinetics of establishing the memory B cell population as revealed by CD38 expression. ---
47  1998 T helper-2 type of interleukins with de novo germinal center formation in the spleen during murine pregnancy. IL
48  1998 The dynamic structure of the germinal center. ---
49  1998 The role of germinal centers for antiviral B cell responses. FDCs
50  1999 Fibroblast-like synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients have intrinsic properties of follicular dendritic cells. FDCs, FLS, RA
51  1999 Gene conversion and hypermutation during diversification of VH sequences in developing splenic germinal centers of immunized rabbits. ---
52  1999 Identifying the precursors of Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells in Hodgkin's disease: role of the germinal center in B-cell lymphomagenesis. HD, HRS, Ig, LP
53  1999 Lymph node germinal centers form in the absence of follicular dendritic cell networks. ---
54  1999 Mature follicular dendritic cell networks depend on expression of lymphotoxin beta receptor by radioresistant stromal cells and of lymphotoxin beta and tumor necrosis factor by B cells. BM, FDC, LT, TNF, TNFRp55
55  1999 Relaxed negative selection in germinal centers and impaired affinity maturation in bcl-xL transgenic mice. AFCs
56  2000 5-lipoxygenase expression in dendritic cells generated from CD34(+) hematopoietic progenitors and in lymphoid organs. 5-LO, DCs, FACS, GM-CSF, HLA, LNs, TGF-beta1, TNF-alpha
57  2000 Highly restricted spread of HIV-1 and multiply infected cells within splenic germinal centers. PALS
58  2000 Identification of murine germinal center B cell subsets defined by the expression of surface isotypes and differentiation antigens. ---
59  2000 Single-cell PCR analysis of T helper cells in human lymph node germinal centers. IgH, TCR
60  2000 Tumor necrosis factor alpha-deficient, but not interleukin-6-deficient, mice resist peripheral infection with scrapie. CNS, FDC
61  2000 [Isolation of FDC-lymphocyte clusters from human tonsillar tissues]. FDCs, LF
62  2001 Changes in human lymphocyte subpopulations in tonsils and regional lymph nodes of human head and neck squamous carcinoma compared to control lymph nodes. CD69bright
63  2001 Cutting edge: germinal centers can be induced in the absence of T cells. TI
64  2001 Essential role of RelB in germinal center and marginal zone formation and proper expression of homing chemokines. MZ
65  2001 Fas is required for clonal selection in germinal centers and the subsequent establishment of the memory B cell repertoire. ---
66  2001 FLICE-inhibitory protein is a key regulator of germinal center B cell apoptosis. DISC, FADD, Ig
67  2001 Gene expression profiling of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia reveals a homogeneous phenotype related to memory B cells. B-CLL, IgV
68  2001 Induction of germinal centers by MMTV encoded superantigen on B cells. FDCs, SAg
69  2001 Isotype-specific selection of high affinity memory B cells in nasal-associated lymphoid tissue. CSR, Ig, NALT
70  2001 Localization of recombination activating gene 1/green fluorescent protein (RAG1/GFP) expression in secondary lymphoid organs after immunization with T-dependent antigens in rag1/gfp knockin mice. GFP, IL-4, PNA, RAG
71  2001 Lymphoid neogenesis in rheumatoid synovitis. BLC, FDCs, LT, RA
72  2001 The dendritic cell-specific CC-chemokine DC-CK1 is expressed by germinal center dendritic cells and attracts CD38-negative mantle zone B lymphocytes. DC
73  2002 Cellular proliferation of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue with otitis media: a preliminary study. MALT, OM, PCNA
74  2002 Different patterns of bcl-6 and p53 gene mutations in tonsillar B cells indicate separate mutational mechanisms. ---
75  2002 Evolution of autoantibody responses via somatic hypermutation outside of germinal centers. ---
76  2002 Focal follicular features in tonsillar diffuse large B-cell lymphomas: follicular lymphoma with diffuse areas or follicular colonization. DLBCLs, FL
77  2002 Follicular hodgkin lymphoma: a histopathologic study. FHL, NLPHL, RS
78  2002 High frequency of virus-specific B lymphocytes in germinal centers of simian-human immunodeficiency virus-infected rhesus monkeys. HIV-1, SHIV
79  2002 Impaired uptake of apoptotic cells into tingible body macrophages in germinal centers of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. FDCs, SLE
80  2002 In situ localization of follicular lymphoma: description and analysis by laser capture microdissection. FL, IgH, PCR
81  2002 Involvement of GANP in B cell activation in T cell-dependent antigen response. FDCs, TD-Ag
82  2002 Microanatomical localization of PD-1 in human tonsils. ---
83  2002 Role of BCR affinity in T cell dependent antibody responses in vivo. ---
84  2002 The humoral response in TCR alpha-/- mice. Can gammadelta-T cells support the humoral immune response? APCs, TD, TI
85  2003 BCL6 controls the expression of the B7-1/CD80 costimulatory receptor in germinal center B cells. NF
86  2003 Complete analysis of the B-cell response to a protein antigen, from in vivo germinal centre formation to 3-D modelling of affinity maturation. DEL, HEL
87  2003 Cutting edge: germinal centers formed in the absence of B cell-activating factor belonging to the TNF family exhibit impaired maturation and function. BAFF
88  2003 Expression of CD137 (4-1BB) on human follicular dendritic cells. FDCs
89  2003 Follicular lymphoma cell lines, an in vitro model for antigenic selection and cytokine-mediated growth regulation of germinal centre B cells. BCR, IFN-gamma, IL-6, sIgG
90  2003 Functional heterogeneity of marginal zone B cells revealed by their ability to generate both early antibody-forming cells and germinal centers with hypermutation and memory in response to a T-dependent antigen. AFC, FO, MZ, NP, TD, TI
91  2003 Germinal centers regulate human Th2 development. CRTH2
92  2003 Germinal centre-like versus undifferentiated stromal immunophenotypes in follicular lymphoma. FDCs, FL, LNGFR
93  2003 In vivo expression of interleukin-8, and regulated on activation, normal, T-cell expressed, and secreted, by human germinal centre B lymphocytes. IL, RANTES
94  2003 Telomerase activity and proliferation index in aggressive mature B-cell lymphoma: comparison to germinal center phenotypic markers. BL, DLC, MCL, TPG
95  2003 The activation of caspase-3 and DNA fragmentation in B cells phagocytosed by macrophages. GALTs, TdT, TEM
96  2003 The B cell receptor itself can activate complement to provide the complement receptor 1/2 ligand required to enhance B cell immune responses in vivo. BCR, CRs, KO, mIgM, Tg
97  2003 The rise and fall of long-lived humoral immunity: terminal differentiation of plasma cells in health and disease. BM, MM, PCs
98  2003 Visualization of the genesis and fate of isotype-switched B cells during a primary immune response. ---
99  2004 Analysis of mutational lineage trees from sites of primary and secondary Ig gene diversification in rabbits and chickens. ---
100  2004 Borrelia burgdorferi-associated lymphocytoma cutis: clinicopathologic, immunophenotypic, and molecular study of 106 cases. LC, PCR
101  2004 CD27 is acquired by primed B cells at the centroblast stage and promotes germinal center formation. ---
102  2004 Differential diagnosis of cutaneous infiltrates of B lymphocytes with follicular growth pattern. Bb, FCCL, LC, MZL, PCR
103  2004 Distinct expression profiles of the peripheral cannabinoid receptor in lymphoid tissues depending on receptor activation status. MGZs, MZs
104  2004 Germinal center-associated nuclear protein contributes to affinity maturation of B cell antigen receptor in T cell-dependent responses. ---
105  2004 Identification of an Sp factor-dependent promoter in GCET, a gene expressed at high levels in germinal center B cells. GCET, Ig
106  2004 T-cell-dependent immune responses, germinal center development, and the analysis of V-gene sequences. CSA, PCR, phOx
107  2004 Textbook germinal centers? ---
108  2004 The type of seeder cells determines the efficiency of germinal center reactions. ---
109  2005 Antigen-specific memory B cell development. PCs, Th
110  2005 CD4+ T cells downregulate Bcl-2 in germinal centers. ---
111  2005 Determinations of B cell fate in immunity and autoimmunity. PCs
112  2005 Epstein-Barr virus infection in vitro can rescue germinal center B cells with inactivated immunoglobulin genes. EBV, IgH
113  2005 Lymphotoxin-beta receptor-dependent genes in lymph node and follicular dendritic cell transcriptomes. FDCs, LT, LTbetaR
114  2005 Persistence of HIV-1 structural proteins and glycoproteins in lymph nodes of patients under highly active antiretroviral therapy. FDCs, HAART, LNs, vRNA
115  2005 Sonic hedgehog is produced by follicular dendritic cells and protects germinal center B cells from apoptosis. Hh, Shh
116  2005 The majority of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 particles present within splenic germinal centres are produced locally. FDCs, HIV
117  2006 B cell recruitment and selection in mouse GALT germinal centers. FDCs, GALT, ILF, LP, MLN, PP
118  2006 B cell tolerance checkpoints that restrict pathways of antigen-driven differentiation. AFCs, RF
119  2006 FDC-specific functions of p55TNFR and IKK2 in the development of FDC networks and of antibody responses. IC
120  2006 Germinal center function in the spleen during simian HIV infection in rhesus monkeys. ---
121  2006 Germinal center-independent affinity maturation in tumor necrosis factor receptor 1-deficient mice. ---
122  2006 Growth pattern and distribution of follicular dendritic cells in mantle cell lymphoma: a clinicopathological study of 96 patients. CD, FDC, MCL
123  2006 Human germinal center T cells are unique Th cells with high propensity for apoptosis induction. ---
124  2006 Identification of memory B cells using a novel transgenic mouse model. AFC
125  2006 Identification of transitional type II B cells in the salivary glands of patients with Sjogren's syndrome. TII
126  2006 Imprinting the fate of antigen-reactive B cells through the affinity of the B cell receptor. PCs
127  2006 IRTA1+ monocytoid B cells in reactive lymphadenitis show a unique topographic distribution and immunophenotype and a peculiar usage and mutational pattern of IgVH genes. MBCs
128  2006 M17, a gene specific for germinal center (GC) B cells and a prognostic marker for GC B-cell lymphomas, is dispensable for the GC reaction in mice. CSR, DLBCLs, GC, Ig, SHM
129  2006 Nuclear and cytoplasmic AID in extrafollicular and germinal center B cells. AID, CSR, OZ, SHM
130  2006 Selective generation of functional somatically mutated IgM+CD27+, but not Ig isotype-switched, memory B cells in X-linked lymphoproliferative disease. XLP
131  2006 Tracking germinal center B cells expressing germ-line immunoglobulin gamma1 transcripts by conditional gene targeting. Cgamma1
132  2007 A signaling pathway mediating downregulation of BCL6 in germinal center B cells is blocked by BCL6 gene alterations in B cell lymphoma. DLBCL
133  2007 Antigen-specific immunoglobulin E+ B cells are preferentially localized within germinal centres. IgE, phOx
134  2007 B cells moderate inflammatory progression and enhance bacterial containment upon pulmonary challenge with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. ---
135  2007 Cerebrospinal fluid B cells from multiple sclerosis patients are subject to normal germinal center selection. CSF
136  2007 Germinal-center organization and cellular dynamics. ---
137  2007 Hodgkin's lymphoma associated T-cells exhibit a transcription factor profile consistent with distinct lymphoid compartments. cHL, HL, NLPHL, TFs
138  2007 Junctional adhesion molecule C (JAM-C) distinguishes CD27+ germinal center B lymphocytes from non-germinal center cells and constitutes a new diagnostic tool for B-cell malignancies. JAM-C
139  2007 Memory B cells in systemic and mucosal immune response: implications for successful vaccination. ---
140  2007 RAG-mediated secondary rearrangements of B-cell antigen receptors in rheumatoid synovial tissue. RA, RAGs, ST
141  2007 Recirculation of germinal center B cells: a multilevel selection strategy for antibody maturation. ---
142  2008 "Follicular variant" of hyaline-vascular type of Castleman's disease: histopathological and immunohistochemical study of 11 cases. FV, HVCD, PTGC
143  2008 A role for DRAK2 in the germinal center reaction and the antibody response. DRAK2, TD, TUNEL
144  2008 AID is required for germinal center-derived lymphomagenesis. AID, B-NHLs, CSR, SHM
145  2008 Analysis of B cell selection in the germinal center reaction during a T-dependent antibody response at a single cell level. Ab, pNP
146  2008 Bone marrow involvement by marginal zone B-cell lymphomas of different types. BM, MZL
147  2008 CtBP is an essential corepressor for BCL6 autoregulation. ---
148  2008 Interleukin 17-producing T helper cells and interleukin 17 orchestrate autoreactive germinal center development in autoimmune BXD2 mice. IL-17
149  2008 Murine gammaherpesvirus-induced fibrosis is associated with the development of alternatively activated macrophages. MHV-68
150  2008 Nonhuman primate intestinal villous M-like cells: an effective poliovirus entry site. LP, PV
151  2008 Regulatory and pathogenic mechanisms in human autoimmune myasthenia gravis. AChR, MG, Treg
152  2008 Sheepish B cells: evidence for antigen-independent antibody diversification in humans and mice. Ig
153  2008 SWAP-70 deficiency causes high-affinity plasma cell generation despite impaired germinal center formation. SRBC
154  2008 Ultrastructural study of highly enriched follicular dendritic cells reveals their morphology and the periodicity of immune complex binding. FDCs, IC, TI-2
155  2009 A T cell-dependent mechanism for the induction of human mucosal homing immunoglobulin A-secreting plasmablasts. IgA, IL-21, PBs, PCs, TGF-beta1
156  2009 Characteristic cellular composition of germinal centers. ---
157  2009 Differential expression of IRF8 in subsets of macrophages and dendritic cells and effects of IRF8 deficiency on splenic B cell and macrophage compartments. DC, MZ
158  2009 Ectopic lymphoid structures support ongoing production of class-switched autoantibodies in rheumatoid synovium. ACPA, AID, CSR, FDC, IHC, QT-PCR, RA, SCID
159  2009 Expression of BAFF-R and TACI in reactive lymphoid tissues and B-cell lymphomas. BAFF-R, DLBCL, FL, MCL, MZBCL, PCM, TACI
160  2009 Follicular dendritic cells and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transcription in CD4+ T cells. FDCs, HIV, TNF-alpha
161  2009 Follicular helper T cells are required for systemic autoimmunity. san
162  2009 Germinal center reutilization by newly activated B cells. ---
163  2009 Nuclear BCL10 in primary Sjogren's syndrome. NF-kappaB, pSS
164  2009 The Germinal centre-derived lymphomas seen through their cellular microenvironment. ---
165  2009 Transformation of follicular lymphoma to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma may occur by divergent evolution from a common progenitor cell or by direct evolution from the follicular lymphoma clone. CPC, FL, SHM
166  2010 AID-induced genotoxic stress promotes B cell differentiation in the germinal center via ATM and LKB1 signaling. AID, Ig
167  2010 Broad volume distributions indicate nonsynchronized growth and suggest sudden collapses of germinal center B cell populations. ---
168  2010 Expansion of circulating T cells resembling follicular helper T cells is a fixed phenotype that identifies a subset of severe systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE
169  2010 Germinal center T follicular helper cell IL-4 production is dependent on signaling lymphocytic activation molecule receptor (CD150). FH, SLAM
170  2010 IL-21 acts directly on B cells to regulate Bcl-6 expression and germinal center responses. IL, Tfh
171  2010 IL-21 and T follicular helper cells. BCL6
172  2010 IL-21 regulates germinal center B cell differentiation and proliferation through a B cell-intrinsic mechanism. ---
173  2010 Impaired apoptotic cell clearance in the germinal center by Mer-deficient tingible body macrophages leads to enhanced antibody-forming cell and germinal center responses. AFCs, Mer, TBMphis
174  2010 Impaired germinal center responses and suppression of local IgG production during intracellular bacterial infection. NP
175  2010 Marginal zone precursor B cells as cellular agents for type I IFN-promoted antigen transport in autoimmunity. FO, MZ, MZP
176  2010 Mcl-1 is essential for germinal center formation and B cell memory. ---
177  2010 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase activity in T cells regulates the magnitude of the germinal center reaction. ---
178  2010 Preferential localization of IgG memory B cells adjacent to contracted germinal centers. ---
179  2010 Secondary immunization generates clonally related antigen-specific plasma cells and memory B cells. PCs, TT
180  2010 T cell-independent IgA class switch recombination is restricted to the GALT and occurs prior to manifest germinal center formation. CSR, LP, PP, SHMs, WT
181  2010 T cells and follicular dendritic cells in germinal center B-cell formation and selection. FDCs, TD, Tfh
182  2010 The pleckstrin homology domain adaptor protein Bam32/DAPP1 is required for germinal center progression. ---
183  2010 The sensing of environmental stimuli by follicular dendritic cells promotes immunoglobulin A generation in the gut. FDCs, IgA, PPs
184  2010 Thymic remodeling associated with hyperplasia in myasthenia gravis. MG, TECs
185  2010 Toll-like receptor 4 signaling by follicular dendritic cells is pivotal for germinal center onset and affinity maturation. FDCs, Ig, SHM, TLR
186  2011 B cells within germinal centers migrate preferentially from dark to light zone. DZ, LZ
187  2011 BAFF/APRIL inhibition decreases selection of naive but not antigen-induced autoreactive B cells in murine systemic lupus erythematosus. glD42H
188  2011 Chemotaxis in densely populated tissue determines germinal center anatomy and cell motility: a new paradigm for the development of complex tissues. ---
189  2011 CXCR4 expression on activated B cells is downregulated by CD63 and IL-21. ---
190  2011 Cytokine regulation of B-cell migratory behavior favors formation of germinal centers in autoimmune disease. AICDA, GPCR, IFN-alpha, IL-17, IL-17A, RGS
191  2011 Follicular dendritic cells help establish follicle identity and promote B cell retention in germinal centers. FDCs
192  2011 Human tonsil B-cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6)-expressing CD4+ T-cell subset specialized for B-cell help outside germinal centers. BCL6, ICOS, Tfh
193  2011 IL-21-dependent B cell death driven by prostaglandin E2, a product secreted from follicular dendritic cells. ---
194  2011 Impaired clearance of apoptotic cells in germinal centers: implications for loss of B cell tolerance and induction of autoimmunity. ACs, DAMPs, SHM, TBMphis
195  2011 In situ B cell-mediated immune responses and tubulointerstitial inflammation in human lupus nephritis. ---
196  2011 In situ expression of CD23 in lymph nodes of patients with Kimura's disease. ELISA, FDCs, KD, LNs
197  2011 Is there a typical germinal center? A large-scale immunohistological study on the cellular composition of germinal centers during the hapten-carrier-driven primary immune response in mice. DZ, LZ
198  2011 Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV) vFLIP oncoprotein induces B cell transdifferentiation and tumorigenesis in mice. KS, KSHV, MCD, PEL, vFLIP
199  2011 Molecular mechanism of immunoglobulin V-region diversification regulated by transcription and RNA metabolism in antigen-driven B cells. Ab, Ag, AID, GANP, Ig, SHM, TD
200  2011 Salivary glands act as mucosal inductive sites via the formation of ectopic germinal centers after site-restricted MCMV infection. MCMV
201  2011 The Association of Intratumoral Germinal Centers with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer. NSCLC
202  2011 The expression of the peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB2 has no effect on clinical outcome in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. ABC, CR, DLBCL, GCB, TMA
203  2011 The follicular dendritic cell network in secondary follicles of human palatine tonsils and spleens. FDCs
204  2012 Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma with hyperplastic germinal centres (pattern 1) shows superior survival to patterns 2 and 3: a meta-analysis of 56 cases. AITL
205  2012 B and T cells collaborate in antiviral responses via IL-6, IL-21, and transcriptional activator and coactivator, Oct2 and OBF-1. ---
206  2012 B cell receptor signal transduction in the GC is short-circuited by high phosphatase activity. BCRs, SHP-1
207  2012 Determining germinal centre B cell fate. IL, PCs
208  2012 From SAP-less T cells to helpless B cells and back: dynamic T-B cell interactions underlie germinal center development and function. DCs, SLAM
209  2012 Germinal center alloantibody responses are mediated exclusively by indirect-pathway CD4 T follicular helper cells. ---
210  2012 Germinal centers. ---
211  2012 High-resolution intravital microscopy. ---
212  2012 Identification of human germinal center light and dark zone cells and their relationship to human B-cell lymphomas. LZ
213  2012 Interleukin-21 contributes to germinal centre formation and immunoglobulin G4 production in IgG4-related dacryoadenitis and sialoadenitis, so-called Mikulicz's disease. IgG4-DS, IL, LSG, MD, SS, Th
214  2012 Long-lived bone marrow plasma cells are induced early in response to T cell-independent or T cell-dependent antigens. TD, TI
215  2012 Lyn signaling to upregulate GANP is critical for the survival of high-affinity B cells in germinal centers of lymphoid organs. mGC
216  2012 Protein kinase N1, a cell inhibitor of Akt kinase, has a central role in quality control of germinal center formation. BCR
217  2012 Pulmonary infection with influenza A virus induces site-specific germinal center and T follicular helper cell responses. DLNs, FH, IAV, NALT
218  2012 Role of Toll-like receptors in primary Sjogren's syndrome with a special emphasis on B-cell maturation within exocrine tissues. AID, MZ, SGs
219  2012 S1PR2 links germinal center confinement and growth regulation. ---
220  2012 Spatial alterations between CD4(+) T follicular helper, B, and CD8(+) T cells during simian immunodeficiency virus infection: T/B cell homeostasis, activation, and potential mechanism for viral escape. PD-1
221  2012 Splenic proliferative lymphoid nodules distinct from germinal centers are sites of autoantigen stimulation in immune thrombocytopenia. FDCs, GP, ITP, PLNs
222  2012 T cells that promote B-Cell maturation in systemic autoimmunity. EF, TD
223  2012 The cell-cycle regulator c-Myc is essential for the formation and maintenance of germinal centers. ---
224  2012 The darker side of follicular helper T cells: from autoimmunity to immunodeficiency. ---
225  2012 The proto-oncogene MYC is required for selection in the germinal center and cyclic reentry. DZ, LZ
226  2012 Transgenic overexpression of G5PR that is normally augmented in centrocytes impairs the enrichment of high-affinity antigen-specific B cells, increases peritoneal B-1a cells, and induces autoimmunity in aged female mice. ---
227  2013 AID and caspase 8 shape the germinal center response through apoptosis. AID
228  2013 Cutting edge: Macrophages are required for localization of antigen-activated B cells to the follicular perimeter and the subsequent germinal center response. ---
229  2013 Extension of the germinal center stage of B cell development promotes autoantibodies in BXD2 mice. AID, IL-17, qPCR, RGS
230  2013 Germinal center B cells govern their own fate via antibody feedback. ---
231  2013 Germinal center dysregulation by histone methyltransferase EZH2 promotes lymphomagenesis. AID, Blimp-1, EZH2, NHLs
232  2013 Human circulating PD-1+CXCR3-CXCR5+ memory Tfh cells are highly functional and correlate with broadly neutralizing HIV antibody responses. bNAbs, Tfh
233  2013 IL-12 receptor beta1 deficiency alters in vivo T follicular helper cell response in humans. IL-12Rbeta1, STAT4, Tfh
234  2013 IL-17RA is essential for optimal localization of follicular Th cells in the germinal center light zone to promote autoantibody-producing B cells. LZ, RGS16
235  2013 Interleukin-21 is a critical cytokine for the generation of virus-specific long-lived plasma cells. IL-21, LCMV, Tfh
236  2013 Multi-therapeutic potential of autoantibodies induced by immune complexes trapped on follicular dendritic cells. Ags, autoAbs, FDCs, IC
237  2013 Naturally secreted immunoglobulins limit B1 and MZ B-cell numbers through a microbiota-independent mechanism. Ig, MZ
238  2013 Prolonged apoptotic cell accumulation in germinal centers of Mer-deficient mice causes elevated B cell and CD4+ Th cell responses leading to autoantibody production. ACs, TAM
239  2013 Re-utilization of germinal centers in multiple Peyer's patches results in highly synchronized, oligoclonal, and affinity-matured gut IgA responses. PPs
240  2013 Rgs13 constrains early B cell responses and limits germinal center sizes. LN
241  2013 T follicular helper cell diversity and plasticity. Tfh, Th
242  2013 T follicular helper cell dynamics in germinal centers. ---
243  2013 The effect of acrylamide on alpha-naphthyl acetate esterase enzyme in blood circulating lymphocytes and gut associated lymphoid tissues in rats. AA, ANAE, GALT, IPPs, PBL
244  2013 The microRNA cluster miR-17∼92 promotes TFH cell differentiation and represses subset-inappropriate gene expression. miRNAs
245  2013 The role of ectopic germinal centers in the immunopathology of primary Sjogren's syndrome: a systematic review. pSS, SSA, SSB
246  2014 Aberrant immunoarchitecture distinguishes hyperplastic germinal centres in pattern 1 angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma from reactive follicles. CI, OR, RLH, TRG
247  2014 Activated CD4+ T cells enter the splenic T-cell zone and induce autoantibody-producing germinal centers through bystander activation. ---
248  2014 BAFF receptor deficiency limits gammaherpesvirus infection. gammaHVs, MuHV-4
249  2014 CD80 and PD-L2 define functionally distinct memory B cell subsets that are independent of antibody isotype. AFC, MBCs
250  2014 Clonal and cellular dynamics in germinal centers. ---
251  2014 Clonal selection in the germinal centre by regulated proliferation and hypermutation. ---
252  2014 Control of TFH cell numbers: why and how? Tfh
253  2014 Crucial roles of interleukin-7 in the development of T follicular helper cells and in the induction of humoral immunity. IL-6, IL-7, Tfh
254  2014 Dynamic signaling by T follicular helper cells during germinal center B cell selection. ---
255  2014 Follicular lymphoma: too many reminders for a memory B cell. ---
256  2014 Foxp3(+) T cells regulate immunoglobulin a selection and facilitate diversification of bacterial species responsible for immune homeostasis. IgA
257  2014 Generation of memory Bcells inside and outside germinal centers. TD
258  2014 Germinal center B cell maintenance and differentiation are controlled by distinct NF-kappaB transcription factor subunits. ---
259  2014 Gut TFH and IgA: key players for regulation of bacterial communities and immune homeostasis. IgA
260  2014 Histopathological environment besides the focus score in Sjogren's syndrome. FLS, FS, OR, SS
261  2014 Marginal zone B cells transport IgG3-immune complexes to splenic follicles. FDCs, MZ, TNP
262  2014 MicroRNA regulation of the germinal center response. ---
263  2014 New insights into the immunopathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus: the role of T follicular helper cells. DCs, SLE, Tfh
264  2014 Overcoming the dichotomy of quantity and quality in antibody responses. ---
265  2014 PD-1(HIGH) Follicular CD4 T Helper Cell Subsets Residing in Lymph Node Germinal Centers Correlate with B Cell Maturation and IgG Production in Rhesus Macaques. Tfh
266  2014 PP4 is essential for germinal center formation and class switch recombination in mice. Ab, CSR, Ig
267  2014 Redemption of autoantibodies on anergic B cells by variable-region glycosylation and mutation away from self-reactivity. CDR2
268  2014 Regulatory T cells and control of the germinal centre response. Tfr, Treg
269  2014 The hyaline vascular type of Castleman's disease of the ovary: a case report. ---
270  2014 The imperfect control of self-reactive germinal center B cells. BCR, SHM
271  2014 Thymic TFH cells involved in the pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis with thymoma. GMG, OMG, QMGS
272  2014 Transcription factor IRF4 regulates germinal center cell formation through a B cell-intrinsic mechanism. IRF4
273  2015 A CD153+CD4+ T follicular cell population with cell-senescence features plays a crucial role in lupus pathogenesis via osteopontin production. f-BWF1, TF
274  2015 Aberrant germinal center formation, follicular T-helper cells, and germinal center B-cells were involved in chronic graft-versus-host disease. cGVHD, HSCT, ICOS, IL, mTOR
275  2015 B cell-intrinsic CD84 and Ly108 maintain germinal center B cell tolerance. SLAMs
276  2015 CTLA-4 controls follicular helper T-cell differentiation by regulating the strength of CD28 engagement. APCs, CTLA-4
277  2015 Cutting edge: T follicular helper cell differentiation is defective in the absence of Bcl6 BTB repressor domain function. BCL6, Tfh
278  2015 CXCL13 and CCL11 Serum Levels and Lymphoma and Disease Activity in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome. NHL, SS
279  2015 Defective lymphoid organogenesis underlies the immune deficiency caused by a heterozygous S32I mutation in IkappaBalpha. CHS, ED-ID, HSCT, IkappaBalpha, LTbetaR
280  2015 Defects in Germinal Center Selection in SLE. LZ, SLE
281  2015 Development of ADA against recombinant human interferon beta in immune tolerant mice requires rapid recruitment of CD4⁺ T cells, induces formation of germinal centers but lacks susceptibility for (most) adjuvants. Abs
282  2015 DNA Methylation Dynamics of Germinal Center B Cells Are Mediated by AID. AID, DMCs, GCBs, NBs, SHM, WT
283  2015 Early Growth Response Genes 2 and 3 Regulate the Expression of Bcl6 and Differentiation of T Follicular Helper Cells. BCL6, EGR2, Tfh
284  2015 Ectopic Germinal Centers and IgG4-Producing Plasmacytes Observed in Synovia of HLA-B27+ Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients with Advanced Hip Involvement. AS, FDC
285  2015 Germinal center reaction following cutaneous dengue virus infection in immune-competent mice. Abs, DENV, prM
286  2015 Germinal centres and B cell lymphomagenesis. ---
287  2015 Identification of follicular T helper cells in tissue sections. FDC
288  2015 LEF-1 and TCF-1 orchestrate T(FH) differentiation by regulating differentiation circuits upstream of the transcriptional repressor Bcl6. ---
289  2015 LKB1 inhibition of NF-kappaB in B cells prevents T follicular helper cell differentiation and germinal center formation. Tfh
290  2015 Plasmodium Infection Promotes Genomic Instability and AID-Dependent B Cell Lymphoma. AID, Pc
291  2015 Quality and quantity of TFH cells are critical for broad antibody development in SHIVAD8 infection. bNAbs, Env, SHIVAD8, Tfh
292  2015 Regulation of bifurcating B cell trajectories by mutual antagonism between transcription factors IRF4 and IRF8. BCR
293  2015 Salmonella Infection Drives Promiscuous B Cell Activation Followed by Extrafollicular Affinity Maturation. BCR, mAbs, PB, SHM, STM
294  2015 Sequence-Intrinsic Mechanisms that Target AID Mutational Outcomes on Antibody Genes. CSR, SHM
295  2015 Substituting threonine 187 with alanine in p27Kip1 prevents pituitary tumorigenesis by two-hit loss of Rb1 and enhances humoral immunity in old age. KI, SRBC
296  2015 T follicular regulatory cells in the regulation of B cell responses. Tfh, Tfr
297  2015 Triggering positive selection of germinal center B cells by antigen targeting to DEC-205. ---
298  2015 TSC1 Promotes B Cell Maturation but Is Dispensable for Germinal Center Formation. mTORC1, TSC1
299  2016 Antigen sampling by intestinal M cells is the principal pathway initiating mucosal IgA production to commensal enteric bacteria. PPs, RANKL, sIgA
300  2016 CXCL13 is a plasma biomarker of germinal center activity. bNAbs
301  2016 Cytokine-Independent Detection of Antigen-Specific Germinal Center T Follicular Helper Cells in Immunized Nonhuman Primates Using a Live Cell Activation-Induced Marker Technique. AIM, Tfh
302  2016 Distinct Differentiation Programs Triggered by IL-6 and LPS in Teleost IgM(+) B Cells in The Absence of Germinal Centers. ASCs, IL-6, LPS, TD
303  2016 Effects of heat stress on the formation of splenic germinal centres and immunoglobulins in broilers infected by Clostridium perfringens type A. NE
304  2016 Emerging Roles for MicroRNAs in T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation. Tfh
305  2016 Germinal Center B Cell Dynamics. ---
306  2016 Germinal Center Hypoxia Potentiates Immunoglobulin Class Switch Recombination. ---
307  2016 Germinal centre hypoxia and regulation of antibody qualities by a hypoxia response system. AID, mTORC1
308  2016 IgG-Immune Complexes Promote B Cell Memory by Inducing BAFF. ICs
309  2016 Increased expression of Toll-like receptors 7 and 9 in myasthenia gravis thymus characterized by active Epstein-Barr virus infection. EBV, IFN, MG, TLR
310  2016 Intrathymic Tfh/B Cells Interaction Leads to Ectopic GCs Formation and Anti-AChR Antibody Production: Central Role in Triggering MG Occurrence. AChR, MG, PBMCs, Tfh
311  2016 LLT1 and CD161 Expression in Human Germinal Centers Promotes B Cell Activation and CXCR4 Downregulation. LLT1
312  2016 Loss of IL-22 inhibits autoantibody formation in collagen-induced arthritis in mice. IL-22, RA
313  2016 MicroRNA-155 controls affinity-based selection by protecting c-MYC+ B cells from apoptosis. miR-155
314  2016 miR-181a negatively regulates NF-kappaB signaling and affects activated B-cell-like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma pathogenesis. ABC, DLBCL, GCB, miR, NF-kappaB
315  2016 Molecular fine-tuning of affinity maturation in germinal centers. ---
316  2016 Multi-tiered Reorganization of the Genome during B Cell Affinity Maturation Anchored by a Germinal Center-Specific Locus Control Region. ---
317  2016 Novel CXCL13 transgenic mouse: inflammation drives pathogenic effect of CXCL13 in experimental myasthenia gravis. EAMG, MG, Tg
318  2016 Osteopontin in Spontaneous Germinal Centers Inhibits Apoptotic Cell Engulfment and Promotes Anti-Nuclear Antibody Production in Lupus-Prone Mice. ANAs, OPN
319  2016 PD-1(+) and follicular helper T cells are responsible for persistent HIV-1 transcription in treated aviremic individuals. ART, LNs, PDCD1
320  2016 Severe Malaria Infections Impair Germinal Center Responses by Inhibiting T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation. Tfh
321  2016 STAT3 Signaling in B Cells Is Critical for Germinal Center Maintenance and Contributes to the Pathogenesis of Murine Models of Lupus. SLE
322  2016 Store-Operated Ca(2+) Entry in Follicular T Cells Controls Humoral Immune Responses and Autoimmunity. Tfh, Tfr
323  2016 The Cellular Bases of Antibody Responses during Dengue Virus Infection. Ab, DENV
324  2016 The Costimulatory Molecule ICOS Regulates Host Th1 and Follicular Th Cell Differentiation in Response to Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi AS Infection. ---
325  2016 The Transcription Factor AP4 Mediates Resolution of Chronic Viral Infection through Amplification of Germinal Center B Cell Responses. IL-21
326  2016 Ubiquitin-mediated fluctuations in MHC class II facilitate efficient germinal center B cell responses. MHCII, pMHCII
327  2016 Visualizing antibody affinity maturation in germinal centers. ---
328  2017 A Population Dynamics Model for Clonal Diversity in a Germinal Center. ---
329  2017 Abatacept treatment of patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome results in a decrease of germinal centres in salivary gland tissue. ESSDAI, pSS
330  2017 B cell-derived IL-6 initiates spontaneous germinal center formation during systemic autoimmunity. IL-6, SLE, Tfh
331  2017 B-Cell-Activating Factor and the B-Cell Compartment in HIV/SIV Infection. TACI
332  2017 B-cell-intrinsic function of TAPP adaptors in controlling germinal center responses and autoantibody production in mice. TAPPs
333  2017 Balance between Estrogens and Proinflammatory Cytokines Regulates Chemokine Production Involved in Thymic Germinal Center Formation. AChR, MG, TECs
334  2017 Characteristics and clinical implications of reactive germinal centers in the bone marrow. BM
335  2017 Characteristics of germinal center-like structures in patients with Sjogren's syndrome. AKA, ANA, anti-CCP, APF, IHC, pSS, RF, SS, sSS
336  2017 Clonal Evolution of Autoreactive Germinal Centers. SLE
337  2017 Critical Role for Skin-Derived Migratory DCs and Langerhans Cells in TFH and GC Responses after Intradermal Immunization. Tfh
338  2017 Cutting Edge: LL-37-Mediated Formyl Peptide Receptor-2 Signaling in Follicular Dendritic Cells Contributes to B Cell Activation in Peyer's Patch Germinal Centers. FDCs, FPR, PPs
339  2017 Differential requirements for the canonical NF-kappaB transcription factors c-REL and RELA during the generation and activation of mature B cells. NF-kappaB, rel
340  2017 Differentiation of germinal center B cells into plasma cells is initiated by high-affinity antigen and completed by Tfh cells. PCs
341  2017 Discovery of a novel B-cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6)-corepressor interaction inhibitor by utilizing structure-based drug design. BCL6, ELISA, PPIs, SBDD
342  2017 Distinct T helper cell dependence of memory B-cell proliferation versus plasma cell differentiation. CS, PCs, VLPs
343  2017 Early CCR6 expression on B cells modulates germinal centre kinetics and efficient antibody responses. CCR6
344  2017 Follicular CD8 T cells accumulate in HIV infection and can kill infected cells in vitro via bispecific antibodies. fCD8, LN
345  2017 Follicular Dendritic Cell Activation by TLR Ligands Promotes Autoreactive B Cell Responses. FDCs, IFN
346  2017 Frequency and distribution of CD4+CXCR5+ follicular B helper Tcells within involved tissues in IgG4‑related ophthalmic disease. AIP, CXCR5
347  2017 Germinal centres in diagnostic labial gland biopsies of patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome are not predictive for parotid MALT lymphoma development. MALT, NHL, pSS
348  2017 Germinal-center development of memory B cells driven by IL-9 from follicular helper T cells. GC-MP cells, IL-9
349  2017 High frequency of Bob1lo T follicular helper cells in florid reactive follicular hyperplasia. AICD, FRFH, OSA, RT, Tfh
350  2017 Impact of Chronic Viral Infection on T-Cell Dependent Humoral Immune Response. Ig
351  2017 In Vitro-Induced Germinal Center B Cell Culture System. ---
352  2017 Incorporation of a bi-functional protein FimH enhances the immunoprotection of chitosan-pVP1 vaccine against coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditis. APCs, CS, CVB3, E. coli, MLNs, sIgA
353  2017 Interleukin-33 produced by M2 macrophages and other immune cells contributes to Th2 immune reaction of IgG4-related disease. IgG4-RD, IL-33, SGs, SS
354  2017 Intestinal macrophages in Peyer's patches, sacculus rotundus and appendix of Angora rabbit. GALT, PPs, SR
355  2017 Klhl6 Deficiency Impairs Transitional B Cell Survival and Differentiation. ---
356  2017 Low CD21 expression defines a population of recent germinal center graduates primed for plasma cell differentiation. ---
357  2017 Metformin Suppresses Systemic Autoimmunity in Roquinsan/san Mice through Inhibiting B Cell Differentiation into Plasma Cells via Regulation of AMPK/mTOR/STAT3. mTOR, PCs, SLE
358  2017 Microanatomical Labeling of Germinal Center Structures for Flow Cytometry Using Photoactivation. ---
359  2017 Plasma cell and memory B cell differentiation from the germinal center. ---
360  2017 Role of germinal centers for the induction of broadly-reactive memory B cells. ---
361  2017 Spoiling for a Fight: B Lymphocytes As Initiator and Effector Populations within Tertiary Lymphoid Organs in Autoimmunity and Transplantation. SLOs, TLOs
362  2017 Spontaneous germinal centers and autoimmunity. ---
363  2017 T follicular helper and T follicular regulatory cells have different TCR specificity. TCR, Tfh, Tfr, Treg
364  2017 Targeting Vaccine-Induced Extrafollicular Pathway of B Cell Differentiation Improves Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis. PCs, PEP, RABV, RIG, SLAM
365  2017 The Lymph Node in HIV Pathogenesis. HIV, LN, SIV
366  2017 The microanatomic segregation of selection by apoptosis in the germinal center. ---
367  2017 The Role of CD4+ T Follicular Helper Cells in HIV Infection: From the Germinal Center to the Periphery. Tfh
368  2017 The TORC that Gets the GC Cycling. ---
369  2017 Toll-Like Receptor 9 Stimulation Induces Aberrant Expression of a Proliferation-Inducing Ligand by Tonsillar Germinal Center B Cells in IgA Nephropathy. IgAN
370  2017 Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of follicular T-helper cells and their role in autoimmunity. Acl2, Batf, Bcl-6, IL, IRF4, MS, RA, SLE, STAT, TCF1, Tfh, TGF-beta
371  2017 Transiently antigen primed B cells can generate multiple subsets of memory cells. PCs
372  2018 alphav Integrins regulate germinal center B cell responses through noncanonical autophagy. VLPs
373  2018 Altered Ratio of T Follicular Helper Cells to T Follicular Regulatory Cells Correlates with Autoreactive Antibody Response in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Rhesus Macaques. LTs, RM, Tfh, Tfr
374  2018 BCL6 as a therapeutic target for lymphoma. B-NHL, BCL6
375  2018 Capturing change in clonal composition amongst single mouse germinal centers. LNs
376  2018 Cbl Ubiquitin Ligases Control B Cell Exit from the Germinal-Center Reaction. LZ, PCs
377  2018 Computer Simulation of Multi-Color Brainbow Staining and Clonal Evolution of B Cells in Germinal Centers. ---
378  2018 CTLA-4 regulates T follicular regulatory cell differentiation and participates in intestinal damage caused by spontaneous autoimmunity. CTLA-4, MCMV, Tfh, Tfr
379  2018 Cutting Edge: Identification of Marginal Reticular Cells as Phagocytes of Apoptotic B Cells in Germinal Centers. EGFP, MRCs
380  2018 Elevated levels of follicular T helper cells and their association with therapeutic effects in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. CLL, IGHV, MBL
381  2018 Evaluating IL-21 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Crohn's Disease. AdTr, CD, IHC, IL-21, ISH, non-IBD
382  2018 Expression of programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) in the tumor microenvironment and in tumor-draining lymph nodes of breast cancer. IDO, TDLNs, TME
383  2018 Expression of the Plasma Cell Transcriptional Regulator Blimp-1 by Dark Zone Germinal Center B Cells During Periods of Proliferation. DZs, LZs, PCs
384  2018 Germinal Center B Cells Replace Their Antigen Receptors in Dark Zones and Fail Light Zone Entry when Immunoglobulin Gene Mutations are Damaging. BCRs, DZs, LZs, SHM
385  2018 Germinal center responses to complex antigens. BCR
386  2018 High-resolution repertoire analysis reveals a major bystander activation of Tfh and Tfr cells. TCR, Tfh, Tfol
387  2018 Histological scoring of immune and stromal features in breast and axillary lymph nodes is prognostic for distant metastasis in lymph node-positive breast cancers. DMFS, LN, TILs, TNBCs
388  2018 Human CD30+ B cells represent a unique subset related to Hodgkin lymphoma cells. EF, HRS
389  2018 IL-9 receptor signaling in memory B cells regulates humoral recall responses. ---
390  2018 Location, Location, Location. Tfh
391  2018 Memory B cell heterogeneity: Remembrance of things past. MBCs
392  2018 Methyltransferase Nsd2 Ensures Germinal Center Selection by Promoting Adhesive Interactions between B Cells and Follicular Dendritic Cells. BCR, FDCs
393  2018 NKTeeing Up B Cell Responses to Viral Infection. IL-4
394  2018 Overcoming the Neonatal Limitations of Inducing Germinal Centers through Liposome-Based Adjuvants Including C-Type Lectin Agonists Trehalose Dibehenate or Curdlan. CLR, HA, Tfh
395  2018 Plasma cell output from germinal centers is regulated by signals from Tfh and stromal cells. GTI
396  2018 Portending death in germinal centers - when B cells know their time is up. ---
397  2018 R-Ras2 is required for germinal center formation to aid B cells during energetically demanding processes. BCR, GTPase
398  2018 Self-Reactive B Cells in the Germinal Center Reaction. SHM
399  2018 Several Follicular Regulatory T Cell Subsets With Distinct Phenotype and Function Emerge During Germinal Center Reactions. Ab, Tfr
400  2018 Spatial distribution and function of T follicular regulatory cells in human lymph nodes. LN, Tfr
401  2018 T Cell Subsets in the Germinal Center: Lessons from the Macaque Model. CXCR5, Tfh
402  2018 T follicular helper cell development and functionality in immune ageing. cTFH, Tfh
403  2018 T Follicular Helper-Like Cells in Inflamed Non-Lymphoid Tissues. SLO, Tfh
404  2018 Tailoring Immune Responses toward Autoimmunity: Transcriptional Regulators That Drive the Creation and Collusion of Autoreactive Lymphocytes. PCs
405  2018 TAPP Adaptors Control B Cell Metabolism by Modulating the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Signaling Pathway: A Novel Regulatory Circuit Preventing Autoimmunity. PI, TAPPs
406  2018 The RNA-binding protein PTBP1 is necessary for B cell selection in germinal centers. LZ
407  2018 The Role of Dendritic Cells in the Differentiation of T Follicular Helper Cells. DCs, Tfh
408  2018 The Transcriptional Regulation of Germinal Center Formation. ---
409  2018 Transcription factor Phf19 positively regulates germinal center reactions that underlies its role in rheumatoid arthritis. ASCs, BM, phf19, PRC2, RA
410  2018 Vaccination with DNA encoding ES 43-kDa /45-kDa antigens significantly reduces Trichinella spiralis infection in mice. ES, ML
411  2019 A Probabilistic Model of the Germinal Center Reaction. ---
412  2019 B-cell activating factor receptor expression is associated with germinal center B-cell maintenance. BAFF-R, BCMA, MZ, TACI
413  2019 BCR affinity differentially regulates colonization of the subepithelial dome and infiltration into germinal centers within Peyer's patches. BCR, IgA, PPs, SEDs
414  2019 Differential expression of estrogen receptor-alpha on follicular dendritic cells from patients with grade 1-2 and grade 3 follicular lymphoma. ERalpha, FDCs, FLs
415  2019 Early T Follicular Helper Cell Responses and Germinal Center Reactions Are Associated with Viremia Control in Immunized Rhesus Macaques. Ad5hr, GC, HIV, IL-12, RMs, SIV, Tfh
416  2019 Identification of murine antigen-specific T follicular helper cells using an activation-induced marker assay. Ab, AIM, HA, ICS, LN, Tfh
417  2019 Inhibition of IL-17 ameliorates systemic lupus erythematosus in Roquinsan/san mice through regulating the balance of TFH cells, GC B cells, Treg and Breg. Ig, IL, SLE, Th, Treg
418  2019 Low levels of SIV-specific CD8+ T cells in germinal centers characterizes acute SIV infection. ---
419  2019 Plasma cell differentiation during the germinal center reaction. ---
420  2019 Programming Isotype-Specific Plasma Cell Function. CSR, PCs
421  2019 T cell interactions with B cells during germinal center formation, a three-step model. pMHCII, SLAM
422  2019 T follicular helper cell heterogeneity: Time, space, and function. SLOs, Tfh
423  2019 Therapeutic Effects of a TANK-Binding Kinase 1 Inhibitor in Germinal Center-Driven Collagen-Induced Arthritis. AIA, CIA, IFN, RA, STIA, TBK1