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Abbreviation : UI
Long Form : urinary iodine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1990 Evaluation of automated urinary iodine methods: problems of interfering substances identified. ---
1994 Association between dietary iodine intake and prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in the coastal regions of Japan. ---
1995 Automated measurement of urinary iodine with use of ultraviolet irradiation. UV
1997 Maternal iodine status and thyroid volume during pregnancy: correlation with neonatal iodine intake. ---
1998 Iodine nutrition in the United States. Trends and public health implications: iodine excretion data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys I and III (1971-1974 and 1988-1994) ---
1999 Assessment of goiter in an area of endemic iodine deficiency. TGI
2000 Effect of oral iodized oil on thyroid size and thyroid hormone metabolism in children with concurrent selenium and iodine deficiency. Se
2000 Thyroid ultrasound is the best prevalence indicator for assessment of iodine deficiency disorders: a study in rural/tribal schoolchildren from Gujarat (Western India). IDD, TSH, TV
2000 [The evaluation of goiter frequency and iodine prophylaxis efficiency in children population in Wielkopolska area from 1992 to 1998]. Tg
10  2001 Biochemical assessment of iodine deficiency disorders in Baroda and Dang districts of Gujarat State. DD
11  2001 Monitoring the adequacy of salt iodization in Switzerland: a national study of school children and pregnant women. ---
12  2001 Study of biochemical prevalence indicators for the assessment of iodine deficiency disorders in adults at field conditions in Gujarat (India). IDD, TSH
13  2001 Thyroid hormone profile in children with goiter in an endemic goiter area. ---
14  2002 Oxidative DNA base damage, antioxidant enzyme activities and selenium status in highly iodine-deficient goitrous children. AOE, CAT, GC/IDMS, GSH-Px, Se, SOD
15  2002 Thyroid size and iodine intake in iodine-repleted pregnant women in Isfahan, Iran. ---
16  2003 Correction of iodine deficiency in Macedonia. ---
17  2003 Introduction of iodized salt to severely iodine-deficient children does not provoke thyroid autoimmunity: a one-year prospective trial in northern Morocco. ---
18  2003 No evidence of radiation risk for thyroid gland among schoolchildren around Semipalatinsk Nuclear Testing Site. SNTS
19  2003 Seasonality in urinary and household salt iodine content among pregnant and lactating women of the plains of Nepal. SI
20  2003 Urinary iodide levels in term newborns and their mothers--a pilot study. IDD
21  2003 Urinary iodine kinetics after oral loading of potassium iodine. ---
22  2003 Urinary iodine percentile ranges in the United States. NHANES III
23  2004 Effect of different iodine intake on schoolchildren's thyroid diseases and intelligence in rural areas. MUI, TAA, Tg, TgAb, TPOAb
24  2005 Current global iodine status and progress over the last decade towards the elimination of iodine deficiency. TGP
25  2005 Do thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone levels reflect urinary iodine concentrations? TSH
26  2005 High thyroid volume in children with excess dietary iodine intakes. Tvol
27  2005 Increasing the iodine concentration in the Swiss iodized salt program markedly improved iodine status in pregnant women and children: a 5-y prospective national study. ---
28  2005 Urinary iodine assays and ionophore based potentiometric iodide sensors. ---
29  2006 Efficacy of oral iodized peanut oil is greater than that of iodized poppy seed oil among Indonesian schoolchildren. ---
30  2006 High prevalence of thyroid dysfunction and autoimmune thyroiditis in adolescents after elimination of iodine deficiency in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. ---
31  2006 Iodine nutrition status of exclusively breast-fed infants and their mothers in New Delhi, India. ---
32  2006 Iodine supplementation for pregnancy and lactation-United States and Canada: recommendations of the American Thyroid Association. WHO
33  2006 Iodine supplementation improves cognition in iodine-deficient schoolchildren in Albania: a randomized, controlled, double-blind study. TSH
34  2006 Prevalence of goitre and autoimmune thyroiditis in schoolchildren in Delhi, India, after two decades of salt iodisation. AIT
35  2006 Selenium and goiter prevalence in borderline iodine sufficiency. Se, USe
36  2006 [Urinary iodide assessment of the adult population in Catalonia]. CHA
37  2007 Assessment of thyroid function and urinary and breast milk iodine concentrations in healthy newborns and their mothers in Tehran. MI
38  2007 Efficacy of daily and weekly multiple micronutrient food-like tablets for the correction of iodine deficiency in Indonesian males aged 6-12 mo. DI, DMM, foodLETs, RNI, WMM
39  2007 Evaluating iodine deficiency in pregnant women and young infants-complex physiology with a risk of misinterpretation. Tg
40  2007 Iodine nutrition of pregnant and lactating women in Hong Kong, where intake is of borderline sufficiency. SAR
41  2007 Iodine requirements during pregnancy, lactation and the neonatal period and indicators of optimal iodine nutrition. ID, TSH
42  2007 Short-term changes in maternal and neonatal urinary iodine excretion. ---
43  2007 The prevalence of iodine deficiency in women of reproductive age in the United States of America. NHANES I
44  2007 Treatment of iodine deficiency in school-age children increases insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I and IGF binding protein-3 concentrations and improves somatic growth. IGF, IGFBP, TT4
45  2007 Vitamin A supplementation in iodine-deficient African children decreases thyrotropin stimulation of the thyroid and reduces the goiter rate. ID, RBP, SR, VA
46  2008 Can neonatal TSH screening reflect trends in population iodine intake? TSH
47  2008 Iodine deficiency in 2007: global progress since 2003. ---
48  2008 Iodine status and thyroid volume changes during pregnancy: results of a survey in Aran Valley (Catalan Pyrenees). TV
49  2008 Iodine status of the U.S. population, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2004. CI, NHANES
50  2008 Thyroid volume is associated with family history of thyroid disease in pregnant women with adequate iodine intake: a cross-sectional study in southern Brazil. TV
51  2008 Urinary iodine in 24 h is associated with natriuresis and is better reflected by an afternoon sample. ---
52  2009 Beneficial effects of iodized salt prophylaxis on thyroid volume in an iodine deficient area of southern Italy. IDD, TV
53  2009 Impact of a multiple-micronutrient fortified salt on the nutritional status and memory of schoolchildren. AGP, CRP, SF, sTfR
54  2009 Iodine deficiency in pregnancy and the effects of maternal iodine supplementation on the offspring: a review. WHO
55  2009 Iodine deficiency in pregnant women of Lahore. ID, MID
56  2009 Iodine treatment in children with subclinical hypothyroidism due to chronic iodine deficiency decreases thyrotropin and C-peptide concentrations and improves the lipid profile. C-peptide, CRP, ID, SCH
57  2009 Thyroglobulin as a marker of iodine nutrition status in the general population. Tg
58  2009 Urinary iodide concentration in hyperthyroid cats. logUIs
59  2009 Urinary iodine concentrations in urban and rural areas around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. ---
60  2009 Urinary iodine concentrations should be monitored to diagnose some thyroid gland diseases in heart transplant recipients. ICCIDD, MID, SID, TSH
61  2010 Epidemiology of iodine deficiency: Salt iodisation and iodine status. USI
62  2010 Intra- and interindividual iodine excretion in 24 hours in individuals in southern Brazil: a cross-sectional study. CV
63  2010 Iodine deficiency status and iodised salt consumption in Malaysia: findings from a national iodine deficiency disorders survey. IDD
64  2010 Iodine status of adolescent girls in a population changing from high to lower fish consumption. Cr, FFQ, TSH
65  2010 Relationship between urinary iodine and goiter prevalence: results of the Chinese national iodine deficiency disorders survey. GP, IDD, WHO
66  2010 Urinary iodine concentrations in the high background radiation areas of Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India. ---
67  2011 A robust method for testing urinary iodine using a microtitre robotic system. ---
68  2011 Does iodine gas released from seaweed contribute to dietary iodine intake? GC-MS
69  2011 Fenton digestion of milk for iodinalysis. ---
70  2011 High (but not low) urinary iodine excretion is predicted by iodine excretion levels from five years ago. ICR
71  2011 Iodine nutritional status in pregnant women of two historically different iodine-deficient areas of Catalonia, Spain. ---
72  2011 Iodine status of the U.S. population, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005–2006 and 2007–2008. CI, NHANES
73  2011 Is placental iodine content related to dietary iodine intake? ---
74  2011 Review of analytical methods for the quantification of iodine in complex matrices. IDD, S-K
75  2012 Breastfed infants metabolize perchlorate. MI
76  2012 Iodine intake in the adult population. Di@bet.es study. IS
77  2012 Iodine supplementation in pregnancy and its effect on child cognition. ID, NBAS
78  2012 One month is sufficient for urinary iodine to return to its baseline value after the use of water-soluble iodinated contrast agents in post-thyroidectomy patients requiring radioiodine therapy. CT, DTC, ICA, sU
79  2012 Urinary iodine and sodium status of urban Korean subjects: a pilot study. UCr, UNa
80  2012 [Study on the relationship between iodine status and growth in infants at the key period of brain development]. Linxia Prefecture
81  2013 Assessment of iodine status in children, adults, pregnant women and lactating women in iodine-replete areas of China. GP, IDD, MUI, OR, Tg, TgAb, USI
82  2013 Evaluation of the performance of a micromethod for measuring urinary iodine by using six sigma quality metrics. EQA, EQC, EQUIP, UIMM
83  2013 Iodine deficiency in Egyptian autistic children and their mothers: relation to disease severity. CARS, EEG, HT, ID, IQ, TSH, TV
84  2013 Iodine fortification of vegetables improves human iodine nutrition: in vivo evidence for a new model of iodine prophylaxis. ---
85  2013 Iodine status in pregnant women in the National Children's Study and in U.S. women (15-44 years), National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005-2010. NCS, NHANES
86  2013 Smoothed Urinary Iodine Percentiles for the US Population and Pregnant Women: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2001-2010. NHANES
87  2013 Thyroid volumes and iodine status in Egyptian South Sinai schoolchildren. SK
88  2013 Urinary iodine concentrations of pregnant women in Ukraine. TSH
89  2013 [Factors related to urinary iodine in adults from Shanghai]. ---
90  2014 Apparent insufficiency of iodine supplementation in pregnancy. WHO
91  2014 Iodine status in Korean preschool children as determined by urinary iodine excretion. ---
92  2014 Iodine status in Turkish populations and exposure to iodide uptake inhibitors. ---
93  2014 Low maternal iodine intake and early pregnancy hypothyroxinemia: Possible repercussions for children. ID, IS, TSH
94  2014 Ultrasonographic evaluation of the thyroid gland volume among 8-15-year-old children in Isfahan, Iran. US, WHO
95  2014 Urinary iodine as an iodine deficiency test in lung transplant recipients in order to prevent iodine deficiency disorders. ---
96  2015 Assessment of the Effect of Two Distinct Restricted Iodine Diet Durations on Urinary Iodine Levels (Collected over 24 h or as a Single-Spot Urinary Sample) and Na(+)/I(-) Symporter Expression. NIS, RID, sU
97  2015 Iodine nutritional status in Brazil: a meta-analysis of all studies performed in the country pinpoints to an insufficient evaluation and heterogeneity. CI, IDD
98  2015 Iodine status of young Burkinabe children receiving small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements and iodised salt: a cluster-randomised trial. LNS, NIC, SQ-LNS, Tg, TSH
100  2015 Urinary iodine level and its determinants in pregnant women of Shanghai, China. ---
101  2015 [Changes of thyroid function, thyroid antibodies and urinary iodine among permanent residents of Urumqi in Xinjiang]. TgAb, TSH
102  2016 Approximate median regression for complex survey data with skewed response. DTBS, MAD
103  2016 Hyperthyroidism secondary to hysterosalpingography: an extremely rare complication: A case report. HSG, IIH, SI, TSH
105  2016 Iodine in autism spectrum disorders. ASD, CARS, TSH
106  2016 Iodine status of adults in Taiwan 2005-2008, 5 years after the cessation of mandatory salt iodization. ---
107  2016 Iodine Status over Two Decades: Influence of Seaweed Exposure. USI
108  2016 Urinary iodine and stable isotope analysis to examine habitat influences on thyroid hormones among coastal dwelling American alligators. SVL
109  2017 Iodine intakes and status in Irish adults: is there cause for concern? EAR
110  2017 Iodine status and thyroid nodules in females: a comparison of Cyprus and Romania. TSH
111  2017 Population-Based National Prevalence of Thyroid Dysfunction in Spain and Associated Factors: Di@bet.es Study. CI, TPOAb
112  2017 The application of serum iodine in assessing individual iodine status. ROC
113  2018 Case-Control Study of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma on Urinary and Dietary Iodine Status in South Korea. FFQ, PTC
114  2018 Iodine deficiency in women of childbearing age: not bread alone? ---
115  2019 Current state of iodine nutrition in Filipino school-aged children. IDD
116  2019 Urinary iodine is increased in papillary thyroid carcinoma but is not altered by regional population iodine intake status: a meta-analysis and implications. BTN, TC