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Abbreviation : ee
Long Form : enantiomeric excess
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1981 A model for the enantiomeric enrichment of polypeptides on the primitive earth. NCA
1989 Cytochrome P-450-catalyzed asymmetric epoxidation of simple prochiral and chiral aliphatic alkenes: species dependence and effect of enzyme induction on enantioselective oxirane formation. ---
1990 Circular dichroism detection in high-performance liquid chromatography: evaluation of the anisotropy factor. CD
1990 Enantioselective oxidations of sulfides catalyzed by chloroperoxidase. ---
1992 Kinetic resolution of organosilicon compounds by stereoselective dehydrogenation with horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. ---
1992 Stereoselectivity of lipases: esterification reactions of octadecylglycerol. ---
1993 Remarkable acceleration for the deamination of carbocyclic purine nucleosides by adenosine deaminase under high-pressure. ---
1994 A kinetic study and application of a novel carbonyl reductase isolated from Rhodococcus erythropolis. RECR
1994 Biocatalytic synthesis of (S)-2-tridecanyl acetate and (S)-2-pentadecanyl acetate, aggregation pheromone components ofDrosophila mulleri andD. busckii, by enantioselective hydrolysis with lipase. ---
10  1994 Regiospecific and stereoselective hydroxylation of 1-indanone and 2-indanone by naphthalene dioxygenase and toluene dioxygenase. NDO, TDO
11  1995 Macromolecular ionophores. 1. Chiral recognition properties of poly[(1-->6)-2,5-anhydro-D-glucitol] toward racemic amino acid ester. CO2CH3
12  1995 Mass balancing in kinetic resolution: calculating yield and enantiomeric excess using chiral balance. ---
13  1995 Purification and Characterization of an Enantioselective Amidase from Pseudomonas chlororaphis B23. ---
14  1996 Oxidation of 6,7-dihydro-5H-benzocycloheptene by bacterial strains expressing naphthalene dioxygenase, biphenyl dioxygenase, and toluene dioxygenase yields homochiral monol or cis-diol enantiomers as major products. ---
15  1996 Regio- and stereospecific oxidation of fluorene, dibenzofuran, and dibenzothiophene by naphthalene dioxygenase from Pseudomonas sp. strain NCIB 9816-4. ---
16  1997 Asymmetric Electroreduction of Ketone and Aldehyde Derivatives to the Corresponding Alcohols Using Alcohol Dehydrogenase as an Electrocatalyst. ADH
17  1997 Determination of enantiomeric excess using a chiral selective separation mode and polarimetric detection. CSS/PD
18  1997 Enantioselective fluorination of organic molecules. I. Synthetic studies of the agents for electrophilic, enantioselective fluorination of carbanions. ---
19  1997 Enzymatic production of ethyl (R)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate: asymmetric reduction of ethyl 4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate by an Escherichia coli transformant expressing the aldehyde reductase gene from yeast. CHBE, COBE
20  1998 Development of a bimodal polarimetric response model for improved quantitation of enantiomeric mixtures under conditions of poor chromatographic resolution. MMQ
21  1998 Enantioselective biotransformations using rhodococci. ---
22  1998 Enantioselective Sulfoxidation Catalyzed by Vanadium Haloperoxidases. ---
23  1998 The sulphoxidation of thioanisole catalysed by lactoperoxidase and Coprinus cinereus peroxidase: evidence for an oxygen-rebound mechanism. CIP, LPO
24  1999 Biocatalytic production of chiral epichlorohydrin in organic solvents. ---
25  1999 Development of a bioconversion process for production of cis-1S,2R-indandiol from indene by recombinant Escherichia coli constructs. TDO
26  1999 Diastereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Amino Cyclic Ethers via the Intramolecular Reaction of gamma-Alkoxyallylstannane with Imine. de
27  1999 Lipase-catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of ()-trans- and cis-2-Azidocycloalkanols. ---
28  1999 NMR Structure Determination of Ion Pairs Derived from Quinine: A Model for Templating in Asymmetric Phase-Transfer Reductions by BH(4)(-) with Implications for Rational Design of Phase-Transfer Catalysts. NOEs
29  1999 Simple synthesis of alpha-cyano-alpha-fluoro-p-tolylacetic acid (CFTA), a new efficient chiral derivatizing agent. CFTA, CFTA Et ester, CRL
30  1999 [Development of asymmetric synthesis of optically active compounds including fluoroorganic molecules]. HMPA
31  2000 Catalytic asymmetric hydroboration/amination and alkylamination with rhodium complexes of 1,1'-(2-diarylphosphino-1-naphthyl)isoquinoline ---
32  2000 Chiral analysis by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry. 2. Determination of enantiomeric excess of amino acids. ---
33  2000 Chiral epoxide production using mycobacterium solubilized in a water-in-oil microemulsion. APE, HLB, PGE
34  2000 Circular dichroism as a detection method in the screening of enantioselective catalysts. CD
35  2000 Epoxide hydrolase activity of Streptomyces strains. 3-PEG
36  2000 New efficient chiral derivatizing agent, alpha-cyano-alpha-fluoro(2-naphthyl)acetic acid (2-CFNA). application to the EE determination of (-)-3-acetoxy-2-fluoro-2-(hexadecyloxymethyl)propan-1-ol. 2-CFNA, 2-CFNA Me ester, CDA, CFTA
37  2000 Stereocontrolled reduction of alpha- and beta-keto esters with micro green algae, Chlorella strains. ---
38  2000 Synthesis of decalin type chiral synthons based on enzymatic function. ---
39  2000 Two classes of enzymes of opposite stereochemistry in an organism: one for fluorinated and another for nonfluorinated substrates. ---
40  2001 Asymmetric autocatalysis and the origin of chiral homogeneity in organic compounds. CPL
41  2001 Asymmetric reduction of ketones with catecholborane using 2,6-BODOL complexes of titanium(IV) as catalysts. ---
42  2001 Biochemical approaches to the synthesis of ethyl 5-(s)-hydroxyhexanoate and 5-(s)-hydroxyhexanenitrile. ---
43  2001 Enzymatic synthesis of chiral intermediates for Omapatrilat, an antihypertensive drug. LAT, PDH
44  2001 Expeditious synthesis and chromatographic resolution of (+)- and (-)-trans-1-benzylcyclohexan-1,2-diamine hydrochlorides. ---
45  2001 Genetic and biochemical characterization of an enantioselective amidase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain d3. ---
46  2001 Homo- and heterocomplexes of sodium and lithium amides--structures in solution. ---
47  2001 Metabolism of styrene in the human liver in vitro: interindividual variation and enantioselectivity. ---
48  2001 Microbial reduction of alpha-chloroketone to alpha-chlorohydrin. ---
49  2001 Microbial resolution of 2-hydroxy-3-nitropropionic acid for synthesis of optically active isoserine. ---
50  2001 On-column deracemization of an atropisomeric biphenyl by quinine-based stationary phase and determination of rotational energy barrier by enantioselective stopped-flow HPLC and CEC. sfHPLC
51  2001 Practical production of (S)-1,2-propanediol and its derivative through baker's yeast-mediated reduction. ---
52  2001 Self and nonself recognition of chiral catalysts: the origin of nonlinear effects in the amino-alcohol catalyzed asymmetric addition of diorganozincs to aldehydes. ---
53  2001 Synthesis and stereochemistry of some bicyclic gamma-lactones from parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Utility of hydrolytic kinetic resolution of epoxides and palladium(II)-catalyzed hydroxycyclization-carbonylation-lactonization of ene-diols. HKR
54  2002 A practical high through-put continuous process for the synthesis of chiral cyanohydrins. ---
55  2002 Analysis of stereochemical convergence in asymmetric pd-catalysed allylic alkylation reactions complicated by halide and memory effects. sc
56  2002 Asymmetric autocatalysis and its application to chiral discrimination. ---
57  2002 Chemoenzymatic synthesis and properties of Schiff bases containing (R)-1-(9-anthryl)ethylamine. ---
58  2002 Chiral alcohol production by NADH-dependent phenylacetaldehyde reductase coupled with in situ regeneration of NADH. Boc, PAR
59  2002 Chiral amino ether-controlled catalytic enantioselective arylthiol conjugate additions to alpha,beta-unsaturated esters and ketones: scope, structural requirements, and mechanistic implications. ---
60  2002 Enhanced enantio- and diastereoselectivity via confinement and cation binding: yang photocyclization of 2-benzoyladamantane derivatives within zeolites. ---
61  2002 Generation of molecular chiral asymmetry through stirred crystallization. CEE
62  2002 Kinetic resolution of an indan derivative using Bacillus sp. SUI-12: synthesis of a key intermediate of the melatonin receptor agonist TAK-375. ---
63  2002 Kinetic resolutions of indan derivatives using bacteria. ---
64  2002 Ligand and metal-ion effects in metal-ion clusters used for chiral analysis of alpha-hydroxy acids by the kinetic method. ---
65  2002 Measurement of enantiomeric excess using molecularly imprinted polymers. MIPs
66  2002 Microbial resolution of baclofen by a new isolate of Streptomyces halstedii. ---
67  2002 On the intermediates in chiral bis(oxazoline)copper(II)-catalyzed enantioselective reactions--experimental and theoretical investigations. ---
68  2002 Probability distributions of enantiomeric excess in unstirred and stirred crystallization of 1,1'-binaphthyl melt. ---
69  2002 Quantitative chiral analysis of sugars by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry using modified amino acids as chiral reference compounds. ---
70  2002 Separation of binaphthol enantiomers through achiral chromatography. ---
71  2002 Stereochemical diversity in lignan biosynthesis of Arctium lappa L. ---
72  2002 Synthesis and circular dichroism studies of N,N-bis(2-quinolylmethyl)amino acid Cu(II) complexes: determination of absolute configuration and enantiomeric excess by the exciton coupling method. ECCD
73  2002 [Synthesis of a new cyclodextrin derivative and its application as CGC chiral stationary phase in determination of enantiomeric excess]. CD
74  2003 31P NMR spectroscopy as a powerful tool for the determination of enantiomeric excess and absolute configurations of alpha-amino acids. ---
75  2003 Asymmetric catalysis with self-organized chiral lanthanum complexes: practical and highly enantioselective epoxidation of alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones. ---
76  2003 Chiral analysis using the kinetic method with optimized fixed ligands: applications to some antibiotics. ESI
77  2003 Cryo-bioorganic chemistry: freezing effect on stereoselection of DL-alanine-N-carboxyanhydride oligomerization in dioxane solution. NCA-DL-Ala
78  2003 Determination of enantiomeric excess using the ultraviolet-circular dichroism and the high-performance liquid chromatography-circular dichroism methods. CD, HPLC, UV, UV-CD
79  2003 Effects of the environment on microperoxidase-11 and on its catalytic activity in oxidation of organic sulfides to sulfoxides. SDS, SDS
80  2003 Enantiomeric impurity profiling in ephedrine samples by enantioselective capillary electrochromatography. CEC, CSP, LOD, LOQ, RSD, SCX
81  2003 Enantioselective electrochemical oxidation of enol acetates using a chiral supporting electrolyte. THF
82  2003 High-speed chiral separations on a microchip with UV detection. MCE
83  2003 Kinetic method for the simultaneous chiral analysis of different amino acids in mixtures. ---
84  2003 Microbial enantioselective reduction of acetylpyridine derivatives. AFP
85  2003 Optical resolution of racemic 2-hydroxy octanoic acid by lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis in a biphasic membrane reactor. ---
86  2003 Substrate specificity and enantioselectivity of 4-hydroxyacetophenone monooxygenase. BVMOs, HAPMO
87  2004 A unique binaphthyl strapped iron-porphyrin catalyst for the enantioselective epoxidation of terminal olefins. TON
88  2004 Catalysis with phosphine-containing amino acids in various "turn" motifs. ---
89  2004 Catalytic enantioselective intermolecular cycloadditions of 2-diazo-3,6-diketoester-derived carbonyl ylides with alkene dipolarophiles. ---
90  2004 Chiral symmetry-breaking transition in growth front of crystal phase of 1,1'-binaphthyl in its supercooled melt. ---
91  2004 Enantioselective direct aldol reactions catalyzed by L-prolinamide derivatives. ---
92  2004 Enzymatic enantioselective transcyanation of silicon-containing aliphatic ketone with (S)-hydroxynitrile lyase from Manihot esculenta. ATMS, DIPE, DMBO, MeHNL
93  2004 Facile quantification of enantiomeric excess and concentration with indicator-displacement assays: an example in the analyses of alpha-hydroxyacids. ---
94  2004 Ionic liquids as a convenient new medium for the catalytic asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins using a recoverable and reusable osmium/ligand. AD, RTILs
95  2004 Pressure control of enantiodifferentiating polar addition of 1,1-diphenylpropene sensitized by chiral naphthalenecarboxylates. ---
96  2004 Production of L-lactic acid from a mixture of xylose and glucose by co-cultivation of lactic acid bacteria. ---
97  2004 Spontaneous onset of homochirality in oligopeptide chains generated in the polymerization of N-carboxyanhydride amino acids in water. ---
98  2005 A homochiral porous metal-organic framework for highly enantioselective heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis. MOF
99  2005 A QM/MM study of the asymmetric dihydroxylation of terminal aliphatic n-alkenes with OsO4.(DHQD)2PYDZ: enantioselectivity as a function of chain length. ---
100  2005 Absolute asymmetric synthesis of stereochemically labile aldehyde helicates and subsequent chirality transfer reactions. ATPH
101  2005 Analyses of in-cage singlet radical-pair motions from irradiations of 1-naphthyl (R)-1-phenylethyl ether and 1-naphthyl -2-phenylpropanoate in n-alkanes. ---
102  2005 Biotransformations for the production of the chiral drug (S)-Duloxetine catalyzed by a novel isolate of Candida tropicalis. ---
103  2005 Chiral and isomeric analysis by electrospray ionization and sonic spray ionization using the fixed-ligand kinetic method. ESI, QTOF, SSI
104  2005 Chiral self-dimerization of vanadium complexes on a SiO2 surface for asymmetric catalytic coupling of 2-naphthol: structure, performance, and mechanism. BINOL, DFT, ESR, EXAFS, FTIR, XANES, XPS
105  2005 Chiral synthesis of functionalized tetrahydropyridines: gamma-aminobutyric acid uptake inhibitor analogues. de
106  2005 Designing the "search pathway" in the development of a new class of highly efficient stereoselective hydrosilylation catalysts. ---
107  2005 Enantiomeric excess determination by fourier transform near-infrared vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy: simulation of real-time process monitoring. FT-VCD, NIR
108  2005 Enantioselective synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of 4,5-dihydro-5-[aryl(hydroxy)methyl]-3-methylidenefuran-2(3H)-ones. ---
109  2005 Guidelines in implementing enantioselective indicator-displacement assays for alpha-hydroxycarboxylates and diols. ---
110  2005 Novel microbial epoxide hydrolases for biohydrolysis of glycidyl derivatives. ---
111  2005 Purification and characterization of a novel alcohol dehydrogenase from Leifsonia sp. strain S749: a promising biocatalyst for an asymmetric hydrogen transfer bioreduction. LSADH, PTK
112  2005 Requirements for the formation of a chiral template. ---
113  2005 Stereochemical correlation between 10-hydroperoxyoctadecadienoic acid and 1-octen-3-ol in Lentinula edodes and Tricholoma matsutake mushrooms. 10-HODE, GSH-GPx, LA
114  2005 Strain engineering for stereoselective bioreduction of dicarbonyl compounds by yeast reductases. ---
115  2005 Supramolecular photochirogenesis in sensitizing chiral nanopore: enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z)-cyclooctene included and sensitized by POST-1. ---
116  2005 Time-resolved fluorescent chirality sensing and imaging of malate in aqueous solution. EuTc
117  2006 Amplification of enantiomeric concentrations under credible prebiotic conditions. ---
118  2006 An on-column derivatization method for the determination of the enantiomeric excess of chiral primary amines via indirect enantioseparation by micellar electrokinetic chromatography. ---
119  2006 Catalytic, enantioselective [4 + 2]-cycloadditions of ketene enolates and o-quinones: efficient entry to chiral, alpha-oxygenated carboxylic acid derivatives. ---
120  2006 Designing new Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases using restricted CASTing. CPMO, WT-CHMO
121  2006 Detection of the chirality of C alpha-methylated alpha-amino acids with a dynamic helical poly(phenylacetylene) bearing aza-18-crown-6 ether pendants. ICD, poly-1
122  2006 Determination of the enantiomeric excess of an M3 antagonist drug substance by chemometric analysis of the IR spectra of different guest-host complexes. ATR-IR
123  2006 Diffusion accelerates and enhances chirality selection. ---
124  2006 Direct determination of absolute configuration of methyl-substituted phenyloxiranes: combined experimental and theoretical approach. VA, VCD
125  2006 Discrimination of enantiomers by means of NMR spectroscopy using chiral liquid crystalline solution: application to triazole fungicides, uniconazole and diniconazole. PBLG
126  2006 Do the terms "% ee" and "% de" make sense as expressions of stereoisomer composition or stereoselectivity? ---
127  2006 Effect of lipase immobilization on resolution of (R, S)-2-octanol in nonaqueous media using modified ultrastable-Y molecular sieve as support. PEL, USY
128  2006 Effect of organic cosolvent on kinetic resolution of tert-leucine by penicillin G acylase from Kluyvera citrophila. L-Tle, N-Phac-DL-Tle, PGA
129  2006 Effective asymmetric epoxidation of styrenes by chiral dioxirane. ---
130  2006 Enantioselective photooxidation of a sulfide by a chiral ruthenium(II) complex immobilized on a montmorillonite clay surface: the role of weak interactions in asymmetric induction. ---
131  2006 Experimental evidence and theoretical analysis for the chiral symmetry breaking in the growth front of conglomerate crystal phase of 1,1'-binaphthyl. ---
132  2006 Fourier transform near-infrared vibrational circular dichroism used for on-line monitoring the epimerization of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolane-4-methanol: A pseudo racemization reaction. FT-VCD, near-IR, PLS
133  2006 Gene cloning and expression of Leifsonia alcohol dehydrogenase (LSADH) involved in asymmetric hydrogen-transfer bioreduction to produce (R)-form chiral alcohols. LSADH, SDRs
134  2006 Highly enantioselective recognition of dicarboxylic acid substrates by the control of nonlinear responses. ---
135  2006 Influence of microemulsions on enantioselective synthesis of (R)-cyclopent-2-enol catalyzed by vitamin B12. SDS
136  2006 Influence of water-miscible organic solvents on kinetics and enantioselectivity of the (R)-specific alcohol dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus brevis. ADH, ADH-LB
137  2006 Michael reactions carried out using a bench-top flow system. PS
138  2006 Microbial synthesis of chiral amines by (R)-specific transamination with Arthrobacter sp. KNK168. DMA
139  2006 New chiral Schiff base as a tridentate ligand for catalytic enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes. ---
140  2006 Pressure and temperature-controlled enantiodifferentiating [4+4] photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate mediated by secondary face- and skeleton-modified gamma-cyclodextrins. AC, gamma-CDs
141  2006 Protocol for mutagenesis of alkene monooxygenase and screening for modified enantiocomposition of the epoxypropane product. AMO
142  2006 Resolution of racemic 2-aminocyclohexanol derivatives and their application as ligands in asymmetric catalysis. ---
143  2006 Stereoselective nitrile hydrolysis by immobilized whole-cell biocatalyst. ---
144  2006 Structurally simple pyridine N-oxides as efficient organocatalysts for the enantioselective allylation of aromatic aldehydes. ---
145  2006 The determination of enantiomeric excess of valine by ODESSA solid-state NMR experiment. ---
146  2006 Thermodynamic control of asymmetric amplification in amino acid catalysis. ---
147  2006 trans-1-Sulfonylamino-2-isoborneolsulfonylaminocyclohexane derivatives: excellent chiral ligands for the catalytic enantioselective addition of organozinc reagents to ketones. ---
148  2007 A highly efficient asymmetric organocatalytic aldol reaction in a ball mill. mostly solid
149  2007 A novel NADH-dependent carbonyl reductase with unusual stereoselectivity for (R)-specific reduction from an (S)-1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol-producing micro-organism: purification and characterization. PED
150  2007 Asymmetric amplification in catalysis by trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane bistriflamide. ---
151  2007 Bioconversion of ethyl 4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate by permeabilized fresh brewer's yeast cells in the presence of allyl bromide. ADH, COBE, CTAB, G6PDH
152  2007 Chiral discrimination of a gemini-type surfactant with rigid spacer at the air-water interface. EPP
153  2007 Continuous production of chiral 1,3-butanediol using immobilized biocatalysts in a packed bed reactor: promising biocatalysis method with an asymmetric hydrogen-transfer bioreduction. LSADH, PAR, STY
154  2007 Counteracting expression deficiencies by anticipating posttranslational modification of PaHNL5-L1Q-A111G by genetic engineering. ---
155  2007 Determination of enantiomeric excess for 2,3-dihydroxy-3-phenylpropionate compounds by capillary electrophoresis using hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin as chiral selector. CZE, HP-beta-CD
156  2007 Dynamic kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols combining enzyme-catalyzed transesterification and zeolite-catalyzed racemization. ---
157  2007 Enzyme-catalysed synthesis and absolute configuration assignments of cis-dihydrodiol metabolites from 1,4-disubstituted benzenes. CD, TDO
158  2007 Freezing effect on chirality generation of DL-alanine-N-carboxy-anhydride oligomerization in aqueous solution. ---
159  2007 Glycine- and sarcosine-based models of vanadate-dependent haloperoxidases in sulfoxygenation reactions. HLD
160  2007 Interlayer interactions and the dependence of biaxiality of the chiral smectic-C* phase on electric field in the helical unwinding process. ---
161  2007 Isolation and properties of a levo-lactonase from Fusarium proliferatum ECU2002: a robust biocatalyst for production of chiral lactones. ---
162  2007 Mechanistic study on the enantiodifferentiating anti-Markovnikov photoaddition of alcohols to 1,1-diphenyl-1-alkenes in near-critical and supercritical carbon dioxide. ---
163  2007 Microbial asymmetric oxidation of 2-butyl-1,3-propanediol. 2-HMHA
164  2007 Preparation of arylzinc reagents and their use in the rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric 1,4-addition for the synthesis of 2-aryl-4-piperidones. ---
165  2007 Purification and characterization of the enantioselective nitrile hydratase from Rhodococcus sp. AJ270. ---
166  2007 Site-specific and asymmetric hydrolysis of prochiral 2-phenyl-1,3-propanediol diacetate by a bacterial esterase from an isolated strain. ---
167  2007 Synthesis of chiral alpha-hydroxy amides by two sequential enzymatic catalyzed reactions. CAL-B
168  2007 Two methods for the determination of enantiomeric excess and concentration of a chiral sample with a single spectroscopic measurement. ANNs, eIDAs
169  2008 Analysis of the mechanism of asymmetric amplification by chiral auxiliary trans-1,2-diaminocyclohexane bistriflamide. DCBF, TIOP
170  2008 Biomimetic iron-catalyzed asymmetric epoxidation of aromatic alkenes by using hydrogen peroxide. S,S
171  2008 Chiral analysis of milnacipran by a nonchiral HPLC--circular dichroism: improvement of the linearity of dichroic response by temperature control. CD
172  2008 Determination of adulteration in apple juice by HPLC with novel optical rotation detector. ---
173  2008 Enantioconvergent bioconversion of p-chlorostyrene oxide to (R)-p-chlorophenyl-1,2-ethandiol by the bacterial epoxide hydrolase of Caulobacter crescentus. EH
174  2008 Enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of cyclooctene included and sensitized by aroyl-beta-cyclodextrins: a critical enantioselectivity control by substituents. CDs
175  2008 Enantioselective gas chromatographic analysis of aqueous samples by on-line derivatisation. Application to enzymatic reactions. GC
176  2008 Equilibrium of homochiral oligomerization of a mixture of enantiomers. Its relevance to nonlinear effects in asymmetric catalysis. ---
177  2008 Formation mechanism of achiral amphiphile-templated helical mesoporous silicas. HMS
178  2008 High-throughput screening of identity, enantiomeric excess, and concentration using MLCT transitions in CD spectroscopy. CD, PR
179  2008 Improvement of natural isolates of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for synthesis of a chiral building block using classic genetics. ---
180  2008 Loop grafting of Bacillus subtilis lipase A: inversion of enantioselectivity. IPG, LIPA
181  2008 Method to determine enantiomeric excess of glucose by nonchiral high-performance liquid chromatography using circular dichroism detection. CD, HPLC
182  2008 Molecular asymmetry in extraterrestrial chemistry: Insights from a pristine meteorite. ---
183  2008 New benzo[h]quinoline-based ligands and their pincer Ru and Os complexes for efficient catalytic transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds. TH, TOF
184  2008 Parallel SFC/MS-MUX screening to assess enantiomeric purity. ---
185  2008 Preparation of (R)-(-)-mandelic acid and its derivatives from racemates by enantioselective degradation with a newly isolated bacterial strain Alcaligenes sp. ECU0401. ---
186  2008 Purification and characterization of a novel recombinant highly enantioselective short-chain NAD(H)-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermus thermophilus. ADH, SDR
187  2008 Reaction and strain engineering for improved stereo-selective whole-cell reduction of a bicyclic diketone. de
188  2008 Screening enantioselective epoxide hydrolase activities from marine microorganisms: detection of activities in Erythrobacter spp. EHase, SO
189  2008 Supramolecular enantiodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate mediated by capped gamma-cyclodextrins: critical control of enantioselectivity by cap rigidity. AC, CDs
190  2008 Tandem reactions for streamlining synthesis: enantio- and diastereoselective one-pot generation of functionalized epoxy alcohols. KR
191  2008 Transitioning enantioselective indicator displacement assays for alpha-amino acids to protocols amenable to high-throughput screening. ANN, eIDAs, HTS
192  2008 Using enantioselective indicator displacement assays to determine the enantiomeric excess of alpha-amino acids. eIDAs, HTS
193  2008 Whole-cell bioreduction of aromatic alpha-keto esters using Candida tenuis xylose reductase and Candida boidinii formate dehydrogenase co-expressed in Escherichia coli. CtXR
194  2009 A configurational switch based on iridium-catalyzed allylic cyclization: application in asymmetric total syntheses of prosopis, dendrobate, and spruce alkaloids. ---
195  2009 Asymmetric reduction of (S)-3-chloro-1-phenylpropanol from 3-chloropropiophenone by preheated immobilized Candida utilis. ---
196  2009 Asymmetric synthesis of 1,1-diarylalkyl units by a copper hydride catalyzed reduction: differentiation between two similar aryl substituents. ---
197  2009 Bifunctional transition metal-based molecular catalysts for asymmetric C-C and C-N bond formation. ---
198  2009 Chirality sensing with pores: reactive signal amplifiers for otherwise undetectable small molecules. ---
199  2009 Competitive enantiodifferentiating anti-Markovnikov photoaddition of water and methanol to 1,1-diphenylpropene using a sensitizing cyclodextrin host. CD, DPP
200  2009 Development of a continuous-flow system for asymmetric hydrogenation using self-supported chiral catalysts. TOF
201  2009 Direct high-performance liquid chromatography enantioseparation of terazosin on an immobilised polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phase under polar organic and reversed-phase conditions. CSP, HPLC, TER
202  2009 Effects of industrial storage on the bioreduction capacity of brewer's yeast. ADH, CTAB, EOB, G6PDH
203  2009 Enantiomeric composition of (3R)-(-)- and (3S)-(+)-linalool in various essential oils of Indian origin by enantioselective capillary gas chromatography-flame ionization and mass spectrometry detection methods. ---
204  2009 Enantiopure chiral (2,4,6-triisopropylbenzoyl)oxy-[D1]methyllithium: configurational stability, reactions, and mechanistic studies. ---
205  2009 Enrichment of the amino acid L-isovaline by aqueous alteration on CI and CM meteorite parent bodies. ---
206  2009 Highly enantioselective conjugate additions of phosphites to alpha,beta-unsaturated N-acylpyrroles and imines: a practical approach to enantiomerically enriched amino phosphonates. ---
207  2009 Highly enantioselective reduction of 4-(trimethylsilyl)-3-butyn-2-one to enantiopure (R)-4-(trimethylsilyl)-3-butyn-2-ol using a novel strain Acetobacter sp. CCTCC M209061. ---
208  2009 Microbial production of glyceric acid, an organic acid that can be mass produced from glycerol. GA, mADH
209  2009 Microbial transformation of hydroxy metabolites of 1-oxohexyl derivatives of theobromine by Cunninghamella echinulata NRRL 1384. PPT, PTX
210  2009 Molecular recognition and self-assembly special feature: A general protocol for creating high-throughput screening assays for reaction yield and enantiomeric excess applied to hydrobenzoin. IDAs
211  2009 Nonlinear effects in asymmetric catalysis. ---
212  2009 Nuclear magnetic resonance signaling of molecular chiral information using an achiral reagent. ---
213  2009 Photophysical studies on the supramolecular photochirogenesis for the photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate within human serum albumin. AC, HSA
214  2009 Supramolecular complexation and enantiodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylic acid with 4-aminoprolinol derivatives as chiral hydrogen-bonding templates. AC
215  2009 Supramolecular enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z)-cyclooctene in lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals. LC, PBLG
216  2009 [Medium optimization for enhanced production of carbonyl reductase by Candida tropicalis 104 by response surface methodology]. ---
217  2010 A concise summary of experimental facts about the Soai reaction. ---
218  2010 A facile circular dichroism protocol for rapid determination of enantiomeric excess and concentration of chiral primary amines. CD, HTS, LDA, MLCT, MLP-ANN
219  2010 Adaptative biaryl phosphite-oxazole and phosphite-thiazole ligands for asymmetric Ir-catalyzed hydrogenation of alkenes. ---
220  2010 Biocatalytic resolution of glycidyl phenyl ether using a novel epoxide hydrolase from a marine bacterium, Maritimibacter alkaliphilus KCCM 42376 [corrected]. EHase, GPE, ORF
221  2010 Biocatalytic synthesis of (R)-(-)-mandelic acid from racemic mandelonitrile by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-permeabilized cells of Alcaligenes faecalis ECU0401. CTAB, DCW
222  2010 Biochemical characterization of a recombinant short-chain NAD(H)-dependent dehydrogenase/reductase from Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. SDRs
223  2010 Bioproduction of chiral mandelate by enantioselective deacylation of alpha-acetoxyphenylacetic acid using whole cells of newly isolated Pseudomonas sp. ECU1011. ---
224  2010 Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of 3-(alpha-hydroxy-beta-carbonyl) oxindoles by a Sc(III)-catalyzed direct aldol-type reaction. dr
225  2010 Characterization of alcohol dehydrogenase from permeabilized brewer's yeast cells immobilized on the derived attapulgite nanofibers. ADH, EOB
226  2010 Cyclopropylamines from N,N-dialkylcarboxamides and Grignard reagents in the presence of titanium tetraisopropoxide or methyltitanium triisopropoxide. ---
227  2010 Dual chiral, dual supramolecular diastereodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate tethered to amylose scaffold. ---
228  2010 Enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic epichlorohydrin using an epoxide hydrolase from Novosphingobium aromaticivorans. ECH, EHase
229  2010 Enhancement of Candida parapsilosis catalyzing deracemization of (R,S)-1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol to its (S)-enantiomer by a highly productive "two-in-one" resin-based in situ product removal strategy. ISSFPR, PED
230  2010 Highly enantiomeric reduction of acetophenone and its derivatives by locally isolated Rhodotorula glutinis. ---
231  2010 Iron complexes for the catalytic transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone: steric and electronic effects imposed by alkyl substituents at phosphorus. ESI-MS, S,S
232  2010 Optimization of enantioselective synthesis of methyl (R)-2-chloromandelate by whole cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
233  2010 Optimization of lipase-catalyzed enantioselective production of 1-phenyl 1-propanol using response surface methodology. RSM
234  2010 Pyrrolidinyl-camphor derivatives as a new class of organocatalyst for direct asymmetric Michael addition of aldehydes and ketones to beta-nitroalkenes. dr
235  2010 Resolution of (+/-)-beta-methylphenylethylamine by a novel chiral stationary phase for Pirkle-type column chromatography. ---
236  2010 Stepwise photochemical-chiral delivery in gamma-cyclodextrin-directed enantioselective photocyclodimerization of methyl 3-methoxyl-2-naphthoate in aqueous solution. 2,3-NA, HPLC
237  2010 Stereoselective syntheses of pentose sugars under realistic prebiotic conditions. ---
238  2010 Transcription of chirality in the organogel systems dictates the enantiodifferentiating photodimerization of substituted anthracene. HH, HT
239  2011 A simple method for the determination of enantiomeric excess and identity of chiral carboxylic acids. ECCD, LDA
240  2011 An enantioselective, intermolecular alpha-arylation of ester enolates to form tertiary stereocenters. ---
241  2011 Analytical and semi-preparative HPLC enantioseparation of novel pyridazin-3(2H)-one derivatives with alpha-aminophosphonate moiety using immobilized polysaccharide chiral stationary phases. DCM, EtOH, n-Hex
242  2011 Asymmetric biocatalytic reduction of 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl) acetophenone to (1R)-[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] ethanol using whole cells of newly isolated Leifsonia xyli HS0904. ---
243  2011 Aza-crown macrocycles as chiral solvating agents for mandelic acid derivatives. CSAs, DACH, MA
244  2011 BINAP versus BINAP(O) in asymmetric intermolecular Mizoroki-Heck reactions: substantial effects on selectivities. BINAP
245  2011 Biochemical characterisation of a NADPH-dependent carbonyl reductase from Neurospora crassa reducing alpha- and beta-keto esters. ---
246  2011 Chiral ionic liquid-mediated photochirogenesis. Enantiodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylic acid. CIL, HH, HT
247  2011 Comparative study on enantiomeric excess of main akannin/shikonin derivatives isolated from the roots of three endemic Boraginaceae plants in China. ---
248  2011 Construction of hydrogen-bonded ternary organic crystals derived from L-tartaric acid and their application to enantioseparation of secondary alcohols. ---
249  2011 Construction of the tricyclic furanochroman skeleton of phomactin A via the Prins/Conia-ene cascade cyclization approach. ---
250  2011 Copper(II)-catalyzed hydrosilylation of ketones using chiral dipyridylphosphane ligands: highly enantioselective synthesis of valuable alcohols. ---
251  2011 Effect of enantiomeric excess on the phase behavior of antiferroelectric liquid crystals. ---
252  2011 Enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z,Z)-1,3-cyclooctadiene included and sensitized by naphthoyl-curdlan. ---
253  2011 Enantioselective copper-catalysed propargylic substitution: synthetic scope study and application in formal total syntheses of (+)-anisomycin and (-)-cytoxazone. ---
254  2011 Enantioselective desymmetrization of meso-epoxides with anilines catalyzed by polymeric and monomeric Ti(IV) salen complexes. ARO
255  2011 Heterogeneous organocatalysis at work: functionalization of hollow periodic mesoporous organosilica spheres with MacMillan catalyst. H-PhPMO-Mac, PMO
256  2011 Highly enantioselective bioreduction of N-methyl-3-oxo-3-(thiophen-2-yl) propanamide for the production of (S)-duloxetine. ---
257  2011 Hydroxynitrile lyases from prunus seeds in the preparation of cyanohydrins. HNL
258  2011 Immobilization and characterization of benzoylformate decarboxylase from Pseudomonas putida on spherical silica carrier. 2-HPP, BFD
259  2011 Marine fungi Aspergillus sydowii and Trichoderma sp. catalyze the hydrolysis of benzyl glycidyl ether. ---
260  2011 On the enantioselectivity of aziridination of styrene catalysed by copper triflate and copper-exchanged zeolite Y: consequences of the phase behaviour of enantiomeric mixtures of N-arene-sulfonyl-2-phenylaziridines. ---
261  2011 Supramolecular FRET photocyclodimerization of anthracenecarboxylate with naphthalene-capped gamma-cyclodextrin. AC, CD, FRET, HH
262  2011 The formation of wine lactone from grape-derived secondary metabolites. SDE
263  2011 The role of chirality in directing the formation of cup-shaped porphyrins and the coordination characteristics of such hosts. de
264  2012 A surprising observation that oxygen can affect the product enantiopurity of an enzyme-catalysed reaction. PETN, PNA, PNE, ROS
265  2012 An exciton-coupled circular dichroism protocol for the determination of identity, chirality, and enantiomeric excess of chiral secondary alcohols. ECCD
266  2012 Bioreduction of methyl heteroaryl and aryl heteroaryl ketones in high enantiomeric excess with newly isolated fungal strains. ---
267  2012 Cooperative catalytic reactions using distinct transition-metal catalysts: ruthenium- and copper-catalyzed enantioselective propargylic alkylation. ---
268  2012 Correlating sterics parameters and diastereomeric ratio values for a multicomponent assembly to predict exciton-coupled circular dichroism intensity and thereby enantiomeric excess of chiral secondary alcohols. dr, ECCD, LFER
269  2012 Efficient cluster-based catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation of alpha-unsaturated carboxylic acids. ---
270  2012 Enantioselective intramolecular [2+2] photocycloaddition reactions of 4-substituted coumarins catalyzed by a chiral Lewis acid. ---
271  2012 Enantioselective manganese-porphyrin-catalyzed epoxidation and C-H hydroxylation with hydrogen peroxide in water/methanol solutions. ---
272  2012 Entrainer effects on enantiodifferentiating photocyclization of 5-hydroxy-1,1-diphenylpentene in near-critical and supercritical carbon dioxide. ---
273  2012 In situ assembly of octahedral Fe(II) complexes for the enantiomeric excess determination of chiral amines using circular dichroism spectroscopy. CD
274  2012 Large enantiomeric excesses in primitive meteorites and the diverse effects of water in cosmochemical evolution. ---
275  2012 Main-chain optically active riboflavin polymer for asymmetric catalysis and its vapochromic behavior. CD, NOESY
276  2012 Microenvironmental control of enantiodifferentiating photocyclization of 5-hydroxy-1,1-diphenylpentene through selective solvation. MCH
277  2012 Photobiocatalyzed asymmetric reduction of ketones using Chlorella sp. MK201. ---
278  2012 Rapid determination of enantiomeric excess: a focus on optical approaches. HTS
279  2012 Resolution of 2-nitroalcohols by Burkholderia cepacia lipase-catalyzed enantioselective acylation. ---
280  2012 Spontaneous achiral symmetry breaking in liquid crystalline phases. ---
281  2012 The metagenome-derived enzymes LipS and LipT increase the diversity of known lipases. ---
282  2012 Towards the discovery of alcohol dehydrogenases: NAD(P)H fluorescence-based screening and characterization of the newly isolated Rhodococcus erythropolis WZ010 in the preparation of chiral aryl secondary alcohols. ---
283  2012 Tsukamurella sp. E105 as a new biocatalyst for highly enantioselective hydrolysis of ethyl 2-(2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl) butyrate. ---
284  2013 An eco-friendly enantioselective access to (R)-naringenin as inhibitor of proinflammatory cytokine release. hPBMC, RS
285  2013 Anisotropy spectra for enantiomeric differentiation of biomolecular building blocks. ees
286  2013 Asymmetric alpha-hydroxylation of tetralone-derived beta-ketoesters by using a guanidine-urea bifunctional organocatalyst in the presence of cumene hydroperoxide. CHP
287  2013 Biocatalytic anti-Prelog stereoselective reduction of ethyl acetoacetate catalyzed by whole cells of Acetobacter sp. CCTCC M209061. EAA
288  2013 Biochemical properties and crystal structure of a beta-phenylalanine aminotransferase from Variovorax paradoxus. ---
289  2013 Discrimination of alpha-amino acids using green tea flavonoid (-)-epigallocatechin gallate as a chiral solvating agent. EGCG
290  2013 Efficient enantioselective synthesis of (R)-[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] ethanol by Leifsonia xyli CCTCC M 2010241 using isopropanol as co-substrate. ---
291  2013 Enantiopurity determination of the enantiomers of the triple reuptake inhibitor indatraline. CSAs, HPLC, NMR
292  2013 Enantioselective separation of chiral aromatic amino acids with surface functionalized magnetic nanoparticles. CMCD, DL-Phe, DL-Trp, DL-Tyr, MNPs
293  2013 Enantioseparations of amino acids by capillary array electrophoresis with 532 nm laser induced fluorescence detection. aa, CAE, CDs, HDA
294  2013 Explaining the highly enantiomeric photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate bound to human serum albumin using time-resolved anisotropy studies. AC, HSA
295  2013 Flow synthesis of phenylserine using threonine aldolase immobilized on Eupergit support. de, TA
296  2013 Highly efficient asymmetric additions of diethylzinc to aldehydes triply activated by chiral phosphoramide-Zn(II) complexes derived from cinchona alkaloids. ---
297  2013 Iridium-catalyzed asymmetric ring-opening of azabicyclic alkenes with alcohols. ---
298  2013 Microbial asymmetric hydrolysis of 3-substituted glutaric acid diamides. CGD, CGM, IBD
299  2013 Nanoimmobilization of marine epoxide hydrolase of Mugil cephalus for repetitive enantioselective resolution of racemic styrene oxide in aqueous buffer. Mag-NPs, McEH, PANFs
300  2013 On-line two-dimensional LC: a rapid and efficient method for the determination of enantiomeric excess in reaction mixtures. ---
301  2013 Origins of enantioselectivity in asymmetric ketone hydrogenation catalyzed by a RuH2(binap)(cydn) complex: insights from a computational study. HT
302  2013 Recent developments of chiral induction in the syntheses of biologically important alkaloids. de
303  2013 Studies on the enantiomers of RC-33 as neuroprotective agents: isolation, configurational assignment, and preliminary biological profile. HPLC
304  2013 The oxidation of alkylaryl sulfides and benzo[b]thiophenes by Escherichia coli cells expressing wild-type and engineered styrene monooxygenase from Pseudomonas putida CA-3. SMO
305  2013 Thermostable alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1 for enantioselective bioconversion of aromatic secondary alcohols. ADH
306  2013 Unexpected behavior of diastereomeric ions in the GasPhase: a stimulus for pondering on ee measurements by ESI-MS. ---
307  2014 A first-principles examination of the asymmetric induction model in the binap/Rh(I)-catalysed 1,4-addition of phenylboronic acid to cyclic enones by density functional theory calculations. ---
308  2014 A novel P450-based biocatalyst for the selective production of chiral 2-alkanols. ---
309  2014 A theoretically-guided optimization of a new family of modular P,S-ligands for iridium-catalyzed hydrogenation of minimally functionalized olefins. ---
310  2014 Asymmetric autocatalysis of pyrimidyl alkanol and its application to the study on the origin of homochirality. ---
311  2014 beta-Hydroxyamide-based ligands and their use in the enantioselective borane reduction of prochiral ketones. THF
312  2014 Biocatalytic anti-Prelog reduction of prochiral ketones with whole cells of Acetobacter pasteurianus GIM1.158. ---
313  2014 Biosynthesis of ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate by NADH-dependent reductase from E. coli CCZU-Y10 discovered by genome data mining using mannitol as cosubstrate. COBE
314  2014 Carrier-free immobilization of lipase from Candida rugosa with polyethyleneimines by carboxyl-activated cross-linking. BSA, CLEAs, CRL, PEIs
315  2014 Catalytic asymmetric formal [3+3] cycloaddition of an azomethine ylide with 3-indolylmethanol: enantioselective construction of a six-membered piperidine framework. ---
316  2014 Characterization and site-directed mutation of a novel aldo-keto reductase from Lodderomyces elongisporus NRRL YB-4239 with high production rate of ethyl (R)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate. ---
317  2014 Circular dichroism sensing of chiral compounds using an achiral metal complex as probe. CD
318  2014 Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Esterase from Rhodococcus sp. for Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of a Chiral Cilastatin Precursor. DmCpCa, DmCpCe, PNP
319  2014 Cloning, overexpression, and characterization of a high enantioselective nitrilase from Sphingomonas wittichii RW1 for asymmetric synthesis of (R)-phenylglycine. ---
320  2014 Controlling enantioselectivity of esterase in asymmetric hydrolysis of aryl prochiral diesters by introducing aromatic interactions. ---
321  2014 Copper-boxmi complexes as highly enantioselective catalysts for electrophilic trifluoromethylthiolations. ---
322  2014 Dictating photoreactivity through restricted bond rotations: cross-photoaddition of atropisomeric acrylimide derivatives under UV/visible-light irradiation. de
323  2014 Easily accessible and highly tunable bisphosphine ligands for asymmetric hydroformylation of terminal and internal alkenes. AHF
324  2014 Enantioresolution, stereochemical characterization and biological activity of a chiral large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel opener. ECD, TDDFT
325  2014 Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts alkylation of pyrrole with chalcones catalyzed by a dinuclear zinc catalyst. FC
326  2014 Enantioselective organocatalytic oxaziridination of N-tosyl aldimine catalyzed by Cinchona alkaloid-ester derivatives. ---
327  2014 Enantioselective synthesis of chiral isotopomers of 1-alkanols by a ZACA-Cu-catalyzed cross-coupling protocol. ZACA
328  2014 Enantioselective, continuous (R)- and (S)-2-butanol synthesis: achieving high space-time yields with recombinant E. coli cells in a micro-aqueous, solvent-free reaction system. ---
329  2014 Highly enantioselective catalytic system for asymmetric copolymerization of carbon dioxide and cyclohexene oxide. ---
330  2014 Highly enantioselective extraction of underivatized amino acids by the uryl-pendant hydroxyphenyl-binol ketone. ---
331  2014 Highly enantioselective production of (R)-halohydrins with whole cells of Rhodotorula rubra KCh 82 culture. ---
332  2014 Improving Gluconobacter oxydans performance in the in situ removal of the inhibitor for asymmetric resolution of racemic 1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol. PED
333  2014 Induced helical chirality of perylenebisimide aggregates allows for enantiopurity determination and differentiation of alpha-hydroxy carboxylates by using circular dichroism. PBI
334  2014 LinA2, a HCH-converting bacterial enzyme that dehydrohalogenates HBCDs. HBCDs, HCHs, PBCDEs
335  2014 Mammalian serum albumins as a chiral mediator library for bio-supramolecular photochirogenesis: optimizing enantiodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate. AC
336  2014 Optimization of arylacetonitrilase production from Alcaligenes sp. MTCC 10675 and its application in mandelic acid synthesis. V r
337  2014 Photonenergy-controlled symmetry breaking with circularly polarized light. CPL
338  2014 Rapid optical methods for enantiomeric excess analysis: from enantioselective indicator displacement assays to exciton-coupled circular dichroism. AE, BINAP, BINOL, ECCD, eIDAs, FPBA, HTS
339  2014 RES-TOCSY: a simple approach to resolve overlapped H NMR spectra of enantiomers. ---
340  2014 Solid support membrane-aerated catalytic biofilm reactor for the continuous synthesis of (S)-styrene oxide at gram scale. ePTFE
341  2014 Solvent induced enhancement of enantiomeric excess: a case study of the Henry reaction with cinchona thiourea as the catalyst. ---
342  2014 Synthesis of chiral exocyclic amines by asymmetric hydrogenation of aromatic quinolin-3-amines. ---
343  2015 ()-Acortatarinowins A-F, Norlignan, Neolignan, and Lignan Enantiomers from Acorus tatarinowii. ---
344  2015 A C-H bond activation-based catalytic approach to tetrasubstituted chiral allenes. ---
345  2015 A New Strategy for Enantioselective Construction of Multisubstituted Five-Membered Oxygen Heterocycles via a Domino Michael/Hemiketalization Reaction. ---
346  2015 A simple method for resolution of endo-/exo-monoesters of trans-norborn-5-ene-2,3-dicarboxylic acids into their enantiomers. ---
347  2015 Active-Site Engineering of omega-Transaminase for Production of Unnatural Amino Acids Carrying a Side Chain Bulkier than an Ethyl Substituent. OATA, omega-TA
348  2015 Adsorption-induced auto-amplification of enantiomeric excess on an achiral surface. ---
349  2015 Asymmetric Borane Reduction of Prochiral Ketones Catalyzed By Helical Poly[(S)-3-vinyl-2,2'-dihydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl]. ---
350  2015 Asymmetric reduction of ketones by biocatalysis using clementine mandarin (Citrus reticulata) fruit grown in Annaba or by ruthenium catalysis for access to both enantiomers. ---
351  2015 Asymmetric Synthesis of Furo[3,4-b]indoles by Catalytic [3+2] Cycloaddition of Indoles with Epoxides. dr
352  2015 Automated synthesis and PET evaluation of both enantiomers of [⁸F]FMISO. p.i, PET, T/L, T/M
353  2015 Bulky metallocavitands with a chiral cavity constructed by aluminum and magnesium atrane-likes: enantioselective recognition and separation of racemic alcohols. ---
354  2015 Cellulose Nanocrystals as Chiral Inducers: Enantioselective Catalysis and Transmission Electron Microscopy 3D Characterization. CNCs
355  2015 Chiral amine enantiomeric excess determination using self-assembled octahedral Fe(II)-imine complexes. ---
356  2015 Chiral sensing by nonchiral tetrapyrroles. NMR, OxP, TPP
357  2015 Chirality sensing with stereodynamic biphenolate zinc complexes. ---
358  2015 Coexpression of Lactobacillus brevis ADH with GDH or G6PDH in Arxula adeninivorans for the synthesis of 1-(R)-phenylethanol. DCW, IEs, LbADH, PCs, PICs, TTN
359  2015 Concentration and chiral signature of chlordane in soils and sediments of the Central Tibetan Plateau, China: Transformation in the surficial process. CC, EFs, TC
360  2015 Copper-chiral camphor beta-amino alcohol complex catalyzed asymmetric Henry reaction. ---
361  2015 Directed evolution of nitrilase PpL19 from Pseudomonas psychrotolerans L19 and identification of enantiocomplementary mutants toward mandelonitrile. ---
362  2015 Efficient Synthesis of Differentiated syn-1,2-Diol Derivatives by Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation-Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of alpha-Alkoxy-Substituted beta-Ketoesters. dr
363  2015 Enzymatic dynamic kinetic resolution of racemic N-formyl- and N-carbamoyl-amino acids using immobilized L-N-carbamoylase and N-succinyl-amino acid racemase. ---
364  2015 Facile synthesis of magnetic homochiral metal-organic frameworks for "enantioselective fishing". MOFs, MPS
365  2015 Fractional reactive extraction for symmetrical separation of 4-nitro-D,L-phenylalanine in centrifugal contactor separators: experiments and modeling. CCSs, D,L-Nphy
366  2015 Hammond Postulate Mirroring Enables Enantiomeric Enrichment of Phosphorus Compounds via Two Thermodynamically Interconnected Sequential Stereoselective Processes. DAPS, de
367  2015 Heterofunctional Magnetic Metal-Chelate-Epoxy Supports for the Purification and Covalent Immobilization of Benzoylformate Decarboxylase From Pseudomonas Putida and Its Carboligation Reactivity. 2-HPP
368  2015 Imidase catalyzing desymmetric imide hydrolysis forming optically active 3-substituted glutaric acid monoamides for the synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) analogs. CGI, CGM, GABA, IBI, IBM
369  2015 Immobilization and characterization of a new regioselective and enantioselective lipase obtained from a metagenomic library. Im-LipG9
370  2015 Kinetic resolution of alkyne-substituted quaternary oxindoles via copper catalysed azide-alkyne cycloadditions. ---
371  2015 Novel Chiral Bifunctional L-Thiazoline-Thiourea Derivatives: Design and Application in Enantioselective Michael Reactions. ---
372  2015 Precise Determination of Enantiomeric Excess by a Sensitivity Enhanced Two-Dimensional Band-Selective Pure-Shift NMR. CLSR, CSA
373  2015 Protein engineering of a nitrilase from Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 for efficient and enantioselective production of (R)-o-chloromandelic acid. BCJ2315
374  2015 S-Isovaline Contained in Meteorites, Induces Enantiomeric Excess in D,L-glutamic Acid During Recrystallization. ---
375  2015 Self-discriminating termination of chiral supramolecular polymerization: tuning the length of nanofibers. ---
376  2015 Sensing of enantiomeric excess in chiral carboxylic acids. NSAIDs
377  2015 Solvent- and phase-controlled photochirogenesis. Enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z)-cyclooctene sensitized by cyclic nigerosylnigerose-based nanosponges crosslinked by pyromellitate. CD-NS, CNN
378  2015 SPME collection and GC-MS analysis of volatiles emitted during the attack of male Polygraphus poligraphus (Coleoptera, Curcolionidae) on Norway spruce. GC-MS, SPME, VOCs
379  2015 Structural insights into the substrate stereospecificity of D-threo-3-hydroxyaspartate dehydratase from Delftia sp. HT23: a useful enzyme for the synthesis of optically pure L-threo- and D-erythro-3-hydroxyaspartate. D-EHA, D-THA, D-THA DH, DL-EHA, DL-THA, L-THA, LEHA
380  2015 Supramolecularly Regulated Ligands for Asymmetric Hydroformylations and Hydrogenations. RAs
381  2015 Synthesis and use of an asymmetric transfer hydrogenation catalyst based on iron(II) for the synthesis of enantioenriched alcohols and amines. ---
382  2015 Synthesis of Tertiary and Quaternary Amine Derivatives from Wood Resin as Chiral NMR Solvating Agents. ---
383  2015 Upscale production of ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate by using carbonyl reductase coupled with glucose dehydrogenase in aqueous-organic solvent system. ---
384  2016 Assessing the stereoselectivity of carbonyl reductases toward the reduction of OPBE and docking analysis. OPBE, SeCR
385  2016 Asymmetric Bioconversion of Acetophenone in Nano-Sized Emulsion Using Rhizopus oryzae. ---
386  2016 Asymmetric Synthesis of Multisubstituted Dihydrobenzofurans by Intramolecular Conjugate Addition of Short-Lived C-O Axially Chiral Enolates. ---
387  2016 Changes in the Enantiomeric Composition of Chiral Mixtures Upon Adsorption on a Non-Chiral Surface. TPD
388  2016 Characterization and Soluble Expression of D-Hydantoinase from Pseudomonas fluorescens for the Synthesis of D-Amino Acids. ---
389  2016 Chiral Integrated Catalysts Composed of Bifunctional Thiourea and Arylboronic Acid: Asymmetric Aza-Michael Addition of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids. ---
390  2016 Computational insight into the cooperative role of non-covalent interactions in the aza-Henry reaction catalyzed by quinine derivatives: mechanism and enantioselectivity. DFT, QN
391  2016 Direct observation of redox reactions in Candida parapsilosis ATCC 7330 by Confocal microscopic studies. ---
392  2016 Discrimination of Enantiomers of Dipeptide Derivatives with Two Chiral Centers by Tetraaza Macrocyclic Chiral Solvating Agents Using 1H NMR Spectroscopy. Ph-OH, TAMCSAs
393  2016 Efficient Enantioselective Biocatalytic Production of a Chiral Intermediate of Sitagliptin by a Newly Filamentous Fungus Isolate. ITS, OTPP
394  2016 Efficient enzymatic production of hydroxy fatty acids by linoleic acid Delta9 hydratase from Lactobacillus plantarum AKU 1009a. HYA
395  2016 Enantiomeric Excess Sensitivity to Below One Percent by Using Femtosecond Photoelectron Circular Dichroism. PECD
396  2016 Enantiomeric Excess-Tuned 2D Structural Transition: From Heterochiral to Homochiral Supramolecular Assemblies. ---
397  2016 Enantioselective [4+4] photodimerization of anthracene-2,6-dicarboxylic acid mediated by a C2-symmetric chiral template. ---
398  2016 From Substituent Effects to Applications: Enhancing the Optical Response of a Four-Component Assembly for Reporting EE Values. ---
399  2016 G-quadruplex DNA-based asymmetric catalysis of michael addition: Effects of sonication, ligands, and co-solvents. CD
400  2016 Highly enantioselective asymmetric Henry reaction catalyzed by novel chiral phase transfer catalysts derived from cinchona alkaloids. ---
401  2016 Identification and characterization of a novel (+)-gamma-lactamase from Microbacterium hydrocarbonoxydans. ---
402  2016 Kinetic resolution of racemic styrene oxide at a high concentration by recombinant Aspergillus usamii epoxide hydrolase in an n-hexanol/buffer biphasic system. rac-SO
403  2016 Microbial Flavoprotein Monooxygenases as Mimics of Mammalian Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases for the Enantioselective Preparation of Drug Metabolites. FMO
404  2016 Miniature high-throughput chemosensing of yield, ee, and absolute configuration from crude reaction mixtures. HTE, HTS
405  2016 Multimetallic Architectures from the Self-assembly of Amino Acids and Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine Zinc(II) Complexes: Circular Dichroism Enhancement by Chromophores Organization. ---
406  2016 On-line chiral analysis using the kinetic method. ---
407  2016 Practical two-step synthesis of enantiopure styrene oxide through an optimized chemoenzymatic approach. ADH, ISM, MTBE, SO, WT
408  2016 Resolution of Rac-Bambuterol via Diastereoisomeric Salt Formation with o-Chloromandelic Acid and Differences in the Enantiomers' Pharmacodynamical Effects in Guinea Pigs and Beagles. HPLC
409  2016 Simple Preparation of Rhodococcus erythropolis DSM 44534 as Biocatalyst to Oxidize Diols into the Optically Active Lactones. ---
410  2016 Solid-phase extraction with metal-organic frameworks for the analysis of chiral compounds. MOFs, SPE
411  2016 Synthesis of 3-Indolylglycine Derivatives via Dinuclear Zinc Catalytic Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reaction. FC
412  2016 Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Docking Study of Hydrazone-Containing Pyridinium Salts as Cholinesterase Inhibitors. AChE, BuChE, ChE
413  2016 Tailoring the Spacer Arm for Covalent Immobilization of Candida antarctica Lipase B-Thermal Stabilization by Bisepoxide-Activated Aminoalkyl Resins in Continuous-Flow Reactors. GDGE, KR, rac-1
414  2016 The Bull-James assembly as a chiral auxiliary and shift reagent in kinetic resolution of alkyne amines by the CuAAC reaction. ---
415  2016 The kinetics and mechanism of the organo-iridium-catalysed enantioselective reduction of imines. ---
416  2016 Total Synthesis of K777: Successful Application of Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Alkyne Hydrothiolation toward the Modular Synthesis of a Potent Cysteine Protease Inhibitor. ---
417  2017 Approaches for multi-gram scale isolation of enantiomers for drug discovery. DD
418  2017 Assembly of mesoscale helices with near-unity enantiomeric excess and light-matter interactions for chiral semiconductors. CD, CdTe NPs, Vis-NIR
419  2017 Asymmetric Alkynylation of beta-Ketoesters and Naphthols Promoted by New Chiral Biphenylic Iodanes. ---
420  2017 Asymmetric Synthesis by Using Natural Sunlight under Absolute Achiral Conditions. ---
421  2017 Cannabis through the looking glass: chemo- and enantio-selective separation of phytocannabinoids by enantioselective ultra high performance supercritical fluid chromatography. ICCA
422  2017 Catalytic Enantioselective Double Carbopalladation/C-H Functionalization with Statistical Amplification of Product Enantiopurity: A Convertible Linker Approach. ---
423  2017 Caution in the Use of Nonlinear Effects as a Mechanistic Tool for Catalytic Enantioconvergent Reactions: Intrinsic Negative Nonlinear Effects in the Absence of Higher-Order Species. ---
424  2017 Chiral discrimination of alpha-hydroxy acids and N-Ts-alpha-amino acids induced by tetraaza macrocyclic chiral solvating agents by using 1H NMR spectroscopy. TAMCSAs
425  2017 Chiral Organocatalyzed Intermolecular Rauhut-Currier Reaction of Nitroalkenes with Ethyl Allenoate. RC
426  2017 Chiral Recognition and Dynamic Thermodynamic Resolution of Sulfoxides by Chiral Iridium(III) Complexes. de, TFA
427  2017 Chiral Template-Directed Regio-, Diastereo-, and Enantioselective Photodimerization of an Anthracene Derivative Assisted by Complementary Amidinium-Carboxylate Salt Bridge Formation. HH, HT
428  2017 Concentration-Independent Stereodynamic g-Probe for Chiroptical Enantiomeric Excess Determination. ---
429  2017 Determination of enantiomeric excess of nipecotic acid as 1-(7-nitrobenzo[c][1,2,5]oxadiazol-4-yl) derivatives. HPLC, LLOQ
430  2017 Determination of the Absolute Enantiomeric Excess of the Carbon Nanotube Ensemble by Symmetry Breaking Using the Optical Titration Method. FMN, PL, SWNTs
431  2017 Doubly charged trimeric cluster ions: effective in mutual chiral recognition of tadalafil and three proton pump inhibitors. CID, PPIs
432  2017 Effect of impurities on chirality conversion by grinding. ---
433  2017 Enantiomeric excess by magnetic circular dichroism in Archaean atmosphere. CD, MCD
434  2017 Enantioselective Catalysis by Using Short, Structurally Defined DNA Hairpins as Scaffold for Hybrid Catalysts. ---
435  2017 Enantioselective Resolution of (R,S)-Carvedilol to (S)-(-)-Carvedilol by Biocatalysts. ---
436  2017 Engineering Streptomyces coelicolor Carbonyl Reductase for Efficient Atorvastatin Precursor Synthesis. COBE, ScCR1
437  2017 Evaluation of two nucleophilic syntheses routes for the automated synthesis of 6-[18F]fluoro-l-DOPA. AS, cPTC, RCP, RCY
438  2017 Extended Catalytic Scope of a Well-Known Enzyme: Asymmetric Reduction of Iminium Substrates by Glucose Dehydrogenase. GDH, IREDs
439  2017 Factors screening to statistical experimental design of racemic atenolol kinetic resolution via transesterification reaction in organic solvent using free Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase. ---
440  2017 From imine to amine: an unexpected left turn. Cis-beta iron(ii) PNNP' precatalysts for the asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone. ATH
441  2017 Human Serum Albumin as Chiral Selector in Enantioselective High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. CSPs, eHPLC, HSA
442  2017 Integrating a light-driven coenzyme regeneration system by expression of an alcohol dehydrogenase in phototrophic bacteria for synthesis of chiral alcohol. ADH, R. sphaeroides
443  2017 Liposomes Can Achieve Enantioselective C-C Bond Formation of an alpha-Amino Acid Derivative in Aqueous Media. ---
444  2017 Metal-organic complex-functionalized protein nanopore sensor for aromatic amino acids chiral recognition. AAA, alphaHL
445  2017 Preliminary Evaluation of Glyceric Acid-producing Ability of Acidomonas methanolica NBRC104435 from Glycerol Containing Methanol. GA
446  2017 Real time band selective F1 -decoupled proton NMR for the demixing of overlay spectra of chiral molecules. BASH
447  2017 Resolution, determination of enantiomeric purity and chiral recognition mechanism of new xanthone derivatives on (S,S)-whelk-O1 stationary phase. CSP
448  2017 Semi-rational engineering of a thermostable aldo-keto reductase from Thermotoga maritima for synthesis of enantiopure ethyl-2-hydroxy-4-phenylbutyrate (EHPB). EHPB, EOPB
449  2017 Semisynthetic Enzymes by Protein-Peptide Site-Directed Covalent Conjugation: Methods and Applications. BTL
450  2017 Stereo-Selective Preparation of Teneraic Acid, trans-(2S,6S)-Piperidine-2,6-dicarboxylic Acid, via Anodic Oxidation and Cobalt-Catalyzed Carbonylation. ---
451  2017 Stochastic chiral symmetry breaking process besides the deterministic one. ---
452  2017 Supramolecular organization of perfluorinated 1H-indazoles in the solid state using X-ray crystallography, SSNMR and sensitive (VCD) and non sensitive (MIR, FIR and Raman) to chirality vibrational spectroscopies. ---
453  2017 Synthesis of l-threitol-based crown ethers and their application as enantioselective phase transfer catalyst in Michael additions. ---
454  2017 Time-Resolved Visual Chiral Discrimination of Cysteine Using Unmodified CdTe Quantum Dots. CdTe, QDs, TGA
455  2017 Unsymmetrical Iron P-NH-P' Catalysts for the Asymmetric Pressure Hydrogenation of Aryl Ketones. APH
456  2018 A novel approach for bioconjugation of Rhizomucor miehei lipase (RML) onto amine-functionalized supports; Application for enantioselective resolution of rac-ibuprofen. RML
457  2018 A Novel Approach for Microbial Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Whisky Lactones Based on Solid-State Fermentation. SSF
458  2018 alpha-Hydroxy Ketones as Masked Ester Donors in Bronsted Base Catalyzed Conjugate Additions to Nitroalkenes. dr
459  2018 Amino Acid Chiral Selection Via Weak Interactions in Stellar Environments: Implications for the Origin of Life. SNAAP
460  2018 Asymmetric Fluorination of Cyclic Tetrasubstituted Alkenes with a Pendant Amide Groups under Dianionic Phase-Transfer Catalysis. ---
461  2018 Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of Indoles with Trifluoromethyl Pyruvate Catalyzed by a Dinuclear Zinc Catalyst. FC
462  2018 Biosynthesis of chiral epichlorohydrin using an immobilized halohydrin dehalogenase in aqueous and non-aqueous phase. 1,3-DCP, ECH, HHDH
463  2018 Catalyst- and Substituent-Controlled Switching of Chemoselectivity for the Enantioselective Synthesis of Fully Substituted Cyclobutane Derivatives via 2 + 2 Annulation of Vinylogous Ketone Enolates and Nitroalkene. ---
464  2018 Catalytic Performance of a Class III Old Yellow Enzyme and Its Cysteine Variants. BNAH, OYEs
465  2018 Chiral Bronsted Acid Catalyzed Enantioselective Dehydrative Nazarov-Type Electrocyclization of Aryl and 2-Thienyl Vinyl Alcohols. DNE
466  2018 Chirality-Amplifying, Dynamic Induction of Single-Handed Helix by Chiral Guests to Macromolecular Chiral Catalysts Bearing Boronyl Pendants as Receptor Sites. ---
467  2018 CuI-Catalyzed Asymmetric [3 + 2] Cycloaddition of Azomethine Ylides with Cyclobutenones. ---
468  2018 Determination of Enantiomeric Excess by Solid-Phase Extraction Using a Chiral Metal-Organic Framework as Sorbent. MOFs, SPE
469  2018 Determination of enantiomeric excess of some amino acids by second-order calibration of kinetic-fluorescence data. aa, Leu, Lys, MCR-ALS, MP, OPA, Phe, RMSEP
470  2018 Efficient production of (R)-(-)-2-hydroxy-4-phenylbutyric acid by recombinant Pichia pastoris expressing engineered D-lactate dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus plantarum with a single-site mutation. D-LDH, OPBA
471  2018 Enantiopurity and absolute configuration determination of arene cis-dihydrodiol metabolites and derivatives using chiral boronic acids. MDPBA, MEPBA, MPPBA
472  2018 Enantioselective Access to Chiral 2-Substituted 2,3-Dihydrobenzo[1,4]dioxane Derivatives through Rh-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation. TON
473  2018 Enantioselective and Diastereoselective Ir-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of alpha-Substituted beta-Ketoesters via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution. dr
474  2018 Enantioselective biotransformation of sterically hindered amine substrates by the fungus Stemphylium lycopersici. CCRD, omega-TA
475  2018 Enantioselective Organocatalytic 1,6-Addition of Azlactones to para-Quinone Methides: An Access to alpha,alpha-Disubstituted and beta,beta-Diaryl-alpha-amino acid Esters. dr
476  2018 Enantioselective resolution of 2-arylpropionic acid derivatives employing immobilization of lipase from Bacillus subtilis strain Kakrayal_1 (BSK-L). ---
477  2018 Enantioselective resolution of Rac-terbutaline and evaluation of optically pure R-terbutaline hydrochloride as an efficient anti-asthmatic drug. COPD
478  2018 Enantioseparation of Au20 (PP3 )4 Cl4 Clusters with Intrinsically Chiral Cores. alpha-CD
479  2018 Engineering the Enantioselectivity and Thermostability of a (+)-gamma-Lactamase from Microbacterium hydrocarbonoxydans for Kinetic Resolution of Vince Lactam (2-Azabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-en-3-one). RMSF
480  2018 Enol Acetates: Versatile Substrates for the Enantioselective Intermolecular Tsuji Allylation. ---
481  2018 Facile Synthesis of Optically Active and Magnetic Nanoparticles Carrying Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Arms and Their Application in Enantioselective Crystallization. PPI
482  2018 Functionalized metal-organic framework nanocomposites for dispersive solid phase extraction and enantioselective capture of chiral drug intermediates. AFM-IR, BN, d-MNSPE, MGO-ZnCB
483  2018 Indium-Mediated Allylation of Carbonyl Compounds in Ionic Liquids: Effect of Salts in Ionic Liquids. ---
484  2018 Iridium-Catalyzed Enantioselective and Diastereoselective Allylation of Dioxindoles: A One-Step Synthesis of 3-Allyl-3-hydroxyoxindoles. dr
485  2018 Lipid Mediator Quantification in Isolated Human and Guinea Pig Airways: An Expanded Approach for Respiratory Research. 5-HETE
486  2018 Macrocyclic glycopeptide chiral selectors bonded to core-shell particles enables enantiopurity analysis of the entire verubecestat synthetic route. API, BACE1, CSPs
487  2018 Merging Heterocyclic Chemistry and Biocatalysis in One-Pot Processes through Compartmentalization of the Reaction Steps. ---
488  2018 NMR Spectroscopic Determination of Enantiomeric Excess Using Small Prochiral Molecules. BA, PPA
489  2018 Production and purification of an alkaline lipase from Bacillus sp. for enantioselective resolution of ()-Ketoprofen butyl ester. RSM
490  2018 Self-Assembled Binuclear Cu(II)-Histidine Complex for Absolute Configuration and Enantiomeric Excess Determination of Naproxen by Tandem Mass Spectrometry. MS/MS
491  2018 Study on the mechanism of platinum(ii)-catalyzed asymmetric ring-opening addition of oxabicyclic alkenes with arylboronic acids. ARO, DFT, NPA, SMD
492  2018 Synthesis of chiral salalen ligands and their in-situ generated Cu-complexes for asymmetric Henry reaction. ---
493  2018 Synthesis, characterisation and application of pyridine-modified chitosan derivatives for the first non-racemic Cu-catalysed Henry reaction. ---
494  2018 The self-disproportionation of enantiomers (SDE): a menace or an opportunity? SDE
495  2018 Visual and Colorimetric High-Throughput Analysis of Chiral Carboxylic Acids Based on Enantioselective Charge Shielding of Gold Nanoparticles. C-AuNPs, CCAs
496  2019 A dual chromophore sensor for the detection of amines, diols, hydroxy acids, and amino alcohols. ---
497  2019 Achiral amino acid glycine acts as an origin of homochirality in asymmetric autocatalysis. ---
498  2019 Asymmetric Cyclization/Nucleophilic Tandem Reaction of o-Alkynylacetophenone with (Diazomethyl)phosphonate for the Synthesis of Functional Isochromenes. ---
499  2019 Chiral Phosphoric-Acid-Catalyzed Regioselective and Enantioselective C7-Friedel-Crafts Alkylation of 4-Aminoindoles with Trifluoromethyl Ketones. ---
500  2019 Development of an integrated chromatographic system for omega-transaminase-IMER characterization useful for flow-chemistry applications. DoE, IMER
501  2019 Deviations from Beer's law in electronic absorption and circular dichroism: Detection for enantiomeric excess analysis. CD, HPLC
502  2019 Enantiodivergent alpha-Amino C-H Fluoroalkylation Catalyzed by Engineered Cytochrome P450s. TTN
503  2019 Enantioenrichment of racemic BINOL by way of excited state proton transfer. ESPT
504  2019 Enantiomeric NMR discrimination of carboxylic acids using actinomycin D as a chiral solvating agent. ActD, CSA, MA
505  2019 Enantiomeric resolution, thermodynamic parameters, and modeling of clausenamidone and neoclausenamidone on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases. CSPs, er, HPLC, IPA
506  2019 Enantiomers of Single Chirality Nanotube as Chiral Recognition Interface for Enhanced Electrochemical Chiral Analysis. DPV, SWCNTs
507  2019 Enantioselective Hydrolysis of Styrene Oxide and Benzyl Glycidyl Ether by a Variant of Epoxide Hydrolase from Agromyces mediolanus. BGE, SO
508  2019 Enantioselective synthesis and biological investigation of tetrahydro-beta-carboline-based HDAC6 inhibitors with improved solubility. HDAC6
509  2019 Enantioselective synthesis of (R)-Cinacalcet via cobalt-catalysed asymmetric Negishi cross-coupling. ---
510  2019 Enantioseparation of racemic bupivacaine via ultrasonic-assisted diastereomeric crystallization using 12,14-dinitrodehydroabietic acid. 12,14-dinitroDHAA, DHAA, RSM
511  2019 Green synthesis of enantiopure (S)-1-(benzofuran-2-yl)ethanol by whole-cell biocatalyst. ---
512  2019 Highly enantioselective rhodium-catalyzed cross-coupling of boronic acids and racemic allyl halides. SMCs
513  2019 Highly Enantioselective Synthesis Using Prolinol as a Chiral Auxiliary: Silver-Mediated Synthesis of Axially Chiral Vinylallenes and Subsequent (Hetero)-Diels-Alder Reactions. ---
514  2019 Induced Circular Dichroism of Achiral Cyclic Bisurea via Hydrogen Bonds with Chiral Carboxylates. CD, DFT
515  2019 Lithium Binaphtholate-Catalyzed Michael Reaction of Malonates with Maleates and Its Application to the Enantioselective Synthesis of Tricarboxylic Acid Derivatives. TCA
516  2019 Molecular modification of a halohydrin dehalogenase for kinetic regulation to synthesize optically pure (S)-epichlorohydrin. 1,3-DCP, ECH, HHDHs
517  2019 Nickel-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Cyclic Sulfamidate Imines: Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Cyclic Sulfamidates. ---
518  2019 Novel chiral metal organic frameworks functionalized composites for facile preparation of optically pure propranolol hydrochlorides. d-MNSPE, PDA, R-PRO, Rac-PRO, S-PRO
519  2019 Optical Chirality Sensing with an Auxiliary-Free Earth-Abundant Cobalt Probe. ECCD
520  2019 Photothermal conversion triggered thermal asymmetric catalysis within metal nanoparticles loaded homochiral covalent organic framework. CCOF, MNP
521  2019 Preparation of chitosan-based molecularly imprinted material for enantioseparation of racemic mandelic acid in aqueous medium by solid phase extraction. MA
522  2019 Preparation of PLA blends by polycondensation of D,L-lactic acid using supported 12-tungstophosphoric acid as a heterogeneous catalyst. PLA
523  2019 Production of tert-butyl (3R,5S)-6-chloro-3,5-dihydroxyhexanoate using carbonyl reductase coupled with glucose dehydrogenase with high space-time yield. GDH, NADPH
524  2019 Rapid Optical Determination of Enantiomeric Excess, Diastereomeric Excess, and Total Concentration Using Dynamic-Covalent Assemblies: A Demonstration Using 2-Aminocyclohexanol and Chemometrics. CD, de
525  2019 Recombinant expression and molecular insights into the catalytic mechanism of an NADPH-dependent conjugated polyketone reductase for the asymmetric synthesis of (R)-pantolactone. KPL
526  2019 Response surface methodology as optimization strategy for asymmetric bioreduction of acetophenone using whole cell of Lactobacillus senmaizukei. LAB, RSM
527  2019 Synthesis of Chiral Labtb and Visualization of Its Enantiomeric Excess by Induced Circular Dichroism Imaging. MO, MOF
528  2019 TetraPh-Tol-BITIOPO: a new atropisomeric 3,3'-bithiophene based phosphine oxide as an organocatalyst in Lewis base-catalyzed Lewis acid mediated reactions. ---
529  2019 The self-disproportionation of enantiomers (SDE): The effect of scaling down, potential problems versus prospective applications, possible new occurrences, and unrealized opportunities? SDE
530  2019 Total Synthesis of Tryprostatin B: Synthesis and Asymmetric Phase-Transfer-Catalyzed Reaction of Prenylated Gramine Salt. ---
531  2019 Unexpectedly Strong Chiral Amplification of Chiral/Achiral and Chiral/Chiral Copolymers of Biphenylylacetylenes and Further Enhancement/Inversion and Memory of the Macromolecular Helicity. ---