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Abbreviation : PLFA
Long Form : phospholipid fatty acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1977 Tracer kinetic studies on in vivo fatty acid metabolism in white adipose tissue of well-fed and starving newborn rabbits during acute or prolonged exposure to cold. BAT, FFA, SA, Ta, WAT
1985 Quantitative determination of microbial activity and community nutritional status in estuarine sediments: evidence for a disturbance artifact. PHA
1986 Quantitative studies on the fetal lipid metabolism in rats: liver fatty acid esterification and conversion into carbon dioxide, and hepatic output of triglycerides and phospholipids into serum. FA, FFA, TGFA
1989 Comparison of three techniques for administering radiolabeled substrates to sediments for trophic studies: Incorporation by microbes. ---
1993 Phospholipid Fatty Acid composition, biomass, and activity of microbial communities from two soil types experimentally exposed to different heavy metals. ---
1994 Changes in Ester-Linked Phospholipid Fatty Acid Profiles of Subsurface Bacteria during Starvation and Desiccation in a Porous Medium. ---
1994 Effects of sieving, storage, and incubation temperature on the phospholipid Fatty Acid profile of a soil microbial community. ---
1994 Phylogeny and lipid composition of Thermonema lapsum, a thermophilic gliding bacterium. CFB
1996 Phospholipid Fatty Acid Composition and Heavy Metal Tolerance of Soil Microbial Communities along Two Heavy Metal-Polluted Gradients in Coniferous Forests. ---
10  1996 Study of the microbial dynamics in the root environment of closed, hydroponic cultivation systems for tomato using phospholipid fatty acid profiles. PGPR
11  1997 Dynamics of a microbial community associated with manure hot spots as revealed by phospholipid fatty acid analyses. ---
12  1997 Rat lung phospholipid fatty acid composition in prepregnant, pregnant, and lactating rats: relationship to ozone-induced pulmonary toxicity. ---
13  1997 Survival and phospholipid Fatty Acid profiles of surface and subsurface bacteria in natural sediment microcosms. ---
14  1998 Effect of metal-rich sludge amendments on the soil microbial community. ---
15  1998 Genotypic and phenotypic responses of a riverine microbial community to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination. PAHs, PLP
16  1998 Microbial characterization of biological filters used for drinking water treatment. ---
17  1998 Structure of a microbial community in soil after prolonged addition of low levels of simulated acid rain ---
18  1998 The use of fluorogenic substrates to measure fungal presence and activity in soil. MUF
19  1999 A pilot study for monitoring changes in the microbiological component of metalworking fluids as a function of time and use in the system. CFU, MWF
20  1999 Distribution and Composition of Microbial Populations in a Landfill Leachate Contaminated Aquifer (Grindsted, Denmark). AODC, dw, MPN
21  1999 Ecosystem properties and microbial community changes in primary succession on a glacier forefront. SIR
22  1999 Linking toluene degradation with specific microbial populations in soil. ---
23  1999 Microbial activities related to C and N cycling and microbial community structure in the rhizospheres of Pinus sylvestris, Picea abies and Betula pendula seedlings in an organic and mineral soil. CLPPs
24  1999 Microbial population changes during bioremediation of an experimental oil spill. DGGE
25  1999 Structure of the Microbial Communities in Coniferous Forest Soils in Relation to Site Fertility and Stand Development Stage. ---
26  2000 Application of neural computing methods for interpreting phospholipid fatty acid profiles of natural microbial communities. LDA, NN
27  2000 Characterization of Microbial Consortia in Paddy Rice Soil by Phospholipid Analysis. PLEL
28  2000 Effect of Cd-containing wood ash on the microflora of coniferous forest humus. Cd, CFU
29  2000 Effects of fructose and troglitazone on phospholipid fatty acid composition in rat skeletal muscle. PC, PE, PUFA, TGZ
30  2000 Microbial Biomass and Community Structure in a Sequence of Soils with Increasing Fertility and Changing Land Use. CLPP
31  2000 Microbial ecology of the leach bed anaerobic digestion of unsorted municipal solid waste. BMP, DGGE, MSW
32  2000 Phototrophic biofilms on ancient Mayan buildings in Yucatan, Mexico. SEM
33  2000 Physiological Status and Community Composition of Microbial Mats of the Ebro Delta, Spain, by Signature Lipid Biomarkers. SLB
34  2001 A comparison of sole carbon source utilization patterns and phospholipid fatty acid profiles to detect changes in the root microflora of hydroponically grown crops. SCSU
35  2001 Diversity and characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in groundwater at a uranium mill tailings site. DSR, SRB
36  2001 Effect of solids retention time on the performance and biological characteristics of a membrane bioreactor. MBR, SRTs
37  2001 Effects and risk assessment of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates in agricultural soil. 1. Short-term effects on soil microbiology. LAS
38  2001 Fatty acid composition of lymphocyte membrane phospholipids in children with acute leukemia. ALL, AML, EFA, MNC
39  2001 Impact of fumigants on soil microbial communities. DGGE, MeBr, rDNA
40  2001 In situ bioremediation through mulching of soil polluted by a copper-nickel smelter. ---
41  2001 Sensitive characterization of microbial ubiquinones from biofilms by electrospray/mass spectrometry. LOQ, UQ
42  2001 Spatial and Seasonal Variation in a Reservoir Sedimentary Microbial Community as Determined by Phospholipid Analysis. PLP
43  2001 Spatial Patterns of Soil Microbial Communities in a Norway Spruce (Picea abies) Plantation. ---
44  2001 Stable-isotope-based labeling of styrene-degrading microorganisms in biofilters. ---
45  2001 Structure of microbial communities in activated sludge: potential implications for assessing the biodegradability of chemicals. WWTP
46  2001 Succession of phenotypic, genotypic, and metabolic community characteristics during in vitro bioslurry treatment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated sediments. PAHs
47  2001 Use of isotopic and molecular techniques to link toluene degradation in denitrifying aquifer microcosms to specific microbial populations. PHC
48  2002 Association of microbial community composition and activity with lead, chromium, and hydrocarbon contamination. Cr, TPH
49  2002 Carbon isotopic fractionations associated with thermophilic bacteria Thermotoga maritima and Persephonella marina. TCA
50  2002 Drought acclimation and lipid composition in Folsomia candida: implications for cold shock, heat shock and acute desiccation stress. ---
51  2002 Effect of starvation length upon microbial activity in a biomass recycle reactor. DGGE
52  2002 Field-scale C-labeling of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) and dissolved inorganic carbon: tracing acetate assimilation and mineralization in a petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifer. DIC, FISH
53  2002 Microbial communities in different soil types do not converge after diesel contamination. ---
54  2002 Microbial diversity along a transect of agronomic zones. CT, DGGE, NT
55  2002 Phospholipid etherlipid and phospholipid fatty acid fingerprints in selected euryarchaeotal monocultures for taxonomic profiling. PLEL
56  2002 Structure and activity of the bacterial community in the rhizosphere of different plant species and the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonisation. AM
57  2002 Sulfate-reducing bacterial community response to carbon source amendments in contaminated aquifer microcosms. FISH, PHC, SRB
58  2003 Assimilation of toluene carbon along a bacteria-protist food chain determined by 13C-enrichment of biomarker fatty acids. ---
59  2003 Characterization of multiple-substrate utilization by anthracene-degrading Mycobacterium frederiksbergense LB501T. GLFA, PAH
60  2003 Comparison of signature lipid methods to determine microbial community structure in compost. EL, MIDI
61  2003 Ethylenediaminedissuccinate as a new chelate for environmentally safe enhanced lead phytoextraction. EDDS, EDTA
62  2003 Influence of the growth substrate on ester-linked phospho- and glycolipid fatty acids of PAH-degrading Mycobacterium sp. LB501T. GLFA, PAH
63  2003 Microbial activity and phospholipid fatty acid pattern in long-term tannery waste-contaminated soil. DHA, OC
64  2003 Microbial community structure in biofilms and water of a drinking water distribution system determined by lipid biomarkers. ---
65  2003 Microbial succession in the rhizosphere of live and decomposing barley roots as affected by the antagonistic strain Pseudomonas fluorescens DR54-BN14 or the fungicide imazalil. CFU, CLPP, PCR-DGGE
66  2003 Prokaryotic metabolic activity and community structure in Antarctic continental shelf sediments. DGGE
67  2003 Sediment microbial community composition and methylmercury pollution at four mercury mine-impacted sites. SRB
68  2003 Stable carbon isotope ratio and composition of microbial fatty acids in tropical soils. PCA, SOM
69  2003 Temperature-dependent changes in the soil bacterial community in limed and unlimed soil. ---
70  2003 The effect of extracorporeal albumin dialysis on plasma phospholipid fatty acids in patients with end-stage liver disease. ECAD, ESLD, FA, GC
71  2003 The rate of change of a soil bacterial community after liming as a function of temperature. ---
72  2003 Use of phospholipid fatty acids to detect previous self-heating events in stored peat. ---
73  2004 Application of ARDRA and PLFA analysis in characterizing the bacterial communities of the food, gut and excrement of saprophagous larvae of Penthetria holosericea (Diptera: Bibionidae): a pilot study. ARDRA
74  2004 Characterization of humus microbial communities in adjacent forest types that differ in nitrogen availability. CH, DGGE, HA, RISA
75  2004 Effects of dietary restriction on age-related changes in the phospholipid fatty acid composition of various rat tissues. DR, FAs, PLs, PUFAs
76  2004 Effects of gamma irradiation on Holcus lanatus (Yorkshire fog grass) and associated soil microorganisms. ---
77  2004 Microbial community structure and activity in arsenic-, chromium- and copper-contaminated soils. CFU, Cr, FAME, T-RFLP
78  2004 Microbial community structure and oxidative enzyme activity in nitrogen-amended north temperate forest soils. EEA, PCA, SMBW, SMRO, WOBO
79  2004 Microbiological changes during bioremediation of explosives-contaminated soils in laboratory and pilot-scale bioslurry reactors. TNB, TNT
80  2004 Retention and removal of the fish pathogenic bacterium Yersinia ruckeri in biological sand filters. dw, PCA
81  2004 Soil microbial communities associated with Bt and non-Bt corn in three soils. CLPP
82  2004 Spatial structure in soil chemical and microbiological properties in an upland grassland. CLPP, DGGE
83  2004 Stable isotope pulse-chasing and compound specific stable carbon isotope analysis of phospholipid fatty acids to assess methane oxidizing bacterial populations in landfill cover soils. ---
84  2004 The use of isotopic and lipid analysis techniques linking toluene degradation to specific microorganisms: applications and limitations. ---
85  2004 Utilization of microbial biofilms as monitors of bioremediation. ---
86  2004 Variability in the origin of carbon substrates for bacterial communities in mangrove sediments. ---
87  2005 A soil alteration index based on phospholipid fatty acids. SAI
88  2005 Changes in soil microbial community structure associated with two types of genetically engineered plants analyzing by PLFA. PCA, PVY
89  2005 Changes in the composition of phospholipid fatty acids and sterols of maize root in response to monoterpenes. ---
90  2005 Determination of microbial carbon sources in petroleum contaminated sediments using molecular 14C analysis. ---
91  2005 Effect of root death and decay on dissipation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the rhizosphere of yellow sweet clover and tall fescue. PAHs
92  2005 Elevated atmospheric CO2 alters soil microbial communities associated with trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) roots. T-RFLP
93  2005 Fatty acid compositions of Collembola: unusually high proportions of C20 polyunsaturated fatty acids in a terrestrial invertebrate. NLFA, PUFA
94  2005 Field-scale isotopic labeling of phospholipid fatty acids from acetate-degrading sulfate-reducing bacteria. DIC, FISH
95  2005 Growth and biomass of mycorrhizal mycelia in coniferous forests along short natural nutrient gradients. AM
96  2005 Influence of growth conditions on Pseudomonas fluorescens strains: a link between metabolite production and the PLFA profile. ---
97  2005 Microbial biomass, community structure and metal tolerance of a naturally Pb-enriched forest soil. CFUs
98  2005 Microbial community growth and utilization of carbon constituents during thermophilic composting at different oxygen levels. EL
99  2005 Microbial incorporation of 13C-labeled acetate at the field scale: detection of microbes responsible for reduction of U(VI). Bio-Sep
100  2005 Relationship between communities and processes; new insights from a field study of a contaminated ecosystem. ---
101  2005 Soil microbial community response to land use change in an agricultural landscape of western Kenya. DGGE
102  2005 Using phospholipid fatty acid technique to study short-term effects of the biological control agent Pseudomonas fluorescens DR54 on the microbial microbiota in barley rhizosphere. BCA, SIR
103  2006 A comparison of stable-isotope probing of DNA and phospholipid fatty acids to study prokaryotic functional diversity in sulfate-reducing marine sediment enrichment slurries. DGGE, SIP, SRB
104  2006 Diversity, composition, and geographical distribution of microbial communities in California salt marsh sediments. CCA, T-RFLP
105  2006 Effect of copper on phospholipid fatty acid composition of microbial communities in two red soils. PLFAs
106  2006 Estimating high-affinity methanotrophic bacterial biomass, growth, and turnover in soil by phospholipid fatty acid 13C labeling. GC
107  2006 Functional and community-level soil microbial responses to zinc addition may depend on test system biocomplexity. ---
108  2006 Fungal community composition and metabolism under elevated CO(2) and O(3). PCR-DGGE
109  2006 Influence of growth phase on the phospholipidic fatty acid composition of two marine bacterial strains in pure and mixed cultures. ---
110  2006 Microbial community composition and function across an arctic tundra landscape. ---
111  2006 Microbial community variation and its relationship with nitrogen mineralization in historically altered forests. FAME
112  2006 Microbial diversity in sediments of saline Qinghai Lake, China: linking geochemical controls to microbial ecology. CFB, SSU
113  2006 Root controls on soil microbial community structure in forest soils. DIRT
114  2006 Seasonal dynamics of microbial community composition and function in oak canopy and open grassland soils. ---
115  2006 The influence of tropical plant diversity and composition on soil microbial communities. ---
116  2007 Analysis of diurnal and vertical microbial diversity of a hypersaline microbial mat. DGGE
117  2007 Biomarker and stable isotope characterization of coastal pond-derived organic matter, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. ---
118  2007 Biomass and compositional responses of ectomycorrhizal fungal hyphae to elevated CO2 and nitrogen fertilization. EMM
119  2007 Characterization of microbial communities in a pilot-scale constructed wetland using PLFA and PCR-DGGE analyses. FAP, PCR-DGGE, SF, SSF
120  2007 Cold acclimation and lipid composition in the earthworm Dendrobaena octaedra. NLFA
121  2007 Dominance of Geobacteraceae in BTX-degrading enrichments from an iron-reducing aquifer. ---
122  2007 Effect of afforestation and reforestation of pastures on the activity and population dynamics of methanotrophic bacteria. pmoA, SIP
123  2007 Effects of ciprofloxacin on salt marsh sediment microbial communities. ---
124  2007 Effects of differing temperature management on development of Actinobacteria populations during composting. ---
125  2007 Effects of vegetation type on soil microbial community structure and catabolic diversity assessed by polyphasic methods in North China. AS, AT, MF, NS, SF
126  2007 Influences of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on soil microbial community composition with or without vegetation. NAP, PAHs, PCA, PHN, PYR
127  2007 Interactions between extraradical ectomycorrhizal mycelia, microbes associated with the mycelia and growth rate of Norway spruce (Picea abies) clones. DGGE, ECM, ITS1
128  2007 Interactive effects of plant species diversity and elevated CO2 on soil biota and nutrient cycling. ---
129  2007 Microbial activity and community composition during bioremediation of diesel-oil-contaminated soil: effects of hydrocarbon concentration, fertilizers, and incubation time. TPH
130  2007 Microbial growth on pall rings: a problem when upgrading biogas with the water-wash absorption technique. ---
131  2007 Microbial sulfate reduction and metal attenuation in pH 4 acid mine water. DGGE, SEM, SRB
132  2007 Phospholipid fatty acid patterns of microbial communities in paddy soil under different fertilizer treatments. PCA
133  2007 Response of soil microbial biomass and community structures to conventional and organic farming systems under identical crop rotations. FYM, PLEL
134  2007 Rhizodeposition shapes rhizosphere microbial community structure in organic soil. ---
135  2007 The influence of different temperature programmes on the bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a coal-tar contaminated soil by in-vessel composting. EEM, PAHs
136  2007 Varietal effects of eight paired lines of transgenic Bt maize and near-isogenic non-Bt maize on soil microbial and nematode community structure. ---
137  2007 [Microbial community changes during the degradation of straw using phospholipid fatty acid analysis]. ---
138  2007 [Pollutant components and microbial community structure of oil-polluted soils after converted from paddy field to upland]. DGGE, PAHs, PLFAs, TPHs
139  2008 Assessing the impact of the biological control agent Bacillus thuringiensis on the indigenous microbial community within the pepper plant phyllosphere. BCAs, Bt, DGGE
140  2008 Biome-level biogeography of streambed microbiota. PCA
141  2008 Effect of cypermethrin insecticide on the microbial community in cucumber phyllosphere. GN, GP, PCA, T-RFLP, TRFs
142  2008 Enhanced dissipation of phenanthrene in spiked soil by arbuscular mycorrhizal alfalfa combined with a non-ionic surfactant amendment. AM
143  2008 Fate and impact on microorganisms of rice allelochemicals in paddy soil. ---
144  2008 Investigating freshwater periphyton community response to uranium with phospholipid fatty acid and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analyses. DGGE
145  2008 Microbial community dynamics during composting of sewage sludge and straw studied through phospholipid and neutral lipid analysis. NLFA
146  2008 Microbial community structure in a silty clay loam soil after fumigation with three broad spectrum fungicides. ---
147  2008 Molecular analysis of bacterial community structures in paddy soils for environmental risk assessment with two varieties of genetically modified rice, Iksan 483 and Milyang 204. DGGE, GM
148  2008 Near infrared spectroscopy for determination of various physical, chemical and biochemical properties in Mediterranean soils. NIR, PLS
149  2008 PLFA profiling of microbial community structure and seasonal shifts in soils of a Douglas-fir chronosequence. SMC
150  2008 Responses of oxidation rate and microbial communities to methane in simulated landfill cover soil microcosms. ---
151  2008 Subsurface microbial diversity in deep-granitic-fracture water in Colorado. ---
152  2008 Unraveling the effects of management regime and plant species on soil organic carbon and microbial phospholipid fatty acid profiles in grassland soils. CVA, SOC
153  2008 Use of pollution-induced community tolerance of the bacterial community to detect phenol toxicity in soil. PICT
154  2008 Variation in PAH inputs and microbial community in surface sediments of Hamilton Harbour: implications to remediation and monitoring. PAHs
155  2008 [Effects of methane stress on oxidation rates and microbial community structures in different landfill cover soils]. ---
156  2008 [Influences of fertilization and seasonal variation on microbial community in a Chinese mollisol]. ---
157  2008 [Phospholipid fatty acid composition of microorganisms in pine forest soils of Central Siberia]. ---
158  2009 Changes in membrane phospholipids as a mechanistic explanation for decreased freeze tolerance in earthworms exposed to sublethal copper concentrations. ---
159  2009 Characteristics of the microbial communities in the integrated vertical-flow constructed wetlands. IVCW
160  2009 Contrasting soil pH effects on fungal and bacterial growth suggest functional redundancy in carbon mineralization. ---
161  2009 Differential utilization of carbon substrates by bacteria and fungi in tundra soil. NLFA
162  2009 Do botanical pesticides alter the structure of the soil microbial community? MS, PCA, PMF, SoTe
163  2009 Interactions between selected PAHs and the microbial community in rhizosphere of a paddy soil. NAP, PAHs, PCA, PHN, PYR
164  2009 Phosphorus status and microbial community of paddy soil with the growth of annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) under different phosphorus fertilizer treatments. KPR, MCP
165  2009 PLFA profiles of drinking water biofilters with different acetate and glucose loadings. ---
166  2009 Pressurized liquid extraction of soil microbial phospholipid and neutral lipid fatty acids. NLFA, PLE
167  2009 Shifts in microbial community composition following surface application of dredged river sediments. T-RFLP
168  2009 Substantial high-affinity methanotroph populations in Andisols effect high rates of atmospheric methane oxidation. ---
169  2009 Use of 13C labeling to assess carbon partitioning in transgenic and nontransgenic (parental) rice and their rhizosphere soil microbial communities. ---
170  2009 [Not Available]. PHCs
171  2010 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-methoxy-1,4-benzoxazin-3-one (DIMBOA) and 6-methoxy-benzoxazolin-2-one (MBOA) levels in the wheat rhizosphere and their effect on the soil microbial community structure. DIMBOA, MBOA
172  2010 Comparative study of microbial community structure in different filter media of constructed wetland. PCA
173  2010 Determination of microbial carbon sources and cycling during remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil using natural abundance (14)C analysis of PLFA. PHC
174  2010 Effect of lime application on microbial community in acidic tea orchard soils in comparison with those in wasteland and forest soils. ---
175  2010 Estimation by PLFA of microbial community structure associated with the rhizosphere of Lygeum spartum and Piptatherum miliaceum growing in semiarid mine tailings. ---
176  2010 Functional microbial community response to nutrient pulses by artificial groundwater recharge practice in surface soils and subsoils. ---
177  2010 Impact of imazethapyr on the microbial community structure in agricultural soils. PCA
178  2010 Influence of benomyl and prometryn on the soil microbial activities and community structures in pasture grasslands of Slovakia. PCA
179  2010 Influences of space, soil, nematodes and plants on microbial community composition of chalk grassland soils. DGGE
180  2010 Long-term phosphorus fertilization impacts soil fungal and bacterial diversity but not AM fungal community in alfalfa. AM
181  2010 Response of soil microbial communities to fire and fire-fighting chemicals. US
182  2010 Responses of soil microbial communities to weak electric fields. DC, electro-bioremediation, T-RFLP
183  2010 Soil microbial community structure in cucumber rhizosphere of different resistance cultivars to fusarium wilt. CLPP
184  2010 Supercritical fluid extraction of microbial phospholipid fatty acids from activated sludge. GC-MS, LSE
185  2010 [Effects of chlorimuron-ethyl on soil microbial community structure in soybean field]. PCA
186  2011 A short-term study on the interaction of bacteria, fungi and endosulfan in soil microcosm. ED, EL, ES, SE, SSE
187  2011 Assessment of the spatial distribution of soil microbial communities in patchy arid and semi-arid landscapes of the Negev Desert using combined PLFA and DGGE analyses. ---
188  2011 Changes in microbial community characteristics and soil organic matter with nitrogen additions in two tropical forests. NMR, SOM
189  2011 Effects of genetically modified starch metabolism in potato plants on photosynthate fluxes into the rhizosphere and on microbial degraders of root exudates. ---
190  2011 ETBE (ethyl tert butyl ether) and TAME (tert amyl methyl ether) affect microbial community structure and function in soils. ETBE, SIR, TAME
191  2011 Extraction parameters significantly influence the quantity and the profile of PLFAs extracted from soils. ---
192  2011 Fungal and bacterial growth responses to N fertilization and pH in the 150-year 'Park Grass' UK grassland experiment. ---
193  2011 Phospholipid fatty acid biomarkers in a freshwater periphyton community exposed to uranium: discovery by non-linear statistical learning. SVM
194  2011 Remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminated soil through composting with fresh organic wastes. OM, PAH
195  2011 [Characteristics of microbial community structure in Luzhou-flavor fermentation pits]. ---
196  2011 [Effect of elevated O3 on rhizosphere microorganisms of two genotypes of snap bean]. AM, MCR, OTC
197  2011 [Microbial diversity in rhizosphere soil of transgenic Bt rice based on the characterization of phospholipids fatty acids]. ---
198  2012 A broad-spectrum analysis of the effects of teflubenzuron exposure on the biochemical activities and microbial community structure of soil. FR, PCA, PHOS, SIR, URE
199  2012 Characterization of contamination, source and degradation of petroleum between upland and paddy fields based on geochemical characteristics and phospholipid fatty acids. ---
200  2012 Cross-site soil microbial communities under tillage regimes: fungistasis and microbial biomarkers. T-RFLP
201  2012 Degradation of seed mucilage by soil microflora promotes early seedling growth of a desert sand dune plant. FITC, HPAEC
202  2012 Detrital floc and surface soil microbial biomarker responses to active management of the nutrient impacted Florida everglades. ---
203  2012 Effects of water stress, organic amendment and mycorrhizal inoculation on soil microbial community structure and activity during the establishment of two heavy metal-tolerant native plant species. AM, SBR
204  2012 Influence of root-exudates concentration on pyrene degradation and soil microbial characteristics in pyrene contaminated soil. TOC
205  2012 Interactions between an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and a soil microbial community mediating litter decomposition. AMF
206  2012 Nitrogen addition regulates soil nematode community composition through ammonium suppression. MI, SEM
207  2012 Pavilion lake microbialites: morphological, molecular and biochemical evidence for a cold-water transition to colonial aggregates. ---
208  2012 PLFA profiles for microbial community monitoring in anaerobic digestion. ---
209  2012 Response of leaf-associated bacterial communities to primary acyl-homoserine lactone in the tobacco phyllosphere. AHLs, DGGE, GP, QS
210  2012 Sphaerochaeta globosa gen. nov., sp. nov. and Sphaerochaeta pleomorpha sp. nov., free-living, spherical spirochaetes. ---
211  2012 Stable-isotope labeling and probing of recent photosynthates into respired CO2, soil microbes and soil mesofauna using a xylem and phloem stem-injection technique on Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis). ---
212  2012 Standardizing methylation method during phospholipid fatty acid analysis to profile soil microbial communities. ---
213  2012 Structure and dynamics of microbial community in full-scale activated sludge reactors. MCS, TSS
214  2012 Supercritical fluid extraction of bacterial and archaeal lipid biomarkers from anaerobically digested sludge. GC-MS, PLEL, RQ, SFE, UPLC
215  2012 The cold adaptability of microorganisms with different carbon source in activated sludge treating synthetical wastewater. ---
216  2012 The effect of triclosan on microbial community structure in three soils. ---
217  2012 [Characteristics of soil microbial community structure in Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation]. ---
218  2012 [Effects of altitude on soil microbial community in Quercus liaotungensis forest]. ---
219  2012 [Effects of continuous enclosure and fertilization on soil microbial community structure in alpine meadow]. SAT/MONO
220  2012 [Microbial community structure in strong aromatic liquor fermented grains characterized by PLFA fingerprints]. ---
221  2013 A microbial link between elevated CO2 and methane emissions that is plant species-specific. T-RFLP
222  2013 Age-induced perturbation in cell membrane phospholipid fatty acid profile of longevity-selected Drosophila melanogaster and corresponding control lines. PI
223  2013 Assessing microbial carbon sources and potential PAH degradation using natural abundance 14C analysis. ---
224  2013 Bacterial abundance and composition in marine sediments beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica. DIC, OC, POC
225  2013 Biodegradation of clomazone in a California rice field soil: carbon allocation and community effects. ---
226  2013 Changes in chemical and microbiological properties of rabbit manure in a continuous-feeding vermicomposting system. ---
227  2013 Characterization of NaCl tolerance in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough through experimental evolution. ---
228  2013 Comparison of whole-cell fatty acid (MIDI) or phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) extractants as biomarkers to profile soil microbial communities. FA, GC, POM, RespPOM, TOC
229  2013 Dietary practices in isolated First Nations communities of northern Canada: combined isotopic and lipid markers provide a good qualitative assessment of store-bought vs locally harvested foods consumption. FA, PUFAs
230  2013 Does exogenous carbon extend the realized niche of canopy lichens? Evidence from sub-boreal forests in British Columbia. EFN
231  2013 Estimation of the quantity of bacteria encapsulated in Lentikats Biocatalyst via phospholipid fatty acids content: a preliminary study. ---
232  2013 Fungi benefit from two decades of increased nutrient availability in tundra heath soil. NLFA
233  2013 Imidacloprid induces changes in the structure, genetic diversity and catabolic activity of soil microbial communities. CLPP, DGGE
234  2013 Importance of inoculum properties on the structure and growth of bacterial communities during Recolonisation of humus soil with different pH. DGGE, EL, FL, UL
235  2013 Interactive effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on soil microbial communities in a tropical forest. AM
236  2013 Isolation and characterization of bacteria from ancient siberian permafrost sediment. ---
237  2013 Isotopic biosignatures in carbonate-rich, cyanobacteria-dominated microbial mats of the Cariboo Plateau, B.C. DIC
238  2013 Profiling of soil fatty acids using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detection. FAME
239  2013 Radiocarbon evidence of active endolithic microbial communities in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert. GLFA
240  2013 Rapid degradation of Deepwater Horizon spilled oil by indigenous microbial communities in Louisiana saltmarsh sediments. PAHs
241  2013 Reproduction allocation and potential mechanism of individual allelopathic rice plants in the presence of competing barnyardgrass. ---
242  2013 Response of intestinal microbiota to antibiotic growth promoters in chickens. AGPs
243  2013 Response of the soil microbial community to imazethapyr application in a soybean field. GN/GP, MBC, PCA
244  2013 Soil microbial community structure and function responses to successive planting of Eucalyptus. ---
245  2013 Soil microbial properties under different vegetation types on Mountain Han. CLPP
246  2013 The effect of freeze-thaw conditions on arctic soil bacterial communities. ---
247  2013 The impact of zero-valent iron nanoparticles upon soil microbial communities is context dependent. MSIR, nZVI
248  2013 Variations in soil microbial communities and residues along an altitude gradient on the northern slope of changbai mountain, china. PCA
249  2013 [Microbial activity and community structure analysis under the different land use patterns in farmland soils: based on the methods PLFA and MicroResp]. PCA, PS, PU
250  2014 Biodegradation of spilled diesel fuel in agricultural soil: effect of humates, zeolite, and bioaugmentation. ---
251  2014 Biotic and abiotic properties mediating plant diversity effects on soil microbial communities in an experimental grassland. ---
252  2014 Characterisation of microbial activity in the framework of natural attenuation without groundwater monitoring wells?: a new Direct-Push probe. ---
253  2014 Contributions of understory and/or overstory vegetations to soil microbial PLFA and nematode diversities in Eucalyptus monocultures. ---
254  2014 Effect of rhizodeposition on pyrene bioaccessibility and microbial structure in pyrene and pyrene-lead polluted soil. ---
255  2014 Fungal and bacterial community succession differs for three wood types during decay in a forest soil. ITS
256  2014 Fungal and bacterial utilization of organic substrates depends on substrate complexity and N availability. ---
257  2014 Genetic variants in desaturase gene, erythrocyte fatty acids, and risk for type 2 diabetes in Chinese Hans. FADS, T2DM
258  2014 Influence of 20-year organic and inorganic fertilization on organic carbon accumulation and microbial community structure of aggregates in an intensively cultivated sandy loam soil. CM, M/B, OC
259  2014 Interaction between the microbial community and invading Escherichia coli O157:H7 in soils from vegetable fields. ---
260  2014 Plasma phospholipid fatty acid biomarkers of dietary fat quality and endogenous metabolism predict coronary heart disease risk: a nested case-control study within the Women's Health Initiative observational study. CHD
261  2014 Response of microbial community to a new fungicide fluopyram in the silty-loam agricultural soil. AWCD, GN, GP, PCA
262  2014 Responses of soil microbial communities to experimental warming in alpine grasslands on the qinghai-tibet plateau. AM, AMF/SF, AS, ASM
263  2014 Responses of soil microbial community to different concentration of fomesafen. CLPPs, GN, GP
264  2014 Short-term bioavailability of carbon in soil organic matter fractions of different particle sizes and densities in grassland ecosystems. OC, SOM
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