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Abbreviation : Tmax
Long Form : time to maximum concentration
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
0 Humerus intraosseous administration of epinephrine in normovolemic and hypovolemic porcine model. Cmax, CPR, HIO, ROSC
1977 Unique approach for calculation of absorption rate constant. ---
1979 Single-dose fasting bioequivalence assessment of erythromycin stearate tablets in man. AUC
1981 The effects of erythromycin on the absorption and disposition of kinetics of theophylline. tlag, V/F
1982 Captopril kinetics in chronic congestive heart failure. PRA
1983 Plasma levels and pharmacokinetics of norethindrone and ethinylestradiol administered in solution and as tablets to women. AUC
1984 Bioavailability of digoxin capsules and tablets: effect of coadministered fluid volume. AUC0-12, CUE48
1984 Pharmacokinetic study of cyclosporin A (Sandimmun) in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. AUC, CsA, PBC
1985 Pharmacokinetics of a new angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitor (alacepril) after oral dosing in fasting or fed states. ---
10  1986 Influence of food on midazolam absorption. AUC
11  1986 Pharmacokinetics of captopril in elderly healthy male volunteers. AUC, CAP
12  1987 Buspirone pharmacokinetics in patients with cirrhosis. ---
13  1987 Effect of two administration schedules of an enteral nutrient formula on phenytoin bioavailability. ANOVA, AUC, ENFs, HPPH, NG, PHT
14  1987 Effects of formulation on the pharmacokinetics of orally administered pinacidil in humans. ---
15  1987 Influence of a standard meal on the absorption of controlled-release pseudoephedrine capsules. AUC, CR, IR
16  1987 Pharmacokinetics of acyclovir suspension in infants and children. AUC
17  1987 Plasma and saliva propafenone concentrations at steady state. tSmax
18  1987 Relative bioavailability of ofloxacin tablets in comparison to oral solution. HPLC
19  1987 The pharmacokinetics of single and multiple doses of tiaprofenic acid in elderly patients with arthritis. ---
20  1988 Bupivacaine pharmacokinetics during epidural anaesthesia in children. Vd
21  1988 Cyclosporine pharmacokinetics in pancreas transplant recipients. Cmax
22  1988 Dose linearity and relative bioavailability testing of oxilofrine, a sympathicomimetic drug, in healthy volunteers. ---
23  1988 Effects of food on the bioavailability of sustained-release pinacidil in humans. ---
24  1988 Influence of antacid administrations on aspirin absorption in patients with chronic renal failure on maintenance hemodialysis. ---
25  1988 Is diurnal variation in absorption of slow-release aminophylline an age-related phenomenon? AUC
26  1989 Chronopharmacological study of nitrendipine in healthy subjects. ---
27  1989 Clinical pharmacology of dilevalol (I). Comparison of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of dilevalol and labetalol after a single oral administration in healthy subjects. AUC, BP, HR
28  1989 Clinical pharmacology of dilevalol (II). The pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and tolerance studies of dilevalol during repeated administration in healthy subjects. AUC, BP, HR
29  1989 Clinical pharmacology of dilevalol (III). A pharmacokinetic study of dilevalol in elderly subjects with essential hypertension. AUC
30  1989 Comparative pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of lisinopril and enalapril, alone and in combination with propranolol. AUC
31  1989 Effect of viscosity on the pharmacokinetics and biological response to intranasal desmopressin. ---
32  1989 Glycopyrrolate: pharmacokinetics and some pharmacodynamic findings. RRA
33  1989 Influence of a high-fat meal on the absorption of morphine from oral solutions. AUC
34  1989 Pharmacokinetics and dynamics of intravenous, intrathecal, and epidural clonidine in sheep. CSF
35  1989 Review of tissue penetration and clinical efficacy of enoxacin in skin and skin structure infections and in osteomyelitis. ---
36  1989 The influence of fever on the pharmacokinetics of pranoprofen in elderly subjects. AUC0-10
37  1989 [Comparative pharmacokinetics of two sulpiride formulations in healthy volunteers]. ---
38  1989 [Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of sustained-release theophylline formulation, Slo-bid, in both single and multiple dosing studies of asthmatic children]. ---
39  1990 Circadian influence on effect of propranolol on exercise-induced tachycardia in healthy subjects. HR
40  1990 Controlled-release morphine bioavailability (MS Contin tablets) in the presence and absence of food. ---
41  1990 Effect of aluminum hydroxide gel on quinidine gluconate absorption. AUC
42  1990 Phenytoin-bupropion interaction: effect on plasma phenytoin concentration in the rat. AUC
43  1990 The clinical pharmacokinetics of single doses of estazolam. ---
44  1990 [Comparative study on the pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of two brands of norfloxacin preparation]. ---
45  1991 Canadian multicenter azidothymidine trial: AZT pharmacokinetics. AUC, AZT, GAZT, HIV
46  1991 Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of methionyl growth hormone in children with idiopathic growth hormone deficiency. FD, MD, metGH, PK, TIW
47  1991 The effect of food or milk on the absorption kinetics of ofloxacin. ---
48  1991 The pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interaction between lacidipine and propranolol in healthy volunteers. AUC
49  1992 Bioavailability of nafarelin in healthy volunteers. ---
50  1992 Cefotaxime and metabolite disposition in two pediatric continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients. CAPD
51  1992 Comparison of absorption rates in bioequivalence studies of immediate release drug formulations. MRT
52  1992 Pharmacokinetics of lomefloxacin in patients with cirrhosis. HPLC
53  1992 Pharmacokinetics of loracarbef in pediatric patients. AUC
54  1992 Prolongation of canine epidural anesthesia by liposome encapsulation of lidocaine. ---
55  1992 The effect of food on the absorption of methotrexate sodium tablets in healthy volunteers. AUC
56  1993 Differences of chronopharmacokinetic profiles between propranolol and atenolol in hypertensive subjects. AUC
57  1993 Effect of food on the bioavailability of gepirone in humans. 1-PP, AUCinf, MRTinf
58  1993 Metabolic interaction of ethanol and cyclohexanone in rabbits. CHL, CHN, EtOH
59  1993 On the bioavailability of 2-chloro-2'-deoxyadenosine (CdA). The influence of food and omeprazole. CdA
60  1993 Pharmacokinetics of rafoxanide in suckling and weaned lambs following oral administration. AUC, MRT
61  1993 Serum concentrations of rifampicin and isoniazid in tuberculosis. AUC, PPC, PPD, RIF, TBM
62  1993 The absorption of oral micronized progesterone: the effect of food, dose proportionality, and comparison with intramuscular progesterone. ---
63  1993 The effect of age on diurnal variation in the pharmacokinetics of propranolol in hypertensive subjects. ---
64  1993 The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of fosinopril in haemodialysis patients. ACE, CL, Emax, Vss
65  1993 Valaciclovir (BW256U87): the L-valyl ester of acyclovir. AUC, HIV
66  1993 [Biological availability of gastric juice-resistant coated diclofenac preparations. 1. Bioavailability study following a single administration of a multiple-unit formulation in comparison with a single-unit formulation]. AUC, MEC, tlag
67  1993 [Value of the theory of the optimal sampling scheme for bioequivalence studies]. AUC, OST
68  1994 Application of optimal sampling theory to the determination of metacycline pharmacokinetic parameters: effect of model misspecification. AUC, OST
69  1994 Bioavailability of digoxin tablets in healthy volunteers. AUC0-12, CUE0-48
70  1994 Choice of characteristics and their bioequivalence ranges for the comparison of absorption rates of immediate-release drug formulations. ---
71  1994 Comparative pharmacokinetics and glucodynamics of two human insulin mixtures. 70/30 and 50/50 insulin mixtures. AUCinfinity0, GIR, MRT, tmin, TRmax
72  1994 Comparison of the pharmacokinetics of naproxen tablets and suspension in children. AUC
73  1994 Effects of long-term oral carvedilol on the steady-state pharmacokinetics of oral digoxin in patients with mild to moderate hypertension. AUC
74  1994 Nasal absorption of growth hormone in normal subjects: studies with four different formulations. AUC, DDPC, GH
75  1994 Pharmacokinetic, bioavailability, and feasibility study of oral vinorelbine in patients with solid tumors. CVs, MTD, Vss
76  1994 Plasma levels of benperidol, prolactin, and homovanillic acid after intravenous versus two different kinds of oral application of the neuroleptic in schizophrenic patients. BPD, HVA, PRL
77  1994 Steady-state pharmacokinetics of enteric-coated naproxen tablets compared with standard naproxen tablets. AUC, EC
78  1994 [Biopharmaceutic properties of slow-release codeine phosphate. Drug release from ion exchangers in vitro and in vivo]. ---
79  1994 [The bioavailability of enteric coated diclofenac formulations. 2. Bioavailability following single administration of a multiple-unit formulation in comparison to a single-unit formulation under fasting and non-fasting conditions]. AUC, MEC
80  1995 A clinical and pharmacokinetic case study of an interaction of levodopa and antituberculous therapy in Parkinson's disease. 3-OMD, AUC, DOPAC, HVA
81  1995 Bioavailability study of a new, sinking, enteric-coated ursodeoxycholic acid formulation. UDCA
82  1995 Bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of torsemide and furosemide in patients with congestive heart failure. ---
83  1995 Comparative bioavailability of two tablet formulations of ibuprofen. ---
84  1995 Comparative bioavailability of two tablet formulations of metoclopramide hydrochloride. ---
85  1995 Comparison of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral doses of perindopril in normotensive Chinese and Caucasian volunteers. AI, PRA
86  1995 Comparison of tobramycin pharmacokinetics after administration by CRIS and a traditional intravenous piggyback infusion. AUC, CL, CRIS, IVPB
87  1995 Delayed gastric emptying as a factor in delayed postprandial glycaemic response in pregnancy. ---
88  1995 Effect of entacapone, a COMT inhibitor, on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of levodopa after administration of controlled-release levodopa-carbidopa in volunteers. 3-OMD, AUC, COMT, CR, DOPAC, HVA, RBCs, S-COMT
89  1995 Effect of food on the bioavailability of atorvastatin, an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor. AUC
90  1995 Gender related pharmacokinetics of diltiazem in healthy subjects. MRT
91  1995 Impact of drug dosage and brand on bioavailability and efficacy of praziquantel. Auc, EPG, PZQ
92  1995 Improvement of ursodeoxycholic acid bioavailability by 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complexation in healthy volunteers. AUC, UDCA
93  1995 Pharmacokinetics and renal function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis receiving a standard dose of oral weekly methotrexate: association with significant decreases in creatinine clearance and renal clearance of the drug after 6 months of therapy. AUC, MTX, NSAID
94  1995 Pharmacokinetics of orally administered carboxyamido-triazole, an inhibitor of calcium-mediated signal transduction. CAI
95  1995 Some pharmacokinetic parameters of doxycycline in east African goats after intramuscular administration of a long-acting formulation. MRT, Vdss
96  1996 Effect of food on the relative bioavailability of oral ganciclovir. ---
97  1996 Effect of grapefruit juice on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of quinidine in healthy volunteers. AUC, ECGs
98  1996 Establishing the maximum tolerated dose of lesopitron in patients with generalized anxiety disorder: a bridging study. GAD
99  1996 Human plasma concentrations of R, S, and racemic flurbiprofen given as a toothpaste. APA, NSAID
100  1996 Lack of pharmacokinetic interaction after administration of lansoprazole or omeprazole with prednisone. AEs
101  1996 Microdialysis study of the neuropharmacokinetics of phenytoin in rat hippocampus and frontal cortex. AUC, CSF, ECF, PHT
102  1996 Multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of pentoxifylline and its metabolites during renal insufficiency. AUCSS, CLCR, M-IV, PTF
103  1996 No effect of high-protein food on the stereoselective bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of verapamil. ---
104  1996 Oral administration of an easily prepared solution of injectable methotrexate diluted in water: A comparison of serum concentrations vs methotrexate tablets and clinical utility. AUC, MTX
105  1996 Steady-state bioavailability of controlled-release oxycodone in normal subjects. CR, IR
106  1996 The effect of orlistat on the pharmacokinetics of phenytoin in healthy volunteers. AUC, CI
107  1996 The effects of food and divided dosing on the bioavailability of oral vinorelbine. ---
108  1996 Triazolam pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in Caucasians and Southern Asians: ethnicity and CYP3A activity. AUC, CI, Cmax, CYP3A, DSEC, DSEO
109  1997 Bioequivalence of controlled-release calcium antagonists. CI
110  1997 Comparative study of bioavailability and clinical efficacy of carbamazepine in epileptic patients. ---
111  1997 Effects of various antiepileptic drugs on plasma levels of lamotrigine, a novel antiepileptic, in rats. CBZ, HPLC, LTG, VPA, ZNS
112  1997 Intersubject variability of serum theophylline concentration after single dose of uncoated controlled release theophylline tablet administration in asthmatic patients. Tmin
113  1997 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies on phenylbutazone and oxyphenbutazone in goats. AUC, MAT, se, TX
114  1997 Pharmacokinetics of allopurinol in Dalmatian dogs. i.v, Kab, Kel
115  1997 Pharmacokinetics of oral morphine sulfate in dogs: a comparison of sustained release and conventional formulations. AUC, i.v, MAT, MRT, MS, NSRMS, OSRMS, Vdss
116  1997 Pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus (FK 506) in children and adolescents with renal transplants. AUC, CsA
117  1997 Plasma pharmacokinetics of ranitidine HCl in foals. AUC, AUMC, CL, i.v, MAT, MRT
118  1997 Prevention of gastrointestinal iron absorption by chelation from an orally administered premixed deferoxamine/charcoal slurry. AC, AUC, DFO, GI
119  1997 Safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of sumatriptan in healthy subjects following ascending single intranasal doses and multiple intranasal doses. AUC8
120  1997 The cardiac effects of terfenadine after inhibition of its metabolism by grapefruit juice. AUC
121  1997 The effects of age and gender on the single dose pharmacokinetics of avitriptan administered to healthy volunteers. MPP
122  1998 Arterial and pulmonary arterial concentrations of the enantiomers of bupivacaine after epidural injection in elderly patients. ---
123  1998 Bioavailability of phenytoin acid and phenytoin sodium with enteral feedings. PHT
124  1998 Comparative bioavailability of two tablet formulations of acyclovir in healthy volunteers. ---
125  1998 Comparative bioavailability of two tablet formulations of ranitidine hydrochloride in healthy volunteers. ---
126  1998 Comparative pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of furosemide in Middle Eastern and in Asian subjects. AUC, MRT
127  1998 Does AIDS impair the absorption of antituberculosis agents? AIDS, HIV, TDM
128  1998 Food interaction pharmacokinetic study of cordaflex 20 mg retard filmtablet in healthy volunteers. HVD, MRT
129  1998 Gabapentin absorption: effect of mixing with foods of varying macronutrient composition. ---
130  1998 Impact of early cyclosporin average blood concentration on early kidney transplant failure. PK
131  1998 Lack of effect of food on the oral bioavailability of irbesartan in healthy male volunteers. AUC
132  1998 Peak plasma concentrations after oral morphine: a systematic review. HPLC, RIA
133  1998 Pharmacokinetic and safety evaluations of ketoprofen gels in subjects with adult periodontitis. KTP
134  1998 Pharmacokinetic interaction between finasteride and terazosin, but not finasteride and doxazosin. Cmax
135  1998 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of irbesartan in healthy subjects. AII, AUC
136  1998 Pharmacokinetics of progesterone in postmenopausal women: 1. Pharmacokinetics following intravaginal administration. AUC, BC, ME
137  1998 Pharmacokinetics of progesterone in postmenopausal women: 2. Pharmacokinetics following percutaneous administration. AUCs
138  1998 Pharmacokinetics of rifapentine in patients with varying degrees of hepatic dysfunction. ---
139  1998 Relative bioavailability of itraconazole from an extemporaneously prepared suspension and from the marketed capsules. CI
140  1998 Single oral dose kinetics of zotepine and its relationship to prolactin response and side effects. ---
141  1998 The Effect of Food and an Antacid on the Bioavailability of Dexketoprofen Trometamol. ---
142  1998 The pharmacokinetics of clomipramine and desmethylclomipramine in dogs: parameter estimates following a single oral dose and 28 consecutive daily oral doses of clomipramine. Cmax
143  1998 Which form of erythromycin should be used to treat gastroparesis? A pharmacokinetic analysis. ---
144  1999 A Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of temozolomide and cisplatin in patients with advanced solid malignancies. AGAT, MTIC, TMZ
145  1999 Abacavir: absolute bioavailability, bioequivalence of three oral formulations, and effect of food. GLS, HIV
146  1999 Biliary elimination kinetics and tissue concentrations of oxytetracycline after intravenous administration in hens. AUC, BW, i.v, IM, OTC
147  1999 Blood and cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics of the novel anticonvulsant levetiracetam (ucb L059) in the rat. CSF
148  1999 Comparison of pharmacokinetic profiles of doramectin and ivermectin pour-on formulations in cattle. AUC, MRT
149  1999 Enrofloxacin serum bioactivity in bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, following oral administration of 5 mg/kg in whole fish. SAAC
150  1999 Fosinopril/hydrochlorothiazide: single dose and steady-state pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. ACEIs, AI, AUC, CUE, HCTZ
151  1999 Pharmacokinetic profiles of repaglinide in elderly subjects with type 2 diabetes. AUC
152  1999 Pharmacokinetics of enrofloxacin given by the oral, intravenous and intramuscular routes in broiler chickens. Cmax, i.v, IM
153  1999 Pharmacokinetics of ketorolac after intravenous and oral single dose administration in dogs. i.v, NSAID, Vss
154  1999 Review article: the pharmacokinetics of rabeprazole in health and disease. AUC
155  1999 The pharmacokinetics of artemisinin after administration of two different suppositories to healthy Vietnamese subjects. FS, PEGS, tlag
156  2000 Absorption of effervescent paracetamol tablets relative to ordinary paracetamol tablets in healthy volunteers. AUC
157  2000 Compared efficacy of diazepam or avizafone to prevent soman-induced electroencephalographic disturbances and neuropathology in primates: relationship to plasmatic benzodiazepine pharmacokinetics. ---
158  2000 Comparison of fluoroquinolone pharmacokinetic parameters after treatment with marbofloxacin, enrofloxacin, and difloxacin in dogs. CIP, Cmax, DIF, ENR, MAR
159  2000 Conversion from tacrolimus to cyclosporin in stable renal transplant patients: safety, metabolic changes, and pharmacokinetic comparison. AUC
160  2000 Conversion from tacrolimus to cyclosporine in stable renal transplant patients: safety, metabolic changes, and pharmacokinetic comparison. AUC
161  2000 Dose-response evaluation of the interaction between sertraline and alprazolam in vivo. ---
162  2000 Influence of morning or evening administration on absorption of theophylline. AUC, SRTs, STC
163  2000 Oral absorption of clarithromycin in acute illness and during convalescence in patients with community-acquired pneumonia. CAP, CP, PP
164  2000 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of gliclazide in Caucasians and Australian Aborigines with type 2 diabetes. ---
165  2000 Phase I dose escalation pharmacokinetics of O-(chloroacetylcarbamoyl) fumagillol (TNP-470) and its metabolites in AIDS patients with Kaposi's sarcoma. AUC, CL, CLR, HPLC/MS
166  2000 Triptans in migraine: a comparative review of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and efficacy. RCTs
167  2001 An investigation of pulsatile release tablets with ethylcellulose and Eudragit L as film coating materials and cross-linked polyvinylpyrrolidone in the core tablets. DIL, tlag
168  2001 Comparable aciclovir exposures produced by oral valaciclovir and intravenous aciclovir in immunocompromised cancer patients. ---
169  2001 Dose linearity and steady state pharmacokinetics of the new antiparkinson agent budipine after oral administration. AUC
170  2001 Effect of naproxen on the pharmacokinetic parameters of rifampicin. AUC, CL, MRT, Vd
171  2001 Effects of sucralfate on the oral bioavailability of moxifloxacin, a novel 8-methoxyfluoroquinolone, in healthy volunteers. AUCinfinity, CI
172  2001 Pharmacokinetics of naratriptan in adolescent subjects with a history of migraine. AUC
173  2001 Pharmacokinetics of para-aminosalicylic acid granules under four dosing conditions. PAS
174  2002 Absolute bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, and urinary excretion of the novel antimigraine agent almotriptan in healthy male volunteers. i.v, s.c
175  2002 Effect of food on everolimus absorption: quantification in healthy subjects and a confirmatory screening in patients with renal transplants. AUC
176  2002 Evaluation of the bioequivalence of tablets and capsules containing the novel anticancer agent R115777 (Zarnestra) in patients with advanced solid tumors. ANOVA, HPLC
177  2002 Pharmacokinetics of paeoniflorin after oral administration of Shao-yao Gan-chao Tang in mice. AUC, MRT, SGT
178  2003 A new high-absorption-rate Paracetamol 500-mg formulation: a comparative bioavailability study in healthy volunteers. ---
179  2003 Bioavailability of two new formulations of paracetamol, compared with three marketed formulations, in healthy volunteers. ---
180  2003 Comparative bioavailability of two novel coenzyme Q10 preparations in humans. AUC
181  2003 Inhibition of leukotriene synthesis, pharmacokinetics, and tolerability of a novel dietary fatty acid formulation in healthy adult subjects. AA, EPA, GLA
182  2003 Moclobemide poisoning: toxicokinetics and occurrence of serotonin toxicity. LOS
183  2003 Pharmacokinetics of SLI381 (ADDERALL XR), an extended-release formulation of Adderall. ADHD, PK
184  2003 Plasma concentrations of praziquantel after oral administration of single and multiple doses in loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta). ---
185  2003 Study on the effect of food on the absorption of theophylline. AUC, STC
186  2003 Tolerability and pharmacokinetics of oral loading with lamotrigine in epilepsy monitoring units. LTG
187  2004 Comparative bioavailability study of doxycycline hyclate (equivalent to 100 mg doxycycline) capsules (doxycin vs vibramycin) for bioequivalence evaluation in healthy adult volunteers. ---
188  2004 Comparative bioavailability study of two tablet formulations of digoxin. ---
189  2004 Pharmacokinetic studies of intramuscular midazolam in guinea pigs challenged with soman. AUC, EEG, IM, OP, Vd
190  2004 The effects of intrathecal diamorphine on gastric emptying after elective Caesarean section. ---
191  2004 The pharmacokinetic inter-relationship of tiagabine in blood, cerebrospinal fluid and brain extracellular fluid (frontal cortex and hippocampus). CSF, ECF, i.p
192  2005 Bioavailability of the Yuzpe and levonorgestrel regimens of emergency contraception: vaginal vs. oral administration. Cmax
193  2005 Comparative bioavailability study of cefixime (equivalent to 100 mg/5 ml) suspension (Winex vs Suprax) in healthy male volunteers. ---
194  2005 Pharmacokinetic profiles of biphasic insulin aspart 30/70 and 70/30 in patients with Type 1 diabetes: a randomized double-blinded crossover study. BIAsp
195  2005 Pharmacokinetics of ibafloxacin in healthy cats. ---
196  2005 Pharmacokinetics of isoflavones, daidzein and genistein, after ingestion of soy beverage compared with soy extract capsules in postmenopausal Thai women. AUC, HPLC
197  2005 Pharmacokinetics of sirolimus in Thai healthy volunteers. CNI, HPLC-UV
198  2005 Reduced oral itraconazole bioavailability by antacid suspension. ---
199  2005 Rh/IGF-I/rhIGFBP-3 administration to patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus reduces insulin requirements while also lowering fasting glucose. ---
200  2005 Statistical aspects of bioequivalence testing between two medicinal products. AUC
201  2006 Bioequivalence study of two amoxicillin formulations. HPLC
202  2006 Bioequivalence study of two fluoxetine capsule formulations in healthy Middle Eastern volunteers. ANOVA
203  2006 Effect of diltiazem on the pharmacokinetics of microemulsion cyclosporine A in renal transplantation. AUC, CsA, PK
204  2006 Pharmacokinetics of mycophenolic acid and metabolites in diabetic kidney transplant recipients. MMF, MPA
205  2006 Pharmacokinetics of oseltamivir in young and very elderly subjects. ---
206  2006 Studies of the pharmacokinetics of paeoniflorin in two Jing-Zhi-Guan-Xin formulations after oral administration to beagle dogs. EOPT, JZGX, MRT, TCMCR
207  2006 The pharmacokinetics of pioglitazone in Thai healthy subjects. CL, HPLC, Vd
208  2007 A study on the pharmacokinetics of chlorzoxazone in healthy Thai volunteers. CHZ, CL, HPLC, Vd
209  2007 Exenatide effects on statin pharmacokinetics and lipid response. HDL-C, HMG-CoA, LDL-C
210  2007 Oral bioavailability of curcumin in rat and the herbal analysis from Curcuma longa by LC-MS/MS. LOD, MRM
211  2007 Pharmacokinetic study of temozolomide on a daily-for-5-days schedule in Japanese patients with relapsed malignant gliomas: first study in Asians. MTIC, TMZ
212  2007 Pharmacokinetics of intranasal and intratracheal pentoxifylline in rabbits. ---
213  2007 Pharmacokinetics of sarizotan after oral administration of single and repeat doses in healthy subjects. AUC
214  2007 Sensitive and rapid liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometric assay for the quantification of piperaquine in human plasma. IS, LLOQ, LOD, MRM
215  2007 Single-dose and steady-state pharmacokinetics of fentanyl buccal tablet in healthy volunteers. ---
216  2007 The pharmacokinetics of vigabatrin in rat blood and cerebrospinal fluid. CSF
217  2007 The plasma pharmacokinetics of R-(+)-lipoic acid administered as sodium R-(+)-lipoate to healthy human subjects. AUC, HPLC/ECD, PBS, PK, R-LA, rac-LA
218  2007 Zolpidem extended-release: a single insomnia treatment option for sleep induction and sleep maintenance symptoms. ---
219  2008 Bioequivalence study of three ibuprofen formulations after single dose administration in healthy volunteers. ---
220  2008 Comparative bioavailability of lornoxicam as single doses of quick-release tablet, standard tablet and intramuscular injection: a randomized, open-label, crossover phase I study in healthy volunteers. AUCinfinity, IM, MRT, QR, ST
221  2008 Does intraosseous equal intravenous? A pharmacokinetic study. AUC
222  2008 Optimizing bioavailability of oral administration of small peptides through pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters: the effect of water and timing of meal intake on oral delivery of Salmon Calcitonin. sCT
223  2008 Percutaneous absorption of interferon-alpha by self-dissolving micropiles. BAs, IFN, s.c, SDMPs
224  2008 Pharmacokinetics of decitabine administered as a 3-h infusion to patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). AML, MDS, PK
225  2009 Hydrogenated castor oil nanoparticles as carriers for the subcutaneous administration of tilmicosin: in vitro and in vivo studies. HCO, SLN
226  2009 The absorption and uptake of recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone through vaginal subcutaneous injections--a pharmacokinetic study. AUC, FSH, IVF
227  2009 The distribution and accumulation of fucoxanthin and its metabolites after oral administration in mice. AUCinfinity
228  2010 Bioequivalence evaluation of menthol after oral administration of peppermint oil soft capsules in dogs. ANOVA, CI, MRT
229  2010 Efficacy and tolerability of a new powdered formulation of diclofenac potassium for oral solution for the acute treatment of migraine: results from the International Migraine Pain Assessment Clinical Trial (IMPACT). ICHD-II, IMPACT
230  2010 Pharmacokinetics of a modified-release estrogen tablet. DHE, SCE-B
231  2010 Urinary excretion of ecgonine and five other cocaine metabolites following controlled oral, intravenous, intranasal, and smoked administration of cocaine. EC
232  2011 A randomized, multiple-dose parallel study to compare the pharmacokinetic parameters of synthetic conjugated estrogens, A, administered as oral tablet or vaginal cream. AUCweekly, BA, SCE-A
233  2011 Efficacy of biorhythmic transdermal combined hormone treatment in relieving climacteric symptoms: a pilot study. ---
234  2011 Nevirapine plasma concentrations in premature infants exposed to single-dose nevirapine for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1. AUC, CL, MTCT, SGA, Vd
235  2012 Enhanced pharmacokinetics and anti-tumor efficacy of PEGylated liposomal rhaponticin and plasma protein binding ability of rhaponticin. PEG, PEGL-RA, RA
236  2012 Oral bioavailability and gender-related pharmacokinetics of celastrol following administration of pure celastrol and its related tablets in rats. AUC, MRT, TGV
237  2012 Pharmacokinetic study of liposome-encapsulated and plain mepivacaine formulations injected intra-orally in volunteers. MVC
238  2012 Polymeric nanoparticles for increased oral bioavailability and rapid absorption using celecoxib as a model of a low-solubility, high-permeability drug. ---
239  2012 The pharmacokinetic parameters of a single dose of a novel nano-formulated, lower-dose oral diclofenac. AUC, nano-formulated diclofenac, NSAIDs, PK
240  2013 A pilot study assessing the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of diazepam after intranasal and intravenous administration in healthy volunteers. DZP, i.n
241  2013 Comparative bioavailability of two moxifloxacin tablet products after single dose administration under fasting conditions in a balanced, randomized and cross-over study in healthy volunteers. ---
242  2013 Differential analysis of transient increases of serum cTnI in response to handling in rats. cTnI
243  2013 Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic evaluation of coadministration of lacosamide and an oral contraceptive (levonorgestrel plus ethinylestradiol) in healthy female volunteers. AUC, OC
244  2013 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic alterations in the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass recipients. PD, PK, RYGB
245  2013 Pharmacokinetic study of eight coumarins of Radix Angelicae Dahuricae in rats by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Cmax, GC-MS, IS
246  2013 Pharmacokinetics and adhesion of the Agile transdermal contraceptive patch (AG200-15) during daily exposure to external conditions of heat, humidity and exercise. AP, EE, LNG
247  2013 Pharmacokinetics of dexamethasone following intra-articular, intravenous, intramuscular, and oral administration in horses and its effects on endogenous hydrocortisone. DSP, IA, IAS, IM
248  2013 Pharmacokinetics, tolerability, and safety of intranasal administration of reformulated OxyContin() tablets compared with original OxyContin () tablets in healthy adults. AQ
249  2013 Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of a human anti-interleukin-13 monoclonal antibody (CNTO 5825) in an ascending single-dose first-in-human study. i.v, PD, PK, s.c
250  2013 Serum levels of intravitreal bevacizumab after vitrectomy, lensectomy and non-surgical controls. PPL, PPV
251  2013 The pharmacokinetics and safety of an intraoperative bupivacaine-collagen implant (XaraColl()) for postoperative analgesia in women following total abdominal hysterectomy. ---
252  2013 [Blood glucose and insulin responses to two hypocaloric enteral formulas in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2]. ---
253  2014 A first-in-human randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single- and multiple-ascending oral dose study of novel Imidazolopiperazine KAF156 to assess its safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics in healthy adult volunteers. AUC
254  2014 An effect of moderate hepatic impairment on the pharmacokinetics and safety of darapladib. AEs
255  2014 Clinical pharmacokinetics of tramadol and main metabolites in horses undergoing orchiectomy. ---
256  2014 Combined isosorbide dinitrate and ibuprofen as a novel therapy for muscular dystrophies: evidence from Phase I studies in healthy volunteers. AUC
257  2014 Determination of an optimal dosing regimen for fexinidazole, a novel oral drug for the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis: first-in-human studies. HAT
258  2014 Dosing feasibility and tolerability of intranasal diazepam in adults with epilepsy. diazepam-NS
259  2014 Effect of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on the pharmacokinetics of oral morphine using a population approach. AUC, BMI, RYGB
260  2014 Enantiomer-selective pharmacokinetics, oral bioavailability, and sex effects of various alpha-lipoic acid dosage forms. ALA, AUC, PK
261  2014 Evaluation of the effect of multiple doses of lansoprazole on the pharmacokinetics and safety of ponatinib in healthy subjects. ---
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380  2019 Pharmacokinetic Study of Rucaparib in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors. CI
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