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■ 検索結果 - 略語 : SAEM

検索語 : SAEM
検索方法 : 完全一致

略語: SAEM
出現頻度: 125
対応する展開形の数: 10

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展開形 No. 展開形 主な研究分野 共起略語 PubMed/MEDLINE情報 (発表年, 題目)
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
(87 回)
Emergency Medicine
(84 回)
EM (38 回)
ACEP (13 回)
ED (12 回)
1995 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) 1995 annual meeting. San Antonio, Texas, May 21-24, 1995. Abstracts.
stochastic approximation expectation maximization
(26 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(13 回)
FOCE (5 回)
FOCEI (4 回)
IMP (3 回)
2007 The SAEM algorithm for group comparison tests in longitudinal data analysis based on non-linear mixed-effects model.
stochastic approximation EM
(5 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
EM (2 回)
ART (1 回)
BAYES (1 回)
2007 Estimation of population pharmacokinetic parameters of saquinavir in HIV patients with the MONOLIX software.
Society for Academic Medicine
(1 回)
Emergency Medicine
(1 回)
AAEM (1 回)
CAL/AAEM (1 回)
CORD (1 回)
2001 AAEM, CORD, and SAEM reach a landmark position: consensus recommendations to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) for revisions to the FSMB May 1998 policy statement on physician licensure. American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors. Society for Academic Medicine.
Society of Academic EM
(1 回)
EM (1 回)
UM (1 回)
USUHS (1 回)
2016 A test of the first course (Emergency Medicine) that is globally available for credit and for free.
standard expectation maximization
(1 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
CNa (1 回)
POP-PKPD (1 回)
2013 Population PKPD of voclosporin in renal allograft patients.
stochastic approximation EM algorithm
(1 回)
Statistics as Topic

(1 回)
--- 2019 Stochastic approximation EM for large-scale exploratory IRT factor analysis.
stochastic approximation EM method
(1 回)
Drug Therapy
薬物療法, 薬物治療
(1 回)
MDR1 (1 回)
2007 Modelling the influence of MDR1 polymorphism on digoxin pharmacokinetic parameters.
Stochastic Approximation of the EM
(1 回)
ALD (1 回)
QR (1 回)
2017 Quantile regression in linear mixed models: a stochastic approximation EM approach.
10  stochastic EM algorithm
(1 回)
薬理学, 薬理, 薬品作用学
(1 回)
LRT (1 回)
2009 Pharmacogenetics and population pharmacokinetics: impact of the design on three tests using the SAEM algorithm.