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Abbreviation:   CdTe  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   cadmium telluride
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2022 A ratiometric fluorescence aptasensor based on photoinduced electron transfer from CdTe QDs to WS2 NTs for the sensitive detection of zearalenone in cereal crops. PET, QDs, ZEN
2022 Cadmium telluride waveguide for coherent MIR supercontinuum generation covering 3.5-20 µm. CdS, MIR, SCG
2022 Electronic Structure and Epitaxy of CdTe Shells on InSb Nanowires. ---
2022 Enhancement of Terahertz Radiation by Surface Plasmons Based on CdTe Thin Films. TDS, THz
2022 Generation of mode-locked pulses based on D-shaped fiber with CdTe as a saturable absorber in the C-band region. EDFL, QD, SA, SNR
2022 Induction of autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum autophagy caused by cadmium telluride quantum dots are protective mechanisms of yeast cell. ER-phagy, QDs
2022 Performance Comparison of CdTe:Na, CdTe:As, and CdTe:P Single Crystals for Solar Cell Applications. VB
2022 Reconstituted basement membrane enables airway epithelium modeling and nanoparticle toxicity testing. ABM, BM, hiPSCs, NPs
2022 Sensitivity enhancement of an experimental benchtop x-ray fluorescence imaging system by deploying a single crystal cadmium telluride detector system optimized for high flux x-ray operations. GNPs, XRF
10  2022 Structural and Optical Characterizations of Cadmium Chalcogenide Layers on Polyamide Formed Using Monotelluropentathionic Acid. ---
11  2022 Systematic toxicity assessment of CdTe quantum dots in Drosophila melanogaster. Cd, QDs, ROS
12  2021 A detective quantum efficiency for spectroscopic X-ray imaging detectors. CdZnTe, CS, DQE, SNR, SXDs
13  2021 A dual-response ratiometric fluorescence imprinted sensor based on metal-organic frameworks for ultrasensitive visual detection of 4-nitrophenol in environments. 4-NP
14  2021 Anomalous edge response of cadmium telluride-based photon counting detectors jointly caused by high-flux radiation and inter-pixel communication. CS, ESFs, PCD, SP
15  2021 Bias-voltage dependent operational characteristics of a fully spectroscopic pixelated cadmium telluride detector system within an experimental benchtop x-ray fluorescence imaging setup. GNPs, XRF
16  2021 Characteristics of radiographic images acquired with CdTe, CCD and CMOS detectors in skull radiography. CCD, CMOS
17  2021 Characterization of a Pixelated Cadmium Telluride Detector System Using a Polychromatic X-Ray Source and Gold Nanoparticle-Loaded Phantoms for Benchtop X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging. CSA, FWHM, GNP, HEXITEC, XFCT, XRF
18  2021 Detection of Hg2+ by a Dual-Fluorescence Ratio Probe Constructed with Rare-Earth-Element-Doped Cadmium Telluride Quantum Dots and Fluorescent Carbon Dots. CDs, QDs
19  2021 Effect of Bismuth, Gadolinium, and Cadmium Nanoparticles on Biomass, Carotenoid, and Lipid Content of Dunaliella salina (Dunal) Teodoresco. NPs
20  2021 Evaluation and comparison of a CdTe based photon counting detector with an energy integrating detector for X-ray phase sensitive imaging of breast cancer. ACR, CD, CNR, EEI, EID, MGD, MTF, PCD, SNR
21  2021 Further investigations of a radiation detector based on ionization-induced modulation of optical polarization. ---
22  2021 Investigation of Photoexcitation Energy Impact on Electron Mobility in Single Crystalline CdTe. ---
23  2021 Ionizing photon interactions modulate the optical properties of crystals with femtosecond scale temporal resolution. BSO, CTR, LCLS, ToF-PET, YAG
24  2021 Multiplexed bio-imaging using cadmium telluride quantum dots synthesized by mathematically derived process parameters in a continuous flow active microreactor. P-QDs, PCNA, PDMS, QDs
25  2021 Radial basis function-artificial neural network (RBF-ANN) for simultaneous fluorescent determination of cysteine enantiomers in mixtures. PLS, QDs, RBF-ANN, TGA
26  2021 Reactive oxygen species trigger NF-κB-mediated NLRP3 inflammasome activation involvement in low-dose CdTe QDs exposure-induced hepatotoxicity. QDs, ROS
27  2021 Recovery of Valuable Materials and Methods for Their Management When Recycling Thin-Film CdTe Photovoltaic Modules. PV
28  2021 Release and cytotoxicity screening of the printer emissions of a CdTe quantum dots-based fluorescent ink. ALI, PEG, QDs
29  2021 Reproductive toxicity of quantum dots on gonads of the fresh water crab Sinopotamon henanense. QDs
30  2021 Surface plasmon enhanced THz emission with nanoporous gold supported CdTe. NPG
31  2021 Synthesis of Cadmium Telluride Nanoparticles Using Thioglycolic Acid, Thioglycerol, and L-Cysteine. fcc, LC, NPs, PL, TEM, TGA, TGC, XRD
32  2021 Synthesis of Magnetic Ions-Doped QDs Synthesized Via a Facial Aqueous Solution Method for Optical/MR Dual-Modality Imaging Applications. EDX, Eu, FL, FTIR, Gd, HRTM, Mn, MQDs, MR, PL, UV-vis, VSM, XRD
33  2021 The detective quantum efficiency of cadmium telluride photon-counting x-ray detectors in breast imaging applications. DQE, EIDs, MC, PCDs
34  2021 Uncertainty estimation and statistical comparative methodology for mammography x-ray energy spectra. bTEM, MC
35  2021 Understanding the Copassivation Effect of Cl and Se for CdTe Grain Boundaries. ---
36  2021 Wide-Bandgap Halide Perovskites for Indoor Photovoltaics. CIGS, IoT, IPVs
37  2021 X-ray radiation monitor for measuring solids content in fluid fine tailings. FFT
38  2020 Cadmium telluride quantum dot-exposed human bronchial epithelial cells: a further study of the cellular response by proteomics. QDs
39  2020 Constructing anhydrous proton exchange membranes based on cadmium telluride nanocrystal-doped sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)/polyurethane composites. MPA, PA, PEMs, PU, SPEEK, TGA
40  2020 CuSCN as the Back Contact for Efficient ZMO/CdTe Solar Cells. ZMO
41  2020 Detective quantum efficiency of photon-counting CdTe and Si detectors for computed tomography: a simulation study. DQE, Si
42  2020 Environmental impacts of recycling crystalline silicon (c-SI) and cadmium telluride (CDTE) solar panels. c-Si, EOL, LCA, PV
43  2020 Gut microbiota and lipid metabolism alterations in mice induced by oral cadmium telluride quantum dots. F/B, LDL, QDs, TC, TG
44  2020 Image quality assessment of a photon counting detector in x-ray projection imaging. Al, CNR
45  2020 Inert gas bubble formation in magnetron sputtered thin-film CdTe solar cells. ---
46  2020 Life cycle assessment of most widely adopted solar photovoltaic energy technologies by mid-point and end-point indicators of ReCiPe method. a-Si, LCA, mono-Si, multi-Si
47  2020 Phenothiazine-Based Hole Transport Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells. CIGS, HTMs, Si
48  2020 Triple-sensitivity high-spatial-resolution X-ray computed tomography using a cadmium-telluride detector and its beam-hardening effect. I-V, TS-CT, V-V
49  2019 A general strategy for label-free homogeneous bioassays based on selective recognition and silver ion-mediated conformational switch. PSA, QDs
50  2019 Biological Synthesis of CdTe Quantum Dots and Their Anti-Proliferative Assessment Against Prostate Cancer Cell Line. QDs, ROS
51  2019 Boosting photocatalytic hydrogen generation of cadmium telluride colloidal quantum dots by nickel ion doping. QDs
52  2019 Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate)-Grafted CdTe Nanocrystals via RAFT Polymerization for Covalent Immobilization of Adenosine. Ado-i-PPEGMA-g-CdTe, AIBN, BTPT, EDX, FTIR, ME, PL, PPEGMA, QDs, SI-RAFT, TGA, XPS
53  2019 Environmental impacts of copper‑indium‑gallium-selenide (CIGS) photovoltaics and the elimination of cadmium through atomic layer deposition. ALD, CdS, CIGS, PV
54  2019 Evaluation for Adverse Effects of InP/ZnS Quantum Dots on the in Vitro Cultured Oocytes of Mice. InP, QDs
55  2019 Fabrication of layered membrane electrolytes with spin coating technique as anhydrous proton exchange membranes. Ea, PA, PEMs, PVDF
56  2019 Fast fluorometric enumeration of E. coli using passive chip. E. aerogenes, E. coli, MNPs, QDs, S. enteritidis
57  2019 Label-Free Fluorescence-Based Aptasensor for the Detection of Sulfadimethoxine in Water and Fish. QDs, SDM
58  2019 Low-dose low-scattering X-ray computed tomography with high-spatial-energy resolutions using a cooled cadmium telluride detector. CT, Gd, kcps, TE
59  2019 Radiation hardness of cadmium telluride solar cells in proton therapy beam mode. FF, PBS
60  2019 Studies on Toxicity of Suspensions of CdTe Quantum Dots to Biomphalaria glabrata Mollusks. ---
61  2019 Two-crossed-polarizers based optical property modulation method for ionizing radiation detection for positron emission tomography. PET
62  2019 Ultrahigh-Detectivity Photodetectors with Van der Waals Epitaxial CdTe Single-Crystalline Films. vdWE
63  2018 CdTe microwires as mid-infrared optical waveguides. MIR, MWs
64  2018 Chiral ligand-induced photoluminescence intermittence difference of CdTe quantum dots. FCS, PL, QDs
65  2018 Data on dopant characteristics and band alignment of CdTe cells with and without a ZnO highly-resistive-transparent buffer layer. C-V, HRT, SIMS, ZnO
66  2018 Designing Superoxide-Generating Quantum Dots for Selective Light-Activated Nanotherapy. CB, EIS, EPR, MDR, NHE, QDs
67  2018 Direct Thermal Growth of Large Scale Cl-doped CdTe Film for Low Voltage High Resolution X-ray Image Sensor. CMOS
68  2018 Hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells: a chemical approach. HTMs, PCEs
69  2018 Impact of anti-charge sharing on the zero-frequency detective quantum efficiency of CdTe-based photon counting detector system: cascaded systems analysis and experimental validation. ACS, DQE, PCD
70  2018 In vivo tracking of adipose tissue grafts with cadmium-telluride quantum dots. QDs
71  2018 In-Situ Preparation of CdTe Quantum Dots Capped with a beta-Cyclodextrin-Epichlorohydrin Polymer: Polymer Influence on the Nanocrystal's Optical Properties. beta-CD, betaCDP, EDS, QDs, TEM
72  2018 One-pot single step to label microtubule with MPA-capped CdTe quantum dots. MPA, QDs, SPR
73  2018 Overcoming Carrier Concentration Limits in Polycrystalline CdTe Thin Films with In Situ Doping. ---
74  2018 p-type doping efficiency in CdTe: Influence of second phase formation. ---
75  2018 Photophysical and enhanced nonlinear optical response in asymmetric benzothiazole substituted phthalocyanine covalently linked to semiconductor quantum dots. QDs
76  2018 Plastic antibodies tailored on quantum dots for an optical detection of myoglobin down to the femtomolar range. DLS, MIP, MYO, QDs
77  2018 Regulation of Substrate-Target Distance on the Microstructural, Optical and Electrical Properties of CdTe Films by Magnetron Sputtering. AFM, DC, Dts, Eg, RMS, XRD
78  2018 The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) assay with Escherichia coli: An early tier in the environmental hazard assessment of nanomaterials? CuO, ENMs, MIC, MWCNTs
79  2018 The role of unfolded protein response and ER-phagy in quantum dots-induced nephrotoxicity: an in vitro and in vivo study. ER, HEK, QDs, UPR
80  2018 Thermomechanical Lift-Off and Recontacting of CdTe Solar Cells. PV
81  2018 Transcriptome analysis of different sizes of 3-mercaptopropionic acid-modified cadmium telluride quantum dot-induced toxic effects reveals immune response in rat hippocampus. CNS, DEGs, QDs
82  2018 Use of a laser-guided collimation system to perform direct kilovoltage x-ray spectra measurements on a linear accelerator onboard imager. DRR, HVL, IGRT, MC, PDD
83  2017 A hyperspectral X-ray computed tomography system for enhanced material identification. CT, HXCT
84  2017 Acute and chronic cadmium telluride quantum dots-exposed human bronchial epithelial cells: The effects of particle sizes on their cytotoxicity and carcinogenicity. QDs
85  2017 Cadmium Telluride Semiconductor Detector for Improved Spatial and Energy Resolution Radioisotopic Imaging. ---
86  2017 Investigation of quad-energy high-rate photon counting for X-ray computed tomography using a cadmium telluride detector. kcps, MCs, QE, QE-CT
87  2017 Leaching of cadmium and tellurium from cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar panels under simulated landfill conditions. Cd, TCLP, Te, WET
88  2017 Role of Precursor-Conversion Chemistry in the Crystal-Phase Control of Catalytically Grown Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Wires. QWs, TOPTe
89  2017 Signal and noise characteristics of a CdTe-based photon counting detector: Cascaded systems analysis and experimental studies. ACS, NPS, PCDs
90  2017 Study of material properties important for an optical property modulation-based radiation detection method for positron emission tomography. BSO, PET
91  2017 Time-Resolved Visual Chiral Discrimination of Cysteine Using Unmodified CdTe Quantum Dots. ee, QDs, TGA
92  2017 Tutorial on X-ray photon counting detector characterization. CTF, DQE, LSF, MTF, NPS, PSF
93  2016 A 2D 4×4 Channel Readout ASIC for Pixelated CdTe Detectors for Medical Imaging Applications. ADC, ENC, FWHM, PEM, PET, ROIC, TDC
94  2016 A 3D co-culture microtissue model of the human placenta for nanotoxicity assessment. hCG, MT, NPs
95  2016 A promising new mechanism of ionizing radiation detection for positron emission tomography: modulation of optical properties. PET
96  2016 Conformation switching of an aptamer based on cocaine enhancement on a surface of modified GCE. Apt, GCE, IBP, MTD, QDs
97  2016 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine 6G with a quantum dot-metal organic framework nanocomposite. MOFs, QD
98  2016 Evaluation of the efficiency curve of a Cadmiun Telluride detector for low-energy photon spectrometry. ---
99  2016 Evaluation of toxic effects of CdTe quantum dots on the reproductive system in adult male mice. QDs
100  2016 Identification of catecholamine neurotransmitters using fluorescence sensor array. HCA, PCA