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検索語 : NPAG
検索方法 : 完全一致

略語: NPAG
出現頻度: 18
対応する展開形の数: 5

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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
nonparametric adaptive grid
(13 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(8 回)
ICU (2 回)
ME (2 回)
NONMEM (2 回)
2004 Population pharmacokinetics of ethanol in drinking drivers using breath measures.
Non Parametric Adaptive Grid algorithm
(2 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(1 回)
BW (1 回)
MM (1 回)
NONMEM (1 回)
2008 A population pharmacokinetic model of gabapentin developed in nonparametric adaptive grid and nonlinear mixed effects modeling.
National Physical Activity Guidelines
(1 回)
Public Health
公衆衛生, 公衆衛生学
(1 回)
PA (1 回)
2019 Studying biological science does not lead to adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
nonparametric adaptive grid estimation
(1 回)

(1 回)
MH (1 回)
PBPK (1 回)
QRPEM (1 回)
2022 Population PBPK modeling using parametric and nonparametric methods of the Simcyp Simulator, and Bayesian samplers.
NP Adaptive Grid
(1 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
ML (1 回)
NP (1 回)
NPB (1 回)
2013 Two general methods for population pharmacokinetic modeling: non-parametric adaptive grid and non-parametric Bayesian.