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■ Abbreviation / Long Form : 11-MUA / 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid

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Abbreviation:   11-MUA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   11-mercaptoundecanoic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Colorimetric Assay Featuring Thiol-Capped Au Nanoparticles Combined with a Mobile Application for On-Site Parathion Organophosphate Pesticide Detection. AChE, ATCh, Cys, LODs, LSPR, TCh, Toxin APP
2022 Rapid sensing ofTilletia indica - Teliospore in wheat extractby apiezoelectric label free immunosensor. AFM, CV, FT-IR, LOD, mAb, QCM, SEM
2022 Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunosensor with Antibody-Functionalized Magnetoplasmonic Nanoparticles for Ultrasensitive Quantification of the CD5 Biomarker. LOD, LOQ, mAuNPs-anti-CD52B, SPR
2021 Adsorption Kinetics of Glycated Hemoglobin on Aptamer Microarrays with Antifouling Surface Modification. DMOL, GHA, GHb, Hb, SAMs, SELEX, SPR
2021 Detection of cholera toxin with surface plasmon field-enhanced fluorescent spectroscopy. B-Ab, CTX-B, PBS, PCR, SA, SPFS, SPR
2021 Therapeutic Efficacy of Carbon Ion Irradiation Enhanced by 11-MUA-Capped Gold Nanoparticles: An in vitro and in vivo Study. ROS, TGR
2020 Analysis of Tau-441 protein in clinical samples using rGO/AuNP nanocomposite-supported disposable impedimetric neuro-biosensing platform: Towards Alzheimer's disease detection. AD, AFM, CSF, CV, EIS, FTIR, rGO, SEM, SFI
2020 Calcium based siRNA coating: a novel approach for knockdown of HER2 gene in MCF-7 cells using gold nanoparticles. cDNA, NPs, PEI, RT-PCR
2020 Enhancing the Sensitivity of Biotinylated Surfaces by Tailoring the Design of the Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayer Synthesis. 3-MPA, ATR-IR, NMPA, SAMs, SPR
10  2020 Genosensor made with a self-assembled monolayer matrix to detect MGMT gene methylation in head and neck cancer cell lines. IDMAP, SAM
11  2019 Protein functionalised self assembled monolayer based biosensor for colon cancer detection. AFM, CA, ELISA, ET-1, FTIR, SAM, SPR
12  2019 Ratiometric fluorescent sensor for visual determination of copper ions and alkaline phosphatase based on carbon quantum dots and gold nanoclusters. ALP, CDs, Pi
13  2018 Hybridization conditions of oligonucleotide-capped gold nanoparticles for SPR sensing of microRNA. MCH, miRNA, PEG, SPR
14  2018 In situ study of EDC/NHS immobilization on gold surface based on attenuated total reflection surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy (ATR-SEIRAS). SEIRAS
15  2018 Studies on Lytic, Tailed Bacillus cereus-specific Phage for Use in a Ferromagnetoelastic Biosensor as a Novel Recognition Element. FME
16  2017 Synthesis of highly fluorescent gold nanoclusters and their use in sensitive analysis of metal ions. 16-MHA, 6-MHA
17  2016 An Optically-Transparent Aptamer-Based Detection System for Colon Cancer Applications Using Gold Nanoparticles Electrodeposited on Indium Tin Oxide. apta-DS, CEA, CP, CV, FESEM, GNPs, ITO, NHS
18  2016 Comparison of antibody immobilization strategies in detection of Vibrio cholerae by surface plasmon resonance. SAM
19  2016 Effect of surface capping of quantum dots (CdTe) on proteomics. 3-MPA, 4-ATP, 4-MBA, BSA, CdTe, Cys, LDI-MS, QDs, TG
20  2016 Photoassisted photoluminescence fine-tuning of gold nanodots through free radical-mediated ligand-assembly. 11-MUTAB-Au NDs, NIR, PL, QY, UV
21  2015 Fatigue Test of Cytochrome C Self-Assembled on a 11-MUA Layer Based on Electrochemical Analysis for Bioelectronic Device. CV, SERS, STM
22  2015 Gold nanoclusters-Cu(2+) ensemble-based fluorescence turn-on and real-time assay for acetylcholinesterase activity and inhibitor screening. AChE, ATCh, TCh
23  2015 Integrated logic gate for fluorescence turn-on detection of histidine and cysteine based on Ag/Au bimetallic nanoclusters-Cu⁺ ensemble. ---
24  2015 Isolation of carboxylic acid-protected Au25 clusters using a borohydride purification strategy. 16-MHA, MALDI, TEM
25  2014 An integrated giant magnetoimpedance biosensor for detection of biomarker. AFP, BSA, GMI, MIA
26  2014 Synthesis of thiolated Ag/Au bimetallic nanoclusters exhibiting an anti-galvanic reduction mechanism and composition-dependent fluorescence. ---
27  2013 Analysis of nanoscale protein film consisting of lactoferrin/11-MUA bilayers for bioelectronic device. AFM, CV
28  2013 Development of a label-free immunosensor based on surface plasmon resonance technique for the detection of anti-Leishmania infantum antibodies in canine serum. CV, EIS, SECM, SPR
29  2013 Influence of the surface coating on the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and uptake of gold nanoparticles in human HepG2 cells. Cit, GFAAS, LDH, TEM
30  2013 Study of Immobilization Procedure on Silver Nanolayers and Detection of Estrone with Diverged Beam Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Imaging. DCC, IgG, NHS, SPR
31  2012 Breast tumor cell detection at single cell resolution using an electrochemical impedance technique. EIS, SAM
32  2012 Electrochemical immunosensor modified with self-assembled monolayer of 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid on gold electrodes for detection of benzo[a]pyrene in water. AP, BaP, CV, EIS, ELISA, NHS, PAHs, PAPP, SAMs
33  2012 Increased density and coverage uniformity of viruses on a sensor surface by using U-type, T-type, and W-type microfluidic devices. TYMV
34  2011 Electrochemical performance of gold nanoparticle-cytochrome c hybrid interface for H2O2 detection. 3-MPTMS, AFM, CV, cyt c, DPV, ITO, SEM, XRD
35  2011 Hydroxyapatite for keratoprosthesis biointegration. EDX, FTIR, HAP, KPro, PDA, PMMA
36  2011 Protein-based multi-bit biomemory device consisting of various metalloproteins on self-assembled 11-MUA layer. AFM, CA, CV
37  2011 Stable fluorescent gold nanoparticles for detection of Cu2+ with good sensitivity and selectivity. ---
38  2010 Distinction of heterogeneity on Au nanostructured surface based on phase contrast imaging of atomic force microscopy. AAO, TM-AFM
39  2009 A new method for performing polarization modulation infrared reflection-adsorption spectroscopy of surfaces. ---
40  2009 Fabrication of nano scaled protein monolayer consisting of cytochrome c on self-assembled 11-MUA layer for bioelectronic device. ---
41  2009 Nanoscale film formation of ferritin and its application to biomemory device. AFM, OCPA, STM
42  2009 Preparation of alkanethiolate-functionalized core/shell Fe3O4@Au nanoparticles and its interaction with several typical target molecules. EDS, FTIR, SAMs, XPS
43  2008 Rapid detection of Bacillus anthracis using monoclonal antibody functionalized QCM sensor. 6-MHO, CV, LOD, QCM, SAM, SEM
44  2008 Supported phospholipid membrane interactions with 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride. 11MU, DEPC, DMPG
45  2007 Improvements in the characterization of the crystalline structure of acid-terminated alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111). 16-MHDA, CV, EIS, STM, XPS
46  2007 Surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for histamine based on an indirect competitive immunoreaction. ---
47  2006 Electrode surface modification by a spirobifluorene derivative. An XPS and electrochemical investigation. SAM
48  2005 Study on orientation of immunoglobulin G on protein G layer. AFM, IgG, SE, SPR
49  2004 Characterization of a self-assembled monolayer of thiol on a gold surface and the fabrication of a biosensor chip based on surface plasmon resonance for detecting anti-GAD antibody. 3-MPA, GAD, SA, SPR
50  2004 Detection of insulin-antibody binding on a solid surface using imaging ellipsometry. IE
51  2004 Immunosensor for detection of Yersinia enterocolitica based on imaging ellipsometry. IE, mAb