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Abbreviation:   DWDS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   drinking water distribution systems
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 The Impact of Pipe Material on the Diversity of Microbial Communities in Drinking Water Distribution Systems. ARs
2021 Characteristics of biostability of drinking water in aged pipes after water source switching: ATP evaluation, biofilms niches and microbial community transition. ATP, CI, IOB, IRB, NOB, NRB, SPB
2021 Characterization of the synergistic relationships between nitrification and microbial regrowth in the chloraminated drinking water supply system. AOB, SWSSs
2021 Characterizing the premise plumbing microbiome in both water and biofilms of a 50-year-old building. ---
2021 Chlorinated cyanurates and potassium salt of peroxymonosulphate as antimicrobial and antibiofilm agents for drinking water disinfection. DW, TCCA
2021 Cr release after Cr(III) and Cr(VI) enrichment from different layers of cast iron corrosion scales in drinking water distribution systems: the impact of pH, temperature, sulfate, and chloride. ---
2021 Diverse and active archaea communities occur in non-disinfected drinking water systems-Less activity revealed in disinfected and hot water systems. ARG, rRNA, UV
2021 Effects of monochloramine on culturability, viability and persistence of Pseudomonas putida and tap water mixed bacterial community. EPS, NGS, VBNC
2021 Field studies of aluminum release and deposition in drinking water distribution systems. Al
10  2021 Heavy metal enrichment in drinking water pipe scales and speciation change with water parameters. ---
11  2021 Influence of drinking water quality on the formation of corrosion scales in lead-bearing drinking water distribution systems. ---
12  2021 Is a Proactive Approach to Controlling Legionella in the Environment Justified? HPC, PGK
13  2021 Laboratory preparation of monochloramine for environmental research: A comparison of four commonly used protocols. MCA
14  2021 Microbial communities of biofilms developed in a chlorinated drinking water distribution system: A field study of antibiotic resistance and biodiversity. ARB, ARGs, WTPs
15  2021 Non-invasive Biofouling Monitoring to Assess Drinking Water Distribution System Performance. BMD
16  2021 Study on the occurrence of typical heavy metals in drinking water and corrosion scales in a large community in northern China. ---
17  2021 The role of biofilm in the development and dissemination of ubiquitous pathogens in drinking water distribution systems: an overview of surveillance, outbreaks, and prevention. ---
18  2021 Trihalomethanes formation enhanced by manganese chlorination and deposition in plastic drinking water pipes. DBPs, I-THMs, MnOx, THMs
19  2020 Aeromonas species from non-chlorinated distribution systems and their competitive planktonic growth in drinking water. ---
20  2020 Characterization of Legionella pneumophila Populations by Multilocus Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (MLVA) Genotyping from Drinking Water and Biofilm in Hospitals from Different Regions of the West Bank. GT, LD, MLVA, SBT, SG, ST
21  2020 Early period corrosion and scaling characteristics of ductile iron pipe for ground water supply with sodium hypochlorite disinfection. ---
22  2020 Effect of trichloroacetic acid on iron oxidation: Implications on the control of DBPs and deposits in drinking water. DBPs, DO
23  2020 Effects of bacterial community composition and structure in drinking water distribution systems on biofilm formation and chlorine resistance. ---
24  2020 Enhanced perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) accumulation by combination with in-situ formed Mn oxides under drinking water conditions. MnOx, PFOA
25  2020 Formation of biofilms from new pipelines at both ends of the drinking water distribution system and comparison of disinfection by-products formation potential. DBPs
26  2020 Influence of pipe material on biofilm microbial communities found in drinking water supply system. ---
27  2020 Metal-release potential from iron corrosion scales under stagnant and active flow, and varying water quality conditions. ---
28  2020 Microbial contamination in distributed drinking water purifiers induced by water stagnation. GAC, SF, SSDWPs, UF
29  2020 Monitoring of Nitrification in Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems With Microbiome Bioindicators Using Supervised Machine Learning. AUC, PR, ROC
30  2020 Nitrifying niche differentiation in biofilms from full-scale chloraminated drinking water distribution system. AOA, AOB, Cluster LD, MCA, NOB
31  2020 Occurrence and quantification of culturable and viable but non-culturable (VBNC) pathogens in biofilm on different pipes from a metropolitan drinking water distribution system. SSCP, VBNC
32  2020 On-going nitrification in chloraminated drinking water distribution system (DWDS) is conditioned by hydraulics and disinfection strategies. EPS, TOC
33  2020 Potential and limitations of a pilot-scale drinking water distribution system for bacterial community predictive modelling. ---
34  2020 The impact of metal pipe materials, corrosion products, and corrosion inhibitors on antibiotic resistance in drinking water distribution systems. ARB, ARGs, MGEs, MRGs
35  2019 A novel method: using an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) luminescence-based assay to rapidly assess the biological stability of drinking water. ATP
36  2019 Application of enhanced assimilable organic carbon method across operational drinking water systems. AOC, WTW
37  2019 Dynamics of the physiochemical and community structures of biofilms under the influence of algal organic matter and humic substances. AOM, BFAOM, BFHS, EPS, HS
38  2019 Effect of sequential UV/free chlorine disinfection on opportunistic pathogens and microbial community structure in simulated drinking water distribution systems. OPs
39  2019 Field studies of manganese deposition and release in drinking water distribution systems: Insight into deposit control. Mn
40  2019 Genotypic Characterization of Aminoglycoside Resistance Genes from Bacteria Isolates in Selected Municipal Drinking Water Distribution Sources in Southwestern Nigeria. AMGs, ARGs, MDR
41  2019 Impact of flow hydrodynamics and pipe material properties on biofilm development within drinking water systems. ---
42  2019 Mycobacterial metabolic characteristics in a water meter biofilm revealed by metagenomics and metatranscriptomics. CG-M
43  2019 Quantitative microbial risk assessment of Legionella pneumophila in a drinking water supply system in Israel. DALY, QMRA
44  2018 Assessment of heavy metals in loose deposits in drinking water distribution system. ---
45  2018 Biofilm and planktonic bacterial communities in a drinking water distribution system supplied with untreated groundwater. ---
46  2018 Biofilm Microbiome (Re)Growth Dynamics in Drinking Water Distribution Systems Are Impacted by Chlorine Concentration. ---
47  2018 Changes in the Drinking Water Microbiome: Effects of Water Treatments Along the Flow of Two Drinking Water Treatment Plants in a Urbanized Area, Milan (Italy). DWTPs, HTS
48  2018 Characterization and release profile of (Mn, Al)-bearing deposits in drinking water distribution systems. ---
49  2018 Electrophoretic mobility of Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1 to 14. EPM, Lp, SG
50  2018 Impact of biofilm formation and detachment on the transmission of bacterial antibiotic resistance in drinking water distribution systems. ARB, VBNC
51  2018 Microbial Community Composition of Tap Water and Biofilms Treated with or without Copper-Silver Ionization. CSI
52  2018 Microbiome of drinking water: A full-scale spatio-temporal study to monitor water quality in the Paris distribution system. ---
53  2018 O3-BAC-Cl2: A multi-barrier process controlling the regrowth of opportunistic waterborne pathogens in drinking water distribution systems. OPs
54  2018 Reduced Chlorine in Drinking Water Distribution Systems Impacts Bacterial Biodiversity in Biofilms. ---
55  2018 Risk assessment of heavy metals in pipe scales and loose deposits formed in drinking water distribution systems. CBSQGs, GCF, RAC
56  2018 Succession of bacterial and fungal communities within biofilms of a chlorinated drinking water distribution system. ---
57  2018 The action of chemical and mechanical stresses on single and dual species biofilm removal of drinking water bacteria. ---
58  2018 The effects of emerging environmental contaminants on Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolated from drinking water in planktonic and sessile states. ECs
59  2018 The Seasonality of Nitrite Concentrations in a Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution System. ---
60  2018 Water quality characteristics and corrosion potential in blending zones in X city drinking water distribution system. CCPP, DO, LSI, MMRs, PSI, RSI, TDS
61  2017 An ignored and potential source of taste and odor (T&O) issues-biofilms in drinking water distribution system (DWDS). ---
62  2017 Biofilm structures (EPS and bacterial communities) in drinking water distribution systems are conditioned by hydraulics and influence discolouration. EPS
63  2017 Comparison of biofilm ecology supporting growth of individual Naegleria species in a drinking water distribution system. FLA
64  2017 Effects of sulfate on heavy metal release from iron corrosion scales in drinking water distribution system. GW, IRB, SRB, SW
65  2017 Pilot investigation on formation of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole via microbial O-methylation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in drinking water distribution system: An insight into microbial mechanism. 2,4,6-TCA, 2,4,6-TCP, eDNA, PE, QS
66  2017 Pyrosequencing analysis of source water switch and sulfate-induced bacterial community transformation in simulated drinking water distribution pipes. CCA, GW, RDA, SW
67  2017 Spatial and temporal analogies in microbial communities in natural drinking water biofilms. ---
68  2016 Changes in bacterial composition of biofilm in a metropolitan drinking water distribution system. OTU
69  2016 Elimination of Naegleria fowleri from bulk water and biofilm in an operational drinking water distribution system. post-RCl, pre-RCl, RCl
70  2016 Exploring the biological stability situation of a full scale water distribution system in south China by three biological stability evaluation methods. AOC, BDOC, BRP, HPC, TOC, WTP
71  2016 Response of Simulated Drinking Water Biofilm Mechanical and Structural Properties to Long-Term Disinfectant Exposure. AFM, CLSM, OCT
72  2016 Understanding, Monitoring, and Controlling Biofilm Growth in Drinking Water Distribution Systems. EPS, ESEM
73  2016 [Effect of Polysilicic Acid on the Deposition Behavior of Different Aluminum Species]. ---
74  2015 Bacterial composition in a metropolitan drinking water distribution system utilizing different source waters. ---
75  2015 Characterisation of the physical composition and microbial community structure of biofilms within a model full-scale drinking water distribution system. CLSM, DIA, EPS
76  2015 Community shift of biofilms developed in a full-scale drinking water distribution system switching from different water sources. ---
77  2015 Microbial analysis of in situ biofilm formation in drinking water distribution systems: implications for monitoring and control of drinking water quality. CLSM, SEM
78  2015 Molecular characterization of selected multidrug resistant Pseudomonas from water distribution systems in southwestern Nigeria. MDR
79  2015 Molecular Detection of Legionella spp. and their associations with Mycobacterium spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa and amoeba hosts in a drinking water distribution system. FLA, OPs, UF
80  2015 Role of biofilm roughness and hydrodynamic conditions in Legionella pneumophila adhesion to and detachment from simulated drinking water biofilms. L. pneumophila, OCT
81  2014 An overview on the reactors to study drinking water biofilms. DW
82  2014 Bacterial communities associated with an occurrence of colored water in an urban drinking water distribution system. ---
83  2014 Bacterial community dynamics during the early stages of biofilm formation in a chlorinated experimental drinking water distribution system: implications for drinking water discolouration. ---
84  2014 Biofilm bacterial communities in urban drinking water distribution systems transporting waters with different purification strategies. ---
85  2014 Effect of sulfate on the transformation of corrosion scale composition and bacterial community in cast iron water distribution pipes. IOB, IRB, SOB, SRB
86  2014 Methodological approaches for studying the microbial ecology of drinking water distribution systems. ---
87  2014 Pyrosequencing reveals bacterial communities in unchlorinated drinking water distribution system: an integral study of bulk water, suspended solids, loose deposits, and pipe wall biofilm. ---
88  2014 Quorum sensing in water and wastewater treatment biofilms. QS
89  2014 Radioactive and chemical contamination of the water resources in the former uranium mining and milling sites of Mailuu Suu (Kyrgyzstan). ---
90  2014 Real-time ArcGIS and heterotrophic plate count based chloramine disinfectant control in water distribution system. DBPs, HPCs
91  2014 Temporal variations in the abundance and composition of biofilm communities colonizing drinking water distribution pipes. OTUs
92  2014 The bacteriological composition of biomass recovered by flushing an operational drinking water distribution system. DMA
93  2013 Bacterial community of biofilms developed under different water supply conditions in a distribution system. CODMn, GW, SW
94  2013 Bacteriology of drinking water distribution systems: an integral and multidimensional review. ---
95  2013 Strontium concentrations in corrosion products from residential drinking water distribution systems. ---
96  2012 Influence of hydraulic regimes on bacterial community structure and composition in an experimental drinking water distribution system. rRNA
97  2012 Microbial community dynamics of an urban drinking water distribution system subjected to phases of chloramination and chlorination treatments. ---
98  2012 Morphological and physicochemical characteristics of iron corrosion scales formed under different water source histories in a drinking water distribution system. M/G
99  2011 Evaluation of methods for the extraction of DNA from drinking water distribution system biofilms. ---
100  2011 The effects of metabolite molecules produced by drinking water-isolated bacteria on their single and multispecies biofilms. DW