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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
Benefits and Risks of Iron interventionS in Children
(3 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
ID (1 回)
MMPs (1 回)
MNPs (1 回)
2017 Benefits and risks of Iron interventions in children (BRISC): protocol for a three-arm parallel-group randomised controlled field trial in Bangladesh.
balloon-assisted rapid intermittent sequential coiling
(2 回)

(1 回)
--- 2011 Balloon-assisted rapid intermittent sequential coiling (BRISC) technique for the treatment of complex wide-necked intracranial aneurysms.
Brain Radiation Investigative Study Consortium
(2 回)
新生物, 腫瘍
(1 回)
BT (2 回)
RT (2 回)
age1 (1 回)
2018 Processing speed in children treated for brain tumors: effects of radiation therapy and age.
Brief Index of Sleep Control
(2 回)
ISI (1 回)
SHADES (1 回)
2020 Quantifying impact of real-world barriers to sleep: The Brief Index of Sleep Control (BRISC).
Brief Intervention for School Clinicians
(2 回)
Mental Health Services

(1 回)
--- 2015 The Brief Intervention for School Clinicians (BRISC): A mixed-methods evaluation of feasibility, acceptability, and contextual appropriateness.
Brief Relational Intervention and Screening
(2 回)
Social Sciences
(2 回)
FV (1 回)
IPV (1 回)
2020 Facilitators to Engagement in a Mother-Child Therapeutic Intervention Following Intimate Partner Violence.
Barry Rehabilitation Inpatient Screening of Cognition
(1 回)
Physical Medicine
(1 回)
--- 1989 Rehabilitation inpatient screening of early cognitive recovery.
BRCC3-containing isopeptidase complex
(1 回)
CAPS (1 回)
NLR (1 回)
THL (1 回)
2021 Pharmacological targeting of NLRP3 deubiquitination for treatment of NLRP3-associated inflammatory diseases.
Breast cancer RISk Communication
(1 回)
新生物, 腫瘍
(1 回)
--- 2008 Design of the BRISC study: a multicentre controlled clinical trial to optimize the communication of breast cancer risks in genetic counselling.
10  Brief Risk-resilience Index for SCreening
(1 回)
--- 2012 Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive power of the "Brief Risk-resilience Index for SCreening," a brief pan-diagnostic web screen for emotional health.