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Long Form No. Long Form Research Area Co-occurring Abbreviation PubMed/MEDLINE Info. (Year, Title)
hindlimb unloading
(39 times)
Aerospace Medicine
(7 times)
BMD (5 times)
CON (4 times)
LDR (3 times)
2001 Gonadectomy and reduced physical activity: effects on skeletal muscle.
hindlimb unweighting
(20 times)
(16 times)
SOL (4 times)
NE (3 times)
CON (2 times)
1995 Weight-bearing effects on skeletal muscle during and after simulated bed rest.
(11 times)
(3 times)
AG (1 time)
Amb-healing (1 time)
BFR (1 time)
2006 Disuse in adult male rats attenuates the bone anabolic response to a therapeutic dose of parathyroid hormone.
Hypertensive leg ulcer
(5 times)
(4 times)
VKA (1 time)
2012 [Hypertensive leg ulcers: epidemiological characteristics and prognostic factors for healing in a prospective cohort].
hindlimb unloading with vehicle
(2 times)
(1 time)
BMD (1 time)
BV/TV (1 time)
CON (1 time)
2015 Treatment of Radix Dipsaci extract prevents long bone loss induced by modeled microgravity in hindlimb unloading rats.
holmium laser urethrotomy
(2 times)
(1 time)
OIU (1 time)
PVR (1 time)
QL (1 time)
2011 [Causes, location and management of BPH surgery-related urethral stricture].
high light unfamiliar paradigm
(1 time)
(1 time)
LLF (1 time)
SI (1 time)
1992 Effect of 5-HT1A receptor agonists in two models of anxiety after dorsal raphe injection.
high light/unfamiliar
(1 time)
(1 time)
DRN (1 time)
LLF (1 time)
SI (1 time)
1991 Evidence that the amygdala is involved in the disinhibitory effects of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists.
hindlimb suspended via tail casting
(1 time)
Aerospace Medicine
(1 time)
--- 2002 Clenbuterol attenuates muscle atrophy and dysfunction in hindlimb-suspended rats.
10  hindlimb suspension
(1 time)
(1 time)
BMC (1 time)
GMF (1 time)
HyMF (1 time)
2018 Iron overload involved in the enhancement of unloading-induced bone loss by hypomagnetic field.
11  hindlimb unloading only
(1 time)
Aerospace Medicine
(1 time)
CON (1 time)
CSA (1 time)
HLU-W (1 time)
2007 Muscle composition after 14-day hindlimb unloading in rats: effects of two herbal compounds.
12  holmium laser ureterolithotripsy
(1 time)
Surgical Procedures, Minimally Invasive
(1 time)
OR (1 time)
UTI (1 time)
2020 Risk factors for ureteroscopic lithotripsy: a case-control study and analysis of 385 cases of holmium laser ureterolithotripsy.
13  holmium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser (Ho: YAG) urethrotomy
(1 time)
Male Urogenital Diseases
(1 time)
VCUG (1 time)
VIU (1 time)
2016 Use of holmium laser for urethral strictures in pediatrics: A prospective study.
14  Hospital Liver Units
(1 time)
Digestive System Diseases
(1 time)
GPs (1 time)
2018 Effect of a Cooperation Strategy between Primary Care Physicians and Hospital Liver Units on HBV Care in Campania, Italy.