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Abbreviation:   FPGA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   field-programmable gate array
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Crest Factor Reduction Technique for LTE Signals with Target Relaxation in Power Amplifier Linearization. ACPR, ccdf, CFR, EVM, LTE, OFDM, PAPR, RF
2022 A Design of FPGA-Based Neural Network PID Controller for Motion Control System. BPNN, MCU, PID, PWM, RTL
2022 A field programmable gate array-based timing and control system for the dynamic compression sector. APS, DCS
2022 A Flexible Pulse Generator Based on a Field Programmable Gate Array Architecture for Functional Electrical Stimulation. FES, PG-nFES
2022 A Heterogeneous Architecture for the Vision Processing Unit with a Hybrid Deep Neural Network Accelerator. DNNs, DNPUs, GOPS/W, ISP, VPU
2022 A high precision phase measurement system implemented in FPGA with phase interpolator. ---
2022 A Real-Time GNSS-R System for Monitoring Sea Surface Wind Speed and Significant Wave Height. DSP, GNSS, RF, SWH
2022 A real-time multi-function digital coincidence spectrometer for neutron copper activation diagnostics. ---
2022 A Soft Coprocessor Approach for Developing Image and Video Processing Applications on FPGAs. ---
10  2022 Algorithm and hardware considerations for real-time neural signal on-implant processing. BMI
11  2022 An Energy Efficient ECG Ventricular Ectopic Beat Classifier Using Binarized CNN for Edge AI Devices. AIoT, bCNN
12  2022 An FPGA-Embedded Brain-Computer Interface System to Support Individual Autonomy in Locked-In Individuals. BCI
13  2022 Coded-pulse-bunch-laser-based single-photon lidar for fast long-distance ranging. SPAD, TOF
14  2022 Coherent Doppler wind lidar with real-time wind processing and low signal-to-noise ratio reconstruction based on a convolutional neural network. ABL, CDWL, CNN
15  2022 Enhanced Channel Calibration for the Image Sensor of the TuMag Instrument. IP, ISERDES, TuMag
16  2022 ETA: An Efficient Training Accelerator for DNNs Based on Hardware-Algorithm Co-Optimization. DNNs, ETA, NoC, PE, WU
17  2022 Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based programmable digital emulator of vibratory microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) gyroscopes. MEMS
18  2022 FPGA Correlator for Applications in Embedded Smart Devices. SoC, VHDL
19  2022 FPGA Implementation of AI-Based Inverter IGBT Open Circuit Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor Drives. BPN, IMD, VSI
20  2022 FPGA-Based Autonomous GPS-Disciplined Oscillatorsfor Wireless Sensor Network Nodes. ---
21  2022 FPGA-Based High-Performance Phonocardiography System for Extraction of Cardiac Sound Components Using Inverse Delayed Neuron Model. ANNs, ID, MEMS
22  2022 FPGA-Implemented Fractal Decoder with Forward Error Correction in Short-Reach Optical Interconnects. APM, BSC, CM, FEC
23  2022 Fully Parallel Stochastic Computing Hardware Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Edge Computing Applications. AI, CNNs, IoT, SC
24  2022 Hardware Implementation of a Fixed-Point Decoder for Low-Density Lattice Codes. FER, LDLC
25  2022 High-performance heterogeneous FPGA data-flow architecture for Fourier ptychographic microscopy. FPM
26  2022 High-Speed Continuous Wavelet Transform Processor for Vital Signal Measurement Using Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Radar. CWT, FFT, FMCW, IFFT, MRMDC, R2SDF
27  2022 Joint Error Estimation and Calibration Method of Memory Nonlinear Mismatch for a Four-Channel 16-Bit TIADC System. ADCs, ENOB, LS, RLS, SFDR, TIADC
28  2022 LithPulser: An open-source pulse generator with 1 ns time resolution based on the Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-10 featuring real-time conditional logic for experimental control. ---
29  2022 Novel Record Replacement Algorithm and Architecture for QoS Management over Local Area Networks. GRNN, LAN, QoS, SoC
30  2022 On the use of field programmable gate arrays in light detection and ranging systems. ---
31  2022 Parallel Optimisation and Implementation of a Real-Time Back Projection (BP) Algorithm for SAR Based on FPGA. BP, SAR
32  2022 Phase Optimization for Multipoint Haptic Feedback Based on Ultrasound Array. HCI, PINV
33  2022 Power and Area Efficient Cascaded Effectless GDI Approximate Adder for Accelerating Multimedia Applications Using Deep Learning Model. CMOS, GDI
34  2022 Prediction Techniques on FPGA for Latency Reduction on Tactile Internet. TI
35  2022 Resilient Corrective Control of Asynchronous Sequential Machines Against Intermittent Loss of Actuator Outputs. ASMs
36  2022 Signal Processing Platform for Long-Range Multi-Spectral Electro-Optical Systems. GPU, MSEOS
37  2022 SP-WVD with Adaptive-Filter-Bank-Supported RF Sensor for Low RCS Targets' Nonlinear Micro-Doppler Signature/Pattern Imaging System. CWT, RCS, RF, SP-WVD, STFT
38  2022 The Short-Range, High-Accuracy Compact Pulsed Laser Ranging System. TOF
39  2022 The Use of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology in the Performance Appraisal Management of Innovation Capability of University Scientific Research Team. FLOPs, IoT
40  2022 Variational quantum support vector machine based on [Formula: see text] matrix expansion and variational universal-quantum-state generator. ---
41  2021 A bidirectional scanning method for scanning transmission X-ray microscopy. SSRF, STXM
42  2021 A compact NaI(Tl) with avalanche photodiode gamma spectrometer for in situ radioactivity measurements in marine environment. ---
43  2021 A digital feedback system for advanced ion manipulation techniques in Penning traps. ---
44  2021 A field programmable gate array based high speed real-time weak periodic signal detection technique. ADC
45  2021 A field programmable gate array based synchronization mechanism of analog and digital local oscillators in bandwidth-interleaved data acquisition systems. BI, DAQs, LOs
46  2021 A Heterogeneous Hardware Accelerator for Image Classification in Embedded Systems. CNN, PE
47  2021 A low-jitter timing generator based on completely on-chip self-measurement and calibration in a field programmable gate array. ATG
48  2021 A Low-Resources TDC for Multi-Channel Direct ToF Readout Based on a 28-nm FPGA. DNL, INL, TDC, TDL, TOF
49  2021 A Multi-Core Controller for an Embedded AI System Supporting Parallel Recognition. AI
50  2021 A Multifunctional Smart Meter Using ANN-PSO Flux Estimation and Harmonic Active Compensation with Fuzzy Voltage Regulation. APF, TCP/IP, VHDL
51  2021 A neuromimetic realization of hippocampal CA1 for theta wave generation. LIF, O-LM
52  2021 A simple Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based high precision low-jitter delay generator. ---
53  2021 A system for controlling vocal communication networks. ---
54  2021 A Wireless Electro-Optic Platform for Multimodal Electrophysiology and Optogenetics in Freely Moving Rodents. AP, COTS, EMG, LFP
55  2021 Accelerating multi-emitter localization in super-resolution localization microscopy with FPGA-GPU cooperative computation. GPU, HT-SRLM, sCMOS
56  2021 Adaptive optics for dynamic aberration compensation using parallel model-based controllers based on a field programmable gate array. AO, DM, FFT, SHWS
57  2021 An efficient design for real-time obstructive sleep apnea OSA detection through esophageal pressure Pes signal. CPAP, HGN, OSA
58  2021 An environmental gamma spectrometry system with CsI(Tl) scintillator and FPGA based MCA for open field deployment. EGSS, GM, GSM, MCA, PMT, SMS
59  2021 An Event-Based Digital Time Difference Encoder Model Implementation for Neuromorphic Systems. TDE
60  2021 An FPGA-Accelerated Parallel Digital Beamforming Core for Medical Ultrasound Sector Imaging. 28R1W, BRAMs, DMA, FOV, HFR, SRAM, US
61  2021 An FPGA-Based ECU for Remote Reconfiguration in Automotive Systems. ECUs, ISR, MCU
62  2021 An FPGA-Based Machine Learning Tool for In-Situ Food Quality Tracking Using Sensor Fusion. ---
63  2021 An optimized pulse coupled neural network image de-noising method for a field-programmable gate array based polarization camera. BEMD, GWO, PCNN
64  2021 ASimOV: A Framework for Simulation and Optimization of an Embedded AI Accelerator. GPU, HDL
65  2021 Custom Hardware Architectures for Deep Learning on Portable Devices: A Review. DL, IC
66  2021 Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Multi-Beam Sonar System Based on FPGA and DSP. CZT, DM, DSP, PC, SRIO, TVG
67  2021 Design of an FPGA-Based Fuzzy Feedback Controller for Closed-Loop FES in Knee Joint Model. ADC, FES, FFC, FLC, HDL, LEs, SCI
68  2021 Design, FPGA implementation and statistical analysis of a high-speed and low-area TRNG based on an AES s-box post-processing technique. AES, RO, S-box
69  2021 Design, Simulation, and Development of a BioSensor for Viruses Detection Using FPGA. ADC
70  2021 Development and Initial Results of a Brain PET Insert for Simultaneous 7-Tesla PET/MRI Using an FPGA-Only Signal Digitization Method. DAQ, DOI, FOV, HDMI, MR, NEMA, PET
71  2021 Development of dual-mode precision current source for macro-microcomposite actuator based on field programmable gate array. ---
72  2021 Development of solid state terahertz interferometer for the first plasma on HL-2M tokamak. ---
73  2021 DR-RINS: Digital real-time relative intensity noise suppressor for pump-probe spectroscopy and microscopy. ANC, RIN
74  2021 Efficient FPGA Implementation of a Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver with Robust Inter-Frequency Aiding. GNSS
75  2021 Epileptic Seizure Recognition Using Reduced Deep Convolutional Stack Autoencoder and Improved Kernel RVFLN From EEG Signals. CAD, EEG, IKRVFLN, RDCNN, RDCSAE, sEEG
76  2021 Extending High-Level Synthesis for Task-Parallel Programs. HLS, QoR
77  2021 Extremely Sparse Networks via Binary Augmented Pruning for Fast Image Classification. ---
78  2021 Fault Injection Emulation for Systems in FPGAs: Tools, Techniques and Methodology, a Tutorial. ACME, ECCs, FIR, IP, MBUs, SEM, SEUs, SST, TMR
79  2021 Field-programable-gate-array-based distributed coincidence processor for high count-rate online positron emission tomography coincidence data acquisition. CCP, DCP, PET
80  2021 FlexiS-A Flexible Sensor Node Platform for the Internet of Things. IoT
81  2021 FPGA Implementation for Odor Identification with Depthwise Separable Convolutional Neural Network. e-nose, OI-DSCNN, SF-KL
82  2021 FPGA implementation of a real-time digital pulse processing analysis for radiation detectors. ---
83  2021 FPGA Implementation of Threshold-Type Binary Memristor and Its Application in Logic Circuit Design. ---
84  2021 FPGA Integrated Optofluidic Biosensor for Real-Time Single Biomarker Analysis. POC
85  2021 FPGA-based digital chaotic anti-interference lidar system. ---
86  2021 FPGA-based distributed coincidence processor for high count-rate online PET coincidence data acquisition. CCP, DCP
87  2021 FPGA-Based High-Throughput CNN Hardware Accelerator With High Computing Resource Utilization Ratio. CE, CL, FCL, VGG-16
88  2021 FPGA-Based Two-Dimensional Matched Filter Design for Vein Imaging Systems. ---
89  2021 FPGA-PLC-based multi-channel position measurement system. HSC, PLC
90  2021 FTA-GAN: A Computation-Efficient Accelerator for GANs With Fast Transformation Algorithm. DCGAN, EBGAN, FCC, FTA, GAN, WGAN
91  2021 Fully Parallel Implementation of Otsu Automatic Image Thresholding Algorithm on FPGA. ---
92  2021 HARP: Hierarchical Attention Oriented Region-Based Processing for High-Performance Computation in Vision Sensor. ASIC, CMOS
93  2021 High Data Rate Communications In Vivo Using Ultrasound. OFDM
94  2021 High-Efficiency Parallel Cryptographic Accelerator for Real-Time Guaranteeing Dynamic Data Security in Embedded Systems. AES-GCM, SoCs
95  2021 High-Performance Acceleration of 2-D and 3-D CNNs on FPGAs Using Static Block Floating Point. BFP, CNNs, GPU
96  2021 High-precision frequency measurement for microresonant sensors based on improved modified multi-phase clock method. MPC
97  2021 Hybrid FPGA-CPU pupil tracker. CPU
98  2021 Implementation of the Configuration Structure of an Integrated Computational Core of a Pulsed NQR Sensor Based on FPGA. DDS, NQR
99  2021 Lossless Decompression Accelerator for Embedded Processor with GUI. CMOS, SoC
100  2021 Low Complexity System on Chip Design to Acquire Signals from MOS Gas Sensor Applications. ADC, ENOB, LVDS, SoC, VOC