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Abbreviation:   ENTH  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   epsin N-terminal homology
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Arabidopsis clathrin adaptor EPSIN1 but not MODIFIED TRANSPORT TO THE VACOULE1 contributes to effective plant immunity against pathogenic Pseudomonas bacteria. AtEPS1, AtFLS2, EE, PM, Pto, TGN
2021 A continuum membrane model can predict curvature sensing by helix insertion. ---
2020 Complimentary action of structured and unstructured domains of epsin supports clathrin-mediated endocytosis at high tension. CCSs, CME, IDP
2020 ESCRT-dependent protein sorting is required for the viability of yeast clathrin-mediated endocytosis mutants. CME, ESCRT, PM
2020 Proteomic Exploration of Membrane Curvature Sensors Using a Series of Spherical Supported Lipid Bilayers. BAR, MCS, NHDF, SSLB
2019 Single-Nanometer Changes in Nanopore Geometry Influence Curvature, Local Properties, and Protein Localization in Membrane Simulations. ---
2018 AP180 N-Terminal Homology (ANTH) and Epsin N-Terminal Homology (ENTH) Domains: Physiological Functions and Involvement in Disease. ---
2017 Structure and evolution of ENTH and VHS/ENTH-like domains in tepsin. AP4, TGN
2017 To a better understanding of the giardial ENTH protein function. epsinR
10  2016 Vestiges of Ent3p/Ent5p function in the giardial epsin homolog. ---
11  2014 Btn3 regulates the endosomal sorting function of the yeast Ent3 epsin, an adaptor for SNARE proteins. ---
12  2013 Crystallographic analysis of the ENTH domain from yeast epsin Ent2 that induces a cell division phenotype. ---
13  2013 Dual role of BAR domain-containing proteins in regulating vesicle release catalyzed by the GTPase, dynamin-2. Dyn2, EAPs, PRD, SH3
14  2012 Membrane binding and self-association of the epsin N-terminal homology domain. CG, MD
15  2012 Single molecule kinetics of ENTH binding to lipid membranes. TIRFM
16  2011 Epsin N-terminal homology domains bind on opposite sides of two SNAREs. ---
17  2011 Liquid facets-related (lqfR) is required for egg chamber morphogenesis during Drosophila oogenesis. CLINT1, lqfR
18  2010 Analysis of the development of a morphological phenotype as a function of protein concentration in budding yeast. ---
19  2010 Curvature sensing by the epsin N-terminal homology domain measured on cylindrical lipid membrane tethers. ---
20  2010 Dissecting Ent3p: the ENTH domain binds different SNAREs via distinct amino acid residues while the C-terminus is sufficient for retrograde transport from endosomes. GFP
21  2010 The epsin family of endocytic adaptors promotes fibrosarcoma migration and invasion. ---
22  2009 Drosophila liquid facets-Related encodes Golgi epsin and is an essential gene required for cell proliferation, growth, and patterning. epsinR, lqfR
23  2009 Molecular basis of the potent membrane-remodeling activity of the epsin 1 N-terminal homology domain. ---
24  2009 The single ENTH-domain protein of trypanosomes; endocytic functions and evolutionary relationship with epsin. epsinR, T. brucei, UIM
25  2009 The yeast endocytic protein Epsin 2 functions in a cell-division signaling pathway. Ent2
26  2007 EpsinR2 interacts with clathrin, adaptor protein-3, AtVTI12, and phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate. Implications for EpsinR2 function in protein trafficking in plant cells. ---
27  2006 Epsin N-terminal homology domains perform an essential function regulating Cdc42 through binding Cdc42 GTPase-activating proteins. ---
28  2006 Membrane topology of helix 0 of the Epsin N-terminal homology domain. EPR
29  2005 Sequence analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana E/ANTH-domain-containing proteins: membrane tethers of the clathrin-dependent vesicle budding machinery. E/ANTH
30  2004 Accelerated screening of phage-display output with alkaline phosphatase fusions. AP, LIC
31  2004 HIP1 and HIP1r stabilize receptor tyrosine kinases and bind 3-phosphoinositides via epsin N-terminal homology domains. HIP1, HIP1R
32  2003 A role for epsin N-terminal homology/AP180 N-terminal homology (ENTH/ANTH) domains in tubulin binding. ---
33  2003 Contrasting membrane interaction mechanisms of AP180 N-terminal homology (ANTH) and epsin N-terminal homology (ENTH) domains. ---
34  2003 Either part of a Drosophila epsin protein, divided after the ENTH domain, functions in endocytosis of delta in the developing eye. Dl, Lqf
35  2003 Ent3p Is a PtdIns(3,5)P2 effector required for protein sorting to the multivesicular body. MVB
36  2003 ENTH/ANTH proteins and clathrin-mediated membrane budding. E/ANTH
37  2003 Potential role for a novel AP180-related protein during endocytosis in MDCK cells. MDCK
38  2003 Solution structure of the epsin N-terminal homology (ENTH) domain of human epsin. ---
39  2003 Specific interaction between SNAREs and epsin N-terminal homology (ENTH) domains of epsin-related proteins in trans-Golgi network to endosome transport. ---
40  2002 Phosphoinositide-binding domains: Functional units for temporal and spatial regulation of intracellular signalling. PH, PX
41  2002 The ENTH domain. ---
42  2002 Yeast epsin-related proteins required for Golgi-endosome traffic define a gamma-adaptin ear-binding motif. CCVs, TGN
43  2001 Clathrin- and AP-2-binding sites in HIP1 uncover a general assembly role for endocytic accessory proteins. HIP1
44  2001 Role of the ENTH domain in phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate binding and endocytosis. ---
45  2001 The Phox homology (PX) domain, a new player in phosphoinositide signalling. PH, PX
46  1999 Yeast epsins contain an essential N-terminal ENTH domain, bind clathrin and are required for endocytosis. ---