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Abbreviation:   ECIS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   electric cell-substrate impedance sensing
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Application of impedance measurement to investigate in vitro inhalation toxicity of bacteria. ---
2021 Biomimetic invitro respiratory system using smooth muscle cells on ECIS chips for anti-asthma TCMs screening. ASM, beta2-AR, TCMs
2021 Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Induces Non-Canonical Inflammatory and Oxidative Pathways in Human Retinal Endothelial Cells. BMP-2, DR, eNOS, HRECs, REC, ROS, TER
2021 Can ECIS Biosensor Technology Be Used to Measure the Cellular Responses of Glioblastoma Stem Cells? ---
2021 Comparison of Leading Biosensor Technologies to Detect Changes in Human Endothelial Barrier Properties in Response to Pro-Inflammatory TNFalpha and IL1beta in Real-Time. ---
2021 Comparison of polynomial fitting versus single time point analysis of ECIS data for barrier assessment. ---
2021 Controlled Release of 18-beta-Glycyrrhetinic Acid from Core-Shell Nanoparticles: Effects on Cytotoxicity and Intracellular Concentration in HepG2 Cell Line. CS, GA, PLGA
2021 Detecting Effects of Low Levels of FCCP on Stem Cell Micromotion and Wound-Healing Migration by Time-Series Capacitance Measurement. hMSCs, OXPHOS
2021 Development of a carboxyl-terminated indium tin oxide electrode for improving cell adhesion and facilitating low noise, real-time impedance measurements. CHO, EDC, ITO, NHS
10  2021 Label-free cell based impedance measurements of ZnO nanoparticles-human lung cell interaction: a comparison with MTT, NR, Trypan blue and cloning efficiency assays. ZnO NPs
11  2021 Lasius fuliginosus Nest Carton as a Source of New Promising Bioactive Extracts with Chemopreventive Potential. DPPH
12  2021 LncRSPH9-4 Facilitates Meningitic Escherichia coli-Caused Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption via miR-17-5p/MMP3 Axis. BBB, BMECs, lncRNAs
13  2021 Measuring Cell Growth and Junction Development in Epithelial Cells Using Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS). AC
14  2021 Modelling and Differential Quantification of Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing Growth Curves. ---
15  2021 Novel Curcumin-Resveratrol Solid Nanoparticles Synergistically Inhibit Proliferation of Melanoma Cells. CUR, RES, SLNs
16  2021 Protective Role of Mytilus edulis Hydrolysate in Lipopolysaccharide-Galactosamine Acute Liver Injury. HUVECs, IL-6, iNOS, LC-MS, MFI, NO, VCAM-1
17  2021 Real-Time Monitoring the Effect of Cytopathic Hypoxia on Retinal Pigment Epithelial Barrier Functionality Using Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) Biosensor Technology. MTT
18  2021 Relative Contribution of Different Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Components to the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Barrier Function: Implications for RPE-Related Retinal Diseases. AMD, Cm, DR, ETC, LDH, OXPHOS, RPE
19  2021 Syncytialization alters the extracellular matrix and barrier function of placental trophoblasts. ECM, MMP-9
20  2021 Temperature Tolerance Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing for Joint Assessment of Cell Viability and Vitality. ---
21  2021 The Cx43 Carboxyl-Terminal Mimetic Peptide alphaCT1 Protects Endothelial Barrier Function in a ZO1 Binding-Competent Manner. CT, Cx43, GJ, ZO-1
22  2021 The Role of the Wnt Pathway in VEGF/Anti-VEGF-Dependent Control of the Endothelial Cell Barrier. HRECs, VEGF
23  2020 An evaluation of the impact of clinical bacterial isolates on epithelial cell monolayer integrity by the electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) method. ---
24  2020 An in vitro model of chronic wounding and its implication for age-related macular degeneration. AMD, RPE
25  2020 Arg mediates LPS-induced disruption of the pulmonary endothelial barrier. ARDS, MLC
26  2020 Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)4 But Not BMP2 Disrupts the Barrier Integrity of Retinal Pigment Epithelia and Induces Their Migration: A Potential Role in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration. BMP, BMPs, MMPs, nAMD, RPE, seq, TER, ZO
27  2020 Cartilage acidic protein 1 promotes increased cell viability, cell proliferation and energy metabolism in primary human dermal fibroblasts. CRTAC1, NHDF
28  2020 Electrochemical Assessment of Anticancer Compounds on the Human Tongue Squamous Carcinoma Cells. CBD, SCC
29  2020 Endothelial Permeability Assays In Vitro. ---
30  2020 Functional and cell surface characteristics of periodontal ligament cells (PDLCs) on RGD-synthetic polypeptide conjugate coatings. ALP, PDLCs
31  2020 Impedance analysis of adherent cells after in situ electroporation-mediated delivery of bioactive proteins, DNA and nanoparticles in L-volumes. ISE, ISE-ECIS
32  2020 Impedance-based drug-resistance characterization of colon cancer cells through real-time cell culture monitoring. ---
33  2020 Inflammatory Conditions Disrupt Constitutive Endothelial Cell Barrier Stabilization by Alleviating Autonomous Secretion of Sphingosine 1-Phosphate. BALF, EC, FITC, HUVEC, LPS, S1P, S1PR1
34  2020 Interdigitated aluminium and titanium sensors for assessing epithelial barrier functionality by electric cell-substrate impedance spectroscopy (ECIS). ---
35  2020 p90RSK-MAGI1 Module Controls Endothelial Permeability by Post-translational Modifications of MAGI1 and Hippo Pathway. EC, PTMs, Thb
36  2020 Placental growth factor regulates the pentose phosphate pathway and antioxidant defense systems in human retinal endothelial cells. DEPs, DR, HRECs, PlGF, PPP, TMT
37  2020 Three-dimensional analyses of cells' positioning on the quadrupole-electrode microfluid chip considering the coupling effect of nDEP, ACEO, and ETF. ACEO, EF, ETF, nDEP
38  2020 Use of Discrete Wavelet Transform to Assess Impedance Fluctuations Obtained from Cellular Micromotion. db, DWT, HUVECs
39  2019 A bioinspired in vitro bioelectronic tongue with human T2R38 receptor for high-specificity detection of N-C=S-containing compounds. BioET, LBVS, PROP, PTC
40  2019 Application of ECIS to Assess FCCP-Induced Changes of MSC Micromotion and Wound Healing Migration. hMSCs
41  2019 Application of Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing to Investigate the Cytotoxic Effects of Andrographolide on U-87 MG Glioblastoma Cell Migration and Apoptosis. GBM, SAHA, TMZ, U-87 MG
42  2019 Blue-light induced breakdown of barrier function on human retinal epithelial cells is mediated by PKC-zeta over-activation and oxidative stress. LED, PKCzeta, RPE, ZO-1
43  2019 Cell Line Classification Using Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS). ---
44  2019 Chlorpromazine toxicity is associated with disruption of cell membrane integrity and initiation of a pro-inflammatory response in the HepaRG hepatic cell line. CPZ
45  2019 CMOS based whole cell impedance sensing: Challenges and future outlook. CMOS, EIS
46  2019 Data-Analytics Modeling of Electrical Impedance Measurements for Cell Culture Monitoring. ---
47  2019 Electric cell-substrate impedance sensing in kidney research. ---
48  2019 GPR55-mediated effects on brain microvascular endothelial cells and the blood-brain barrier. BBB, KCa, LPI, RBMVEC
49  2019 Impaired smooth muscle cell contractility as a novel concept of abdominal aortic aneurysm pathophysiology. AAA, SMC
50  2019 Improving a fish intestinal barrier model by combining two rainbow trout cell lines: epithelial RTgutGC and fibroblastic RTgutF. ---
51  2019 In vitro Intestinal Epithelial Wound-healing Assays Using Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing Instrument. ---
52  2019 Influences of up-regulation of miR-126 on septic inflammation and prognosis through AKT/Rac1 signaling pathway. HMVECs, IL-6, miR, SPSS, TNF-alpha
53  2019 Mechanisms of silver nanoparticles-induced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in rat tracheal epithelial cells. MDA, MT, qRT-PCR, ROS, RTE
54  2019 Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) treatment attenuates oxidative stress and rescues angiogenic capacity in aged cerebromicrovascular endothelial cells: a potential mechanism for the prevention of vascular cognitive impairment. CMVECs, NMN, VCID
55  2019 Real-Time Measurement of Melanoma Cell-Mediated Human Brain Endothelial Barrier Disruption Using Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing Technology. ---
56  2019 Zika virus modulates blood-brain barrier of brain microvascular endothelial cells. MECs, ZIKV
57  2019 [Establishment of a congenital chloride diarrhea-associated SLC26A3 c.392C>G (p.P131R) polymorphism-expressing cell model and a preliminary analysis of its mechanism of action]. CCD, sgRNA, ssODNs, TNF-alpha
58  2018 A cell viability assessment method based on area-normalized impedance spectrum (ANIS). ANIS, CCK-8
59  2018 A Novel Synthetic Material, BMM, Accelerates Wound Repair by Stimulating Re-Epithelialization and Fibroblast Activation. FAK
60  2018 An Empirical-Mathematical Approach for Calibration and Fitting Cell-Electrode Electrical Models in Bioimpedance Tests. OBT
61  2018 Characterization of cell-cell junction changes associated with the formation of a strong endothelial barrier. ACM, BBB, CNS, HUVEC
62  2018 Combining stem cell-derived hepatocytes with impedance sensing to better predict human drug toxicity. ---
63  2018 ECIS based wounding and reorganization of cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts in co-cultures. ---
64  2018 Effects of Platelet-Activating Factor on Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells. BBB, CNS, DAF-FM, NO, PAF, RBMVEC
65  2018 Endothelial dysfunction as a long-term effect of late onset hypertensive pregnancy disorders: High BMI is key. GH, HUVECs, sE-selectin, sICAM-1
66  2018 Feasibility of Tracking Multiple Single-Cell Properties with Impedance Spectroscopy. ---
67  2018 Focal adhesion kinase a potential therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma. FAK, MPM, PDAC, Pyk2
68  2018 Hsp70 Suppresses Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species and Preserves Pulmonary Microvascular Barrier Integrity Following Exposure to Bacterial Toxins. GGA, HLMVEC, PLY, ROS
69  2018 Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Media and Exosomes Containing MALAT1 Promote Human Dermal Fibroblast Migration and Ischemic Wound Healing. ADSC, bFGF, CM, hADSCs, HDF, lnc, MALAT1
70  2018 Human pulmonary endothelial cell permeability after exposure to LPS-stimulated leukocyte supernatants derived from patients with early sepsis. ARDS, HPMECs, ICU, LPS
71  2018 In Vitro Wounding Models Using the Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS)-Ztheta Technology. hCMVEC
72  2018 Leukadherin-1 ameliorates endothelial barrier damage mediated by neutrophils from critically ill patients. HUVEC, ICAM-1, LA-1
73  2018 Mechanical and morphological response of confluent epithelial cell layers to reinforcement and dissolution of the F-actin cytoskeleton. ---
74  2018 Microfluidic platform for the real time measurement and observation of endothelial barrier function under shear stress. MBR
75  2018 Nano and Microsensors for Mammalian Cell Studies. ---
76  2018 Sensing Cell-Culture Assays with Low-Cost Circuitry. OBT
77  2018 Stabilization of cell-cell junctions by active vitamin D ameliorates uraemia-induced loss of human endothelial barrier function. EC, VD, VE
78  2018 Synthesis and characterization of kaempferol-based ruthenium (II) complex: A facile approach for superior anticancer application. ---
79  2018 The Importance of Multifrequency Impedance Sensing of Endothelial Barrier Formation Using ECIS Technology for the Generation of a Strong and Durable Paracellular Barrier. ---
80  2018 Unique and shared inflammatory profiles of human brain endothelia and pericytes. BBB
81  2017 A Screening Approach for Identifying Gliadin Neutralizing Antibodies on Epithelial Intestinal Caco-2 Cells. CD, HTS, PT-gliadin
82  2017 A tracking algorithm for cell motility assays in CMOS systems. ---
83  2017 Adenosine Deaminase-2-Induced Hyperpermeability in Human Retinal Vascular Endothelial Cells Is Suppressed by MicroRNA-146b-3p. ADA2, AGA, BRB, CM, DR, HRECs, ICAM-1, miR, MPO, ZO
84  2017 Ascorbic acid attenuates endothelial permeability triggered by cell-free hemoglobin. CFH, HUVEC
85  2017 Biosensor Technology Reveals the Disruption of the Endothelial Barrier Function and the Subsequent Death of Blood Brain Barrier Endothelial Cells to Sodium Azide and Its Gaseous Products. BBB
86  2017 Effect of electrode material on the sensitivity of interdigitated electrodes used for Electrical Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing technology. IDEs, IrOx, ITO
87  2017 Effect of extracorporeal cytokine removal on vascular barrier function in a septic shock patient. HUVECs, MOD, SOFA, TER
88  2017 Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing To Monitor Viral Growth and Study Cellular Responses to Infection with Alphaherpesviruses in Real Time. FHV-1, HSV-1
89  2017 Electrical Cell-Substrate Impedance Spectroscopy Can Monitor Age-Grouped Human Adipose Stem Cell Variability During Osteogenic Differentiation. hASCs
90  2017 Elucidating the molecular basis of PPCD: Effects of decreased ZEB1 expression on corneal endothelial cell function. cCasp3, PPCD3, UVC, ZEB1
91  2017 Exosomes and Metabolic Function in Mice Exposed to Alternating Dark-Light Cycles Mimicking Night Shift Work Schedules. CL, vWAT
92  2017 Exosomes contribute to endothelial integrity and acute chest syndrome risk: Preliminary findings. ACS, eNOS, SCD
93  2017 Fibroblast activation protein-alpha promotes the growth and migration of lung cancer cells via the PI3K and sonic hedgehog pathways. AC, FAPalpha, PI3K, SCC, SHH
94  2017 Japanese encephalitis virus disrupts blood-brain barrier and modulates apoptosis proteins in THBMEC cells. BBB, CNS, JE, JEV, TEER, THBMECs
95  2017 Levobuipivacaine-Induced Dissemination of A549 Lung Cancer Cells. EMT, HIF, qRT-PCR
96  2017 Modeling and development of screen-printed impedance biosensor for cytotoxicity studies of lung carcinoma cells. CI, ECM, IDES, PDMS
97  2017 Prostate Transglutaminase (TGase-4) Induces Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer Cells. EMT, PCa, TGase-4
98  2017 Serine/threonine phosphatase 5 (PP5C/PPP5C) regulates the ISOC channel through a PP5C-FKBP51 axis. Hsp90, PAECs, TPR
99  2017 Serum from dengue virus-infected patients with and without plasma leakage differentially affects endothelial cells barrier function in vitro. HUVECs, TEER
100  2017 ShenLingLan Influences the Attachment and Migration of Ovarian Cancer Cells Potentially through the GSK3 Pathway. GSK-3, qPCR