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Abbreviation:   FID  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   fluorescent intercalator displacement
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 The DNA binding properties of 9-aminoacridine carboxamide Pt complexes. ---
2020 A new class of quadruplex DNA-binding nickel Schiff base complexes. dsDNA, qDNA
2020 Binding Modes of a Phenylpyridinium Styryl Fluorescent Dye with Cucurbiturils. CB7, PEG, PhSt, TICT
2020 Microenvironment-Sensitive Fluorescent Ligand Binds Ascaris Telomere Antiparallel G-Quadruplex DNA with Blue-Shift and Enhanced Emission. ---
2019 Fluorescent indicator displacement assays to identify and characterize small molecule interactions with RNA. ---
2019 G-quadruplex and duplex DNA binding studies of novel Ruthenium(II) complexes containing ascididemin ligands. ASC, FRET
2019 Selectivity of Terpyridine Platinum Anticancer Drugs for G-quadruplex DNA. TO
2018 A novel molecular rotor facilitates detection of p53-DNA interactions using the Fluorescent Intercalator Displacement Assay. AO-R, TICT
2018 Fluorescent Determination of Succinylcholine Chloride by Naphthalimide/ Stilbazolium Dye ⊂ CP5A. CP5A, NA, SA, SCC
10  2018 Molecular recognition of double-stranded DNA by a synthetic, homoaromatic tripeptide (YYY): The spectroscopic and calorimetric study. CD, ds, ITC, TCSPC
11  2018 More is not always better: finding the right trade-off between affinity and selectivity of a G-quadruplex ligand. cex-NDI, DEG, NMM
12  2018 Phenanthroline polyazamacrocycles as G-quadruplex DNA binders. CD, FRET
13  2017 Arylsulfanyl groups - Suitable side chains for 5-substituted 1,10-phenanthroline and nickel complexes as G4 ligands and telomerase inhibitors. CD, Phen-Ni, TRAP
14  2017 Dimeric and trimeric derivatives of the azinomycin B chromophore show enhanced DNA binding. ---
15  2017 Identification of new DNA i-motif binding ligands through a fluorescent intercalator displacement assay. ---
16  2017 Insight into the binding of a non-toxic, self-assembling aromatic tripeptide with ct-DNA: Spectroscopic and viscositic studies. CD, CT-DNA, UV
17  2017 PhenDV, a turn-off fluorescent quadruplex DNA probe for improving the sensitivity of drug screening assays. ---
18  2017 Platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes of tridentate hydrazone-based ligands as selective guanine quadruplex binders. CD
19  2017 Sm(iii)[12-MCGa(III)shi-4] as a luminescent probe for G-quadruplex structures. GQs, MC, SmMC
20  2016 G-quadruplex fluorescence sensing by core-extended naphthalene diimides. CD, cex-NDIs, NDIs
21  2016 Selective recognition of c-MYC G-quadruplex DNA using prolinamide derivatives. AFM, FRET
22  2015 Exploratory Study on the RNA-Binding Structural Motifs by Library Screening Targeting pre-miRNA-29 a. miRNA, pre-miR-29a, SPR, SS library
23  2015 Interaction of metallacrown complexes with G-quadruplex DNA. GQ, MC, pheHA
24  2015 Quadruplex DNA-Stabilising Dinuclear Platinum(II) Terpyridine Complexes with Flexible Linkers. FRET, QDNA, SRCD
25  2015 [Stimulation of DNA molecules association with amphiphilic derivatives of 1,3-diazaadamantane containing hydrophobic side chanins]. ---
26  2014 A platinum(II) complex of liriodenine from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): Cell cycle arrest, cell apoptosis induction and telomerase inhibition activity via G-quadruplex DNA stabilization. FRET, PCR-ELISA, TCM
27  2014 A small molecule peptidomimetic that binds to c-KIT1 G-quadruplex and exhibits antiproliferative properties in cancer cells. FRET
28  2014 Assembly of palladium(II) and platinum(II) metallo-rectangles with a guanosine-substituted terpyridine and study of their interactions with quadruplex DNA. FRET
29  2014 Ru-indoloquinoline complex as a selective and effective human telomeric G-quadruplex binder. UV-Vis
30  2014 Self-assembled Cu(II) and Ni(II) metallamacrocycles formed from 3,3,3',3'-tetrabenzyl-1,1'-aroylbis(thiourea) ligands: DNA and protein binding studies, and cytotoxicity of trinuclear complexes. ---
31  2014 Syntheses of polypyridyl metal complexes and studies of their interaction with quadruplex DNA. ---
32  2013 A comparative study of the interaction of two structurally analogous ruthenium complexes with human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA. CD, UV-Vis
33  2013 A platinum complex that binds non-covalently to DNA and induces cell death via a different mechanism than cisplatin. CD
34  2013 Fluorescent indicator displacement assay of ligands targeting 10 microRNA precursors. ---
35  2013 Spectroscopic and biological studies of phenanthroline compounds: selective recognition of gene-promoter G-quadruplex DNAs preferred over duplex DNA. CD, FRET melting, PCR
36  2012 A tri-copper(II) complex displaying DNA-cleaving properties and antiproliferative activity against cancer cells. ---
37  2012 Click dimers to target HIV TAR RNA conformation. CD, FRET, HIV-1, TAR
38  2012 Enantioselective and label-free detection of oligopeptide via fluorescent indicator displacement. DV
39  2012 Tetrasubstituted phenanthrolines as highly potent, water-soluble, and selective G-quadruplex ligands. CD, ESI-MS, FRET
40  2011 Neomycin-neomycin dimer: an all-carbohydrate scaffold with high affinity for AT-rich DNA duplexes. CD
41  2011 Recognition of HIV TAR RNA by triazole linked neomycin dimers. TAR
42  2011 Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of the aminoglycoside (neomycin)--perylene conjugate binding to human telomeric DNA. ---
43  2011 Thermodynamics of nucleic acid "shape readout" by an aminosugar. ---
44  2011 Unraveling the relationship between structure and stabilization of triarylpyridines as G-quadruplex binding ligands. FRET
45  2010 A modified fluorescent intercalator displacement assay for RNA ligand discovery. ESI-MS, TAR
46  2010 Chemotherapeutic potential of 9-phenyl acridine: biophysical studies on its binding to DNA. CT-DNA, EB
47  2010 Two metals are better than one: investigations on the interactions between dinuclear metal complexes and quadruplex DNA. CD
48  2009 CSI-FID: high throughput label-free detection of DNA binding molecules. CSI
49  2009 Discovery of inhibitors of aberrant gene transcription from Libraries of DNA binding molecules: inhibition of LEF-1-mediated gene transcription and oncogenic transformation. ---
50  2009 Synthesis, structural characterization, and quadruplex DNA binding studies of platinum(II)-terpyridine complexes. CD, SPR
51  2008 A fluorescent intercalator displacement assay for establishing DNA binding selectivity and affinity. ---
52  2008 Recognition of homopyrimidine mismatches by distance-constrained macrocyclic bisintercalators. ESI-MS
53  2008 Selective recognition of pyrimidine-pyrimidine DNA mismatches by distance-constrained macrocyclic bis-intercalators. ESI-MS
54  2007 Dinuclear ruthenium(ii) complexes with flexible bridges as non-duplex DNA binding agents. BL
55  2006 Inert benzothiazole functionalised ruthenium(II) complexes; potential DNA hairpin binding agents. ---
56  2006 meso-[{Ru(phen)2}2(mu-HAT)]4+: a high-affinity DNA hairpin probe {HAT = 1,4,5,8,9,12-hexaazatriphenylene; phen = 1,10-phenanthroline}. bpm, bpy, HAT, phen
57  2006 Synchronous fluorescence, UV-visible spectrophotometric, and voltammetric studies of the competitive interaction of bis(1,10-phenanthroline)copper(II) complex and neutral red with DNA. CW, CW-SFS, NR, PARAFAC
58  2004 A fluorescent intercalator displacement assay for establishing DNA binding selectivity and affinity. ---
59  2003 Comprehensive high-resolution analysis of hairpin polyamides utilizing a fluorescent intercalator displacement (FID) assay. ---
60  2003 Determination of binding affinities of triplex forming oligonucleotides using a fluorescent intercalator displacement (FID) assay. ---
61  2003 High-resolution assessment of protein DNA binding affinity and selectivity utilizing a fluorescent intercalator displacement (FID) assay. 5'-CTNTGWW
62  2003 Synthesis of isochrysohermidin-distamycin hybrids. ---
63  2002 Comparison of library screening techniques used in the development of dsDNA ligands. ---
64  2002 Synthesis and DNA binding properties of iminodiacetic acid-linked polyamides: characterization of cooperative extended 2:1 side-by-side parallel binding. IDA
65  2002 Synthesis and DNA binding properties of saturated distamycin analogues. ---
66  2001 A simple, high-resolution method for establishing DNA binding affinity and sequence selectivity. ---
67  2001 Thiazole orange as the fluorescent intercalator in a high resolution fid assay for determining DNA binding affinity and sequence selectivity of small molecules. ---