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Abbreviation : HSG
Long Form : hysterosalpingography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1959 [Appendicitis, sterility and hysterosalpingography (H.S.G.)]. ---
1963 [Apropos of 200 hysterosalpingographies (H.S.G.) for sterility in the African milieu]. ---
1975 Correlation between hysterosalpingography and pelvic endoscopy for the evaluation of tubal factor. ---
1976 A comparison of hysterosalpingography and endoscopy in evaluation of tubal function in infertile women. ---
1976 Hysterosalpingographic follow-up of laparoscopic sterilization. ---
1976 [Complications following hysterosalpingography (HSG) (author's transl)]. ---
1977 Hysterosalpingographic follow-up of the partial salpingectomy type of sterilization. ---
1978 Bipolar cautery for laparoscopic sterilization. ---
10  1978 Comparative evaluation of laparoscopy and hysterosalpingography in infertile patients. ---
11  1978 Hysterosalpingography in the evaluation of infertility: a six-year review. ---
12  1978 Tubal patency: hysterosalpingography compared with laparoscopy. ---
13  1978 [The place of laparoscopy in the investigation of infertility (author's transl)]. ---
14  1979 Diethylstilbestrol-induced upper genital tract abnormalities. DES
15  1980 Febrile morbidity following hysterosalpingography: identification of risk factors and recommendations for prophylaxis. ---
16  1980 Upper genital tract changes and pregnancy outcome in offspring exposed in utero to diethylstilbestrol. DES
17  1980 [Comparison between hysterosalpingographic findings and lesions observed by laparoscopy and laparotomy (author's transl)]. ---
18  1981 Comparative study of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in infertile patients. ---
19  1981 Hysterosalpingo-radionuclide scintigraphy (HERS). HERS, PCP
20  1981 Late tubal patency following tubal ligation. ---
21  1981 Uterine anomalies in diethylstilbestrol-exposed women with fertility disorders. DES
22  1981 [Comparison of hysterosalpingographic and laparoscopic findings in tubal factor of sterility (author's transl)]. ---
23  1981 [Ranking of hysterosalpingography (HSG) in the physician's consultation-room practice concerning sterility problems (author's transl)]. ---
24  1982 A comparison of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in the investigation of infertility. ---
25  1982 Early therapy for the incompetent cervix in patients with habitual abortion. HA
26  1982 Evaluation of Falope Ring sterilization by hysterosalpingogram. ---
27  1982 The value of high-pressure hysterosalpingography with new cannula. ---
28  1983 Fundal contour of the uterine cavity in the new syndrome of minor mullerian anomalies and oligomenorrhea. A prospective controlled study. ---
29  1983 Hysterosalpingography in the evaluation of infertility. ---
30  1983 Hysterosalpingography with oil contrast medium enhances fertility in patients with infertility of unknown etiology. ---
31  1983 Laparoscopy in female infertility. Diagnosis and prognosis for subsequent pregnancy. ---
32  1984 Comparison of diagnostic accuracy of laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and hysterosalpingography in evaluation of female infertility. ---
33  1984 Hysteroscopy versus hysterosalpingography in infertile patients. ---
34  1985 Comparison of interval and postabortal/puerperal laparoscopic sterilization with the tubal ring procedure. ---
35  1985 Factors predicting abnormal hysterosalpingographic findings in patients treated for acute pelvic inflammatory disease. IUD, PID
36  1985 Hysterosalpingography: value in estimating tubal function, and risk of infectious complications. ---
37  1985 Isthmic ectopic pregnancy: segmental resection as the treatment of choice. ---
38  1985 Salpingitis isthmica nodosa: radiologic and clinical correlates. SIN
39  1985 Serological evidence that chlamydiae and mycoplasmas are involved in infertility of women. ---
40  1985 The use of methyl cyanoacrylate (MCA) for female sterilization. Program for Applied Research on Fertility Regulation Northwestern University Medical School Chicago, Illinois. MCA
41  1986 Comparative trial of tubal insufflation, hysterosalpingography, and laparoscopy with dye hydrotubation for assessment of tubal patency. World Health Organization. ---
42  1986 Comparison of real-time ultrasonography, hysterosalpingography, and laparoscopy/hysteroscopy in the evaluation of uterine abnormalities and tubal patency. US
43  1986 Evaluation of two applications of methylcyanoacrylate for female sterilization. MCA
44  1986 Fallopian tube patency demonstrated at ultrasonography. ---
45  1986 Fertility after the demonstration of intravasation during hysterosalpingography. ---
46  1986 Specific IgG and IgA antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis in infertile women. GMT
47  1986 The accuracy of hysterosalpingography versus laparoscopy in evaluation of infertile women. ---
48  1987 A comparative study of hysterosalpingography and endoscopy/laparotomy in infertile patients. ---
49  1987 Complementary use of hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in 100 infertile patients: results and comparison of their diagnostic accuracy. ---
50  1987 Hysteroscopic evaluation and endocrinological aspects of women with mullerian anomalies and oligomenorrhea. ---
51  1987 Molding of the uterus following intrauterine contraceptive device removal: documentation by hysterosalpingography. IUDs
52  1987 Results of reversal of sterilization performed in Danish women 1978-1983. ---
53  1987 Therapeutic value of hysterosalpingography with lipiodol ultra fluid. ---
54  1988 Diagnosis of cornual obstruction by transcervical fallopian tube cannulation. IFTO
55  1988 Estimated prevalence of mullerian anomalies. ---
56  1988 Female sterilization using tubal coagulation. BPE, EC, UPE
57  1988 Hysterosalpingographic abnormalities in infertile women: radiological and clinical interpretation. ---
58  1988 Hysterosalpingoscintigraphy: a simple and accurate method of evaluating fallopian tube patency. ---
59  1988 Is hysteroscopy of value in the investigation of female infertility? ---
60  1988 Oil or aqueous contrast media for hysterosalpingography: a prospective, randomized, clinical study. ---
61  1988 Terbutaline in diagnosis of interstitial fallopian tube obstruction. IFTO
62  1988 The diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in infertility investigation. ---
63  1988 [Dynamic ultrasonic hysteroscopy]. DEHS
64  1988 [Transvaginal contrast hysterosonography. A new diagnostic procedure for the differentiation of intrauterine and myometrial findings]. CoSy
65  1989 Comparison between 1-hour and 24-hour follow-up radiographs in hysterosalpingography using oil based contrast media. ---
66  1989 Evaluation of the FemTest device pre- and post-sterilization. FT
67  1989 Hysterosalpingography, pre- and postoperative laparoscopy in operative treatment of infertility. ---
68  1989 Radiation exposure of the ovaries during hysterosalpingography. Is radionuclide hysterosalpingography justified? ---
69  1989 Radionuclide hysterosalpingography for measurement of human oviductal function. IVF-ET, RN-HSG
70  1989 Septate versus bicornuate uteri: errors in imaging diagnosis. US
71  1989 Solitary thick intra-uterine membranes not associated with the amniotic band syndrome; three case reports. ---
72  1989 Staging in local endometrial carcinoma. Assessment of magnetic resonance and ultrasound examinations. MR
73  1989 The therapeutic effects of oil-soluble hysterosalpingography contrast medium following water-soluble hysterosalpingography contrast medium. OSCM, WSCM
74  1989 [Conservative surgery in tubal pregnancy]. ---
75  1989 [Hysterosalpingography with digital image intensification radiography]. ---
76  1989 [Initial experiences with hysterosalpingoscintigraphy in normal and pathologic fallopian tube passage]. HAMA, HSS
77  1989 [Pregnancy after hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy]. ---
78  1989 [Salpingo-enteric fistula demonstrated by hysterosalpingography (HSG)]. ---
79  1990 Chlamydia trachomatis, tubal disease and the incidence of symptomatic and asymptomatic infection following hysterosalpingography. CFT, WIF
80  1990 Chlamydial antibody, as determined with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, in tubal factor infertility. CA, ELISA, LPY, PID
81  1990 Diagnosis and treatment of cornual obstruction using a flexible tip guidewire. ---
82  1990 Hysterosalpingogram, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in the assessment of the infertile Nigerian female. ---
83  1990 Hysterosalpingography in the preoperative evaluation of tubal anastomosis candidates. ---
84  1990 Mullerian duct anomalies: MR imaging evaluation. MDAs, MR
85  1990 Phenotypic differences in upper genital tract abnormalities and reproductive history in dizygotic twins exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero. A case report. DES
86  1990 Pregnancy rates after the use of oil-based and water-based contrast media to evaluate tubal patency. ---
87  1990 The association of pregnancy-induced hypertension and uterine malformations. PIH
88  1990 Tubal and peritoneal factors in the infertile woman: use of patient history in selection of diagnostic and therapeutic surgical procedures. ---
89  1990 [Hysterosalpingography: synechiae? Gartner's ducts?]. ---
90  1991 Diagnostic quality and complications of hysterosalpingography: oil- versus water-soluble contrast media--a randomized prospective study. ---
91  1991 Hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in infertility. A comparative study. ---
92  1991 Hysterosalpingography. ---
93  1991 Therapeutic effect of hysterosalpingography: oil- versus water-soluble contrast media--a randomized prospective study. ---
94  1991 Transcervical selective salpingography: a diagnostic and therapeutic approach to cases of proximal tubal injection failure. ---
95  1991 Transvaginal salpingo-sonography (TSSG) in the evaluation of tubal patency. LPS, TSSG, TSSG
96  1991 Uterine anomalies. A retrospective, matched-control study. ---
97  1992 Abnormal findings on hysterosalpingography: effects on fecundity in a donor insemination program using frozen semen. ---
98  1992 An assessment of hysterosalpingosonography (HSSG) as a diagnostic tool for uterine cavity defects and tubal patency. HSSG
99  1992 Diagnosis of uterine anomalies: relative accuracy of MR imaging, endovaginal sonography, and hysterosalpingography. EVS, MR
100  1992 Effects of myomas or prior myomectomy on in vitro fertilization (IVF) performance. IVF
101  1992 Fallopian tubes and ultrasonography: the Sion experience. ---
102  1992 Hysterosalpingography and selective salpingography in the differential diagnosis of chemical intrauterine versus tubal pregnancy. beta-hCG, IUP
103  1992 Obstetric outcome in women with congenital uterine malformations. ---
104  1992 Reproductive outcome after fallopian tube canalization and microsurgery for bipolar tubal occlusion. FTC, PTO
105  1992 Sensitivity of hysterosalpingography after tubal surgery. PAD
106  1992 Standardization of hysterosalpingography and selective salpingography: a valuable adjunct to simple opacification studies. ---
107  1992 The role of hysterosalpingography in modern gynaecological practice. ---
108  1992 Ultrasonography as an adjunct to hydrotubation in the management of female infertility. SSG
109  1992 [Hysteroscopy in infertility]. ---
110  1992 [Tubal catheterization with selective salpingography in the diagnosis and therapy of fallopian tube obstruction]. PTO
111  1993 Acute pelvic infection following hysterosalpingography at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. PID
112  1993 Fallopian tube patency using color Doppler. ---
113  1993 Hysterosalpingography contrast media and chromotubation dye inhibit peritoneal lymphocyte and macrophage function in vitro: a potential mechanism for fertility enhancement. CM, PF
114  1993 Initial experience of a new linear everting falloposcopy system in comparison with hysterosalpingography. ---
115  1993 Selective salpingography and fluoroscopic transcervical salpingoplasty for diagnosis and treatment of proximal fallopian tube occlusions. TCSP
116  1993 The predictive value of hysterosalpingography for tubal and peritoneal infertility factors. ---
117  1993 Ultrasound contrast hysterosalpingography--evaluation as an outpatient procedure. ---
118  1993 [Hysteroscopy and hysterosalpingography. Which examination to chose?]. HC
119  1994 A comparison of pain experienced during hysterosalpingography and in-office falloposcopy. ---
120  1994 A meta-analysis of the therapeutic role of oil soluble contrast media at hysterosalpingography: a surprising result? RCTs
121  1994 Chlamydia trachomatis antibody testing is more accurate than hysterosalpingography in predicting tubal factor infertility. ---
122  1994 Chlamydia trachomatis antibody titers and hysterosalpingography in predicting tubal disease in infertility patients. ---
123  1994 Colour-coded duplex sonography for the assessment of fallopian tube patency. CCDS
124  1994 Congenital malformations of uterus and vagina. MDAs, MRI
125  1994 Correlation of Chlamydia IgG Antibodies with Hysterosalpingogram and Laparoscopy ---
126  1994 Entrance surface and ovarian doses in hysterosalpingography. TLDs
127  1994 Hysterosalpingography after hysteroscopic surgery. ---
128  1994 Morphology of in vitro sperm phagocytosis by rat peritoneal macrophages under influence of oily contrast medium (Lipiodol). PM, SPI
129  1994 Transcervical fallopian tube catheterization and recanalization for proximal tubal obstruction. IUPs, UCLA
130  1994 Tubal patency studied by ultrasonography. A pilot study. HSUG
131  1994 [The prevalence of antithyroid antibodies and long term follow-up in patients with lipiodol iodine-induced goiter]. S.N.I
132  1995 Accuracy of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopic hydrotubation in diagnosis of tubal patency. ---
133  1995 Chlamydial serology and histerosalpingography in predicting tubal disease in infertility patients. NPV, PPV
134  1995 Comparison of patient reactions and diagnostic quality for hysterosalpingography using ionic and nonionic contrast media. ---
135  1995 Elevated tubal perfusion pressures during selective salpingography are highly suggestive of tubal endometriosis. ---
136  1995 Evaluation of the radiologic findings on hysterosalpingography by selective hydrotubation with flexible hysterofiberscope. SHT
137  1995 Hystero-salpingo scintigraphy: a routine investigation in sterile women? HSS, LPSC
138  1995 Infertile couples with a normal hysterosalpingogram. Reproductive outcome and its relationship to clinical and laparoscopic findings. LSC
139  1995 Safety and pharmacokinetics of iotrolan in hysterosalpingography. Retention and irritability compared with Lipiodol. ---
140  1995 The accuracy of hysterosalpingography in the diagnosis of tubal pathology: a meta-analysis. ---
141  1995 The limited value of hysterosalpingography in assessing tubal status and fertility potential. PRs
142  1995 Treatment of ectopic pregnancy by local injection of hypertonic glucose: a randomized trial comparing administration guided by transvaginal ultrasound or laparoscopy. ---
143  1995 [Ambulatory contrast hysterosonography as a possibility for assessing tubal patency]. CLP, Hy-Co-Sy
144  1995 [Effect of contrast media used in hysterosalpingography (HSG) on phagocytosis of spermatozoa by peritoneal macrophages in female rats]. PM, SPI
145  1995 [Immediate and late complications of hysterosalpingography. A comparison between Madsen's obturator and intrauterine balloon catheter]. ---
146  1996 A comparison of hysteroscopy and hysterosalpingography. HSC
147  1996 A comparison of patient tolerance of hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography (HyCoSy) with Echovist-200 and X-ray hysterosalpingography for outpatient investigation of infertile women. HyCoSy
148  1996 Beyond recanalizing proximal tube occlusion: the argument for further diagnosis and classification. GIFT, GnRH-a, PTO
149  1996 Color Doppler hysterosalpingography in the diagnosis of tubal patency. ---
150  1996 Comparison of hysterosalpingography and hysteroscopy in female infertility. ---
151  1996 Comparison of Hysterosalpingography with Laparoscopy and Chromopertubation ---
152  1996 Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and transvaginal ultrasonography with hysterosalpingography in the evaluation of women exposed to diethylstilbestrol. DES, MRI, TVUS
153  1996 Comparison of Operative and Fertility Outcome Between Groups of Women with Intrauterine Adhesions after Adhesiolysis ---
154  1996 Distal fallopian tube occlusion: false diagnosis with hysterosalpingography in cases of tubal diverticula. ---
155  1996 Hysteroscopy is superior to hysterosalpingography in infertility investigation. ---
156  1996 Is estrogen necessary after hysteroscopic incision of the uterine septum? ---
157  1996 MR hysterosalpingography in a rabbit model. ---
158  1996 Reproducibility of the interpretation of hysterosalpingography in the diagnosis of tubal pathology. ---
159  1996 Sonohysterography to Evaluate Uterine Defects on Hysterosalpingography and Its Correlation with Hysteroscopy SHG
160  1996 The association of intrauterine filling defects on hysterosalpingogram with endometriosis. ---
161  1996 [Comparative study on assessment of tubal patency among tubal insufflation, hydrotubation, hysterosalpingography and chromotubation under laparoscopy]. ---
162  1997 A comparison of pain tolerance during X-ray hysterosalpingography and sonohysterosalpingography. Albunex Study Group. sono-HSG
163  1997 Hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingography and tubal ostial polyps in infertility patients. ---
164  1997 Is hysterosalpingography an important tool in predicting fertility outcome? IUP
165  1997 Observer variability in the diagnosis and management of the hysterosalpingogram. ---
166  1997 Practice patterns among reproductive endocrinologists: the infertility evaluation. ---
167  1997 Pregnancy rate following normal versus abnormal hysterosalpingography findings: a meta-analysis. ---
168  1997 Radionuclide hysterosalpingography with radiolabeled spermatozoa. HMPAO
169  1997 Reproductive impact of congenital Mullerian anomalies. ---
170  1997 Sonographic hydrotubation using agitated saline: a new technique for improving fallopian tube visualization. SHT
171  1997 Successful treatment of severe uterine synechiae with transcervical resectoscopy combined with laminaria tent. ---
172  1997 The accuracy of serum chlamydial antibodies in the diagnosis of tubal pathology: a meta-analysis. ROC
173  1997 Ultrasound in the investigation of tubal patency. A meta-analysis of three comparative studies of Echovist-200 including 1007 women. ---
174  1997 What is the radiation exposure to patients during a gynecoradiologic procedure? ---
175  1997 [Radiologic versus ultrasound fallopian tube imaging. Painfulness of the examination and diagnostic reliability of hysterosalpingography and hysterosalpingo-contrast-ultrasonography with echovist 200]. ---
176  1998 Assessing tubal patency with transvaginal salpingosonography after the reversal of tubal ligation for female sterilization. TSSG
177  1998 Complete uterine septum with cervical duplication, longitudinal vaginal septum and duplication of a renal collecting system. A case report. MRI
178  1998 Cost considerations with infertility therapy: outcome and cost comparison between health maintenance organization and preferred provider organization care based on physician and facility cost. ---
179  1998 Diagnostic quality in hysterosalpingography. Comparison between iodixanol and iotrolan. ---
180  1998 Evaluation of uterine cavity by sonohysterography in women scheduled for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI, SHG
181  1998 Hysterosalpingo contrast sonography (HyCoSy) with SH U 454 (Echovist) for the assessment of tubal patency. HyCoSy, LC, NPV, PPV
182  1998 Hysterosalpingography with a balloon catheter versus a metal cannula: a prospective, randomized, blinded comparative study. ---
183  1998 Patient dosimetry in hysterosalpingography: a comparative study. ---
184  1998 Practice patterns among reproductive endocrinologists: further aspects of the infertility evaluation. PCT
185  1998 Upper genital-tract screening with hysterosonography in patients receiving donated oocytes. HSC, SHG
186  1999 Comparison of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in predicting fertility outcome. CITES, FRR
187  1999 Hysteroscopic selective salpingography. HSS
188  1999 Is hysterosalpingography an important tool in modern gynecological practice? ---
189  1999 Reproductive potential after methotrexate treatment of ectopic gestation in a community hospital. ---
190  1999 Screening sonohysterography in infertility. SHG
191  1999 The assessment of endometrial pathology and tubal patency: a comparison between the use of ultrasonography and X-ray hysterosalpingography for the investigation of infertility patients. HyCoSy
192  2000 A second hysterosalpingography reduces the use of selective technique for treatment of a proximal tubal obstruction. ---
193  2000 Can hysterosalpingocontrast-sonography replace hysterosalpingography in the assessment of tubal subfertility? HyCoSy
194  2000 Diagnostic accuracy of sonohysterography, transvaginal sonography, and hysterosalpingography in patients with uterine cavity diseases. EH, SHG, TVS
195  2000 Efficacy of salpingography and transcervical recanalization in diagnosis, categorization, and treatment of fallopian tube obstruction. SS, TCR
196  2000 Evaluation of outpatient hysteroscopy, saline infusion hysterosonography, and hysterosalpingography in infertile women: a prospective, randomized study. HS, OHS, SIS
197  2000 Fluoroscopically guided transcervical fallopian tube recanalization of post-sterilization reversal mid-tubal obstructions. FTR
198  2000 HyCoSy--as good as claimed? HyCoSy
199  2000 Paracetamol as a prophylactic analgesic for hysterosalpingography: a double blind randomized controlled trial. NSAID
200  2000 Potential therapeutic effects of contrast materials in hysterosalpingography: a prospective randomized clinical trial. Kaiser Permanente Infertility Work Group. OSCM, WSCM
201  2000 Therapeutic value of selective salpingography for infertile women with patent fallopian tubes: the impact on pregnancy rate. SSG
202  2000 US evaluation of the uterus in patients with postmenopausal bleeding: A positive effect on diagnostic decision making. PMB, US
203  2000 [Hysterosonosalpingography and hysterosalpingography in the diagnosis of tubal patency in infertility patients]. HSS, LPC
204  2000 [Selective salpingography in cases of proximal tubal occlusion]. PTO, SGS
205  2000 [The correlation between intrauterine filling defects during hysterosalpingography and endometriosis at laparoscopy]. LSC
206  2001 Anovulatory infertility: a report of four cases and literature review. ---
207  2001 Cost-effectiveness of hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy, and Chlamydia antibody testing in subfertile couples. CAT
208  2001 Cost-effectiveness of saline-assisted hysterosonography and office hysteroscopy in the evaluation of postmenopausal bleeding: a decision analysis. PMB
209  2001 Diagnostic and operative transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy for infertility and pelvic pain. THL
210  2001 Interventional radiology in female infertility: technique and role. ---
211  2001 Investigation of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes using three-dimensional saline sonohysterosalpingography. SHSG
212  2001 Tolerability of the mini-pan-endoscopic approach (transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy and minihysteroscopy) versus hysterosalpingography in an outpatient infertility investigation. THL
213  2001 Usefulness of transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy in investigating infertile women with Chlamydia trachomatis infection. THL
214  2001 [Diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography in examination of Fallopian tubes in infertile women]. ---
215  2001 [Diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography in examination of fallopian tubes in infertile women]. ---
216  2001 [The psychological effect of clinical examination on women with tubal infertility]. BBT, IVF-ET
217  2001 [The usefulness of hysteroscopy and hysterosalpingography in diagnosis of tubal infertility]. HSC
218  2001 [Ultrasound hysterosalpingography with levovist in the diagnosis of tubaric patency]. HyCoSy
219  2002 Evaluation of Cases of Secondary Infertility by Hysterosalpingography and Hysteroscopy. ---
220  2002 Investigation of the infertile couple: should diagnostic laparoscopy be performed after normal hysterosalpingography in treating infertility suspected to be of unknown origin? ART
221  2002 Reliability of clinicians versus radiologists for detecting abnormalities on hysterosalpingogram films. ICC
222  2002 Should diagnostic hysteroscopy be a routine procedure during diagnostic laparoscopy in women with normal hysterosalpingography? HSC
223  2002 The role of Seprafilm bioresorbable membrane in the prevention and therapy of endometrial synechiae. ---
224  2002 The role of sonographic assessment of cervical length in the prediction of preterm birth in primigravidae with twin gestation conceived after infertility treatment. BMI
225  2002 The sonographic evaluation of tubal patency with stimulated acoustic emission imaging. SAE
226  2002 The value of Chlamydia trachomatis antibody testing in predicting tubal factor infertility. ---
227  2002 Transcervical intrauterine topical local anesthetic at hysterosalpingography: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. VAS, VDS
228  2002 X-ray diagnosis of salpingian diverticulum--a report of 7 cases. ---
229  2002 [Adnexal defect identified with hysterosalpingogram and laparoscopy during infertility evaluation]. ---
230  2003 A prospective comparative study between hysterosalpingography and hysteroscopy in the detection of intrauterine pathology in patients with infertility. IUA
231  2003 Accuracy of diagnostic laparoscopy in the infertility work-up before intrauterine insemination. IUI
232  2003 Advances in the assessment of the uterus and fallopian tube function. HyCoSy
233  2003 Clinical use of sonohysterography in the evaluation of infertility. SHSG
234  2003 Evidence-based medicine for diagnostic questions. CAT, LS
235  2003 Female sterilization with quinacrine using hysterosalpingography (HSG) as an endpoint after a single-insertion protocol in Caracas, Venezuela. ---
236  2003 Female sterilization with quinacrine using hysterosalpingography (HSG) as an endpoint after a single-insertion protocol in Caracas, Venezuela. ---
237  2003 Hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography compared with hysterosalpingography and laparoscopic dye pertubation to evaluate tubal patency. HyCoSy, PID
238  2003 Hysteroscopic and hysterosalpingographic study after intrauterine insertion of quinacrine pellets for non-surgical sterilization: results in 180 women. ---
239  2003 Hysteroscopic and hysterosalpingographic study after intrauterine insertion of quinacrine pellets for non-surgical sterilization: results in 180 women. ---
240  2003 Intrauterine insemination results are not affected if Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography is used as the sole test of tubal patency. Hy Co Sy, IUI, IUI-H, lap and dye
241  2003 Laparoscopic management of paratubal and paraovarian cysts. TVS
242  2003 Quinacrine sterilization (QS) in Iran and the use of HSG as a measure of success. QS
243  2003 Quinacrine sterilization (QS) in Iran and the use of HSG as a measure of success. QS
244  2003 Radiogenic risks from hysterosalpingography. ---
245  2003 Recurrent first trimester pregnancy loss is associated with uterine septum but not with bicornuate uterus. ---
246  2003 Unsuspected pregnancy at hysterosalpingography: a report of three cases with different outcomes. ---
247  2003 Usefulness and prognostic value of transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy in infertile women. ART, THL
248  2003 Utilizing Chlamydia trachomatis IgG serology with HSG to diagnose tuboperitoneal-factor infertility. ---
249  2003 [Comparison of assessing the patency of the Fallopian tubes during laparoscopy and during hysterosalpingography on television in infertile women with endometriosis]. ---
250  2003 [Hysterosalpingography combined with hysteroscopy-laporoscopy in diagnosing female infertility]. ---
251  2003 [Ultrasonography via vaginal in diagnosing uterine anomalies]. ---
252  2004 Assessment of Uterine Factor in Infertile Women : Hysterosalpingography vs Hysteroscopy. ---
253  2004 Diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography in the detection of intrauterine abnormalities: a comparison with hysteroscopy. ---
254  2004 Female genital tuberculosis: hysterosalpingographic appearances. ---
255  2004 Pulmonary and cerebral oil embolism after hysterosalpingography with oil soluble contrast medium. POE
256  2004 Should laparoscopy be a mandatory component of the infertility evaluation in infertile women with normal hysterosalpingogram or suspected unilateral distal tubal pathology? IUI, IVF
257  2004 Structural findings at hysterosalpingography in patients with infertility at two private clinics in Kampala, Uganda. ---
258  2004 The use of intrauterine lidocaine to minimize pain during hysterosalpingography: a randomized trial. ---
259  2004 Variables affecting immediate pain tolerance in X-ray hysterosalpingography. VAS
260  2004 [Analysis of 1006 cases with selective salpingography and fallopian tube recanalization]. FTR, SSG
261  2005 Cost-effectiveness of Chlamydia antibody tests in subfertile women. CAT
262  2005 Diagnosis of fallopian tube patency. LCP
263  2005 Effect of hysterosalpingography on serum cancer antigen (CA-125) levels. ---
264  2005 Follow-up of successful bilateral placement of Essure microinserts with ultrasound. ---
265  2005 Prediction of laparoscopic surgery outcomes in tubal infertility. LS
266  2005 Transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy, its history and present indication. THL
267  2005 Tubal abnormalities in Thai infertile females. ---
268  2005 Values of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin as a risk factor for tubal obstruction after tubal pregnancy. beta-hCG, MTX
269  2006 Contrast infusion sonography to assess microinsert placement and tubal occlusion after Essure. ---
270  2006 Difficulties in recruitment for a randomized controlled trial involving hysterosalpingography. ---
271  2006 Equivalent dose to organs and tissues in hysterosalpingography calculated with the FAX (Female Adult voXel) phantom. CCs, FAX
272  2006 Hysterosalpingography for assessing efficacy of Essure microinsert permanent birth control device. ---
273  2006 Hysterosalpingography: a reemerging study. ---
274  2006 Incidence of upper genital tract occlusion following microwave endometrial ablation (MEA). MEA
275  2006 Investigation of infertility management in primary care with open access hysterosalpingography (HSG): a pilot study. CI, NICE
276  2006 Opioid analgesia for hysterosalpingography: controlled double-blind prospective trial with remifentanil and placebo. VAS
277  2006 Role of hysterosalpingoscintigraphy in the workup of infertility. 99mTc-MAA, HSSG, LS, MINAR, NPV, PPV
278  2006 Routine use of hysterosalpingography prior to laparoscopy in the fertility workup: a multicentre randomized controlled trial. CI, CPR
279  2006 Tubal abnormalities on hysterosalpingography in primary and secondary infertility. UITH
280  2006 Tubo-peritoneal infertility: comparision of pre-operative hysterosalpingography and laparotomy findings (Tikur Anbessa Hospital, 1995 - 2002). ---
281  2006 [Hysterosalpingography in the assessment of tubal patency]. HyCoSy
282  2006 [Laparoscopic assessment following failure to achieve pregnancy after intrauterine inseminations in patients with normal hysterosalpingograms]. IUI
283  2007 Balloon catheter vs. cervical vacuum cup for hysterosalpingography: a prospective, randomized, single-blinded study. CONSORT
284  2007 Comparison of the effect of single-dose and multiple-dose methotrexate therapy on tubal patency. MTX
285  2007 Comparison of tubal patency assessment during microlaparoscopy and laparoscopy, and its compatibility with previous histerosalpingography results. ---
286  2007 General practitioners' perceptions and attitudes to infertility management in primary care: focus group study. GPs
287  2007 High incidence of tubal dysfunction is determined by laparoscopy in cases with positive Chlamydia trachomatis antibody despite negative finding in prior hysterosalpingography. ---
288  2007 Lidocaine-prilocaine (EMLA) cream as analgesia for hysterosalpingography: a prospective, randomized, controlled, double blinded study. VAS
289  2007 Pain relief in hysterosalpingography. NSAIDs, SMD
290  2007 Radiofrequency global endometrial ablation followed by hysteroscopic sterilization. GEA
291  2007 Role of treatment with ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination in women with unilateral tubal occlusion diagnosed by hysterosalpingography. COH, PRs
292  2007 The feasibility, success and patient satisfaction associated with outpatient hysteroscopic sterilisation. ---
293  2007 The validity of air and saline hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography in tubal patency investigation before insemination treatment. HyCoSy, IUI
294  2007 The value of Chlamydia trachomatis-specific IgG antibody testing and hysterosalpingography for predicting tubal pathology and occurrence of pregnancy. ---
295  2007 Therapeutic efficacy of hysterosalpingography with special reference to application of hydrostatic pressure during the procedure. FTC, FTO
296  2007 [Uro-genital schistosomiasis with S. haematobium and infertility in Niger. Prospective study of 109 cases]. FSG
297  2008 A hybrid radiography/MRI system for combining hysterosalpingography and MRI in infertility patients: initial experience. ---
298  2008 Association between secondary infertility and fallopian tube obstruction on hysterosalpingography. ---
299  2008 Clinical use of 64-row multislice computed tomography hysterosalpingography in the evaluation of female factor infertility. MSCT-H
300  2008 Comparison of hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in the evaluation of infertile women. ---
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