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■ 検索結果 - 略語 : NPEM

検索語 : NPEM
検索方法 : 完全一致

略語: NPEM
出現頻度: 23
対応する展開形の数: 7

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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
nonparametric expectation maximization
(14 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(6 回)
NONMEM (2 回)
TDM (2 回)
AUC (1 回)
1992 Population pharmacokinetics of gentamicin. Use of the nonparametric expectation maximisation (NPEM) algorithm.
nonparametric EM
(3 回)
(1 回)
CBZ (1 回)
MM (1 回)
TDM (1 回)
1991 The USC*PACK PC programs for population pharmacokinetic modeling, modeling of large kinetic/dynamic systems, and adaptive control of drug dosage regimens.
nonparametric expectation maximization algorithm
(2 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(1 回)
PPSM (1 回)
1997 Amikacin Bayesian forecasting in critically ill patients with sepsis and cirrhosis.
network parallel electrical method
(1 回)
Environmental Health
環境保健, 環境衛生
(1 回)
CL (1 回)
OL (1 回)
2022 Precise application of grouting technology in underground coal mining: water inrush risk of floor elimination.
nonparametric approach of expectation maximization
(1 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
--- 2005 An evaluation of an optimal sampling strategy for meropenem in febrile neutropenics.
Nonparametric Expectation Maximization program
(1 回)
治療学, 薬物療法学
(1 回)
STS (1 回)
1995 A Nonparametric Alternative to Modeling Population Pharmacokinetics in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury: Comparison with the Standard Two-Stage Method.
nonparametric methods
(1 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(1 回)
MTX (1 回)
2002 Pharmacodynamics of high-dose methotrexate in pediatric patients.