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Long Form:   dorsiflexion
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A novel manual therapy technique is effective for short-term increases in tibial internal rotation range of motion. ROM, TIR
2021 A prolonged hiatus in postmenopausal HRT, does not nullify the therapy's positive impact on ageing related sarcopenia. GM, HRT, mPowerF, MVC, PF, RTD, TA
2021 Comparative effects of different manual techniques on electromyography activity, kinematics, and muscle force in limited ankle dorsiflexion syndrome. GCM, HR, IM, SS, TA
2021 Comparison Between Foam Rolling With and Without Vibration on Passive and Active Plantar Flexor Muscle Properties. ROM
2021 Comparison of Suture-Button Versus Syndesmotic Screw in the Treatment of Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis Injury: A Meta-analysis. AOFAS, OMA, SB, SS
2021 Comparison of the Acute Effects of Hold-Relax and Static Stretching among Older Adults. HRS, ROM, SS
2021 Comparison of the effects of conventional physiotherapy and proprioception exercises on pain and ankle proprioception in patients with lumbar radiculopathy. CT, NPRS, PE, PF
2021 Correction of equinus deformity by means of a new unconstrained ilizarov frame system. ---
2021 Effect of different forefoot rocker radii on lower-limb joint biomechanics in healthy individuals. FHA, PFM, SPM, SVA
10  2021 Is maximal muscle strength and fatigability of three lower limb muscle groups associated with walking capacity and fatigability in multiple sclerosis? An exploratory study. DWI, HC, KE, KF, MVC, PwMS
11  2021 Measurement consistency of dynamic stretching muscle stiffness evaluated using shear wave elastography: comparison among different stretched levels and ROI sizes. ICCs, PF, ROI, SWE
12  2021 Multi-Parametric Analysis of Below-Knee Compression Garments on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. CK, DOMS, SI
13  2021 Relationship between ankle strength and range of motion and postural stability during single-leg quiet stance in trained athletes. AP, COP, ML, PF, ROM, RTD
14  2021 The Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Screen: A Validation Study. ICC, ROM, SADS
15  2021 The effectiveness of three-phase physiotherapy program in children with clubfoot after Ponseti treatment. OxAFQ, PF, ROM
16  2021 Using the modified Ponseti method to treat complex clubfoot: Early results. ---
17  2021 [Prophylactic fasciotomy in tibial osteotomies: functional results]. CS, PF, ROM, TO
18  2020 Alteration of the multi-segment foot motion during gait in individuals with plantar fasciitis: a matched case-control study. ABD, ADD, ER, Eve, FFHF, GRFs, HFTB, INV, IR, PF, PF
19  2020 Comparison of the Graston Technique® With Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization for Increasing Dorsiflexion Range of Motion. CON, GT, IASTM, ROM
20  2020 Disrupted Ankle Control and Spasticity in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury: The Association Between Neurophysiologic Measures and Function. A Scoping Review. SCI, VAC
21  2020 Effect of ankle joint position on triceps surae contractile properties and motor unit discharge rates. MUDRs, MVC, PF, TS
22  2020 Force Control and Motor Unit Firing Behavior Following Mental Fatigue in Young Female and Male Adults. MU, MUFR, MVC, PVT, TA
23  2020 Managing Toe Walking, a Treatment Side Effect, in a Child With T-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Case Report. ---
24  2020 Pneumatic AFO Powered by a Miniature Custom Compressor for Drop Foot Correction. ---
25  2020 Quantitative evaluation of passive muscle stiffness by shear wave elastography in healthy individuals of different ages. GM, PF, SWE
26  2020 Relationships between lower limbs fatigability threshold and postural control in obese adults. CG, COP, Fcr, OG, tau
27  2020 The effects of military style ruck marching on lower extremity loading and muscular, physiological and perceived exertion in ROTC cadets. BSI, ROTC
28  2020 The effects of serial casting on lower limb function for children with Cerebral Palsy: a systematic review with meta-analysis. BTX-A, CP, GMFM, MAS, PROM
29  2020 [Peroneal Nerve Palsy Management by Tibialis Posterior Muscle Transposition - Anatomical and Clinical Study]. ---
30  2019 Acute Effects of Gastrocnemius/Soleus Self-Myofascial Release Versus Dynamic Stretching on Closed-Chain Dorsiflexion. ---
31  2019 Ankle and midtarsal joint quasi-stiffness during walking with added mass. PF, ROM
32  2019 Closing the Wearable Gap-Part II: Sensor Orientation and Placement for Foot and Ankle Joint Kinematic Measurements. EVR, INV, PF, POCs, SRS
33  2019 Effects of passive Bi-axial ankle stretching while walking on uneven terrains in older adults with chronic stroke. EV, INV, PF, ROM
34  2019 Evaluation of the Isokinetic Calf Muscle Strength and the Range of Motion of Joint in C3 Chronic Venous Insufficiency. PF, ROM, VRT
35  2019 Selective effect of static stretching, concentric contractions, and a balance task on ankle force sense. AE, MVC, PF
36  2019 Selective effect of static stretching, concentric contractions, and a one-leg balance task on ankle motion sense in young and older adults. PF
37  2019 Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change of ankle kinematics and spatiotemporal parameters in MS population. EDSS, GPS, IC, PwMS, SEM
38  2019 The effect of stress-induced cortisol increase on the sense of ankle proprioception. PF, STAI-I
39  2018 Ankle Strength Impairments in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: A Five-Year Follow-up. EV, HHD
40  2018 Combined effects of aging and obesity on postural control, muscle activity and maximal voluntary force of muscles mobilizing ankle joint. CG, COP, EG, EMG, LOS, MVC, OG, PF
41  2018 Comparison of Compressive Myofascial Release and the Graston Technique for Improving Ankle-Dorsiflexion Range of Motion. CMR, GT, IASTM, ROM
42  2018 Comparison of Lower Extremity Muscle Flexibility in Amateur and Trained Bharatanatyam Dancers and Nondancers. PF, ROM
43  2018 Differences in Ankle ROM Between Young Men and Women With a History of Ankle Sprain. ASE, EV, PF, ROM
44  2018 Functional Capacity in Adults With Cerebral Palsy: Lower Limb Muscle Strength Matters. CP, GMFCS, LSU, PF, TUS
45  2018 Influence of ankle dorsiflexion range of motion on heel-rise time during gait. ROM, WB
46  2018 Influence of fascicle length on twitch potentiation of the medial gastrocnemius across three ankle angles. MG, MVC, PAP, PF
47  2018 Intramuscular Pressure of Tibialis Anterior Reflects Ankle Torque but Does Not Follow Joint Angle-Torque Relationship. EMD, fwEMG, IMP, MVC, PF, sEMG, TA
48  2018 Metatarsophalangeal joint flexion affects dorsiflexor activity in subjects with a dominant extensor hallucis longus. EHL, EHL-D, EHL-ND, MTPJ, TA
49  2018 Microendoscopy reveals positive correlation in multiscale length changes and variable sarcomere lengths across different regions of human muscle. PF
50  2018 Quantitative Measures Utilized in Determining Pointe Readiness in Young Ballet Dancers. NWB, PF, ROM, SEBT, WBL
51  2018 Relationship of hip and ankle range of motion, trunk muscle endurance with knee valgus and dynamic balance in males. FPKPA, IR, ROM, YBT
52  2018 Running mechanics of females with bilateral compartment syndrome. CECS
53  2018 The association of visually-assessed quality of movement during jump-landing with ankle dorsiflexion range-of-motion and hip abductor muscle strength among healthy female athletes. ROM
54  2018 The effect of walking speed on the foot inter-segment kinematics, ground reaction forces and lower limb joint moments. COM, ER, EV, FF, FF/HF, FW, GRFs, HF, HF/TB, HX, HX/FF, NW, SP, SW, TB
55  2018 The effects of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization on active range of motion, functional fitness, flexibility, and isokinetic strength in high school basketball players. AROM, Ex, FX, IASTM, PF
56  2017 Chronic Stretching During 2 Weeks of Immobilization Decreases Loss of Girth, Peak Torque, and Dorsiflexion Range of Motion. IM, PF, ROM
57  2017 Early results of the conservative treatment of distal radius fractures-immobilization of the wrist in dorsal versus palmar flexion. PF, PRWE, ROM
58  2017 Outcome measures correlated with falls in nursing home residents-A pilot study. 5TSTS, AROM, GS, MMSE, PF, TUG
59  2017 Relationship Between Weightbearing Ankle Dorsiflexion Passive Range of Motion and Ankle Kinematics During Gait. PROM
60  2017 The effect of ankle foot orthosis alignment on walking in individuals treated for traumatic lower extremity injuries. AFO, PF
61  2017 The effect of muscle length on transcranial magnetic stimulation-induced relaxation rate in the plantar flexors. MG, MTJ, MVC, PF, TMS
62  2017 The effect of variable rest intervals and chronic ankle instability on triplanar ankle motion during performance of the Star Excursion Balance Test. TIR
63  2017 The Effects of Astym Therapy on a Child With Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. CP
64  2017 The effects of tissue flossing on ankle range of motion and jump performance. CON, FLOSS, PF, ROM, WLBT
65  2017 Variations of ankle-foot orthosis-constrained movements increase ankle range of movement while maintaining power output of recumbent cycling. AFO, DPF, FP, PF, PO
66  2016 3D strength surfaces for ankle plantar- and dorsi-flexion in healthy adults: an isometric and isokinetic dynamometry study. PF
67  2016 Effect of muscle length on voluntary activation of the plantar flexors in boys and men. MVC, PF, VA
68  2016 Lack of Effect of Ankle Position During the Nordic Curl on Muscle Activity of the Biceps Femoris and Medial Gastrocnemius. BF, EMG, MG, PF
69  2016 Measurement of gastrocnemius muscle elasticity by shear wave elastography: association with passive ankle joint stiffness and sex differences. MG, NE, PF
70  2016 Measurement of Resistive Plantar Flexion Torque of the Ankle during Passive Stretch in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Poststroke Hemiplegia. ICCs, PF
71  2016 MRI Quantification of the Impact of Ankle Position on Syndesmosis Anatomy. MRI, NP, PF
72  2016 Range of Motion of the Ankle According to Pushing Force, Gender and Knee Position. PF, PROM, ROM
73  2016 Relative Strength at the Hip, Knee, and Ankle Is Lower Among Younger and Older Females Who Are Obese. HE, HF, KE, KF, PF
74  2016 Selective activation of lower leg muscles during maximum voluntary isometric contractions. GM, PF, PL, PRO, SUP, TA, TP
75  2016 The Association of Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion With Hip and Knee Kinematics During the Lateral Step-down Test. NWB, ROM, WB
76  2016 The effects of passive stretching plus vibration on strength and activation of the plantar flexors. MTS, PASSTQ, PF, PROM, PT, VIB
77  2016 The involvement of ankle muscles in maintaining balance in the upright posture is higher in elderly fallers. COP, EF, EMG, ENF, PF, YA
78  2016 Utility of the Overhead Squat and Forward Arm Squat in Screening for Limited Ankle Dorsiflexion. FAS, LR, OS, ROM
79  2015 Ankle Dorsiflexion in Childhood Cancer Patients: A Review of the Literature. DF-ROM
80  2015 Characterization of ankle dorsiflexors performance in healthy subjects following maximal-intensity isokinetic resistance training. meanW, MPM, PM
81  2015 Clonus: definition, mechanism, treatment. MLR, PF
82  2015 Dorsiflexion, plantar-flexion, and neutral ankle positions during passive resistance assessments of the posterior hip and thigh muscles. EMG, NTRL, PF, ROM, SLR
83  2015 Early rehabilitation treatment combined with equinovarus foot deformity surgical correction in stroke patients: safety and changes in gait parameters. AFO, EVFD, GA
84  2015 Effect of Ankle Joint Contact Angle and Ground Contact Time on Depth Jump Performance. GCTs, PF, SSC, VDJH, vGRF
85  2015 Effect of Ankle Positioning During Hamstring Stretches for Improving Straight Leg Hip Flexion Motion. PF, ROM
86  2015 Factors of force potentiation induced by stretch-shortening cycle in plantarflexors. CON, ECC, ISO, PF, SSC
87  2015 Influence of joint angular velocity on electrically evoked concentric force potentiation induced by stretch-shortening cycle in young adults. PF, SSC, SSC
88  2015 Limitations in Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion, Gait, and Walking Efficiency in Childhood Cancer Survivors. ROM
89  2015 Lower-Body Torque and Power Declines Across Six Decades in Three Hundred Fifty-Seven Men and Women: A Cross-sectional Study With Normative Values. AP, KE, KF, PT
90  2015 Magnetic Resonance Assessment of Hypertrophic and Pseudo-Hypertrophic Changes in Lower Leg Muscles of Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Their Relationship to Functional Measurements. DMD, MRI, PF
91  2015 The association between loss of ankle dorsiflexion range of movement, and hip adduction and internal rotation during a step down test. ROM
92  2014 Acute influence of restricted ankle dorsiflexion angle on knee joint mechanics during gait. MR, SR
93  2014 Ankle voluntary movement enhancement following robotic-assisted locomotor training in spinal cord injury. 10MWT, 6MWT, iSCI, MVC, PF, TUG
94  2014 Biomechanics assessment of long term consequences of talocrural joint sprain in conservatively treated males. DFM, IT, PF, PFM, RT
95  2014 Does Talocrural Joint-Thrust Manipulation Improve Outcomes After Inversion Ankle Sprain? ROM, TJM
96  2014 Factors associated with visually assessed quality of movement during a lateral step-down test among individuals with patellofemoral pain. PFP, ROM
97  2014 Functional electrical stimulation to ankle dorsiflexor and plantarflexor using single foot switch in patients with hemiplegia from hemorrhagic stroke. DPS, DS, FES, PF
98  2014 Functional MR imaging of a simulated balance task. PF
99  2014 Influence of neglecting the curved path of the Achilles tendon on Achilles tendon length change at various ranges of motion. PF
100  2014 Limited ankle dorsiflexion increases the risk for mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy in infantry recruits: a prospective cohort study. AT, LSD, NWB, ROM, WB