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■ 検索結果 - 略語 : MCMC

検索語 : MCMC
検索方法 : 完全一致

略語: MCMC
出現頻度: 1407
対応する展開形の数: 26

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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
Markov chain Monte Carlo
(1302 回)
Statistics as Topic

(160 回)
QTL (34 回)
DIC (27 回)
EM (20 回)
1993 Estimation of the parameters of a binary Markov random field on a graph with application to fibre type distributions in a muscle cross-section.
Monte Carlo Markov Chain
(60 回)
Statistics as Topic

(9 回)
QTL (4 回)
SNPs (3 回)
GWAS (2 回)
1996 Pedigree analysis package vs. MIXD: fitting the mixed model on a large pedigree.
medical care monitoring center
(8 回)
Emergency Medicine
(5 回)
HIS (5 回)
aOR (1 回)
CI (1 回)
2019 Evaluation of the Neurological Complaints during Pregnancy and Postpartum.
Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation
(7 回)
(3 回)
hcv (3 回)
RO (2 回)
HBV (1 回)
2003 Markov modelling of changes in HIV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses with time in untreated HIV-1 infected patients.
Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm
(3 回)
(1 回)
R6G (1 回)
SCC (1 回)
2015 A novel approach for identifying causal models of complex diseases from family data.
Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique
(3 回)
Environmental Health
環境保健, 環境衛生
(1 回)
BMCML (1 回)
DMOITL (1 回)
DO (1 回)
2014 The variability in likelihood ratios due to different mechanisms.
MC Monte Carlo
(2 回)
Clinical Laboratory Techniques
(1 回)
MC (2 回)
DEGs (1 回)
KEGG (1 回)
2017 A Gibbs sampling method to determine biomarkers for asthma.
Multi-Canonical Monte Carlo
(2 回)
(2 回)
FWM (1 回)
2005 Accurate estimation of the impact of IP traffic burstiness on the performance of wavelength division multiplexing networks.
multi-channel multi-carriers
(2 回)
(2 回)
MC-RFS (1 回)
MWFS-SSB (1 回)
PDM-QPSK (1 回)
2012 Multi-channel multi-carrier generation using multi-wavelength frequency shifting recirculating loop.
10  multiple chronic medical conditions
(2 回)
Health Services
(1 回)
AUD (1 回)
WMH-CIDI (1 回)
2013 Do race, ethnicity, and psychiatric diagnoses matter in the prevalence of multiple chronic medical conditions?
11  chain-Monte Carlo method
(1 回)
Environmental Health
環境保健, 環境衛生
(1 回)
ABC-MCMC (1 回)
Cd (1 回)
PBTK (1 回)
2021 Bayesian toxicokinetic modeling of cadmium exposure in Chinese population.
12  M-MSC conditioned media concentrate
(1 回)
AD (1 回)
BM-MSCs (1 回)
hESC (1 回)
2020 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of M-MSCs in DNCB-Induced Atopic Dermatitis Mice.
13  magnetic O-CMC nanoparticles
(1 回)
生化学, 生物化学
(1 回)
IVIS (1 回)
O-CMC (1 回)
PEM (1 回)
2019 Delivery of pemetrexed by magnetic nanoparticles: design, characterization, invitro and invivo assessment.
14  mannosylated carboxymethyl chitosan
(1 回)
Biomedical Engineering
(1 回)
FasL (1 回)
HA (1 回)
NF-kappaB (1 回)
2017 A Dual Macrophage Targeting Nanovector for Delivery of Oligodeoxynucleotides To Overcome Cancer-Associated Immunosuppression.
15  mast cell mediator cocktail
(1 回)
(1 回)
ENS (1 回)
2005 Human mast cell mediator cocktail excites neurons in human and guinea-pig enteric nervous system.
16  Medicaid managed care
(1 回)
Health Services
(1 回)
LHDs (1 回)
MOU (1 回)
2004 Evaluation of mandated memoranda of understanding between local health departments and Medicaid managed care plans.
17  Medical Care Monitoring Center system
(1 回)
Medical Informatics
(1 回)
MCDPC (1 回)
2021 Regional COVID-19 registry in Khuzestan, Iran: A study protocol and lessons learned from a pilot implementation.
18  medium-viscous carboxymethylcellulose
(1 回)
Nutritional Sciences
(1 回)
AID (1 回)
CEL (1 回)
HCMC (1 回)
2021 Decreased nutrient digestibility due to viscosity is independent of the amount of dietary fibre fed to growing pigs.
19  Milwaukee County Medical Complex
(1 回)
General Surgery
(1 回)
CHs (1 回)
1983 Radiation-associated thyroid tumors: extent of operation and pathology technique influence the apparent incidence of carcinoma.
20  minimal conservative medical care
(1 回)
カイロプラクティック, 整体学
(1 回)
HVLA (1 回)
LBP (1 回)
LVVA (1 回)
2009 A randomized controlled trial comparing 2 types of spinal manipulation and minimal conservative medical care for adults 55 years and older with subacute or chronic low back pain.
21  MIXOR, Bayesian approaches included WinBUGS, MLwiN
(1 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
GOS (1 回)
RCTs (1 回)
TBI (1 回)
2011 Logistic random effects regression models: a comparison of statistical packages for binary and ordinal outcomes.
22  mixup confidence map consistency
(1 回)
Diagnostic Imaging
画像診断, 画像診断法
(1 回)
CGMMix (1 回)
MFMC (1 回)
TMSG (1 回)
2020 Learn to Threshold: ThresholdNet With Confidence-Guided Manifold Mixup for Polyp Segmentation.
23  Modified Cortex Mori Capsules
(1 回)
医学, 医薬
(1 回)
--- 2019 Modified Cortex Mori Capsules improving the successful rate of functional filtering blebs after reclinical glaucoma filtering surgery.
24  monolithic capillary microextraction column
(1 回)
Chemistry Techniques, Analytical
(1 回)
HPLC/DAD (1 回)
RSDs (1 回)
SUHs (1 回)
2019 Porous monolith-based magnetism-reinforced in-tube solid phase microextraction of sulfonylurea herbicides in water and soil samples.
25  Mononuclear cell-mediated cytotoxicity
(1 回)
新生物, 腫瘍
(1 回)
--- 1978 In vitro antitumor reactivity of mononuclear leukocytes from cancer patients receiving immunotherapy with BCG.
26  My Care My Call
(1 回)
Physical Medicine
(1 回)
PAM (1 回)
SCI (1 回)
2017 Randomized Trial of a Peer-Led, Telephone-Based Empowerment Intervention for Persons With Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Improves Health Self-Management.