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Abbreviation : PFG
Long Form : pulsed field gradient
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1984 Chromosomes of kinetoplastida. ---
1985 Size variation in chromosomes from independent cultured isolates of Plasmodium falciparum. kb
1985 The molecular karyotype of Leishmania major and mapping of alpha and beta tubulin gene families to multiple unlinked chromosomal loci. ---
1986 Fractionation of large mammalian DNA restriction fragments using vertical pulsed-field gradient gel electrophoresis. ---
1986 Size-fractionation of the small chromosomes of Trypanozoon and Nannomonas trypanosomes by pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis. ---
1986 The karyotype and ploidy of Trypanosoma cruzi. ---
1987 Construction and use of human chromosome jumping libraries from NotI-digested DNA. ---
1987 Genomic organization, chromosomal location and transcription of dispersed and repeated tubulin genes in Leishmania major. kb
1989 Molecular karyotyping of the rodent malarias Plasmodium chabaudi, Plasmodium berghei and Plasmodium vinckei. HSP, rRNA
10  1990 Dihydrofolate reductase mutations and chromosomal changes associated with pyrimethamine resistance of Plasmodium falciparum. DHFR-TS, PyrR
11  1993 Water mobility and structure in poly[2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate] hydrogels by means of the pulsed field gradient NMR technique. NMR, PHEMA
12  1994 Dynamic properties of water at phosphatidylcholine lipid-bilayer surfaces as seen by deuterium and pulsed field gradient proton NMR. ---
13  1994 Hemoglobin affinity for 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate in solutions and intact erythrocytes: studies using pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance and Monte Carlo simulations. Hb
14  1994 PFG NMR self-diffusion measurements in microporous adsorbents. ---
15  1995 Application of homonuclear decoupling to measures of diffusion in biological 31P spin echo spectra. HDSE, PCr
16  1995 Classification of amino acid spin systems using PFG HCC(CO)NH-TOCSY with constant-time aliphatic 13C frequency labeling. ---
17  1995 Detection of insulin aggregates with pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. ---
18  1995 Diffusion coefficients of ATP and creatine phosphate in isolated muscle: pulsed gradient 31P NMR of small biological samples. Di, PCr
19  1995 Measuring protein self-association using pulsed-field-gradient NMR spectroscopy: application to myosin light chain 2. CHAPS, MLC2
20  1996 Water self-diffusion measurements in excised rat lungs. ---
21  1997 Application of multiple-quantum line narrowing with simultaneous 1H and 13C constant-time scalar-coupling evolution in PFG-HACANH and PFG-HACA(CO)NH triple-resonance experiments. CT, HMQCs, HSQCs, S/N
22  1997 Measuring macromolecular diffusion using heteronuclear multiple-quantum pulsed-field-gradient NMR. MQ, SQ
23  1998 A folding pathway for betapep-4 peptide 33mer: from unfolded monomers and beta-sheet sandwich dimers to well-structured tetramers. ---
24  1998 Diffraction-like effects in a highly concentrated W/O emulsion: a PFG NMR study. NMR, W/O
25  1998 Diffusion of liquids into semicrystalline polyethylene. NMR, PE
26  1998 Diffusional anisotropy of T2 components in bovine optic nerve. ADC, MSE
27  1998 Exchange dynamics of surfactants in adsorption layers investigated by PFG NMR diffusion. NMR
28  1998 Mass transfer in chromatographic columns studied by PFG NMR. NMR
29  1998 New 3D NMR Pulse Sequences for Characterization of Polymer Chain End Structures DPPR, NMR, PS
30  1998 Pore-Structure Determinations of Silica Aerogels by 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging MRI
31  1998 Self-diffusion of water and oil in peanuts investigated by PFG NMR. NMR
32  1998 Spatially resolved transport properties in radially compressed bead packings studied by PFG NMR. ME, TSE
33  1998 The characterisation of fluid transport in porous solids by means of pulsed magnetic field gradient NMR. NMR, Swi
34  1999 Composite pulsed field gradients with refocused chemical shifts and short recovery time. ---
35  1999 High-temperature pulsed-field-gradient multidimensional NMR of polymers. ---
36  1999 Nuclear magnetic resonance chromatography: applications of pulse field gradient diffusion NMR to mixture analysis and ligand-receptor interactions. ---
37  1999 Self-diffusion of water in cartilage and cartilage components as studied by pulsed field gradient NMR. NMR
38  1999 Unwanted signal leakage in excitation sculpting with single axis gradients. ---
39  2000 Diffusion tensor MRI of the spinal cord. ADT, EPI
40  2000 Lecithin inverse microemulsions for the pulmonary delivery of polar compounds utilizing dimethylether and propane as propellants. CMC, DME, DMEG, MDIs
41  2000 Microscopic displacement imaging with pulsed field gradient turbo spin-echo NMR. TSE
42  2001 Determination of genuine diffusivities in heterogeneous media using stimulated echo pulsed field gradient NMR. ---
43  2001 Effects of the incorporation of CHAPS into SDS micelles on neuropeptide-micelle binding: separation of the role of electrostatic interactions from hydrophobic interactions. ---
44  2001 Multi-gradient pulse investigations of fluid transport in porous media. ---
45  2001 Potentials of radio-frequency field gradient NMR microscopy in environmental science. NMR
46  2001 Potentials of radio-frequency field gradient NMR microscopy in environmental science. NMR
47  2001 Recent advances in NMR: expanding its role in rational drug design. SAR
48  2001 Surface-to-Volume Ratio of Ganglia Trapped in Small-Pore Systems Determined by Pulsed-Field Gradient Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. MRI, NMR
49  2001 Use of (1)H NMR to study transport processes in porous biosystems. MRI, NMR
50  2001 Use of 1H NMR to study transport processes in porous biosystems. MRI, NMR
51  2001 [Study of diffusion in cartilage by the "PFG" (pulsed-field gradient NMR) technique]. ---
52  2002 Augmentation of oxygen transport by various hemoglobins as determined by pulsed field gradient NMR. Hb, NMR
53  2002 Cation diffusion in cartilage measured by pulsed field gradient NMR. NMR, TEA, TMA
54  2002 Predicting gas transport in formed zeolite adsorbents from NMR studies. LRDM
55  2002 Self-diffusion of polymers in cartilage as studied by pulsed field gradient NMR. NMR
56  2002 Sizing of emulsion droplets under flow using flow-compensating NMR-PFG techniques. NMR
57  2003 Applications of fast diffusion measurement using Difftrain. ---
58  2003 Dimethyl- and bis[(trimethylsilyl)methyl]cuprates show aggregates higher than dimers in diethyl ether: molecular diffusion studies by PFG NMR and aggregation-reactivity correlations. ---
59  2003 Effects of finite-width pulses in the pulsed-field gradient measurement of the diffusion coefficient in connected porous media. app, S/V
60  2003 Electric field driven flow in natural porous media. EOF, STE
61  2003 Gas diffusion in zeolite beds: PFG NMR evidence for different tortuosity factors in the Knudsen and bulk regimes. ---
62  2003 Measurement of emulsion droplet sizes using PFG NMR and regularization methods. GCV, NMR
63  2003 Pore structure and sorption properties of silica aerogels studied by magnetic resonance imaging and pulsed-field gradient spectroscopy. MRI, NMR
64  2003 Protein conformational changes studied by diffusion NMR spectroscopy: application to helix-loop-helix calcium binding proteins. CaM, CaMKI, CDPK, CIB, MLCK, PDE, SIV
65  2003 Separation of velocity distribution and diffusion using PFG NMR. ---
66  2003 Structure-mobility relations of molecular diffusion in nanoporous materials. ---
67  2003 The gel-forming behaviour of dextran in the presence of KCl: a quantitative 13C and pulsed field gradient (PFG) NMR study. ---
68  2004 Characterization of n-butyl acrylate centered triads in poly(n-butyl acrylate-co-carbon monoxide-co-ethylene) by isotopic labeling and two dimensional NMR. HMBC, HSQC, polyEBC
69  2004 Collective dynamics and self-diffusion in a diblock copolymer melt in the body-centered cubic phase. bcc, DLS, PEP-PDMS
70  2004 Diffusion of molecules confined in semipenetrable nanoscale carriers probed by pulsed field gradient NMR. Bz, CL, CX, SDS
71  2004 Direct investigation of the fate of NAPL contaminations in a hydrating cement matrix by means of magnetic resonance techniques. NAPL
72  2004 Fast emulsion droplet sizing using NMR self-diffusion measurements. NMR
73  2004 Restricted diffusion and release of aroma molecules from sol-gel-made porous silica particles. MAS, NMR, PFG-NMR
74  2004 Restricted diffusion in silica particles measured by pulsed field gradient NMR. ---
75  2004 Simultaneous 1H PFG-NMR and confocal microscopy of monolayer cell cultures: effects of apoptosis and necrosis on water diffusion and compartmentalization. ---
76  2004 Solution structure of the dimeric SAM domain of MAPKKK Ste11 and its interactions with the adaptor protein Ste50 from the budding yeast: implications for Ste11 activation and signal transmission through the Ste50-Ste11 complex. ---
77  2004 Using diffusion NMR to characterize guanosine self-association: insights into structure and mechanism. ---
78  2005 Characterization of methylprednisolone esters of hyaluronan in aqueous solution: conformation and aggregation behavior. ---
79  2005 Diffusion of cholesterol and its precursors in lipid membranes studied by 1H pulsed field gradient magic angle spinning NMR. DPPC, MAS
80  2005 Evidence of microphase separation in controlled pore glasses. CPG, IBA
81  2005 Fixed and pulsed gradient diffusion methods in low-field core analysis. FFG
82  2005 Gas diffusion in polycrystalline silicalite membranes investigated by 1H pulse field-gradient NMR. ---
83  2005 Interaction of ferulic acid derivatives with human erythrocytes monitored by pulse field gradient NMR diffusion and NMR relaxation studies. FER
84  2005 Intermolecular hydrogen bonding of steroid compounds: PFG NMR diffusion study, cold-spray ionization (CSI)-MS and X-ray analysis. CSI, obs, obs
85  2005 Lateral diffusion of PEG-Lipid in magnetically aligned bicelles measured using stimulated echo pulsed field gradient 1H NMR. DHPC, DMPC, DMPE-PEG 2000, NMR, STE
86  2005 NMR and confocal microscopy studies of the mechanisms of burst drug release from PLGA microspheres. PLGA
87  2005 PFG-NMR analysis of intercompartment exchange and inner droplet size distribution of W/O/W emulsions. ---
88  2005 Probing short length scales with restricted diffusion in a static gradient using the CPMG sequence. CPMG
89  2005 Pulsed field gradient NMR study of anomalous diffusion in a lecithin-based microemulsion. msd's, W/O
90  2005 Spatially resolved emulsion droplet sizing using inverse Abel transforms. NMR
91  2005 The self-diffusion behavior of polyethylene glycol in cartilageas studied by pulsed-field gradient NMR. MW, NMR, SDC
92  2006 Diffusion NMR as a new method for the determination of the gel point of gelatin. DLS
93  2006 Self-diffusion coefficient of water in tofu determined by pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance. SPI
94  2006 Slice-selected LED and BPPLED: application of slice selection to DOSY. DOSY, MR
95  2007 A cumulant analysis for non-Gaussian displacement distributions in Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows through porous media. ---
96  2007 Chromatographic NMR: a tool for the analysis of mixtures of small molecules. HR-MAS
97  2007 Macrocyclic beta-sheet peptides that mimic protein quaternary structure through intermolecular beta-sheet interactions. AUC
98  2007 Molecular mass estimation of derivatized compounds: a PFG NMR study. TAI, TMS
99  2007 Molecular mobility and transport in polymer membranes and polyelectrolyte multilayers. ---
100  2007 MR diffusion - "diffraction" phenomenon in multi-pulse-field-gradient experiments. ---
101  2007 Rapid surface-to-volume ratio and tortuosity measurement using Difftrain. ---
102  2007 Temperature effects on phase equilibrium and diffusion in mesopores. NMR
103  2007 Water in oil emulsion droplet size characterization using a pulsed field gradient with diffusion editing (PFG-DE) NMR technique. NMR, PFG-DE
104  2008 1H NMR signal broadening in spectra of alkane molecules adsorbed on MFI-type zeolites. CPMG, HE, NMR
105  2008 A rapid measurement of flow propagators in porous rocks. ---
106  2008 Application of pulsed field gradient NMR with high gradient strength for studies of self-diffusion in lipid membranes on the nanoscale. ---
107  2008 Diffusion of PEG confined between lamellae of negatively magnetically aligned bicelles: pulsed field gradient 1H NMR measurements. DHPC, DMPC, DMPG, NMR, PEG, STE
108  2008 Diffusion-based MR methods for bone structure and evolution. DDIF, SVR
109  2008 Heterogeneity of polyelectrolyte diffusion in polyelectrolyte-protein coacervates: a 1H pulsed field gradient NMR study. BSA, PDADMAC
110  2008 High-performance solvent suppression for proton detected solid-state NMR. ---
111  2008 Magnetic resonance imaging of structure, diffusivity, and copper immobilization in a phototrophic biofilm. MRI
112  2008 Non-invasive mass transfer measurements in complex biofilm-coated structures. ---
113  2008 Pulsed field gradient magic angle spinning NMR self-diffusion measurements in liquids. MAS
114  2008 Scaling law of poly(ethylene oxide) chain permeation through a nanoporous wall. PEO
115  2008 Simultaneously cycled NMR spectroscopy. E.COSY, SC, SFC, SGC, SPC
116  2009 A general framework to quantify the effect of restricted diffusion on the NMR signal with applications to double pulsed field gradient NMR experiments. ---
117  2009 Compartment shape anisotropy (CSA) revealed by double pulsed field gradient MR. CSA
118  2009 Diffusion studies in confined nematic liquid crystals by MAS PFG NMR. MAS
119  2009 Influence of water on diffusion in imidazolium-based ionic liquids: a pulsed field gradient NMR study. ---
120  2009 Observing diffusive exchange between surfactant and aqueous domains in detergents. MLVs, NMR
121  2009 PFGSE-NMR study of pH-triggered behavior in pluronic-ibuprofen solutions. ---
122  2009 Pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance study of time-dependent diffusion behavior and exchange of lipids in planar-supported lipid bilayers. ---
123  2009 Quantification of the velocity acceleration factor for colloidal transport in porous media using NMR. NMR, VAF
124  2009 Self-diffusion and mutual diffusion of small molecules in high-set curdlan hydrogels studied by 31P NMR. ESEM
125  2009 Self-diffusion studies of binary mixtures in NaX zeolites using pulsed field gradient NMR and a Maxwell-Stefan model. ---
126  2009 The alpha-galactomannan Davanat binds galectin-1 at a site different from the conventional galectin carbohydrate binding domain. Gal-1
127  2009 Using pulse field gradient NMR diffusion measurements to define molecular size distributions in glycan preparations. inf
128  2009 Water diffusion in bicelles and the mixed bicelle model. NMR, STE
129  2010 A system and mathematical framework to model shear flow effects in biomedical DW-imaging and spectroscopy. DWI, IVIM, PGSE
130  2010 Adsorption of aromatic alcohols into the walls of hollow polyelectrolyte capsules. ---
131  2010 Aggregation of amyloid Abeta((1-40)) peptide in perdeuterated 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol caused by ultrasound sonication. CD
132  2010 Antimicrobial peptides and their superior fluorinated analogues: structure-activity relationships as revealed by NMR spectroscopy and MD calculations. ---
133  2010 Behavior of asphaltene model compounds at w/o interfaces. ---
134  2010 Bicellar mixtures containing pluronic F68: morphology and lateral diffusion from combined SANS and PFG NMR studies. DMPG, NMR, SANS
135  2010 Canopy dynamics in nanoscale ionic materials. NIMS, NMR, ns
136  2010 Cooperative preassociation stages of PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymers: NMR and theoretical study. CMT, DFT
137  2010 Host-guest chemistry of dendrimer-drug complexes. 5. Insights into the design of formulations for noninvasive delivery of heparin revealed by isothermal titration calorimetry and NMR studies. AFM, ITC, NOESY
138  2010 Hydrogen adsorption and diffusion in p-tert-butylcalix[4]arene: an experimental and molecular simulation study. ---
139  2010 Melting behavior and ionic conductivity in hydrophobic ionic liquids. FWHM, RTILs
140  2010 Micelle-bound structures and dynamics of the hinge deleted analog of melittin and its diastereomer: implications in cell selective lysis by D-amino acid containing antimicrobial peptides. DPC, ITC
141  2010 Self-assembly and diffusion of block copolymer templates in SBA-15 nanochannels. ---
142  2010 Single-file diffusion of confined water inside SWNTs: an NMR study. MSD, NMR, SWNTs
143  2010 Specific ion effects on nanoparticle stability and organocation-particle interactions in tetraalkylammonium-silica mixtures. DLS, TAA, TMA, TPA
144  2010 Surface diffusion in porous catalysts. NMR
145  2011 Comparison between nuclear magnetic resonance profiling and the source/sink approach for characterizing drug diffusion in hydrogel matrices. NMR
146  2011 Double pulsed field gradient (double-PFG) MR imaging (MRI) as a means to measure the size of plant cells. double-PFG, DTI, MRI
147  2011 Emulation of petroleum well-logging D-T2 correlations on a standard benchtop spectrometer. app, FFG, NMR
148  2011 Fractional Order Analysis of Sephadex Gel Structures: NMR Measurements Reflecting Anomalous Diffusion. NMR
149  2011 Interaction of cesium ions with calix[4]arene-bis(t-octylbenzo-18-crown-6): NMR and theoretical study. CsDCC, DFT
150  2011 Kinetics of binding and diffusivity of leucine-enkephalin in large unilamellar vesicle by pulsed-field-gradient 1H NMR in situ. L-ENK, LUVs
151  2011 NMR insight into the supramolecular structure of daunorubicin loaded polymer nanoparticles. DOSY, NMR
152  2011 PFG NMR investigations of TPA-TMA-silica mixtures. DLS, TPA
153  2011 Temperature driven annealing of perforations in bicellar model membranes. DHPC, DMPC, DMPG, SANS
154  2011 The amyloidogenic SEVI precursor, PAP248-286, is highly unfolded in solution despite an underlying helical tendency. ---
155  2011 The effect of coordinating and non-coordinating additives on the transport properties in ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries. IL
156  2011 Tracing pore-space heterogeneities in X-type zeolites by diffusion studies. ---
157  2011 Translational diffusion of macromolecular assemblies measured using transverse-relaxation-optimized pulsed field gradient NMR. OmpX, STE, TRO
158  2012 Combined application of high-field diffusion NMR and molecular dynamics simulations to study dynamics in a mixture of carbon dioxide and an imidazolium-based ionic liquid. bmim
159  2012 Determination of mean droplet sizes of water-in-oil emulsions using an Earth's field NMR instrument. EF, NMR
160  2012 Diffusion of methane and carbon dioxide in carbon molecular sieve membranes by multinuclear pulsed field gradient NMR. CMS
161  2012 Empirical time dependence of liquid self-diffusion coefficient in porous media. ---
162  2012 Emulsion droplet sizing using low-field NMR with chemical shift resolution and the block gradient pulse method. bgp
163  2012 Influence of the water content on the diffusion coefficients of Li+ and water across naphthalenic based copolyimide cation-exchange membranes. ---
164  2012 Interactions between dendrimers and ionic liquids revealed by pulsed field gradient and nuclear Overhauser effect NMR studies. NOESY, PAMAM
165  2012 PFG NMR studies of lysine-silica solutions. DLS
166  2012 Polymer binding to carbon nanotubes in aqueous dispersions: residence time on the nanotube surface as obtained by NMR diffusometry. CNT, TGA
167  2012 Sizing of reverse micelles in microemulsions using NMR measurements of diffusion. CTAB, DLS, MR, PGSTE, RMs, SAXS
168  2012 Sorbate Transport in Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes and FAU/EMT Intergrowth by Diffusion NMR. CMS
169  2012 Tracing Molecular Propagation in Dextran Solutions by Pulsed Field Gradient NMR. FCS
170  2012 Understanding the solvent effect on the catalytic oxidation of 1,4-butanediol in methanol over Au/TiO2 catalyst: NMR diffusion and relaxation studies. ---
171  2013 Combined measurement of translational and rotational diffusion in quaternary acyclic ammonium and cyclic pyrrolidinium ionic liquids. ILs
172  2013 Effects of a polar amino acid substitution on helix formation and aggregate size along the detergent-induced peptide folding pathway. CD, DPC, SDS, TM
173  2013 Estimation of pore size distribution using concentric double pulsed-field gradient NMR. CDPFG
174  2013 Green Synthesis, Molecular Characterization and Associative Behavior of Some Gemini Surfactants without a Spacer Group. MW
175  2013 Insights into the interplay between molecular structure and diffusional motion in 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids: a combined PFG NMR and X-ray scattering study. NMR, SAXS
176  2013 Mass transfer in mesoporous materials: the benefit of microscopic diffusion measurement. ---
177  2013 Monitoring bacterially induced calcite precipitation in porous media using magnetic resonance imaging and flow measurements. MRI, NMR
178  2013 Morphological characterization of DMPC/CHAPSO bicellar mixtures: a combined SANS and NMR study. CHAPSO, DMPC, DMPG, SANS, STE
179  2013 New insights for accurate chemically specific measurements of slow diffusing molecules. NMR
180  2013 NMR methods for measuring lateral diffusion in membranes. CODEX, EXSY
181  2013 Overhauser Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-Enhanced NMR Relaxometry. DNP, NMR
182  2013 Polymerizable ionic liquid with state of the art transport properties. DADMATFSI
183  2013 Self-diffusion of carbon dioxide in samaria/alumina aerogel catalyst using high field NMR diffusometry. ---
184  2014 Differentiating Grotthuss proton conduction mechanisms by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic analysis of frozen samples. MAS NMR, ZrSPP-SPES
185  2014 Diffusion of water inside carbon nanotubes studied by pulsed field gradient NMR spectroscopy. CNT, DWNTs, MWNTs
186  2014 Humidity-modulated phase control and nanoscopic transport in supramolecular assemblies. LC, RH
187  2014 Influence of Zn2+ and water on the transport properties of a pyrrolidinium dicyanamide ionic liquid. IL
188  2014 Lithium ion diffusion in Li beta-alumina single crystals measured by pulsed field gradient NMR spectroscopy. ---
189  2014 Measurement tensors in diffusion MRI: generalizing the concept of diffusion encoding. s-PFG
190  2014 Probe diffusion in phase-separated bicontinuous biopolymer gels. FRAP
191  2014 Quantification of pore size distribution using diffusion NMR: experimental design and physical insights. PSD
192  2014 The effect of grafting zirconia and ceria onto alumina as a support for silicotungstic acid for the catalytic dehydration of glycerol to acrolein. STA
193  2014 Two-dimensional diffusion time correlation experiment using a single direction gradient. DTC
194  2014 Velocity distributions in confined flows of some complex fluids: sequence, sample and hardware issues. NMR
195  2014 Water-mediated proton conduction in a robust triazolyl phosphonate metal-organic framework with hydrophilic nanochannels. MAS, MOF
196  2015 An effective phase shift diffusion equation method for analysis of PFG normal and fractional diffusions. APSD, EPSD, FGPW, MLF, SEF, VPS
197  2015 Characterising the rheology of non-Newtonian fluids using PFG-NMR and cumulant analysis. NMR, SNR
198  2015 Effects of radiation damping for biomolecular NMR experiments in solution: a hemisphere concept for water suppression. ---
199  2015 Hydrate Shell Growth Measured Using NMR. DSD, NMR
200  2015 Lithium ion diffusion measurements on a garnet-type solid conductor Li6.6La3Zr1.6Ta0.4O12 by using a pulsed-gradient spin-echo NMR method. ---
201  2015 Molecular and ionic diffusion in aqueous - deep eutectic solvent mixtures: probing inter-molecular interactions using PFG NMR. ChCl, DESs, HBD
202  2015 Studies on supramolecular gel formation using DOSY NMR. CGC, DOSY, LMWGs
203  2015 The origin of a large apparent tortuosity factor for the Knudsen diffusion inside monoliths of a samaria-alumina aerogel catalyst: a diffusion NMR study. ---
204  2015 Transport in Nanoporous Materials Including MOFs: The Applicability of Fick's Laws. IFM, IRM
205  2015 Transport phenomena in nanoporous materials. IFM, IRM
206  2015 Understanding Structure-Property Correlation in Monocationic and Dicationic Ionic Liquids through Combined Fluorescence and Pulsed-Field Gradient (PFG) and Relaxation NMR Experiments. RTILs
207  2016 Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock. ---
208  2016 Analyzing signal attenuation in PFG anomalous diffusion via a non-Gaussian phase distribution approximation approach by fractional derivatives. MLP, PDF
209  2016 Direct correlation of diffusion and pore size distributions with low field NMR. DDIF
210  2016 Instantaneous signal attenuation method for analysis of PFG fractional diffusions. CTRW, EPSDE, FD, FGPW, ISA, SA
211  2016 Local coordination and dynamics of a protic ammonium based ionic liquid immobilized in nano-porous silica micro-particles probed by Raman and NMR spectroscopy. DEMA-OMs
212  2016 Nanoscale Motion of Soft Nanoparticles in Unentangled and Entangled Polymer Matrices. MSD, PEG, POSS
213  2016 NMR Characterization of Ionicity and Transport Properties for a Series of Diethylmethylamine Based Protic Ionic Liquids. DEMA, NMR, PILs
214  2016 Shear-induced emulsion droplet diffusion studies using NMR. DSD, NMR
215  2016 Signal attenuation of PFG restricted anomalous diffusions in plate, sphere, and cylinder. ---
216  2016 Solubilization of active ingredients of different polarity in Pluronic micellar solutions - Correlations between solubilizate polarity and solubilization site. AI, cmt, EO/PO, NOESY, SANS
217  2016 Structure and molecular dynamics of sodium dodecylsulfate micelles modified with hydrophilic short-chain imidazolium salts in aqueous solution. ILs, SDS
218  2016 Viscoelastic polymer flows and elastic turbulence in three-dimensional porous structures. NMR
219  2017 1H NMR Investigations of Activated Carbon Loaded with Volatile Organic Compounds: Quantification, Mechanisms, and Diffusivity Determination. MAS, VOCs
220  2017 A Rayleighian approach for modeling kinetics of ionic transport in polymeric media. EPS, ILs, NMR, PolyILs
221  2017 Assessing Guest-Molecule Diffusion in Heterogeneous Powder Samples of Metal-Organic Frameworks through Pulsed-Field-Gradient (PFG) NMR Spectroscopy. DMSO, MOFs
222  2017 Cation Dynamics in Supercooled and Solid Alkyl Methylimidazolium Bromide Ionic Liquids. BMIMBr, NMRD
223  2017 Gelation of Na-alginate aqueous solution: A study of sodium ion dynamics via NMR relaxometry. NMR, SA
224  2017 Ion dynamics in halogen-free phosphonium bis(salicylato)borate ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. ---
225  2017 Local diffusion and diffusion-T2 distribution measurements in porous media. ---
226  2017 Long-range Li ion diffusion in NASICON-type Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)3 (LAGP) studied by 7Li pulsed-gradient spin-echo NMR. PGSE
227  2017 PFG NMR and Bayesian analysis to characterise non-Newtonian fluids. NMR, SNR
228  2017 Pulsed-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance measurements (PFG NMR) for diffusion ordered spectroscopy (DOSY) mapping. DOSY, PFG NMR
229  2017 Restricted lithium ion dynamics in PEO-based block copolymer electrolytes measured by high-field nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation. NMR, PEO, PS
230  2017 Synthesis and Solution-Phase Characterization of Sulfonated Oligothioetheramides. DEER, MD, oligoTEAs
231  2017 Transport and Association of Ions in Lithium Battery Electrolytes Based on Glycol Ether Mixed with Halogen-Free Orthoborate Ionic Liquid. DEGDBE
232  2018 Composite Gel Polymer Electrolytes Based on Organo-Modified Nanoclays: Investigation on Lithium-Ion Transport and Mechanical Properties. GPEs, LiTr
233  2018 Development and application of an exchange model for anisotropic water diffusion in the microporous MOF aluminum fumarate. NMR
234  2018 Ethane diffusion in mixed linker zeolitic imidazolate framework-7-8 by pulsed field gradient NMR in combination with single crystal IR microscopy. IRM, ZIF
235  2018 Nanoscopic structures and molecular interactions leading to a dystectic and two eutectic points in [EMIm][Cl]/urea mixtures. DES, DSC, EPR, HBA
236  2018 Non-uniform lithium-ion migration on micrometre scale for garnet- and NASICON-type solid electrolytes studied by 7Li PGSE-NMR diffusion spectroscopy. MSD, PGSE
237  2018 Optimising magnetic resonance sampling patterns for parametric characterisation. CRLB, NMR
238  2018 The application of pulse field gradient (PFG) NMR methods to characterize the efficiency of separation of water-in-crude oil emulsions. DSD, PFGSTE, RMSD
239  2018 Time dependence of NMR observables reveals salient differences in the accumulation of early aggregated species between human islet amyloid polypeptide and amyloid-beta. IAPP, STD
240  2018 Tracing compartment exchange by NMR diffusometry: Water in lithium-exchanged low-silica X zeolites. MAS
241  2018 Transport Properties of Perfluorosulfonate Membranes Ion Exchanged with Cations. NMR, PFSA
242  2018 Unexpected Diffusion Anisotropy of Carbon Dioxide in the Metal-Organic Framework Zn2(dobpdc). MD, NMR
243  2018 Unexploited Dimension: New Software for Mixture Analysis by 3D Diffusion-Ordered NMR Spectroscopy. ---
244  2019 Microstructure evolution during nano-emulsification by NMR and microscopy. CLSM
245  2019 NMR diffusometry with guest molecules in nanoporous materials. ---
246  2019 On the influence of rotational motion on MRI velocimetry of granular flows - Theoretical predictions and comparison to experimental data. DEM
247  2019 PFG-NMR as a Tool for Determining Self-Diffusivities of Various Probe Molecules through H-ZSM-5 Zeolites. DOSY
248  2019 Possible Proton Conduction Mechanism in Pseudo-Protic Ionic Liquids: A Concept of Specific Proton Conduction. ISRS
249  2019 Relationship between Li+ diffusion and ion conduction for single-crystal and powder garnet-type electrolytes studied by 7Li PGSE NMR spectroscopy. DLi, NE, PGSE
250  2019 Restricted self-diffusion of adsorbed water in MIL-100(Al). Al, NMR
251  2019 Selective Control of Ion Transport by Nanoconfinement: Ionic Liquid in Mesoporous Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Monolith. IL, RF
252  2019 Three-dimensional pulsed field gradient NMR measurements of self-diffusion in anisotropic materials for energy storage applications. EXSY
253  2019 Two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance method for wettability determination of tight sand. NMR
254  2020 Constant gradient FEXSY: A time-efficient method for measuring exchange. CG-FEXSY, FEXSY, MRT
255  2020 Diffusion of Ions in Phosphonium Orthoborate Ionic Liquids Studied by 1H and 11B Pulsed Field Gradient NMR. ILs
256  2020 Dynamics of xylem and phloem sap flow in an outdoor zelkova tree visualized by magnetic resonance imaging. MRI
257  2020 In Situ Determination of Carbon Number Distributions of Mixtures of Linear Hydrocarbons Confined within Porous Media Using Pulsed Field Gradient NMR. ---
258  2020 Magic-Angle-Spinning-Induced Local Ordering in Polymer Electrolytes and Its Effects on Solid-State Diffusion and Relaxation NMR Measurements. MAS, NMR
259  2020 Pulsed field gradient signal attenuation of restricted anomalous diffusions in plate, sphere, and cylinder with wall relaxation. ---