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Long Form:   c oxidase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A novel variant in the COX15 gene causing a fatal infantile cardioencephalomyopathy: A case report with clinical and molecular review. ---
2021 Biallelic variants in LIG3 cause a novel mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy. mtDNA
2021 Case Report: Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy Presents as Epilepsy, Ataxia, and Dystonia With a Rare Mutation in MT-TW. mtDNA, SDH
2021 Coping with extremes: High-altitude sparrows enhance metabolic and thermogenic capacities in the pectoralis muscle and suppress in the liver relative to their lowland counterparts. AMPK, ANT, QTP, UCP
2021 Cytochrome c Oxidase at Full Thrust: Regulation and Biological Consequences to Flying Insects. OXPHOS
2021 Differential expression and clinical significance of COX6C in human diseases. COX6C, OXPHOS
2021 Effects of Fucoxanthin on the Inhibition of Dexamethasone-Induced Skeletal Muscle Loss in Mice. DEX, Fx
2021 Genistein Triggers Translocation of Estrogen Receptor-Alpha in Mitochondria to Induce Expressions of ATP Synthesis-Associated Genes and Improves Energy Production and Osteoblast Maturation. ATP
2021 Impact of Hypoxic Exercise Recovery on Skeletal Muscle Glycogen and Gene Expression. FIS1, HIF, HK, Mfn-2, OPA-1, PFK, PGC-1alpha
10  2021 Inhibiting Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Oxidase Downregulates Gene Transcription After Traumatic Brain Injury in Drosophila. HIT, hr, NIR, ROS, TBIs
11  2021 Lysine 53 Acetylation of Cytochrome c in Prostate Cancer: Warburg Metabolism and Evasion of Apoptosis. cyt c, OXPHOS, ROS
12  2021 Mitochondrial physiology and responses to elevated hydrogen sulphide in two isogenic lineages of an amphibious mangrove fish. ---
13  2021 Molecular and Functional Effects of Loss of Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit 8A. ISR, mtUPR
14  2021 Multiple Mechanisms Regulate Eukaryotic Cytochrome C Oxidase. ATP
15  2021 Natural Intra- and Interclade Human Hybrid Schistosomes in Africa with Considerations on Prevention through Vaccination. ITS
16  2021 Nilotinib Improves Bioenergetic Profiling in Brain Astroglia in the 3xTg Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, CaMKII, CS, Drp1, NF-kappaB, OCR, OXPHOS, PGC-1alpha
17  2021 Outer and inner mitochondrial membrane proteins TOMM40 and TIMM50 are intensively concentrated and localized at Purkinje and pyramidal neurons in the New Zealand white rabbit brain. TOMM40
18  2021 Regulation of COX Assembly and Function by Twin CX9C Proteins-Implications for Human Disease. ---
19  2021 Regulation of Cytochrome c Oxidase by Natural Compounds Resveratrol, (-)-Epicatechin, and Betaine. ---
20  2021 Saccharopinuria accompanied by hyperammonemia and hypercitrullinemia presented with elderly-onset epilepsy, progressive cognitive decline, and gait ataxia. ASS, CTLN1, CTLN2
21  2021 Study on the differential proteomics of rat hippocampal mitochondria during deep hypothermic circulatory arrest. CPB, DHCA, iTRAQ
22  2021 The effects of two iso-volume endurance training protocols on mitochondrial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic male mice. CS, STZ, T2D
23  2021 The Fungal Effector Avr-Pita Suppresses Innate Immunity by Increasing COX Activity in Rice Mitochondria. PAMP, ROS
24  2021 [Effects of resveratrol combined with soy isoflavones on apoptosis induced by oxidative stress in hippocampus of aging model rats]. AI, Bax, CAT, ERT group, GSH-Px, MDA, RES, SIF, SOD
25  2021 [The link of platelet cytochrome C-oxidase activity with some clinical parameters of depression in elderly patients]. BD, HAM-A, RDD
26  2020 A novel m.11406 T > A mutation in mitochondrial ND4 gene causes MELAS syndrome. mtDNA, SDH
27  2020 Arabidopsis mtHSC70-1 physically interacts with the Cox2 subunit of cytochrome c oxidase. mtHSC70-1
28  2020 Brain-Specific Serine-47 Modification of Cytochrome c Regulates Cytochrome c Oxidase Activity Attenuating ROS Production and Cell Death: Implications for Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury and Akt Signaling. cyt c, OGD/R, ROS
29  2020 Changes in COX histochemistry in the brain of mice and rats exposed to chronic subcutaneous rotenone. PD, SNpc
30  2020 Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia due to a Rare de novo m.12334G>A MT-TL2 Mitochondrial DNA Variant1. CPEO
31  2020 Complex IV - The regulatory center of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. OXPHOS, ROS
32  2020 Comprehensive mapping of cytochrome c oxidase activity in the rat brain after sub-chronic ketamine administration. ---
33  2020 COX deficiency and leukoencephalopathy due to a novel homozygous APOPT1/COA8 mutation. ---
34  2020 COX5B-Mediated Bioenergetic Alteration Regulates Tumor Growth and Migration by Modulating AMPK-UHMK1-ERK Cascade in Hepatoma. ---
35  2020 Cytochrome c oxidase deficiency. ---
36  2020 Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit 4 Isoform Exchange Results in Modulation of Oxygen Affinity. ---
37  2020 Cytochrome c oxidase-modulatory near-infrared light penetration into the human brain: Implications for the noninvasive treatment of ischemia/reperfusion injury. ETC, IRL, ROS
38  2020 Cytochrome oxidase and alternative oxidase pathways of mitochondrial electron transport chain are important for the photosynthetic performance of pea plants under salinity stress conditions. AA, AOX, PS, SHAM
39  2020 Effect of HBx on inflammation and mitochondrial oxidative stress in mouse hepatocytes. IL
40  2020 Electroacupuncture pretreatment alleviates myocardial injury through regulating mitochondrial function. ATP
41  2020 Electrochemical sensing of cytochrome c using Graphene Oxide nanoparticles as platform. CVs, cyt c, FTIR, GONPs, PG, SEM, TEM, XRD
42  2020 Energy metabolism responses in muscle tissue of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss fry to CO2-induced aquatic acidification based on metabolomics. PK
43  2020 Extraocular Muscle Reveals Selective Vulnerability of Type IIB Fibers to Respiratory Chain Defects Induced by Mitochondrial DNA Alterations. EOMs, mtDNA, SDH
44  2020 G6036A substitution in mitochondrial COX I gene compromises cytochrome c oxidase activity in thiamine responsive Leigh syndrome patients. LS, mt
45  2020 Induction of Terminal Oxidases of Electron Transport Chain in Broccoli Heads under Controlled Atmosphere Storage. AOX, CA
46  2020 Influence of exogenous ascorbic acid and glutathione priming on mitochondrial structural and functional systems to alleviate aging damage in oat seeds. ASC, MDH
47  2020 Inhibition of the estrogen receptor alpha signaling delays bone regeneration and alters osteoblast maturation, energy metabolism, and angiogenesis. ALP, MPP
48  2020 Is the evolution of carnivory connected with genome size reduction? ---
49  2020 Methylpiperidinopyrazole Attenuates Estrogen-Induced Mitochondrial Energy Production and Subsequent Osteoblast Maturation via an Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Dependent Mechanism. ATP, BMP, ERs, MPP
50  2020 Mitochondrial DNA variants in inclusion body myositis characterized by deep sequencing. IBM, mtDNA
51  2020 Mitochondrial performance of a continually growing marine bivalve, Mytilus edulis, depends on body size. ETS, OXPHOS
52  2020 Mitochondrial respiration controls neoangiogenesis during wound healing and tumour growth. ECs
53  2020 Oral Lactate Administration Additively Enhances Endurance Training-Induced Increase in Cytochrome C Oxidase Activity in Mouse Soleus Muscle. CS
54  2020 Progressive external ophthalmoplegia associated with novel MT-TN mutations. MT-TN, PEO
55  2020 Quantum biology in low level light therapy: death of a dogma. ATP, FET, LLLT
56  2020 Role of cytochrome c oxidase nuclear-encoded subunits in health and disease. ---
57  2020 Stress-mediated generation of deleterious ROS in healthy individuals - role of cytochrome c oxidase. ROS
58  2020 Systematic review and meta-analysis on the role of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase in Alzheimer's disease. AD
59  2020 Target verification of allyl isothiocyanate on the core subunits of cytochrome c oxidase in Sitophilus zeamais by RNAi. AITC, dsRNA, RNAi
60  2020 The aerobic respiratory chain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultured in artificial urine media: Role of NQR and terminal oxidases. CIO, LB, mAUM
61  2020 The Effect of N-Acetylcysteine on Respiratory Enzymes, ADP/ATP Ratio, Glutathione Metabolism, and Nitrosative Stress in the Salivary Gland Mitochondria of Insulin Resistant Rats. HFD, IR, NAC
62  2020 The nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) signaling pathway is involved in ammonia-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. CaMKII, CREB, Egr, NF-kappaB, OCR, OXPHOS, PGC-1alpha
63  2020 The protective effect of cordyceps sinensis extract on cerebral ischemic injury via modulating the mitochondrial respiratory chain and inhibiting the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. BMECs, CS, CSE, cyt c, MCAO, MMP, OFR, OGD
64  2020 Training protocols differently affect AMPK-PGC-1α signaling pathway and redox state in trout muscle. CS, GPx, HIT, MIT, SOD, UCP
65  2020 Wavelength- and irradiance-dependent changes in intracellular nitric oxide level. NO, PBM
66  2020 [Effects and mechanism of mitochondrial transcription factor A and cytochrome c oxidase pathway in the energy production of hypoxic cardiomyocytes of rats regulated by tumor necrosis factor receptor associated protein 1]. HBC, HSA, HTOTI, HTOTIC, NBC, NSA, TRAP1
67  2019 A Case of Reversible Infantile Respiratory Chain Deficiency Presenting With Hypotonia, Hyperammonemia, and Failure to Thrive. ---
68  2019 A novel mitochondrial m.4414T>C MT-TM gene variant causing progressive external ophthalmoplegia and myopathy. MT-TM
69  2019 A novel pathogenic m.4412G>A MT-TM mitochondrial DNA variant associated with childhood-onset seizures, myopathy and bilateral basal ganglia changes. MT-TM
70  2019 A Novel Pathogenic Variant in MT-CO2 Causes an Isolated Mitochondrial Complex IV Deficiency and Late-Onset Cerebellar Ataxia. ---
71  2019 Activated mTOR signaling pathway in myofibers with inherited metabolic defect might be an evidence for mTOR inhibition therapies. IMMs, LSD, MM, mTOR, NC, PD, pS6
72  2019 Amyloid Beta and Phosphorylated Tau-Induced Defective Autophagy and Mitophagy in Alzheimer's Disease. AD
73  2019 Arabidopsis mtHSC70-1 plays important roles in the establishment of COX-dependent respiration and redox homeostasis. CAT1, MSD1, mtHSC70s, ROS
74  2019 Arabidopsis SCO Proteins Oppositely Influence Cytochrome c Oxidase Levels and Gene Expression during Salinity Stress. ---
75  2019 Arabidopsis thaliana Hcc1 is a Sco-like metallochaperone for CuA assembly in Cytochrome c Oxidase. ---
76  2019 Autopsied case with MERRF/MELAS overlap syndrome accompanied by stroke-like episodes localized to the precentral gyrus. MELAS, MERRF, RRFs, SDH
77  2019 Biochemistry of Copper Site Assembly in Heme-Copper Oxidases: A Theme with Variations. ---
78  2019 Biomarker-based assessment of the muscle maintenance and energy status of anurans from an extremely seasonal semi-arid environment, the Brazilian Caatinga. ---
79  2019 Central Metabolism Is Tuned to the Availability of Oxygen in Developing Melon Fruit. ---
80  2019 Changes in hypothermal stress-induced hepatic mitochondrial metabolic patterns between fresh water- and seawater-acclimated milkfish, Chanos chanos. AST, CS, FW, GDH, SW
81  2019 Coordinated organization of mitochondrial lamellar cristae and gain of COX function during mitochondrial maturation in Drosophila. IBM
82  2019 COX6A2 variants cause a muscle-specific cytochrome c oxidase deficiency. ---
83  2019 Decreased membrane cholesterol in liver mitochondria of the point mutation mouse model of juvenile Niemann-Pick C1, Npc1nmf164. ROS
84  2019 Disruption of the Putative Ribosome-Binding Motif of a Scaffold Protein Impairs Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit Expression in Leishmania major. LmCOX, WT
85  2019 EGFL9 promotes breast cancer metastasis by inducing cMET activation and metabolic reprogramming. EGFL9, TNBC
86  2019 Expression and activity of lipid and oxidative metabolism enzymes following elevated temperature exposure and thyroid hormone manipulation in juvenile lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis). CPT1beta, CS
87  2019 Genetic variation and phylogenetic analysis of Indonesian indigenous catfish based on mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit III gene. KR, KS, PCR
88  2019 High-potassium preconditioning enhances tolerance to focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury through anti-apoptotic effects in male rats. ATP, I/R, MCAO, TTC
89  2019 Impact of dietary oil replacement on muscle and liver enzymes activity, histomorphology and growth-related genes on Nile tilapia. ATP, CO, CS, FO, LDH, LPL, ME, PK, PUFA, SGR, VCO, WG
90  2019 Knockdown of APOPT1/COA8 Causes Cytochrome c Oxidase Deficiency, Neuromuscular Impairment, and Reduced Resistance to Oxidative Stress in Drosophila melanogaster. APOPT1, KD
91  2019 Linking energy metabolism and locomotor variation to osmoregulation in Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis. CS, LDH, PFK
92  2019 Mitochondrial glycerol phosphate oxidation is modulated by adenylates through allosteric regulation of cytochrome c oxidase activity in mosquito flight muscle. G3P
93  2019 Molecular and physiological responses during thermal acclimation of leaf photosynthesis and respiration in rice. ND, PE
94  2019 Muscle Involvement in a Large Cohort of Pediatric Patients with Genetic Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease. MD, mtDNA, nDNA, SDH
95  2019 Non-invasive treatment with near-infrared light: A novel mechanisms-based strategy that evokes sustained reduction in brain injury after stroke. DWI, NIR, ROS, T2WI
96  2019 Novel role of Tieg1 in muscle metabolism and mitochondrial oxidative capacities. CS, EDL, KO
97  2019 Oxidative metabolism alterations in the emotional brain of anxiety-prone rats. HRs, LRs
98  2019 Patients with MELAS with negative myopathology for characteristic ragged-red fibers. MELAS, mtDNA, RRFs, SSVs
99  2019 Regulation of Respiration and Apoptosis by Cytochrome c Threonine 58 Phosphorylation. cyt c, ETC
100  2019 Reverse Warburg Effect-Related Mitochondrial Activity and 18F-FDG Uptake in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. 18F-FDG, DFS, IDCB, PR, TOMM20