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Long Form:   diffuse gastric cancer
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2021 A mosaic PIK3CA variant in a young adult with diffuse gastric cancer: case report. HDGC
2021 Cancer predisposition and germline CTNNA1 variants. HDGC, LBC, LP, VUS
2021 CDH1 germline mutations in families with hereditary lobular breast cancer. HDGC, HLBC, LBC
2021 CDH1 pathogenic variants and cancer risk in an unselected patient population. LBC
2021 Discovery and validation of an expression signature for recurrence prediction in high-risk diffuse-type gastric cancer. ---
2021 Histological and mutational profile of diffuse gastric cancer: current knowledge and future challenges. GC, IGC, PCC-NOS, SRCC
2021 In vivo CRISPR-Cas9 knockout screening using quantitative PCR identifies thymosin beta-4 X-linked that promotes diffuse-type gastric cancer metastasis. GC, IGC
2021 Indolent feature of Helicobacter pylori-uninfected intramucosal signet ring cell carcinomas with CDH1 mutations. HP, SRCC
2021 Laparoscopic Prophylactic Total Gastrectomy for Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer in CDH1 Mutation Carriers. HDGC, PTG
10  2021 Novel somatic variants in CTNNA1 gene in Iranian patients with diffuse gastric cancer. HDGC, SDGC
11  2021 PLEKHA5 regulates the survival and peritoneal dissemination of diffuse-type gastric carcinoma cells with Met gene amplification. PLEKHA5
12  2020 A cohort study and meta-analysis of the evidence for consideration of Lauren subtype when prescribing adjuvant or palliative chemotherapy for gastric cancer. CI, GC, HR, IGC, IQR, MGC, OS
13  2020 A New Rho(d) Map to Diffuse Gastric Cancer. ---
14  2020 CD2AP inhibits metastasis in gastric cancer by promoting cellular adhesion and cytoskeleton assembly. CD2AP, GC
15  2020 Competing Endogenous RNA Networks in the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Diffuse-Type of Gastric Cancer. ceRNA, EMT, EMT-TFs
16  2020 Diffuse gastric cancer: histologic, molecular, and genetic basis of disease. ---
17  2020 Germline variants and phenotypic spectrum in a Canadian cohort of individuals with diffuse gastric cancer. LBC, PVs, zcc
18  2020 Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer: A Comparative Cohort Study According to Pathogenic Variant Status. GC, HDGC, LBC
19  2020 Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer: Approaches to Screening, Surveillance, and Treatment. HDGC
20  2020 Significance of E-cadherin Gene Mutations in Patients With Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Syndrome: A Systematic Review. HDGC, IGCLC, ILBC, PTG
21  2019 A high-throughput screen to identify novel synthetic lethal compounds for the treatment of E-cadherin-deficient cells. HDGC, LBC
22  2019 Cancer gene profiling explores the possible precision medicine for diffuse-type gastric adenocarcinoma. ---
23  2019 CDH1 somatic alterations in Mexican patients with diffuse and mixed sporadic gastric cancer. LOH, MGC, NGS
24  2019 Endoscopic Ultrasound Has Limited Utility in Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer in Carriers of CDH1 Mutations. HDGC
25  2019 Gain-of-Function RHOA Mutations Promote Focal Adhesion Kinase Activation and Dependency in Diffuse Gastric Cancer. FAK
26  2019 Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: cancer risk and the personal cost of preventive surgery. PTG, QoL
27  2019 Multigene Panel Testing Increases the Number of Loci Associated with Gastric Cancer Predisposition. GC, LBC
28  2019 Outcomes of Endoscopic Surveillance in Individuals With Genetic Predisposition to Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer. PLP, SRCC
29  2019 Phosphoproteomics Enables Molecular Subtyping and Nomination of Kinase Candidates for Individual Patients of Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer. OS
30  2019 Potential of Helicobacter pylori-uninfected signet ring cell carcinoma to invade the submucosal layer. PDA, SRCC
31  2018 A novel de novo CDH1 germline variant aids in the classification of carboxy-terminal E-cadherin alterations predicted to escape nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. CDH1, LBC
32  2018 A proteomic landscape of diffuse-type gastric cancer. ---
33  2018 Characterization of long non-coding RNAs and MEF2C-AS1 identified as a novel biomarker in diffuse gastric cancer. lncRNAs
34  2018 DGC-specific RHOA mutations maintained cancer cell survival and promoted cell migration via ROCK inactivation. CLG
35  2018 Early Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (eHDGC) is Characterized by Subtle Genomic Instability and Active DNA Damage Response. eHDGC, eHDGC
36  2018 Identification of genomic aberrations associated with lymph node metastasis in diffuse-type gastric cancer. IGC, LOH
37  2018 Identification of selective inhibitors for diffuse-type gastric cancer cells by screening of annotated compounds in preclinical models. DCKO, GC
38  2018 Multi-omics analysis identifies pathways and genes involved in diffuse-type gastric carcinogenesis induced by E-cadherin, p53, and Smad4 loss in mice. CSC, ECM, EMT, OPN, pChe PS, Tbeta4
39  2018 RhoGAP domain-containing fusions and PPAPDC1A fusions are recurrent and prognostic in diffuse gastric cancer. ---
40  2017 Aberrant alternative splicing of RHOA is associated with loss of its expression and activity in diffuse-type gastric carcinoma cells. GC
41  2017 Acquired Resistance to FGFR Inhibitor in Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer through an AKT-Independent PKC-Mediated Phosphorylation of GSK3beta. PDX, PKC
42  2017 Different clinical significance of FGFR1-4 expression between diffuse-type and intestinal-type gastric cancer. DSS, FGFR, IGC
43  2017 Genomic alterations in advanced gastric cancer endoscopic biopsy samples using targeted next-generation sequencing. AGC, GC, IGC, NGS
44  2017 The intricate interplay between MSI and polymorphisms of DNA repair enzymes in gastric cancer H.pylori associated. HRM, IGC, MSI
45  2017 The novel long noncoding RNA RP11-357H14.17 acts as an oncogene by promoting cell proliferation and invasion in diffuse-type gastric cancer. lncRNAs, RT-PCR
46  2017 [Risk factors associated to diffuse gastric cancer and intestinal histological patterns in an adult population from Western Mexico]. GC, IGC, OR
47  2016 Combined Secretomics and Transcriptomics Revealed Cancer-Derived GDF15 is Involved in Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer Progression and Fibroblast Activation. ---
48  2016 CXCL1-Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Receptor 2 Signaling Stimulates the Recruitment of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Cells into Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer Stroma. BM-MCs
49  2016 Plasma microRNA-103, microRNA-107, and microRNA-194 levels are not biomarkers for human diffuse gastric cancer. DCKO, miRNA
50  2015 Accuracy of Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Testing Criteria and Outcomes in Patients With a Germline Mutation in CDH1. HDGC
51  2015 Synthetic Lethal Screens Identify Vulnerabilities in GPCR Signaling and Cytoskeletal Organization in E-Cadherin-Deficient Cells. GPCR, LBC
52  2014 Association between the epithelial cadherin -160C/A gene polymorphism and diffuse gastric cancer risk: a meta-analysis. OR
53  2014 Complementary molecular approaches reveal heterogeneous CDH1 germline defects in Italian patients with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) syndrome. HDGC, LBC
54  2014 Recurrent gain-of-function mutations of RHOA in diffuse-type gastric carcinoma. ---
55  2014 Saracatinib impairs the peritoneal dissemination of diffuse-type gastric carcinoma cells resistant to Met and fibroblast growth factor receptor inhibitors. FGFR2
56  2013 CDH1 germline mutations and the hereditary diffuse gastric and lobular breast cancer syndrome: a multicentre study. HDGC, LBC
57  2013 Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers for early detection of diffuse-type gastric cancer using a mouse model. DCKO, miRNAs
58  2013 Frequent promoter methylation of CDH1 in non-neoplastic mucosa of sporadic diffuse gastric cancer. MSP, PS
59  2013 Mina53, a novel molecular marker for the diagnosis and prognosis of gastric adenocarcinoma. IGC, LCM, qPCR
60  2012 A RAND/UCLA appropriateness study of the management of familial gastric cancer. AS, GC, HDGC, PTG, UCLA
61  2011 Germline mutations of the E-cadherin gene in families with inherited invasive lobular breast carcinoma but no diffuse gastric cancer. IHC, ILBC, LOH
62  2011 Serum screening for detection of high-risk group for early-stage diffuse type gastric cancer in Japanese. OR, PG
63  2011 Synergistic tumour suppressor activity of E-cadherin and p53 in a conditional mouse model for metastatic diffuse-type gastric cancer. DCKO
64  2010 A functional single nucleotide polymorphism in mucin 1, at chromosome 1q22, determines susceptibility to diffuse-type gastric cancer. MUC1, OR, PSCA, SNPs
65  2010 Expression and prognostic significance of gastric-specific annexin A10 in diffuse- and intestinal-type gastric carcinoma. ANXA10, IGC
66  2010 Hypoxia upregulates adhesion ability to peritoneum through a transforming growth factor-beta-dependent mechanism in diffuse-type gastric cancer cells. TGF-beta
67  2010 Relationship between Helicobacter pylori tyrosine-phosphorylated CagA-related markers and the development of diffuse-type gastric cancers: a case-control study. AG
68  2010 SERPINE1 intron polymorphisms affecting gene expression are associated with diffuse-type gastric cancer susceptibility. del, SNPs
69  2009 Allele-specific CDH1 downregulation and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. AI, ASE, HDGC
70  2009 Germline CDH1 deletions in hereditary diffuse gastric cancer families. HDGC
71  2009 Prophylactic total gastrectomy (PTG) for hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC): the Newfoundland experience with 23 patients. HDGC, PTG
72  2008 A novel diffuse gastric cancer susceptibility variant in E-cadherin (CDH1) intron 2: a case control study in an Italian population. ---
73  2008 Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: diagnosis, genetic counseling, and prophylactic total gastrectomy. HDGC
74  2007 Destabilized adhesion in the gastric proliferative zone and c-Src kinase activation mark the development of early diffuse gastric cancer. SRCC
75  2007 Endogastric capsule for E-cadherin gene (CDH1) promoter hypermethylation assessment in DNA from gastric juice of diffuse gastric cancer patients. EC
76  2007 Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: association with lobular breast cancer. HDGC, LBC
77  2006 Differential expression of claudin-4 between intestinal and diffuse-type gastric cancer. IGC
78  2006 PGP9.5 methylation in diffuse-type gastric cancer. IGC
79  2005 Characterization of a recurrent germ line mutation of the E-cadherin gene: implications for genetic testing and clinical management. HDGC, LBC
80  2005 Identification of differential gene expression between intestinal and diffuse gastric cancer using cDNA microarray. ANXA1, CLDN4, IGC
81  2004 Germline E-cadherin mutations in hereditary diffuse gastric cancer: assessment of 42 new families and review of genetic screening criteria. GC, HDGC
82  2002 Association of CDH1 haplotypes with susceptibility to sporadic diffuse gastric cancer. ---
83  2002 E-cadherin gene variants in gastric cancer families whose probands are diagnosed with diffuse gastric cancer. ---
84  1996 Association of Helicobacter pylori and diffuse type gastric cancer. PCR