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Long Form No. Long Form Research Area Co-occurring Abbreviation PubMed/MEDLINE Info. (Year, Title)
Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System
(316 times)
(103 times)
mpMRI (129 times)
PCa (92 times)
MRI (73 times)
2013 Targeted MRI-guided prostate biopsies for the detection of prostate cancer: initial clinical experience with real-time 3-dimensional transrectal ultrasound guidance and magnetic resonance/transrectal ultrasound image fusion.
Prostate Imaging and Data Reporting System
(7 times)
Diagnostic Imaging
(3 times)
ADC (2 times)
ANOVA (2 times)
ISUP (2 times)
2016 Multiparametric MRI of the anterior prostate gland: clinical-radiological-histopathological correlation.
predictive ability of the radiologist's evaluation
(1 time)
(1 time)
ADC (1 time)
cisPCa (1 time)
DRE (1 time)
2020 Multiparametric MRI for Prostate Cancer Characterization: Combined Use of Radiomics Model with PI-RADS and Clinical Parameters.
Prostate Imaging and Data Systems
(1 time)
Diagnostic Imaging
(1 time)
AUROC (1 time)
IRB (1 time)
mpMRI (1 time)
2019 Radiological semantics discriminate clinically significant grade prostate cancer.
Prostate Imaging-Reporting and Data System guidelines
(1 time)
(1 time)
AS (1 time)
AUC (1 time)
mpMRI (1 time)
2016 In-parallel comparative evaluation between multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging, prostate cancer antigen 3 and the prostate health index in predicting pathologically confirmed significant prostate cancer in men eligible for active surveillance.
prostate MRI reporting and data system
(1 time)
(1 time)
mp (1 time)
MRI-US (1 time)
PCa (1 time)
2015 Added Value of Multiparametric Ultrasonography in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasonography Fusion-guided Biopsy of the Prostate in Patients With Suspicion for Prostate Cancer.