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Abbreviation:   CTLD  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   C-type lectin-like domain
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2022 Bombyx mori C-Type Lectin (BmIML-2) Inhibits the Proliferation of B. mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) through Involvement in Apoptosis. BmNPV, CTLs, ORF, PRRs
2022 Molecular dynamic simulation: Study on the recognition mechanism of linear β-(1 → 3)-D-glucan by Dectin-1. MD
2022 The Human Liver-Expressed Lectin CD302 Restricts Hepatitis C Virus Infection. CPD, CTLDcps, HCV, HEV, RSV
2021 Effector and regulator: Diverse functions of C. elegans C-type lectin-like domain proteins. Bt247
2020 C-Type Lectin Receptors in Phagocytosis. CLRs, FcRgamma
2020 Modulation of plasma protein expression in bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) tadpoles during seasonal acclimatization and thermal acclimation. TTR
2020 The complete genome sequence of bearded dragon adenovirus 1 harbors three genes encoding proteins of the C-type lectin-like domain superfamily. BDAdV-1, ORFs
2019 CD72 is a Negative Regulator of B Cell Responses to Nuclear Lupus Self-antigens and Development of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. ITIM, NA, SLE
2019 CD93 is a cell surface lectin receptor involved in the control of the inflammatory response stimulated by exogenous DNA. ODN, TLR9
10  2018 beta-Glucan-induced cooperative oligomerization of Dectin-1 C-type lectin-like domain. ---
11  2017 A multigene family encoding surface glycoproteins in Trypanosoma congolense. ---
12  2017 Enhanced behavioral immune defenses in a C.elegans C-type lectin-like domain gene mutant. clec
13  2017 Novel Pattern Recognition Receptor Protects Shrimp by Preventing Bacterial Colonization and Promoting Phagocytosis. LRRs, PRRs
14  2016 A novel C-type lectin is involved in the innate immunity of Macrobrachium nipponense. CTLs, LDLa
15  2016 A pH- and ionic strength-dependent conformational change in the neck region regulates DNGR-1 function in dendritic cells. DC
16  2016 CD72 negatively regulates B lymphocyte responses to the lupus-related endogenous toll-like receptor 7 ligand Sm/RNP. RNP, TLR7
17  2016 Crystal structures of the ligand-binding region of uPARAP: effect of calcium ion binding. LLRs, MR, uPAR, uPARAP
18  2016 Enhancement of solubility and yield of a beta-glucan receptor Dectin-1 C-typelectin-like domain in Escherichia coli with a solubility-enhancement tag. NT
19  2016 Phospholipase A2 Receptor Gene Polymorphisms Alter its Functions and Present a Genetic Risk of an Increased Intima-Media Thickness of the Carotid Artery. max-IMT, PLA2R
20  2016 Soluble expression of disulfide-bonded C-type lectin like domain of human CD93 in the cytoplasm of Escherichia coli. ---
21  2015 A C-type lectin (LvCTL4) from Litopenaeus vannamei is a downstream molecule of the NF-kappaB signaling pathway and participates in antibacterial immune response. CTLs, ORF, RACE
22  2015 C-type lectin-like domain and fibronectin-like type II domain of phospholipase A(2) receptor 1 modulate binding and migratory responses to collagen. FNII, PLA2R
23  2015 C-type lectins in immunity: recent developments. CLRs
24  2015 High Innate Immune Specificity through Diversified C-Type Lectin-Like Domain Proteins in Invertebrates. ---
25  2015 Human CLEC18 Gene Cluster Contains C-type Lectins with Differential Glycan-binding Specificity. CLEC18
26  2015 Isolation and characterization of two novel C-type lectins from the oriental river prawn, Macrobrachium nipponense. LDLa, ORF
27  2015 Molecular Characterization and Biological Effects of a C-Type Lectin-Like Receptor in Large Yellow Croaker (Larimichthys crocea). CTLRs, rLycCTLR
28  2015 Molecular characterization of LvAV in response to white spot syndrome virus infection in the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). WSSV
29  2014 Identification of a C-type lectin with antiviral and antibacterial activity from pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. CTLs, WSSV
30  2014 The C-type lectin-like domain containing proteins Clec-39 and Clec-49 are crucial for Caenorhabditis elegans immunity against Serratia marcescens infection. PRRs
31  2014 [The expression of C-type lectin-like domain of DNGR-1 molecules of Chinese rhesus macaques in E.coli]. Clec9A
32  2013 Human antibodies targeting the C-type lectin-like domain of the tumor endothelial cell marker clec14a regulate angiogenic properties in vitro. ---
33  2013 NMR study of short beta(1-3)-glucans provides insights into the structure and interaction with Dectin-1. DP, STD
34  2012 A novel lectin domain-containing protein (LvCTLD) associated with response of the whiteleg shrimp Penaeus (Litopenaeus) vannamei to yellow head virus (YHV). aa, LDLR, SSH, YHV
35  2012 The C-type lectin-like receptors of Dectin-1 cluster in natural killer gene complex. NK, NKC
36  2011 A novel peptide derived from human pancreatitis-associated protein inhibits inflammation in vivo and in vitro and blocks NF-kappa B signaling pathway. AqH, EIU, HUVECs, ICAM-1, IL, MCP, PAP, TNF
37  2011 CD248: reviewing its role in health and disease. TEM-1
38  2011 Effects of a novel peptide derived from human thrombomodulin on endotoxin-induced uveitis in vitro and in vivo. IL, LPS, MCP, NF-kappaB, TM, TNF
39  2011 The type XIV family of C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD) containing proteins. ---
40  2010 AiCTL-6, a novel C-type lectin from bay scallop Argopecten irradians with a long C-type lectin-like domain. EST, RACE
41  2010 Characterization of two C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD)-containing proteins from the cDNA library of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis. ---
42  2009 An interaction between a C-type lectin receptor and leukocyte cell-derived chemotaxin 2 of ayu, Plecoglossus altivelis. aCLR, aLECT2, CLR, LECT2, PBLs
43  2008 A C-type lectin like-domain (CTLD)-containing protein (PtLP) from the swimming crab Portunus trituberculatus. ---
44  2008 Subunit structure and inhibition specificity of alpha-type phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Protobothrops flavoviridis. PLA2
45  2007 A hepatopancreas-specific C-type lectin from the Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis exhibits antimicrobial activity. CRD
46  2007 ciCD94-1, an ascidian multipurpose C-type lectin-like receptor expressed in Ciona intestinalis hemocytes and larval neural structures. LPS, NK
47  2007 CLEC2A: a novel, alternatively spliced and skin-associated member of the NKC-encoded AICL-CD69-LLT1 family. CLEC2 family, CTLR, NK, NKC
48  2006 Crystallization and X-ray diffraction analysis of human CLEC-2. PEG, VM
49  2005 Molecular and sugar-binding heterogeneity of C-type lectins from Osmerus (Spirinchus) lanceolatus eggs. ---
50  2005 Purification, characterization, cDNA cloning, and expression of asialofetuin-binding C-type lectin from eggs of shishamo smelt (Osmerus [Spirinchus] lanceolatus). ---
51  2004 Sequence and expression of C-type lectin receptors in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). C/EBP, ITAM, LPS
52  2003 Comparative analysis of structural properties of the C-type-lectin-like domain (CTLD). ---
53  2003 Identification and characterization of a serum protein homologous to alpha-type phospholipase A2 inhibitor (PLIalpha) from a nonvenomous snake, Elaphe quadrivirgata. PLA2, PLIalpha-LP
54  2003 PmAV, a novel gene involved in virus resistance of shrimp Penaeus monodon. DD, ORF, WSSV
55  2003 Refolding and characterization of the functional ligand-binding domain of human lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor. ---
56  2001 Involvement of conserved hydrophobic residues in the CTLD of human lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor in ligand binding. ---
57  2001 Molecular characterization of two novel alternative spliced variants of the KLRF1 gene and subcellular distribution of KLRF1 isoforms. KLR
58  2000 Crystal structure of human CD69: a C-type lectin-like activation marker of hematopoietic cells. MBP, NK