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Abbreviation : HRTFs
Long Form : head-related transfer functions
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
1993 Headphone localization of speech. ---
1993 Localization using nonindividualized head-related transfer functions. ---
1995 A spatial feature extraction and regularization model for the head-related transfer function. EFs, SCFs
1996 Sound transmission to and within the human ear canal. ---
1996 The role of individualized headphone calibration for the generation of high fidelity virtual auditory space. HpTF
1997 Spectral cues for sound localization in cats: a model for discharge rate representations in the auditory nerve. BF
1998 Adapting to supernormal auditory localization cues. I. Bias and resolution. ---
1998 Head-related transfer functions of the barn owl: measurement and neural responses. ---
1999 Sensitivity of human subjects to head-related transfer-function phase spectra. ITD
10  1999 Sound localization for a virtual sound source in cases of chronic otitis media. COM
11  2000 A performance adequate computational model for auditory localization. ANN, MAF
12  2000 Decreased 3D-sound spatialization accuracy caused by speech bandwidth limitation over commodity audio components. ANOVA
13  2000 Fidelity of three-dimensional-sound reproduction using a virtual auditory display. ---
14  2000 Head-related transfer functions of the Rhesus monkey. ILDs, ITDs, left
15  2000 Neural system identification model of human sound localization. ---
16  2000 Sound localization in the human brain: neuromagnetic observations. MEG
17  2001 Elevation localization and head-related transfer function analysis at low frequencies. ---
18  2001 Neural models for auditory localization based on spectral cues. DMM
19  2001 The relative impact of generic head-related transfer functions on auditory speech thresholds: implications for the design of three-dimensional audio displays. ---
20  2002 Contribution of spectral cues to human sound localization. ---
21  2002 Cortical processing of speech sounds and their analogues in a spatial auditory environment. MEG
22  2002 Neural correlates of the precedence effect in the inferior colliculus: effect of localization cues. IC, PE, VS
23  2002 The effects of spatial separation in distance on the informational and energetic masking of a nearby speech signal. SNR
24  2003 On the detection of dispersion in the head-related transfer function. ITD
25  2003 Spatial tuning to virtual sounds in the inferior colliculus of the guinea pig. IC, SPL
26  2003 Spatial unmasking of nearby pure-tone targets in a simulated anechoic environment. TMR
27  2004 Infinite-impulse-response models of the head-related transfer function. IIR, WLS
28  2005 Acoustical cues for sound localization by the Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus. ILD, ITDs
29  2005 Spectral edge sensitivity in neural circuits of the dorsal cochlear nucleus. BF, DCN
30  2006 A low cost, non-individualized surround sound system based upon head related transfer functions: an ergonomics study and prototype development. VHSS
31  2006 Perceptual recalibration in human sound localization: learning to remediate front-back reversals. ---
32  2006 Spatial audio through a bone conduction interface. ---
33  2008 Discrimination and identification of azimuth using spectral shape. AI, MAA
34  2008 Distortions of perceived auditory and visual space following adaptation to motion. ---
35  2008 Estimation of interaural level difference based on anthropometry and its effect on sound localization. ILDs
36  2008 Evaluation of binaural functions in bilateral cochlear implant users. HINT
37  2008 Individualized head-related transfer functions based on population grouping. ---
38  2008 The role of spectral modulation cues in virtual sound localization. SMF, VSL
39  2009 A psychophysical evaluation of near-field head-related transfer functions synthesized using a distance variation function. DVF, VAS
40  2009 Fast multipole boundary element method to calculate head-related transfer functions for a wide frequency range. BEM, FMM
41  2009 Improvements of sound localization abilities by the facial ruff of the barn owl (Tyto alba) as demonstrated by virtual ruff removal. ITD
42  2009 Numerical study on source-distance dependency of head-related transfer functions. ---
43  2009 Role of binaural hearing in speech intelligibility and spatial release from masking using vocoded speech. SRTs
44  2009 Sound localization cues in the marmoset monkey. FN
45  2009 State-space models of head-related transfer functions for virtual auditory scene synthesis. ---
46  2010 Acoustic cues for sound source distance and azimuth in rabbits, a racquetball and a rigid spherical model. ILD, ITD
47  2010 Effects of signal level and background noise on spectral representations in the auditory nerve of the domestic cat. ---
48  2010 Interaural cross correlation in a sound field represented by spherical harmonics. IACC
49  2010 The use of interaural time and level difference cues by bilateral cochlear implant users. CI, ILD, ITD
50  2010 Toward orthogonal non-individualised head-related transfer functions for forward and backward directional sound: cluster analysis and an experimental study. ---
51  2011 Effects of spectral manipulation on nonindividualized head-related transfer functions (HRTFs). ---
52  2011 The effect of different cochlear implant microphones on acoustic hearing individuals' binaural benefits for speech perception in noise. NH, SF
53  2012 A frequency bin-wise nonlinear masking algorithm in convolutive mixtures for speech segregation. ---
54  2012 Estimating head-related transfer functions of human subjects from pressure-velocity measurements. PU
55  2012 Localization of virtual sound sources with bilateral hearing aids in realistic acoustical scenes. ---
56  2012 Mechanism for generating peaks and notches of head-related transfer functions in the median plane. ---
57  2012 Rapid head-related transfer function adaptation using a virtual auditory environment. VAE
58  2012 Recovery of individual head-related transfer functions from a small set of measurements. SBFs
59  2013 Compression of head-related transfer function using autoregressive-moving-average models and Legendre polynomials. ARMA, HRIRs, LPs
60  2013 Effect of perceptually irrelevant variance in head-related transfer functions on principal component analysis. PCA
61  2013 Parametric head-related transfer function modeling and interpolation for cost-efficient binaural sound applications. ---
62  2013 Sound localization in individualized and non-individualized crosstalk cancellation systems. CTC
63  2014 A comparative study of Interaural Time Delay estimation methods. HRIRs, ITD
64  2014 A review on auditory space adaptations to altered head-related cues. AC
65  2014 Acoustic analysis of the directional information captured by five different hearing aid styles. BTE, CIC, IIC, ITC, ITE
66  2014 Acoustic and non-acoustic factors in modeling listener-specific performance of sagittal-plane sound localization. ---
67  2014 Impact of hearing protection devices on sound localization performance. HPDs, ISD
68  2014 Interaural level differences and sound source localization for bilateral cochlear implant patients. CI, ILDs
69  2014 Modeling sound-source localization in sagittal planes for human listeners. ---
70  2014 Modeling the direction-continuous time-of-arrival in head-related transfer functions. TOA
71  2014 Personalization of head-related transfer functions in the median plane based on the anthropometry of the listener's pinnae. ---
72  2014 Smoothing individual head-related transfer functions in the frequency and spatial domains. ---
73  2015 Efficient Approximation of Head-Related Transfer Functions in Subbands for Accurate Sound Localization. FB
74  2015 Frequency and amplitude estimation of the first peak of head-related transfer functions from individual pinna anthropometry. ---
75  2015 Modeling distance-dependent individual head-related transfer functions in the horizontal plane using frontal projection headphones. ---
76  2015 Numerical calculation of listener-specific head-related transfer functions and sound localization: Microphone model and mesh discretization. AEL
77  2015 On distance dependence of pinna spectral patterns in head-related transfer functions. ---
78  2015 Optimization of the directivity in binaural sound reproduction beamforming. BSR
79  2016 Influence of voxelization on finite difference time domain simulations of head-related transfer functions. FDTD, KEMAR
80  2016 On the variation of interaural time differences with frequency. ITD
81  2016 Perceptual attributes for the comparison of head-related transfer functions. ---
82  2016 The effect of head-related filtering and ear-specific decoding bias on auditory attention detection. AAD
83  2017 A framework for geometry acquisition, 3-D printing, simulation, and measurement of head-related transfer functions with a focus on hearing-assistive devices. HADs
84  2017 A priori mesh grading for the numerical calculation of the head-related transfer functions. BEM
85  2017 Enhanced auditory spatial performance using individualized head-related transfer functions: An event-related potential study. ERP
86  2017 Influence of head tracking on the externalization of speech stimuli for non-individualized binaural synthesis. ---
87  2017 Reconstructing spectral cues for sound localization from responses to rippled noise stimuli. ---
88  2017 Sound localization models as evaluation tools for tactical communication and protective systems. TCAPS
89  2017 The localization of non-individualized virtual sounds by hearing impaired listeners. HI, NH
90  2018 Effect of sound level on virtual and free-field localization of brief sounds in the anterior median plane. SPL
91  2018 Effects of Training on Lateralization for Simulations of Cochlear Implants and Single-Sided Deafness. CI, NH, SID, SSD, TFS, UN
92  2018 Generic HRTFs May be Good Enough in Virtual Reality. Improving Source Localization through Cross-Modal Plasticity. VR
93  2018 Near-field head-related transfer-function measurement and database of human subjects. ---
94  2018 Spectral directional cues captured by hearing device microphones in individual human ears. ---
95  2019 Impoverished auditory cues limit engagement of brain networks controlling spatial selective attention. ITDs
96  2019 Pinna-related transfer functions and lossless wave equation using finite-difference methods: Verification and asymptotic solution. ---
97  2019 Short-term effects of sound localization training in virtual reality. ---
98  2019 Sound source localization with varying amount of visual information in virtual reality. HMDs
99  2019 Spectral manipulation improves elevation perception with non-individualized head-related transfer functions. ---
100  2019 The monaural spectral cues identified by a reverse correlation analysis of free-field auditory localization data. RCA
101  2019 Ventriloquist Illusion Produced With Virtual Acoustic Spatial Cues and Asynchronous Audiovisual Stimuli in Both Young and Older Individuals. AV, MAA
102  2020 Comparison of direct and indirect perceptual head-related transfer function selection methods. ---
103  2020 Pinna-related transfer functions and lossless wave equation using finite-difference methods: Validation with measurements. PRTF
104  2020 Usability of Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions in Virtual Reality: Empirical Study With Perceptual Attributes in Sagittal Plane Sound Localization. VR
105  2021 Head-related transfer function recommendation based on perceptual similarities and anthropometric features. AFs
106  2021 Impact of non-individualised head related transfer functions on speech-in-noise performances within a synthesised virtual environment. SRT
107  2022 Binaural pre-processing for contralateral sound field attenuation and improved speech-in-noise recognition. SRTs
108  2022 The impact of head-related impulse response delay treatment strategy on psychoacoustic cue reconstruction errors from virtual loudspeaker arrays. HRIRs, ITD, SH
109  2022 Towards Child-Appropriate Virtual Acoustic Environments: A Database of High-Resolution HRTF Measurements and 3D-Scans of Children. ITD