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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
conduction electron spin resonance
(8 回)
(2 回)
ESR (3 回)
FL (1 回)
FLL (1 回)
2001 Anisotropy of superconducting MgB2 as seen in electron spin resonance and magnetization data.
cell envelope stress response
(5 回)
微生物学, 細菌学
(2 回)
CL (1 回)
CLS (1 回)
DAP (1 回)
2012 Biochemical characterization of cardiolipin synthase mutations associated with daptomycin resistance in enterococci.
core environmental stress response
(4 回)
Molecular Biology
(1 回)
GAAC (2 回)
3-AT (1 回)
ORFs (1 回)
2003 Global transcriptional responses of fission yeast to environmental stress.
Center for Economic and Social Research
(2 回)
Behavioral Sciences
(1 回)
COVID-19 (1 回)
IFLS (1 回)
UAC (1 回)
2019 Sleep Disturbance in Indonesia: How Much Does Smoking Contribute?
Center for Effectiveness and Safety Research
(2 回)
DCC (1 回)
DQ (1 回)
DQA (1 回)
2019 Data Quality Assessment and Multi-Organizational Reporting: Tools to Enhance Network Knowledge.
Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration
(2 回)
(1 回)
CCT (1 回)
MRPQ (1 回)
ST (1 回)
2020 European OMFS in the time of Brexit - where did the UK fit and how might the future look?
Coincidence-Enhanced Stochastic Resonance
(2 回)
神経学, 神経内科学
(1 回)
SR (2 回)
SCESR (1 回)
2007 Coincidence-enhanced stochastic resonance: experimental evidence challenges the psychophysical theory behind stochastic resonance.
8-billion-electron-volt electron-positron storage ring
(1 回)
(1 回)
--- 1979 CHESS: The New Synchrotron Radiation Facility at Cornell.
cauda epididymal sperm reserves
(1 回)
Veterinary Medicine
(1 回)
GnRH (1 回)
LH (1 回)
MSG (1 回)
2015 Effects of monosodium-L-glutamate administration on serum levels of reproductive hormones and cholesterol, epididymal sperm reserves and testicular histomorphology of male albino rats.
10  cauda equina syndrome
(馬尾神経障害による膀胱直腸や会陰部での感覚運動障害) 馬尾症候群
(1 回)
Wounds and Injuries

(1 回)
LDH (1 回)
2021 Factors affecting urinary outcome after delayed decompression in complete cauda equina syndrome: "A regression model study".
11  CE spin resonance
(1 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
ce (1 回)
ESR (1 回)
LM (1 回)
2011 Quantum critical Kondo quasiparticles probed by ESR in beta-YbAlB₄.
12  Center of Excellence for Simulation Education and Research
(1 回)
Health Services
(1 回)
AAA (1 回)
AQP (1 回)
MEDC (1 回)
2011 Understanding interdisciplinary health care teams: using simulation design processes from the Air Carrier Advanced Qualification Program to identify and train critical teamwork skills.
13  Central Elbe-Saale region
(1 回)
(1 回)
TMJ (1 回)
2007 Factors affecting the variation in the adult temporomandibular joint of archaeological human populations.
14  Certificate of Equivalence of Specialist Registration
(1 回)
小児科学, 小児医学
(1 回)
CCT (1 回)
PAs (1 回)
2016 The changing UK paediatric consultant workforce: report from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.
15  CES retention
(1 回)
CES (1 回)
ODI (1 回)
PTELD (1 回)
2020 Cauda Equina Syndrome: A Review of 15 Patients Who Underwent Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PTELD) Under Local Anaesthesia.
16  CES with urinary retention
(1 回)
(1 回)
CESI (1 回)
2016 Does Early Surgical Decompression in Cauda Equina Syndrome Improve Bladder Outcome?: Comments on a Recent Study by Srikandarajah et al.
17  conduction spin electron resonance
(1 回)
(1 回)
--- 2016 Probing ligand-induced modulation of metallic states in small gold nanoparticles using conduction electron spin resonance.
18  controlled energy storage and return
(1 回)
Biomedical Engineering
(1 回)
COM (1 回)
2011 Systematic variation of prosthetic foot spring affects center-of-mass mechanics and metabolic cost during walking.
19  Controlled Energy Storage and Return prosthetic foot
(1 回)
(1 回)
COM (1 回)
CONV (1 回)
PRES (1 回)
2011 The effects of a controlled energy storage and return prototype prosthetic foot on transtibial amputee ambulation.
20  Cornell Electron Storage Ring
(1 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
--- 2008 Precision measurement of the mass of the hc(1P1) state of charmonium.
21  crude extract of Sida rhombifolia
(1 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
--- 2021 Preclinical safety assessment of the crude extract from Sida rhombifolia L. aerial parts in experimental models of acute and repeated-dose 28 days toxicity in rats.