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Long Form:   caloric restriction
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Comparison of Gene Expression Profiles of Rat Tissues after Mild and Short-Term Calorie Restrictions. ---
2021 A quantitative yeast aging proteomics analysis reveals novel aging regulators. SILAC
2021 A small-molecule Psora-4 acts as a caloric restriction mimetic to promote longevity in C. elegans. C. elegans
2021 Acetyl-CoA Metabolism and Histone Acetylation in the Regulation of Aging and Lifespan. ACLY, ACSS2, CBP, HAT, HDAC, TFEB
2021 Aging and pathological aging signatures of the brain: through the focusing lens of SIRT6. ---
2021 Are metabolic adaptations to weight changes an artefact? AT, FFM, OF, REE
2021 Beyond weight loss: current perspectives on the impact of calorie restriction on healthspan and lifespan. ---
2021 Caloric restriction alleviates radiation injuries in a sex-dependent fashion. AL, FMT, SCFA, TAI, TBI
2021 Caloric restriction ameliorates high-fat diet induced cognitive deficits through attenuating neuroinflammation via the TREM2-PI3K/AKT signaling pathway. HFD
10  2021 Caloric Restriction and Cardiovascular Health: the Good, the Bad, and the Renin-Angiotensin System. RAS
11  2021 Caloric restriction and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass promote white adipose tissue browning in mice. HFD, NRF1, PGC1alpha, RYGB, UCP1, WAT
12  2021 Caloric restriction enhances vascular tone of cerebral and mesenteric resistance arteries in aged rats. BW
13  2021 Caloric restriction following early-life high fat-diet feeding represses skeletal muscle TNF in male rats. TNF
14  2021 Caloric Restriction Impairs Regulatory T cells Within the Tumor Microenvironment After Radiation and Primes Effector T cells. AL, RT, TIL, TNBC
15  2021 Caloric restriction in female reproduction: is it beneficial or detrimental? ---
16  2021 Caloric Restriction in Group-Housed Mice: Littermate and Sex Influence on Behavioral and Hormonal Data. ACTH
17  2021 Caloric restriction increases levels of taurine in the intestine and stimulates taurine uptake by conjugation to glutathione. BA, GST, TauT
18  2021 Caloric restriction inhibits renal artery ageing by reducing endothelin-1 expression. ET-1, IL, Nrf2, SIRT1, TGF-beta1, TNF-alpha
19  2021 Caloric restriction modifies spatiotemporal calcium dynamics in mouse hippocampal astrocytes. CBX
20  2021 Caloric restriction or cafeteria diet from birth to adulthood increases the sensitivity to ephedrine in anxiety and locomotion in Wistar rats. CAF, HDL, LDL
21  2021 Caloric Restriction Promotes Immunometabolic Reprogramming Leading to Protection from Tuberculosis. Mtb
22  2021 Caloric restriction reduces sympathetic activity similar to beta-blockers but conveys additional mitochondrio-protective effects in aged myocardium. BB, CHF, LV
23  2021 Calorie Restriction and SIRT1 Overexpression Induce Different Gene Expression Profiles in White Adipose Tissue in Association with Metabolic Improvement. AL, WAT
24  2021 Calorie Restriction as a New Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases. ---
25  2021 Calorie restriction prevents age-related changes in the intestinal microbiota. ---
26  2021 Calorie Restriction Suppresses the Progression of Radiation-Induced Intestinal Tumours in C3B6F1 Apc Min/+ Mice. ---
27  2021 Carbohydrates to Prevent and Treat Obesity in a Murine Model of Diet-Induced Obesity. AT
28  2021 Chronic caloric restriction maintains a youthful phosphoproteome in aged skeletal muscle. PKA
29  2021 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Diseases: Nutraceutical Interventions Related to Caloric Restriction. CVD
30  2021 Differential microRNAs expression profiles in liver from three different lifestyle modification mice models. HF
31  2021 Effect of 2-year caloric restriction on organ and tissue size in nonobese 21- to 50-year-old adults in a randomized clinical trial: the CALERIE study. AL, CALERIE
32  2021 Effect of caloric restriction with or without physical activity on body composition and epicardial fat in type 2 diabetic patients: A pilot randomized controlled trial. PA
33  2021 Effect of intermittent and continuous caloric restriction on Sirtuin1 concentration depends on sex and body mass index. ---
34  2021 Effect of resistance training with and without caloric restriction on visceral fat: A systemic review and meta-analysis. RT, VF
35  2021 Effect of Various Types of Intermittent Fasting (IF) on Weight Loss and Improvement of Diabetic Parameters in Human. ADF, CADF, IF, TRF
36  2021 Effects of caloric restriction on monoaminergic neurotransmission, peripheral hormones, and olfactory memory in aged rats. FC, ODT
37  2021 Effects of Calorie Restriction on Health Span and Insulin Resistance: Classic Calorie Restriction Diet vs. Ketosis-Inducing Diet. CKD, CNCDs, FMD, IF, IR, MS, SKMD, VLCKD
38  2021 Effects of Exercise and Weight Loss on Proximal Aortic Stiffness in Older Adults With Obesity. ---
39  2021 Effects of gut microbiota and fatty acid metabolism on dyslipidemia following weight-loss diets in women: Results from a randomized controlled trial. CAGs, LC
40  2021 Eight weeks of intermittent fasting versus calorie restriction does not alter eating behaviors, mood, sleep quality, quality of life and cognitive performance in women with overweight. IF, QoL
41  2021 Evidence gaps and potential roles of intermittent fasting in the prevention of chronic diseases. IF
42  2021 Health Effects of Alternate Day Fasting Versus Pair-Fed Caloric Restriction in Diet-Induced Obese C57Bl/6J Male Mice. ADF, CON
43  2021 Immunity Depletion, Telomere Imbalance, and Cancer-Associated Metabolism Pathway Aberrations in Intestinal Mucosa upon Short-Term Caloric Restriction. DEGs, DM, ISGs
44  2021 Intermittent fasting enhances long-term memory consolidation, adult hippocampal neurogenesis, and expression of longevity gene Klotho. AHN, IF, KL
45  2021 Intermittent fasting in the prevention and treatment of cancer. IF
46  2021 Intermittent fasting: from calories to time restriction. ---
47  2021 Iron Beats Electricity: Resistance Training but Not Whole-Body Electromyostimulation Improves Cardiometabolic Health in Obese Metabolic Syndrome Patients during Caloric Restriction-A Randomized-Controlled Study. CON, MetS, QoL, RT, SMM, WB-EMS
48  2021 Leptin treatment prevents impaired hypoglycemic counterregulation induced by exposure to severe caloric restriction or exposure to recurrent hypoglycemia. HAAF, PWD
49  2021 Long-Term Caloric Restriction Attenuates β-Amyloid Neuropathology and Is Accompanied by Autophagy in APPswe/PS1delta9 Mice. AD, MRS, PET/CT
50  2021 Long-term chronic caloric restriction alters miRNA profiles in the brain of ageing mice. CCR, DE
51  2021 Long-term moderate caloric restriction and social isolation synergize to induce anorexia-like behavior in rats. SI
52  2021 Mass spectrometric investigations of caloric restriction mimetics. CRMs
53  2021 Mechanisms of Caloric Restriction-Mediated Stress-Resistance in Acute Kidney Injury. AKI
54  2021 Moderate Caloric Restriction Partially Improved Oxidative Stress Markers in Obese Humans. MPO, ROS, SOD, TAS
55  2021 Moderate calorie restriction ameliorates reproduction via attenuating oxidative stress-induced apoptosis through SIRT1 signaling in obese mice. FBG, HE, HFD, SIRT1, STD, TC, TG, TUNEL
56  2021 Modulation of Endocannabinoids by Caloric Restriction Is Conserved in Mice but Is Not Required for Protection from Acute Kidney Injury. AEA, AKI, C. elegans, IRI
57  2021 Molecular and cellular pathways contributing to brain aging. ---
58  2021 New Approach to Drug Discovery of a Safe Mitochondrial Uncoupler: OPC-163493. DM, mUncoupler, PK, ZDF
59  2021 Obesity-associated deterioration of the hippocampus is partially restored after weight loss. KD
60  2021 Overnight Caloric Restriction Prior to Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation Leads to Improved Survival and Neurological Outcome in a Rodent Model. BDNF, CA, EEG, SIRT-1
61  2021 Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (PFOS) Thwarts the Beneficial Effects of Calorie Restriction and Metformin. AMPK, PFOS
62  2021 Perspective: Time-Restricted Eating Compared with Caloric Restriction: Potential Facilitators and Barriers of Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance. TRE
63  2021 Physiological Responses of Post-Dietary Effects: Lessons from Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies. IF
64  2021 PI3K/AKT/MTOR and ERK1/2-MAPK signaling pathways are involved in autophagy stimulation induced by caloric restriction or caloric restriction mimetics in cortical neurons. NPY
65  2021 Prolonged caloric restriction ameliorates age-related atrophy in slow and fast muscle fibers of rat soleus muscle. FCSA, MCSA, SOL
66  2021 Protective effects of calorie restriction on insulin resistance and islet function in STZ-induced type 2 diabetes rats. HFD, HOMA-IR, T2DM
67  2021 Protective Effects of N1-Methylnicotinamide Against High-Fat Diet- and Age-Induced Hearing Loss via Moderate Overexpression of Sirtuin 1 Protein. ARHL, HFD, LFD, MNAM, Nnmt, SIRT1
68  2021 Protective Features of Calorie Restriction on Cuprizone-induced Demyelination via Modulating Microglial Phenotype. CMC, CNS, CPZ, LFB, MS
69  2021 Reduced metabolic efficiency in sedentary eucaloric conditions predicts greater weight regain in adults with obesity following sustained weight loss. 24-h EE, FFM, FM
70  2021 Role of dietary modifications in the management of type 2 diabetic complications. AMPK, IL-6, mTOR, NF-kbeta, SIRT1, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
71  2021 Role of Sirtuins in Modulating Neurodegeneration of the Enteric Nervous System and Central Nervous System. ---
72  2021 Roles of adiponectin and leptin signaling-related microRNAs in the preventive effects of calorie restriction in mammary tumor development. AL, CCR, miRNA, MTs
73  2021 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass contributes to weight loss-independent improvement in hypothalamic inflammation and leptin sensitivity through gut-microglia-neuron-crosstalk. ER, RYGB, TLR4
74  2021 Short-Term Calorie Restriction Maintains Plasma Insulin Concentrations along with a Reduction in Hepatic Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Levels in db/db Mice. IDE
75  2021 Sirtuins and Renal Oxidative Stress. NAD
76  2021 Skeletal Muscle Gene Expression Profile in Response to Caloric Restriction and Aging: A Role for SirT1. AL, SirT1-KO, SirT1-OE, WT
77  2021 Skeletal muscle RBM3 expression is associated with extended lifespan in Ames Dwarf and calorie restricted mice. AL, CIRP, DCP2, RBM3
78  2021 Skeletal muscle-specific forkhead box protein-O1 overexpression suppresses atherosclerosis progression in apolipoprotein E-knockout mice. apoE-KO, FOXO-1, HUVECs, TNF-alpha, VCAM-1
79  2021 Strain-specific metabolic responses to long-term caloric restriction in female ILSXISS recombinant inbred mice. BAT, gWAT
80  2021 The Age-Sensitive Efficacy of Calorie Restriction on Mitochondrial Biogenesis and mtDNA Damage in Rat Liver. AL
81  2021 The consequences of a high-calorie diet background before calorie restriction on skeletal muscles in a mouse model. HCD
82  2021 The Discovery of Druggable Anti-aging Agents. mTOR
83  2021 The effect of calorie intake, fasting, and dietary composition on metabolic health and gut microbiota in mice. IF, IFCtrl
84  2021 The effects of graded calorie restriction XVII: Multitissue metabolomics reveals synthesis of carnitine and NAD, and tRNA charging as key pathways. NAD, tRNA
85  2021 The impact of exercise training versus caloric restriction on inflammation markers: a systemic review and meta-analysis. EX
86  2021 The Potential of Calorie Restriction and Calorie Restriction Mimetics in Delaying Aging: Focus on Experimental Models. ---
87  2021 The role of central corticotrophin-releasing factor receptor signalling in plasma glucose maintenance through ghrelin secretion in calorie-restricted mice. CRFR
88  2021 Two-meal caloric restriction induces 12-hour rhythms and improves glucose homeostasis. AL, MT
89  2021 Weight loss from caloric restriction vs Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery differentially regulates systemic and portal vein GDF15 levels in obese Zucker fatty rats. ALF, GDF15, RYGB
90  2020 A cell-nonautonomous mechanism of yeast chronological aging regulated by caloric restriction and one-carbon metabolism. CLS, CRCM, NR
91  2020 Active Turnover of Heme in Hibernation Period in Mammals. HO
92  2020 Aging and Caloric Restriction Modulate the DNA Methylation Profile of the Ribosomal RNA Locus in Human and Rat Liver. rDNA, rRNA
93  2020 Amyloidosis increase is not attenuated by long-term calorie restriction or related to neuron density in the prefrontal cortex of extremely aged rhesus macaques. AD
94  2020 Anti-aging Effects of Calorie Restriction (CR) and CR Mimetics based on the Senoinflammation Concept. SASP
95  2020 Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Caloric Restriction in an Aged and Obese Rat Model: The Role of Adiponectin. TSG-6
96  2020 Assessing successful completion of calorie restriction studies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. ---
97  2020 Association between Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and Calorie Restriction in Obese Females. WAT
98  2020 Astroglia-Derived BDNF and MSK-1 Mediate Experience- and Diet-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity. BDNF, EE
99  2020 Autologous fecal transplantation from a lean state potentiates caloric restriction effects on body weight and adiposity in obese mice. FMT, FT-A, HFD
100  2020 beta-Hydroxybutyrate Suppresses Lipid Accumulation in Aged Liver through GPR109A-mediated Signaling. BHB, ER