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2021 The protein-protein interactions required for assembly of the Tn3 resolution synapse. Bart, NTD
2021 What makes a type IIA topoisomerase a gyrase or a Topo IV? Topo IV
2020 Activation of Phospholipase C β by Gβγ and Gαq Involves C-Terminal Rearrangement to Release Autoinhibition. CTD, GPCRs, HDX-MS, PLC
2020 Linker and N-Terminal Domain Engineering of Pyrrolysyl-tRNA Synthetase for Substrate Range Shifting and Activity Enhancement. N-PylRS, ncAAs, PylRS
2020 Molecular dissection of Helicobacter pylori Topoisomerase I reveals an additional active site in the carboxyl terminus of the enzyme. HpTopoI, ZFs
2020 The C-terminal domains of the NMDA receptor: How intrinsically disordered tails affect signalling, plasticity and disease. LTP
2019 The Carboxy-Terminal Region of Flavobacterium johnsoniae SprB Facilitates Its Secretion by the Type IX Secretion System and Propulsion by the Gliding Motility Machinery. sfGFP
2018 Gyrase containing a single C-terminal domain catalyzes negative supercoiling of DNA by decreasing the linking number in steps of two. ---
2018 SNARE zippering requires activation by SNARE-like peptides in Sec1/Munc18 proteins. SLP, SNAREs
10  2018 The Developmental Shift of NMDA Receptor Composition Proceeds Independently of GluN2 Subunit-Specific GluN2 C-Terminal Sequences. NMDARs
11  2018 The NMDA receptor intracellular C-terminal domains reciprocally interact with allosteric modulators. NMDARs, PS
12  2018 Why Two? On the Role of (A-)Symmetry in Negative Supercoiling of DNA by Gyrase. ---
13  2017 Calmodulin limits pathogenic Na+ channel persistent current. CaM, WT
14  2017 Conservation and divergence of C-terminal domain structure in the retinoblastoma protein family. CMs, Rb
15  2017 Crystal structure of the human Polϵ B-subunit in complex with the C-terminal domain of the catalytic subunit. ---
16  2017 Molecular basis for the interaction between Integrator subunits IntS9 and IntS11 and its functional importance. eRNA, INT, IntS11, IntS9, UsnRNA
17  2017 Parameter Optimization for Interaction between C-Terminal Domains of HIV-1 Capsid Protein. CAs
18  2017 The C-terminal tails of endogenous GluA1 and GluA2 differentially contribute to hippocampal synaptic plasticity and learning. AMPARs, LTP
19  2016 Chimeric Coupling Proteins Mediate Transfer of Heterologous Type IV Effectors through the Escherichia coli pKM101-Encoded Conjugation Machine. ---
20  2016 Importin β Can Bind Hepatitis B Virus Core Protein and Empty Core-Like Particles and Induce Structural Changes. HBV
21  2015 Functional interaction of Rpb1 and Spt5 C-terminal domains in co-transcriptional histone modification. RNAPII
22  2015 Involvement of an Skp-Like Protein, PGN_0300, in the Type IX Secretion System of Porphyromonas gingivalis. A-LPS
23  2015 Structural and functional characterization of tumor suppressors TIG3 and H-REV107. NTD
24  2015 Structural and functional plasticity of antibiotic resistance nucleotidylyltransferases revealed by molecular characterization of lincosamide nucleotidylyltransferases lnu(A) and lnu(D). ANT, Lnu, NTases
25  2014 Gating characteristics control glutamate receptor distribution and trafficking invivo. GluRs
26  2014 Structure and function of C-terminal domain of aciniform spidroin. ---
27  2014 The acidic C-terminal tail of the GyrA subunit moderates the DNA supercoiling activity of Bacillus subtilis gyrase. C-tail
28  2013 Role of the C-terminal domain in the structure and function of tetrameric sodium channels. EPR, TM
29  2012 C-terminal domains of N-methyl-D-aspartic acid receptor modulate unitary channel conductance and gating. NRs
30  2012 Evolution of GluN2A/B cytoplasmic domains diversified vertebrate synaptic plasticity and behavior. ---
31  2012 Identification of Porphyromonas gingivalis proteins secreted by the Por secretion system. PorSS
32  2012 The GyrA-box determines the geometry of DNA bound to gyrase and couples DNA binding to the nucleotide cycle. ---
33  2011 Modeling of the DNA-binding site of yeast Pms1 by mass spectrometry. MMR, NTDs
34  2011 Por secretion system-dependent secretion and glycosylation of Porphyromonas gingivalis hemin-binding protein 35. A-LPS, HBP35, PorSS, Rgps
35  2011 PROMoter uPstream Transcripts share characteristics with mRNAs and are produced upstream of all three major types of mammalian promoters. PROMPTs, RNAPII
36  2011 Structural and binding studies of the C-terminal domains of yeast TFIIF subunits Tfg1 and Tfg2. ---
37  2010 Multiscale computer simulation of the immature HIV-1 virion. CG, CTD
38  2009 Verification of a topology model of PorT as an integral outer-membrane protein in Porphyromonas gingivalis. ---
39  2008 C-terminal diversity within the p53 family accounts for differences in DNA binding and transcriptional activity. ---
40  2008 Differences in the mechanism of the allosteric l-rhamnose responses of the AraC/XylS family transcription activators RhaS and RhaR. NTDs
41  2007 A GluR1-cGKII interaction regulates AMPA receptor trafficking. AMPARs, cGKII, NMDAR, NO
42  2007 Identification, structure and mode of action of a new regulator of the Helicobacter pylori HP0525 ATPase. NTDs
43  2007 Nuclear interactions of topoisomerase II alpha and beta with phospholipid scramblase 1. PLSCR1, topo
44  2004 Characterization of C-terminal domains of Arabidopsis heat stress transcription factors (Hsfs) and identification of a new signature combination of plant class A Hsfs with AHA and NES motifs essential for activator function and intracellular localization. aa, EST, GST, HS, Hsfs, Leu, NES, ORFs
45  2004 Range of HOX/TALE superclass associations and protein domain requirements for HOXA13:MEIS interaction. FRTs
46  2002 Analysis of Rous sarcoma virus capsid protein variants assembled on lipid monolayers. CA, NTDs, RSV
47  2000 Three-dimensional organization of retroviral capsid proteins on a lipid monolayer. M-MuLV, NTDs
48  1999 CLAP, a novel caspase recruitment domain-containing protein in the tumor necrosis factor receptor pathway, regulates NF-kappaB activation and apoptosis. CARDs
49  1999 Model for lentivirus capsid core assembly based on crystal dimers of EIAV p26. CA, EIAV, NTDs
50  1990 RNA polymerase II C-terminal repeat influences response to transcriptional enhancer signals. ---
51  1985 Amino acid and nucleotide sequence homologies among E. coli RNA polymerase core enzyme subunits, DNA primase, elongation factor Tu, F1-ATPase alpha, ribosomal protein L3, DNA polymerase I, T7 phage DNA polymerase, and MS2 phage RNA replicase beta subunit. CTRs, DPase, NTDs, NTR, RPase