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Long Form No. Long Form Research Area Co-occurring Abbreviation PubMed/MEDLINE Info. (Year, Title)
supramolecular solvent
(30 times)
Chemistry Techniques, Analytical
(23 times)
THF (4 times)
DeA (3 times)
HBCD (3 times)
2012 Environment-responsive alkanol-based supramolecular solvents: characterization and potential as restricted access property and mixed-mode extractants.
spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) with supramolecular solvent
(1 time)
(1 time)
AUC (1 time)
DLLME (1 time)
2020 Determination of aucubin by supramolecular solvent-based dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and UPLC-MS/MS: Application to a pharmacokinetic study in rats with type 1 diabetes.