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Long Form No. Long Form Research Area Co-occurring Abbreviation PubMed/MEDLINE Info. (Year, Title)
platelet-derived growth factor receptor
(900 times)
(274 times)
VEGFR (138 times)
EGFR (124 times)
FGFR (60 times)
1986 Purified human platelet-derived growth factor receptor has ligand-stimulated tyrosine kinase activity.
PDGF receptor
(224 times)
(43 times)
PDGF (171 times)
VEGF (10 times)
VSMCs (10 times)
1988 Developmental expression of platelet-derived growth factor and its receptor in the human placenta.
platelet-derived growth factor
(20 times)
(5 times)
CML (4 times)
VEGFR (4 times)
EGFR (3 times)
1993 Dimerization of extracellular domains of platelet-derived growth factor receptors. A revised model of receptor-ligand interaction.
PDGF-beta receptor
(7 times)
Cell Biology
(2 times)
PDGF (4 times)
PI3K (2 times)
CB (1 time)
1993 Characterization of ligand binding to immobilized biotinylated extracellular domains of three growth factor receptors.
PDGF and its receptor
(6 times)
(2 times)
PDGF (5 times)
CNS (1 time)
COPD (1 time)
1994 Platelet-derived growth factor and its receptor in lungs from patients with asthma and chronic airflow obstruction.
anti-PDGF receptor
(3 times)
(2 times)
PDGF (3 times)
mAb (1 time)
PH (1 time)
1997 Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-induced Ca2+ signaling in the CG4 oligodendroglial cell line and in transformed oligodendrocytes expressing the beta-PDGF receptor.
PDGF receptor-beta
(2 times)
Cell Biology
(2 times)
PDGF (2 times)
FAs (1 time)
IQGAP1 (1 time)
2006 c-Src couples PI 3 kinase/Akt and MAPK signaling to PDGF-induced DNA synthesis in mesangial cells.
(2 times)
Cell Biology
(1 time)
PDGF (1 time)
PDGFRs (1 time)
PDGFs (1 time)
1996 Platelet-derived growth factor is an autocrine stimulator for the growth and survival of human esophageal carcinoma cell lines.
decorin-PDGF receptor
(1 time)
(1 time)
PDGF (1 time)
SMC (1 time)
TGF-beta (1 time)
2003 Decorin inhibition of PDGF-stimulated vascular smooth muscle cell function: potential mechanism for inhibition of intimal hyperplasia after balloon angioplasty.
10  p-PDGFR
(1 time)
Statistics as Topic
(1 time)
PFS (1 time)
2010 A Bayesian hierarchical mixture model for platelet derived growth factor receptor phosphorylation to improve estimation of progression-free survival in prostate cancer.
11  PDGF ligand and receptor
(1 time)
(1 time)
CRP (1 time)
PDGF (1 time)
SMCs (1 time)
2008 C-reactive protein and vein graft disease: evidence for a direct effect on smooth muscle cell phenotype via modulation of PDGF receptor-beta.
12  PDGF receptor beta subunit
(1 time)
(1 time)
PDGF (1 time)
1995 Expression of platelet-derived growth factor B-chain and the platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta subunit in human breast tissue and breast carcinoma.
13  PDGF signaling, as well as that of its receptor
(1 time)
(1 time)
GBM (1 time)
ID4 (1 time)
NO (1 time)
2017 A cell-autonomous positive-signaling circuit associated with the PDGF-NO-ID4-regulatory axis in glioblastoma cells.
(1 time)
(1 time)
CEL-NOC (1 time)
HES (1 time)
2008 Primary eosinophilic disorders: a concise review.
15  platelet-derived growth factor receptor protein tyrosine kinase
(1 time)
(1 time)
HAs (1 time)
HSAs (1 time)
2013 Analysis of genomic mutation and immunohistochemistry of platelet-derived growth factor receptors in canine vascular tumours.
16  platelet-derived growth factor receptor-like protein
(1 time)
(1 time)
--- 2019 Pazopanib or methotrexate-vinblastine combination chemotherapy in adult patients with progressive desmoid tumours (DESMOPAZ): a non-comparative, randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 2 study.