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検索語 : BUD
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略語: BUD
出現頻度: 390
対応する展開形の数: 24

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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
(糖質コルチコイド;強力な抗炎症作用;気管支喘息治療で粉末吸入) ブデソニド
(326 回)
Pulmonary Medicine
呼吸器学, 呼吸器内科学, 呼吸器科学, 呼吸器医学
(75 回)
FP (75 回)
BDP (51 回)
ICS (30 回)
1986 Antigen-induced bronchial anaphylaxis in actively sensitized SD rats. Effects of glucocorticoid treatment.
Buruli ulcer disease
(25 回)
Tropical Medicine
(12 回)
CI (2 回)
EQA (2 回)
PPD (2 回)
2003 Analysis of an IS2404-based nested PCR for diagnosis of Buruli ulcer disease in regions of Ghana where the disease is endemic.
beyond-use date
(12 回)
(4 回)
HPLC (2 回)
USP (2 回)
CHF (1 回)
2012 Economic and microbiologic evaluation of single-dose vial extension for hazardous drugs.
benzodiazepine use disorder
(3 回)
(1 回)
BZDs (1 回)
DSM 5 (1 回)
GARS (1 回)
2018 Would induction of dopamine homeostasis via coupling genetic addiction risk score (GARS) and pro-dopamine regulation benefit benzodiazepine use disorder (BUD)?
Baltimore Urban food Distribution
(2 回)
Environmental Health
環境保健, 環境衛生
(1 回)
app (1 回)
2022 The Baltimore Urban Food Distribution (BUD) App: Study Protocol to Assess the Feasibility of a Food Systems Intervention.
benign urogenital diseases
(2 回)
生化学, 生物化学
(1 回)
TCC (2 回)
SELDI (1 回)
2004 Tree analysis of mass spectral urine profiles discriminates transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder from noncancer patient.
BQ use disorder
(2 回)
Mental Disorders
精神疾患, 精神障
(1 回)
BQ (2 回)
OPMD (1 回)
OSCC (1 回)
2018 Association of DSM-5 Betel-Quid Use Disorder With Oral Potentially Malignant Disorder in 6 Betel-Quid Endemic Asian Populations.
(2 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(2 回)
SHR (2 回)
BUDE (1 回)
DBP (1 回)
2013 Combined antihypertensive effect of luteolin and buddleoside enriched extracts in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
(1 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(1 回)
--- 2013 Discrimination of prohibited oral use from authorized inhaled treatment of budesonide in sports.
10  benign ureteral disease
(1 回)
(1 回)
OR (1 回)
RAUR (1 回)
2021 Hospital Ownership, Geographic Region, Patient Age, Comorbidities, and Insurance Status Appear to Influence Patient Selection Robot-Assisted Ureteral Reimplantation for Benign Disease: A Population-Based Analysis.
11  benign uterine disease
(1 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
LAVH (1 回)
SUI (1 回)
TVT (1 回)
2005 Combination of a tension-free vaginal tape procedure and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy for the treatment of benign uterine disease associated with stress urinary incontinence.
12  betel-quid use disorder
(1 回)
(1 回)
BQ (1 回)
BQ-CC (1 回)
2020 Effect of antidepressants for cessation therapy in betel-quid use disorder: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
13  Beyond-use dating
(1 回)
(1 回)
--- 2017 Beyond-use dating of lidocaine alone and in two "magic mouthwash" preparations.
14  Brazilian ultrasound devices
(1 回)
(1 回)
GIC (1 回)
2009 Comparison of the time required for removal of intraradicular cast posts using two Brazilian ultrasound devices.
15  Brno Urban Dataset
(1 回)
WE (1 回)
2022 Brno urban dataset: Winter extension.
16  bud proliferation after three weeks
(1 回)
Biomedical Research

(1 回)
DEGs (1 回)
EXP (1 回)
MTV (1 回)
2020 Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Key Pathways and Hormone Activities Involved in Early Microtuber Formation of Dioscorea opposita.
17  Buddhists
(1 回)
Genetics, Medical
遺伝医学, 医科遺伝学
(1 回)
MUS (1 回)
2014 Forensic STR loci reveal common genetic ancestry of the Thai-Malay Muslims and Thai Buddhists in the deep Southern region of Thailand.
18  Budesonide administered as an inclusion complex within HPbetaCD
(1 回)
Cell Membrane

(1 回)
COPD (1 回)
DPH (1 回)
GUVs (1 回)
2017 Changes in membrane biophysical properties induced by the Budesonide/Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complex.
19  budesonide inhalation suspension
(1 回)
Emergency Medicine
(1 回)
CI (1 回)
ED (1 回)
IB (1 回)
2011 Nebulized budesonide added to standard pediatric emergency department treatment of acute asthma: a randomized, double-blind trial.
20  budesonide nasal irrigations
(1 回)
Cell Biology
(1 回)
CRS (1 回)
NSAID (1 回)
2018 Staphylococcus aureus on Sinus Culture Is Associated With Recurrence of Chronic Rhinosinusitis After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
21  budesonide suspension
(1 回)
Clinical Laboratory Techniques
(1 回)
FP (1 回)
ICS (1 回)
LTRA (1 回)
2019 Efficacy of treatment with montelukast, fluticasone propionate and budesonide liquid suspension for the prevention of recurrent asthma paroxysms in children with wheezing disorders.
22  budesonide treated
(1 回)
小児科学, 小児医学
(1 回)
BALF (1 回)
DXM (1 回)
EOS (1 回)
2010 [Expression of Rock2 and TGF-beta1 mRNA and glucocorticoid intervention in asthmatic rats].
23  budesonide(R)
(1 回)
Allergy and Immunology
(1 回)
BDP (1 回)
FP (1 回)
PEF (1 回)
2003 [An evaluation of the acceptance of budesonide turbuhaler by older Japanese patients with bronchial asthma when changed from fluticasone propionate (FP) or beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP)].
24  building up to drink
(1 回)
Substance-Related Disorders
(1 回)
--- 1988 Improvement of inpatient treatment of the alcoholic as a function of neurotransmitter restoration: a pilot study.