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Abbreviation:   CDK  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   cyclin-dependent protein kinase
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2022 CDK inhibitor Palbociclib targets STING to alleviate autoinflammation. STING, TREX1
2021 MZF1 mediates oncogene-induced senescence by promoting the transcription of p16INK4A. CHD7, MZF1, NSCLC, PAAD
2021 Phosphorylation of luminal region of the SUN-domain protein Mps3 promotes nuclear envelope localization during meiosis. DDK, LINC, NE
2020 Role of cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases in pluripotent stem cells and their potential as a therapeutic target. ---
2019 beta-Caryophyllene in the Essential Oil from Chrysanthemum Boreale Induces G1 Phase Cell Cycle Arrest in Human Lung Cancer Cells. ECB, GC/MS, MMP
2019 Identification of novel PCTAIRE-1/CDK16 substrates using a chemical genetic screen. XLID
2019 Nuclear Progestin Receptor Phosphorylation by Cdk9 Is Required for the Expression of Mmp15, a Protease Indispensable for Ovulation in Medaka. Ccni, ECM, MMP15, PgR
2019 OsNAC2 integrates auxin and cytokinin pathways to modulate rice root development. CRL
2019 Transcriptional activation of CBFbeta by CDK11p110 is necessary to promote osteosarcoma cell proliferation. CBFbeta
10  2018 Cyclin-dependent kinase 7 is a potential therapeutic target in papillary thyroid carcinoma. CCK-8, EdU, PTC
11  2017 Chemically induced degradation of CDK9 by a proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC). CDK9, CRBN, PROTAC
12  2017 Structure-based discovery of cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitors. ---
13  2016 Catfish rhamnose-binding lectin induces G0/1 cell cycle arrest in Burkitt's lymphoma cells via membrane surface Gb3. SAL
14  2016 Circadian clock gene Per2 plays an important role in cell proliferation, apoptosis and cell cycle progression in human oral squamous cell carcinoma. CKI, OSCC, Per2
15  2016 SUMOylation of Rb enhances its binding with CDK2 and phosphorylation at early G1 phase. Rb, SIM, SUMO
16  2015 Cell cycle control by a minimal Cdk network. APC
17  2015 Identification of genes involved in the phosphate metabolism in Cryptococcus neoformans. Cn, PHO system, Sc
18  2014 MacroH2A suppresses the proliferation of the B16 melanoma cell line. PCR
19  2013 Structural characterization of the cyclin-dependent protein kinase family. ---
20  2011 Cyclic AMP induces IPC leukemia cell apoptosis via CRE-and CDK-dependent Bim transcription. AML, CREB, DNR, PKA-I
21  2011 IGFBP7 reduces breast tumor growth by induction of senescence and apoptosis pathways. IGFBP7, TNBC
22  2011 Temporal and spatial expression of cyclin H in rat spinal cord injury. CNS, PCNA, SCI
23  2010 Driving the cell cycle with a minimal CDK control network. ---
24  2010 Pro-apoptotic role of Cdc25A: activation of cyclin B1/Cdc2 by the Cdc25A C-terminal domain. ---
25  2008 Tumor cell cycle arrest induced by shear stress: Roles of integrins and Smad. Cip1, KIP1
26  2008 YSK2821, a newly synthesized indoledione derivative, inhibits cell proliferation and cell cycle progression via the cell cycle-related proteins by regulating phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase cascade in vascular smooth muscle cells. PI, VSMC
27  2008 [The role of cyclin-dependent protein kinase 2 in the replication of herpes simplex virus]. HSV, MOI
28  2007 Acteoside inhibits human promyelocytic HL-60 leukemia cell proliferation via inducing cell cycle arrest at G0/G1 phase and differentiation into monocyte. pRb
29  2007 Epothilone B inhibits neointimal formation after rat carotid injury through the regulation of cell cycle-related proteins. FBS, PDGF, VSMCs
30  2007 Evaluation of broad spectrum protein kinase inhibitors to probe the architecture of the malarial cyclin dependent protein kinase Pfmrk. PKA
31  2007 Expression of serine/threonine protein-kinases and related factors in normal monkey and human retinas: the mechanistic understanding of a CDK2 inhibitor induced retinal toxicity. GSK-3beta
32  2007 Raloxifene increases proliferation of human endothelial cells in association with increased gene expression of cyclins A and B1. HUVECs
33  2007 [Effects of cyclin dependent protein kinase inhibitor olomoucine on the neuronal apoptosis after status epilepticus: experiment with rats]. IF, IL, NeuN, SE, TNF
34  2006 Cell cycle control of embryonic stem cells. ESCs
35  2006 Parallel analysis of transcript levels and physiological key parameters allows the identification of stress phase gene markers in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii under copper excess. ROS
36  2006 Regulation of mitotic function of Chk1 through phosphorylation at novel sites by cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1). CDK1, IR, UV
37  2006 [Effects of cyclin dependent protein kinase inhibitor olomoucine on the microenvironment of axonal regeneration after spinal cord injury: an experiment with rats]. CSPG, DMSO, GAP-43, GFAP, IF, PCNA, SCI
38  2005 Evaluation of phenylaminopyrimidines as antifungal protein kinase inhibitors. PAP
39  2005 Phosphorylation by Cak1 regulates the C-terminal domain kinase Ctk1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
40  2005 Phosphorylation of p21 in G2/M promotes cyclin B-Cdc2 kinase activity. ---
41  2004 Cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation of the DNA polymerase epsilon subunit, Dpb2, by the Cdc28 cyclin-dependent protein kinase. Cln
42  2004 Control of vascular cell proliferation and migration by cyclin-dependent kinase signalling: new perspectives and therapeutic potential. CKIs
43  2004 In vivo interaction between CDKA and eIF4A: a possible mechanism linking translation and cell proliferation. ---
44  2004 The cytokinin requirement for cell division in cultured Nicotiana plumbaginifolia cells can be satisfied by yeast Cdc25 protein tyrosine phosphatase: implications for mechanisms of cytokinin response and plant development. Cdc25, Tyr
45  2004 The T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase is phosphorylated on Ser-304 by cyclin-dependent protein kinases in mitosis. TCPTP
46  2003 Loss of p27(Kip1) accelerates DNA replication after partial hepatectomy in mice. PH
47  2003 Phagocytosis of serum- and IgG-opsonized zymosan particles induces apoptosis through superoxide but not nitric oxide in macrophage J774A.1. IFN-gamma, LPS, NO, PTIO, SOD
48  2002 A novel, extraneuronal role for cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 (CDK5): modulation of cAMP-induced apoptosis in rat leukemia cells. Cdk5
49  2002 A recombinant adenovirus expressing p7(Kip1) induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human 786-0 renal carcinoma cells. ---
50  2002 Phosphorylation of Bcl-2 in G2/M phase-arrested cells following photodynamic therapy with hypericin involves a CDK1-mediated signal and delays the onset of apoptosis. ERKs, JNK1, p38 MAPK, PDT
51  2001 Cyclin/Cdk complexes: their involvement in cell cycle progression and mitotic division. ---
52  2001 Expression of the mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase ZmMEK1 in the primary root of maize. MAPKK
53  2001 The yeast cyclins Pc16p and Pc17p are involved in the control of glycogen storage by the cyclin-dependent protein kinase Pho85p. ---
54  2000 Interactions between Pho85 cyclin-dependent kinase complexes and the Swi5 transcription factor in budding yeast. ---
55  1999 Differential cyclin-dependent kinase expression and activation in human colon cancer. Rb
56  1999 Substrate targeting of the yeast cyclin-dependent kinase Pho85p by the cyclin Pcl10p. Pcls
57  1999 The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitory domain of the yeast Sic1 protein is contained within the C-terminal 70 amino acids. ---
58  1998 A pivotal role of cyclin D3 and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27 in the regulation of IL-2-, IL-4-, or IL-10-mediated human B cell proliferation. GC
59  1998 CLB5 and CLB6 are required for premeiotic DNA replication and activation of the meiotic S/M checkpoint. ---
60  1998 Cyclin partners determine Pho85 protein kinase substrate specificity in vitro and in vivo: control of glycogen biosynthesis by Pcl8 and Pcl10. ---
61  1998 Molecular evolution of cdc2 pseudogenes in spruce (Picea). ---
62  1998 p21WAF1 is dynamically associated with JNK in human T-lymphocytes during cell cycle progression. JNK, MAPKs
63  1998 Regulation of Cdc28 cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity during the cell cycle of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
64  1996 Candida albicans CDK1 and CYB1: cDNA homologues of the cdc2/CDC28 and cdc13/CLB1/CLB2 cell cycle control genes. aa, Sc, Sp, ts
65  1996 Cell cycle arrest in G0/G1 phase by contact inhibition and TGF-beta 1 in mink Mv1Lu lung epithelial cells. TGF
66  1996 Iron deprivation inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase activity and decreases cyclin D/CDK4 protein levels in asynchronous MDA-MB-453 human breast cancer cells. DFO
67  1996 Stem-cell factor regulates the expression of cyclin A and retinoblastoma gene product in the growth and differentiation pathway of human megakaryocytic cells. CMK, MTT, RB protein
68  1995 Cyclin-dependent protein kinase and cyclin homologs SSN3 and SSN8 contribute to transcriptional control in yeast. ---
69  1994 The p21 inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases controls DNA replication by interaction with PCNA. PCNA
70  1993 Protein phosphatase 2A1 is the major enzyme in vertebrate cell extracts that dephosphorylates several physiological substrates for cyclin-dependent protein kinases. ---
71  1993 Sequential and progressive cyclin expression in human osteosarcoma cells - diagnostic and therapeutic implications. ---