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Long Form:   collagen type I
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 ---
2022 3D Culture Modeling of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells in Additive Manufactured Scaffolds. ECM, FN, STC1, STC2, TCP
2022 A facile way to construct Sr-doped apatite coating on the surface of 3D printed scaffolds to improve osteogenic effect. ---
2022 Age-Related Alterations of Hyaluronan and Collagen in Extracellular Matrix of the Muscle Spindles. AOD, ECM, HABP, IMCT, MSs
2022 Anp32e promotes renal interstitial fibrosis by upregulating the expression of fibrosis-related proteins. Anp32e, BUMPT, FN, RIF, UUO
2022 Assessing the functional properties of tenogenic primed mesenchymal stem cells in ex vivo equine tendon and ligament explants: A preliminary study. MSCs, SMA, tpMSCs
2022 Cardiorenal dysfunction and hypertrophy induced by renal artery occlusion are normalized by galangin treatment in rats. ACE, AT1R, HO-1, NOX4, Nrf2, RAS, TGF-beta1
2022 Chemically Modified Dipeptide Based Hydrogel Supports Three-Dimensional Growth and Functions of Primary Hepatocytes. DP, pHCs, pHCs, sLEM
2022 Collagen Deposition and Inflammatory Response Associated with Macroporous Mesh Shrinkage in Incisional Hernia Repair: A Rat Model. ELISA, IL-6, PE, PP-PG, PVDF
10  2022 Controllable graphene oxide-based biocompatible hybrid interface as an anti-fibrotic coating for metallic implants. FBRs, GO
11  2022 Enhanced Attachment and Collagen Type I Deposition of MC3T3-E1 Cells via Electrohydrodynamic Printed Sub-Microscale Fibrous Architectures. EHD
12  2022 Fabrication of Size-Controllable and Arrangement-Orderly HepG2 Spheroids for Drug Screening via Decellularized Liver Matrix-Derived Micropattern Array Chips. DLM, PDMS
13  2022 Hepatocyte Growth Factor Delivered by Nanocomposites for Gene Therapy of Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis in Rats. BLM, HGF, Hyp, PEG-PEI, PF
14  2022 Influence of protein configuration on aggregation kinetics of nanoplastics in aquatic environment. BHb, CS, HSA, PS-NPs, TR-DLS
15  2022 Involvement of Interleukin-1 β/Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in Ameliorating Effects of Electroacupuncture on Myocardial Fibrosis Induced by Essential Hypertension. COL1, EA, IGF-1, IL-1beta, MMP, SHRs, TGF-beta1, WKY
16  2022 Mesenchymal Stem-Cell Remodeling of Adsorbed Type-I Collagen-The Effect of Collagen Oxidation. ADMSCs
17  2022 Resveratrol ameliorates myocardial fibrosis by regulating Sirt1/Smad3 deacetylation pathway in rat model with dilated cardiomyopathy. Ac-Smad3, Col III, DCM, LVEDD, LVESD, qRT-PCR, RSV, SIRT1
18  2022 Shenmai Injection Improves Hypertensive Heart Failure by Inhibiting Myocardial Fibrosis via TGF- β 1/Smad Pathway Regulation. ELISA, HF, LVEF, LVFS, PFD, SMI, TGF-beta1
19  2022 Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Protects Against the Development of Cardiac Remodeling via Sphingosine Kinase 2 and the S1PR2/ERK Pathway. alpha-SMA, ERK, S1P, S1PR2, SphK2, TAC
20  2021 An anisotropic nanocomposite hydrogel guides aligned orientation and enhances tenogenesis of human tendon stem/progenitor cells. IOPs
21  2021 Antifibrotic effects of eupatilin on TGF-beta1-treated human vocal fold fibroblasts. Col III, FN, hVFFs, VFFs
22  2021 Antimicrobial properties of olive oil phenolic compounds and their regenerative capacity towards fibroblast cells. FGF, PDGF, TGF-beta1, VEGF
23  2021 Application of Collagen I and IV in Bioengineering Transparent Ocular Tissues. Col IV
24  2021 Artemicapillasins A-N, cytotoxic coumaric acid analogues against hepatic stellate cell LX2 from Artemisia capillaris (Yin-Chen). HA, HL
25  2021 Bio-functionalization and in-vitro evaluation of titanium surface with recombinant fibronectin and elastin fragment in human mesenchymal stem cell. ALP, BSP, ECM, hMSCs, OCN, OPN
26  2021 Circular RNA circ_0000712 regulates high glucose-induced apoptosis, inflammation, oxidative stress, and fibrosis in (DN) by targeting the miR-879-5p/SOX6 axis. Bax, Bcl-2, circRNAs, Col IV, DN, ELISA, FN, HG, IL-1beta, IL-6, LDH, MCs, miR-879-5p, RIP, ROS, RT-qPCR, SOD, SOX6, TNF-alpha
27  2021 Collagen Type I and II Blend Hydrogel with Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells as a Scaffold for Articular Cartilage Defect Repair. AP, GAG, MSCs
28  2021 Current Insights into Collagen Type I. ECM
29  2021 Diabetes mellitus accelerates the progression of osteoarthritis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice by deteriorating bone microarchitecture, bone mineral composition, and bone strength of subchondral bone. Ca, CT, mRNA, OA, OARSI, OCN, SB, STZ, TRACP-5b
30  2021 Donepezil hydrochloride as a novel inducer for osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells on PLLA scaffolds in vitro. ALP, DH, hMSCs, ICC, PLLA, PLLA-DH
31  2021 Evaluation of PC12 Cells' Proliferation, Adhesion and Migration with the Use of an Extracellular Matrix (CorMatrix) for Application in Neural Tissue Engineering. ECM, NGF, PI
32  2021 Experimental investigation of early assessment of corpora cavernosa fibrosis with two-dimensional shear wave elastography. CCF, CFs, Col III, PAP, SMCs, SWQ, TGF-beta1
33  2021 Fascia Lata Alterations in Hip Osteoarthritis: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study. HA, HABP, OA
34  2021 Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 Alleviates Hepatic Fibrosis in Liver Cirrhosis by Vascular Remodeling. alpha-SMA, BDL, FU, HSCs, HUVECs, TGF
35  2021 Hybrid biofabrication of 3D osteoconductive constructs comprising Mg-based nanocomposites and cell-laden bioinks for bone repair. GelMA, hMSCs, OCN, PCL
36  2021 Inhibiting PHD2 in human periodontal ligament cells via lentiviral vector-mediated RNA interference facilitates cell osteogenic differentiation and periodontal repair. ALP, hPDLCs, PHD2
37  2021 Inhibition of Notch signaling pathway reduces angiogenesis in hypertrophic scar. Ang-1, Col III, HS, MMP-2, TGF-beta1, VEGF
38  2021 NCTD Prevents Renal Interstitial Fibrosis via Targeting Sp1/lncRNA Gm26669 Axis. FN, NCTD, RIF, Sp1
39  2021 Nitric Oxide Produced by the Antioxidant Activity of Verapamil Improves the Acute Wound Healing Process. Col III, NO, VEGF
40  2021 Pirfenidone Alleviates Choroidal Neovascular Fibrosis through TGF-beta/Smad Signaling Pathway. alpha-SMA, CNV, FFA, HE, OCT, PBS, PFD, TGF-beta, TUNEL, wAMD
41  2021 PRDX2 Protects Against Atherosclerosis by Regulating the Phenotype and Function of the Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell. AS, CAVSMCs, Col III, ICAM-1, PRDX2, ROS, TNF-alpha, VCAM-1
42  2021 Proteoglycan-4 is an essential regulator of synovial macrophage polarization and inflammatory macrophage joint infiltration. PRG4
43  2021 ROCK inhibitor attenuates carbon blacks-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice via Rho/ROCK/NF-kappa B pathway. CBs
44  2021 Role of Curing Temperature of Poly(Glycerol Sebacate) Substrates on Protein-Cell Interaction and Early Cell Adhesion. AFM, FAs, FN, PGS
45  2021 Stichopus japonicus Polysaccharide Stimulates Osteoblast Differentiation through Activation of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein Pathway in MC3T3-E1 Cells. ALP, BMP-2, OCN, OPN
46  2021 The biocompatibility and mineralization potential of mineral trioxide aggregate containing calcium fluoride-An in vitro study. ALP, hDPCs, MTA, OCN, RT-PCR, SEM
47  2021 Verbascoside alleviates renal fibrosis in unilateral ureteral obstruction rats by inhibiting macrophage infiltration. a-SMA, SOCS3, TIMP2, UUO
48  2020 A biphasic, demineralized, and Decellularized allograft bone-hydrogel scaffold with a cell-based BMP-7 delivery system for osteochondral defect regeneration. BMP-7, BMSCs
49  2020 Activated hyaluronic acid/collagen composite hydrogel with tunable physical properties and improved biological properties. DS
50  2020 Alginate/laponite hydrogel microspheres co-encapsulating dental pulp stem cells and VEGF for endodontic regeneration. FN, hDPSCs, VEGF
51  2020 Artemlavanins A and B from Artemisia lavandulaefolia and Their Cytotoxicity Against Hepatic Stellate Cell Line LX2. HA, HL, HSC-LX2
52  2020 beta-mercaptoethanol promotes osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells via sirt1-ERK pathway. ALP, BME, ERK, hUMSCs, OCN, OPN, SIRT1
53  2020 Collagen Extract Derived from Yeonsan Ogye Chicken Increases Bone Microarchitecture by Suppressing the RANKL/OPG Ratio via the JNK Signaling Pathway. ALP, BMP-2
54  2020 Complete mid-portion rupture of the rat achilles tendon leads to remote and time-mismatched changes in uninjured regions. AT, IR, UIR
55  2020 Cytotoxic sesquiterpenoids against hepatic stellate cell line LX2 from Artemisia lavandulaefolia. HL, HSC-LX2
56  2020 Discoidin domain receptor 1 activation links extracellular matrix to podocyte lipotoxicity in Alport syndrome. CD36, CKD, DDR1
57  2020 Engineering osteogenic microenvironments by combination of multilayers from collagen type I and chondroitin sulfate with novel cationic liposomes. CS, DOPE, LbL, PEM
58  2020 Long non-coding RNA Hottip modulates high-glucose-induced inflammation and ECM accumulation through miR-455-3p/WNT2B in mouse mesangial cells. Col IV, DN, ECM, FN, lncRNAs, MMCs
59  2020 MicroRNA-708 modulates Hepatic Stellate Cells activation and enhances extracellular matrix accumulation via direct targeting TMEM88. alpha-SMA, DVL-1, ECM, MMPs, TMEM88
60  2020 Norcantharidin protects against renal interstitial fibrosis by suppressing TWEAK-mediated Smad3 phosphorylation. FN, NCTD, RIF, Smad, TGF, TWEAK
61  2020 STING is an essential regulator of heart inflammation and fibrosis in mice with pathological cardiac hypertrophy via endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. AB, Ang II, CM, Col III, eIF2alpha, ER, IRE, PERK, STING, TGF-beta1
62  2020 TGF-beta-induced activation of conjunctival fibroblasts is modulated by FGF-2 and substratum stiffness. FGF, FN, SMA, TGF, YAP/TAZ
63  2020 The absence of oestrogen receptor beta disturbs collagen I type deposition during Achilles tendon healing by regulating the IRF5-CCL3 axis. ATH, ECM, ERbeta, TDSCs
64  2020 The effects of chemical crosslinking manners on the physical properties and biocompatibility of collagen type I/hyaluronic acid composite hydrogels. HA, HCC, HSC
65  2020 The effects of miR-27a-3p-mediated Smurf2 on bleomycin A5-induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats. Col III
66  2020 The sustained release of dexamethasone from TiO2 nanotubes reinforced by chitosan to enhance osteoblast function and anti-inflammation activity. ALP, CHI, DEX, NO, OCN, OPN
67  2020 Three-dimensional silk fibroin scaffolds enhance the bone formation and angiogenic differentiation of human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells: a biocompatibility analysis. MSCs, SF
68  2020 Tissue-specific mesenchymal stem cell-dependent osteogenesis in highly porous chitosan-based bone analogs. AD-MSCs, ALP, BM-MSCs, BMP4, MSCs, OCN, SOST, WJ-MSCs
69  2020 Uptake of collagen type I via macropinocytosis cause mTOR activation and anti-cancer drug resistance. EGFR-TKI
70  2019 3D-Printing of Microfibrous Porous Scaffolds Based on Hybrid Approaches for Bone Tissue Engineering. ALP, Gel, nHA, OC, PLGA
71  2019 Ac-SDKP increases alpha-TAT 1 and promotes the apoptosis in lung fibroblasts and epithelial cells double-stimulated with TGF-beta1 and silica. alpha-TAT1, DSBs, TGF-beta1
72  2019 Bone Protective Effect of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Phenolic Compounds by Modulating Osteoblast Gene Expression. ALP, OPN, OSC, Osx, qRT-PCR, TGF-beta1
73  2019 Design of fibronectin type III domains fused to an elastin-like polypeptide for the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. ALP, ECM, FN, FN-ELPs, hMSCs, OPN, TAZ
74  2019 Dynamic Variation of RAS on Silicotic Fibrosis Pathogenesis in Rats. ACE, alpha-SMA, Ang II, AT1, CAP, HE, RAS, VG
75  2019 Evaluation of the in vivo wound healing potential of the lipid fraction from activated platelet-rich plasma. Col III, LF, PRP, TGF-beta1
76  2019 Inhibition of Rho-Kinase Downregulates Th17 Cells and Ameliorates Hepatic Fibrosis by Schistosoma japonicum Infection. IL, ROCK
77  2019 Modulating Mechanical Properties of Collagen-Lignin Composites. SG, SLS
78  2019 NFIC promotes the vitality and osteogenic differentiation of rat dental follicle cells. ALP, DFCs, NFIC
79  2019 Nicotine suppresses proliferation and mineralized tissue-associated gene expressions of cementoblasts. ALP, BSP, OCN
80  2019 Osteogenic potential of induced pluripotent stem cells from human adipose-derived stem cells. ALP, ASCs, BTE, iPSCs, OCN
81  2019 Therapeutic potential of proteasome inhibitors for dihydropyridine-induced gingival overgrowth. DIGO, IkappaB
82  2019 TiO2 nanotubes promote osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells via regulation of lncRNA CCL3-AS. ALP, lncRNAs, MSCs, OPN, Ti
83  2019 Triptolide protects against TGF-beta1-induced pulmonary fibrosis by regulating FAK/calpain signaling. FAK, IL, TGF, TPL
84  2019 [Effect of low-concentration paclitaxel on collagen deposition outside rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells and related mechanism]. Col III, PASMCs, PTX, TGF-beta1
85  2019 [Inhibition of the TGF-beta/Smad3 signaling pathway by SB431542: A study of the intervention effect of SB431542 on silicotic fibrosis in rats]. Col III, FN, p-Smad3
86  2018 A 3D-Printed PLCL Scaffold Coated with Collagen Type I and Its Biocompatibility. LDM, PLCL, SEM
87  2018 A tissue-mimetic nano-fibrillar hybrid injectable hydrogel for potential soft tissue engineering applications. Col III
88  2018 Aspartic and Glutamic Acid Templated Peptides Conjugation on Plasma Modified Nanofibers for Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Comparative Study. ALP, Asp, CAP, FTIR, Glu, hMSCs, NF, OC, OP, PLGA, SEM, XPS
89  2018 Chinese medicine CGA formula ameliorates liver fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride involving inhibition of hepatic apoptosis in rats. alpha-SMA, Bak, Bax, FZHY, HSCs, Hyp, TGF-beta1, TNFR1, TUNEL
90  2018 Circular RNA circRNA_15698 aggravates the extracellular matrix of diabetic nephropathy mesangial cells via miR-185/TGF-beta1. circRNAs, Col IV, DN, ECM, TGF-beta1
91  2018 Collagen type I induces EGFR-TKI resistance in EGFR-mutated cancer cells by mTOR activation through Akt-independent pathway. EGFR-TKIs
92  2018 Dynamic multiphoton imaging of acellular dermal matrix scaffolds seeded with mesenchymal stem cells in diabetic wound healing. ADM, MSC
93  2018 Effect of a Collagen-Based Compound on Morpho-Functional Properties of Cultured Human Tenocytes. GTPS, MMP
94  2018 Effect of Simulated Microgravity Conditions on Differentiation of Adipose Derived Stem Cells towards Fibroblasts Using Connective Tissue Growth Factor. ADSCs, Col III, CTGF, ELA, FBN, FN1, ITGB1, MSCs, VIM
95  2018 Effects of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on the differentiation of MC3T3-E1 osteoblast-like cells. ALP, OCN, RT-PCR, VDR
96  2018 Effects of CTLA4-Ig treatment on circulating fibrocytes and skin fibroblasts from the same systemic sclerosis patients: an in vitro assay. FACS, HSs, qRT-PCR, SSc
97  2018 Effects of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, shenmai and matrine on a human embryonic lung fibroblast fibrosis model. alpha-SMA, Col III, EC-SOD, GBLE, HELFs, TGF-beta1
98  2018 Fabrication and characterization of collagen-based injectable and self-crosslinkable hydrogels for cell encapsulation. DS, ECM
99  2018 Gene expression profiling of chondrogenic differentiation by dexamethasone-conjugated polyethyleneimine with SOX trio genes in stem cells. Col II, COMP, DEX, DI-NPs, hMSCs, pDNAs, PEI, RT-PCR, SEM
100  2018 HMGA2 Modulates the TGFbeta/Smad, TGFbeta/ERK and Notch Signaling Pathways in Human Lens Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. Col IV, EMT, ERK, FN, HMGA2, LECs, siRNA, SMA, TGF-beta